20 Best AI Animation Generators 2024: Animation Made Easy!

Are you ready to dive into the world of AI-powered animation generators? Imagine creating stunning, engaging, and visually captivating animations with just a few clicks, all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

In this era of rapid technological advancements, AI animation generators have emerged as game-changers, revolutionizing the way we create and experience animated content.

From video editors and content creators to marketing professionals, everyone can benefit from these cutting-edge tools that make animation creation faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.

 So, let's explore these best AI animation generators for 2024 and discover how they can transform your creative projects into visually stunning masterpieces. Ready to get started?

20 Best AI Animation Generator Tools in 2024

In this power-packed article, we'll be exploring the best AI animation generators available in the market, their features, and how they can revolutionize your content creation process. So, let's dive in and start animating!


Vyond, previously known as GoAnimate, is a well-known AI animation platform that enables users to effortlessly produce animated videos. It is trusted by over 20,000 customers and millions of users worldwide. Vyond's customer satisfaction scores are double the industry average, making it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. It also offers a Free Trial for those who want to test the software.

VYOND Review

Vyond provides a range of features like character personalization, scene creation, and animation tools. it is an excellent option for businesses, as it can be utilized to generate engaging and informative videos for marketing, training, and other uses.

In mid-2023, Vyond releases its new product called Spring 2023. It is considered the biggest and most transformative product in Vyond’s history. Some of these features of Vyond’s Spring 2023 are available now, while others will be delivered to customers this summer.

Top Features of Vyond

  • Character personalization: Vyond provides a broad selection of characters, or users can design their own.
  • Scene creation: Vyond permits users to construct their own scenes, or they can utilize pre-designed templates.
  • Animation tools: Vyond provides a range of animation tools, including motion tweening, shape tweening, and keyframing.
  • Collaboration tools: Vyond provides collaboration tools that enable users to collaborate on projects.
  • AI-based Script and Video Creator: Vyond Go, the industry's first AI-based script and video creator, is part of Vyond's offerings.
  • Voiceover and Audio Tools: Users can add voiceovers to their videos and utilize the platform's audio tools to ensure the sound quality is top-notch.

Vyond Pricing

Vyond offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs and budgets. Here are the details:

  • Essential Plan: Priced at $49 per month or $25 per month when billed annually. This plan is ideal for individuals or small businesses looking to create basic videos. It includes all the essential features you need to get started with animation.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $89 per month or $54 per month when billed annually. This plan offers more advanced features and is suitable for businesses that require more sophisticated videos.
  • Professional Plan: Priced at $159 per month or $92 per month when billed annually. This plan is designed for professional video creators and includes advanced features and priority customer service.
  • Enterprise Plan: For this plan, you need to contact the Vyond sales team for custom pricing. It is tailored for large businesses and includes advanced features, priority customer service, and additional collaboration tools.

Please note that all prices are subject to change, and it's always best to check the official Vyond website for the most up-to-date information.

Pros & Cons of Vyond

Vyond is a popular animation software that offers a range of benefits but also has some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Vyond mentioned below in the table;

User-friendly interfaceSingle-user usage per plan
Versatile with a broad range of featuresNo live chat support with the basic package
Cost-effective with various pricing plansEssential Plan lacks some features
Built-In Templates and Global EditingWatermark feature in Essential plans
Ability to export 1080p resolution MP4 videos 
Outstanding Dashboard and User Interface 
Single-click speech improvement 
Unlimited Customization and Vast Asset Library 

2. Animaker

Animaker is cloud-based software that allows users to create animated videos with ease. It's a platform that offers a lot of features and 1000+ templates to help you get started with creating your own videos.

Animaker Review

It’s an incredible tool for creating animated videos that were voted as the No.4 Best Design Product of the World. With over 18 million users, Animaker has helped people create awesome videos by themselves and is trusted by some of the world's leading brands. The software is designed to be simple, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Top Features of Animaker

  • 100M+ Stock Videos and Photos: Animaker provides a vast library of stock videos and photos, providing a wide range of options for your animation needs.
  • Powerful Character Builder: With Animaker, you can create unique characters using their robust character builder.
  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop Builder: The platform offers a simple drag-and-drop builder, making it easy for anyone to create videos.
  • 1000+ Available Templates: Animaker provides over a thousand templates, allowing you to create videos for any occasion in just minutes.
  • Team & Asset Management: Animaker offers tools for team and asset management, making it easier to collaborate and manage your animation projects.
  • 4K Video Editing: With Animaker, you can upload and edit videos at 4K resolution, ensuring high-quality output for your animation projects.

Animaker Pricing

Animaker offers three paid plans, each designed to cater to different user needs and budgets:

  • Basic Plan: Priced at $10 per month for an annual subscription, the Basic Plan is perfect for individuals or small businesses starting their animation journey.
  • Starter Plan: At $19 per month for an annual subscription, the Starter Plan offers more features and is suitable for growing businesses that require more from their animation tool.
  • Pro Plan: For $49 per month on an annual subscription, the Pro Plan provides all the features and tools that a professional animator or a large business might need.
  • Enterprise Plan: To avail of this plan kindly contact Animaker’s Sales Team.

Pros and Cons of Animaker

Animaker ProsAnimaker Cons
User-friendly interfaceThe learning curve is high
Versatile tool with a broad range of featuresNot for Professional Editing
Cost-effective with plans to fit any budgetTo remove the watermark, you must upgrade
Built-In Templates, and Global Editing 
Ability to export 1080p resolution MP4 videos 
Outstanding Dashboard and User Interface 
With a single click, improve recorded speech 
Unlimited Customization, and Vast Asset Library 
Integration with social media platforms   

3. Doodly

Doodly Review

Doodly is a unique SAAS tool that facilitates the creation of engaging explainer, animated, and hand sketch videos by providing users with the ability to draw on a virtual whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board. It's incredibly user-friendly and doesn't require any coding or scripting knowledge. In other words, Doodly is a whiteboard animation tool that simplifies the animation process. With Doodly a user can create a Doodle video in a minimum of just 60 seconds.

Top Features of Doodly

  • User-Friendly Interface: Doodly is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to create animations, regardless of their technical skills or experience.
  • Versatile Tool: Doodly is a versatile tool that allows users to create a wide range of animations, from explainer videos to hand sketch videos.
  • Virtual Drawing Boards: Doodly offers virtual whiteboards, blackboards, and glass boards for users to draw on, providing a unique and engaging way to present information.
  • Extensive Image Library: Doodly provides an extensive library of thousands of royalty-free images that users can use in their animations.
  • Automatic Sketching: With Doodly, users can select an image, and place it on the canvas, and the software will automatically sketch it, saving users time and effort.
  • Sound and Music Files: Doodly allows users to add sound or music files directly from its collection, providing a convenient way to enhance animations with audio.
  • Pre-Made Templates: Doodly offers a collection of pre-made templates, objects, and music tracks, making it easier for users to create engaging and professional-looking animations.
  • Offline Use: Unlike many other animation tools, Doodly can be used even without an internet connection, making it a convenient tool for users who often work offline.
  • 4K Video Export: With Doodly, users can export their animations in 4K resolution, ensuring high-quality output for their videos.

Doodly Pricing

Doodly offers two main plans, each designed to cater to different user needs:

  • Standard Plan: This plan costs $49 per month and $490 annually. It's perfect for individuals or small businesses starting their animation journey.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan costs $79 per month and $790 annually. It's designed for businesses that require more from their animation tool.

Pros and Cons of Doodly

To get a clear picture of Doodly, a highly regarded animation software, let's explore its Pros and Cons in the table below.

User-friendly interfaceExporting videos can be time-consuming
Versatile tool with a broad range of featuresNo free trial period
Cost-effective with plans to fit any budgetWatermark cannot be removed without an upgrade
Built-In Templates, and Global Editing 
Ability to export 1080p resolution MP4 videos 
Outstanding Dashboard and User Interface 
With a single click, improve recorded speech 
Unlimited Customization, and Vast Image Library 

4. Synthesia

Synthesia Review

Synthesia is an extraordinary AI video creation platform that has earned immense respect in the industry. It enables businesses and individuals to create videos in 130+ languages, saving them time and resources.

The platform's unique selling point lies in its ability to generate video content without the necessity of traditional camera setups or film crews. Instead, it employs sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques to replicate real-world videos, effectively eliminating the need for expensive equipment and extensive production timelines.

Top Features of Synthesia

  • AI Avatars: Synthesia offers over 120 AI presenters, providing a diverse and realistic range of avatars. Users can also create custom avatars to suit their specific needs.
  • AI Voices: The platform supports over 400 voices, allowing users to create videos in more than 130 languages. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to reach a global audience.
  • Video Templates: Synthesia provides over 60 professionally-designed, fully-customizable video templates. These templates cater to a variety of use cases, making it easier for users to create the perfect video for their needs.
  • Audio Editing: Users can add music to their videos to enhance the viewing experience. However, the selection of background music tracks is limited.
  • Editing Studio: The platform includes an intuitive editing studio where users can add text, images, animations, and transitions to their videos. This feature makes it possible to create high-quality videos without any prior editing experience.
  • Audio Editing: Users can add music to their videos to enhance the viewing experience. However, the selection of background music tracks is limited.
  • Effortless Video Creation: With Synthesia, creating a video is as simple as writing a script, choosing a template, typing in your text, adding visuals, and clicking ‘Generate video'. The platform does the rest, producing a professional-looking video in minutes.

Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia offers two pricing plans:

  • Personal Plan: Priced at $30 per month, this plan is billed monthly.
  • Corporate Plan: To obtain the corporate plan, users are required to contact the Synthesia team and schedule a demo.

Pros and Cons of Synthesia

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Synthesia, a popular animation software, let's explore its Pros and Cons in the table below.

No need for expensive equipmentA limited selection of background music tracks
Create professional-looking videos in minutesLacks API access
Ability to fully customize videosCan't compete with professionally produced videos
Significant cost savings on voice-over productionThe personal package limits video length to 10 minutes
Supports video creation in multiple languages
Over 40 built-in avatars with the option to create custom ones

5. VideoScribe

VideoScribe Review

VideoScribe is a renowned software that enables users to create captivating whiteboard-animated videos with ease. This software has gained popularity for its ability to boost audience engagement, making it an invaluable tool in marketing and education. With over 2 million users worldwide, VideoScribe is trusted by prominent brands such as BBC, NYC, and the World Bank Group. VideoScribe offers an enticing 7-day trial, free from any obligations. It is noteworthy that you need not provide your credit or debit card details, ensuring a risk-free experience.

Top Features of VideoScribe

  • Extensive Library: VideoScribe offers over 11,000 images and GIFs in its library, providing users with a wide range of elements to incorporate into their videos.
  • Colour Images: Unlike many other platforms, VideoScribe offers coloured images for free, adding a vibrant touch to your animations.
  • Templates: For those who need a quick start, VideoScribe provides templates that can be used to create videos in minutes.
  • Hands, Pens, Erasers, and Accessories: VideoScribe offers a variety of hands, pens, erasers, and other accessories, allowing users to customize their videos to their liking.
  • Royalty-Free Music: With over 190 royalty-free music tracks, users can add the perfect soundtrack to their videos.

VideoScribe Pricing

VideoScribe offers two main pricing plans:

  • Monthly Plan: Priced at $22.00 per month, this plan offers full access to all features and tools.
  • Annual Plan: At $9.00 per month (billed annually), users can save 59% compared to the monthly plan.

Pros and Cons of VideoScribe

VideoScribe, a well-known animation software, has its strengths and weaknesses. Check them out in the table below.

Extensive library of hand-drawn animated illustrationsPremium images are not included in the membership and must be purchased separately
Over 190 royalty-free music tracksWatermark cannot be removed in the free trial version
Variety of hands, pens, erasers, and other accessoriesRequires an internet connection as storage is done on the cloud
Unlimited online support and free product upgradesVideos cannot be resold in the free trial version

6. RenderForest

RenderForest Review

RenderForest is a comprehensive, all-in-one design platform trusted by over 20 million users and 100,000 high-end companies. It empowers users to create stunning videos, animations, logos, mockups, presentations, graphics, and professional websites. The platform offers powerful video marketing tools, including explainer and promotional videos, intros, outros, and music visualizations. It also provides a complete website marketing solution with SEO tools and hosting services. Furthermore, RenderForest covers all your design needs with high-end presentations, logos, mockups, printables, and social media marketing graphics.

Top Features of RenderForest

  • Logo Creation: RenderForest provides an easy-to-use logo maker that allows you to create professional logos in minutes. The tool offers numerous templates and customization options, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes.
  • Video Creation and Editing: With over a million video templates, RenderForest is a powerhouse for video creation. It caters to a wide range of use cases, including animated videos, intros and outros, slideshows, presentations, and music visualizations.
  • Website Building: RenderForest offers a simple website builder that enables users to create stunning websites without any technical knowledge. The tool provides a variety of templates and design elements to choose from.
  • Mockup Editing and Graphic Design: RenderForest provides extensive tools for mockup editing and graphic design. It allows users to create high-quality product mockups and graphic art with ease.
  • Media Collection: RenderForest boasts a collection of over 5 million stock images, films, and audio files to enhance the quality of your videos.
  • Extensive Library: RenderForest offers an extensive library of high-quality templates. With over a million video templates available, it provides a wide range of options for video creation and editing.

RenderForest Pricing

RenderForest offers four pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

  • Free Plan: ₹0/month, includes 500MB storage and the ability to create 360p videos (Free Forever).
  • Lite Plan: ₹1299/month or ₹899/month when billed annually, includes 10GB storage and the ability to create unlimited HD720 videos.
  • Pro Plan: ₹2499/month or ₹1699/month when billed annually, includes 30GB storage and the ability to create unlimited HD1080 videos.
  • Business Plan: ₹3999/month or ₹2499/month when billed annually, includes 50GB per seat and the ability to create unlimited up to 4k videos.

Pros and Cons of RenderForest

Learn about the Pros and Cons of RenderForest in the table below.

5M+ stock image, film, and audio collectionNo 720p and 1080p preview
Ability to export up to 30-minute videosThe logo creator is less powerful
Up to 40GB of storage accessNo offline editing options are available
No technical or design skills requiredThe video rendering process may take longer than intended
24/7 Premium customer support
Access to commercial music tracks

7. Prezi

Prezi Review

Prezi is an advanced online presentation suite designed with one powerful goal in mind: to help you communicate better. Whether you're at home, in the office, in the classroom, or anywhere else, Prezi offers an exciting way to engage and connect with your audience. Along with this, Prezi offers a 14-day Free Trial.

With over 100 million customers, including major companies like Salesforce, Sharp, BMW, Autodesk, IBM, Discovery Channel, Box, Airbus, and Staples, Prezi has proven its effectiveness in various sectors.

Top Features of Prezi

  • Integration with Other Apps: Prezi can be integrated with other apps like Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. These integrations make it easy for teams and collaborators to share and present Prezi projects.
  • Large Digital Canvas: Prezi uses a unique method where you can build your presentation on a large digital canvas. Each point is drawn contextually and presented by zooming in and out, panning across from left to right.
  • Video Presentations: Prezi also allows users to create video presentations, adding another layer of engagement for the audience.
  • Two Powerful Tools: Prezi offers two powerful tools – Prezi Present and Prezi Video. Prezi Present allows you to create stunning presentations on a large digital canvas, while Prezi Video lets you create engaging video presentations.
  • Easy to Use: Prezi is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for inexperienced users to navigate and create presentations. The application does not have a steep learning curve, allowing users to quickly grasp its functionalities.
  • Security: Prezi is SOC2 compliant and monitors its systems closely, 24/7/365, ensuring the security of your content.

Prezi Pricing

Prezi offers three subscription tiers:

  • Standard Plan: Costs $5 per month. This plan offers a good set of features for individuals.
  • EDU Pro Plan: Costs $4 per month. This plan offers many features for Students and Educators.
  • Plus Plan: Costs $12 per month. This plan includes additional features and is suitable for Business individuals who need more advanced tools.
  • Premium Plan: Costs $16 per month. This plan offers all the features of Prezi, including premium support, it is an ideal plan for Business Professionals.

Pros and Cons of Prezi

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of Prezi, a beloved animation software, in the table provided below.

Easy to use with a user-friendly interfaceSome UI elements can be a bit clunky
Rich in features and toolsDifficult to convert presentations to PDF
Affordable pricing compared to competitorsTakes more time to load presentations
Offers a large digital canvas for presentationsCan be hard to navigate at low internet speeds
Allows integration with other appsCreating new slides can be more challenging than on other platforms

8. Moovly

Moovly Review

Moovly is a leading online platform that empowers users to create and edit videos with ease. As the #1 customizable, easy-to-use solution, Moovly is perfect for creating videos in any style. Whether you're in sales, marketing, human resources, education, or any other field, Moovly offers seamless integration with your media, servers, and workflow. Its ease of use, customization options, and diverse applications make it a valuable tool for any organization.

Top Features of Moovly

  • Customizable Video Creation: Moovly offers a wide range of templates and graphics, allowing users to create videos that align with their brand style.
  • Easy Integration: Moovly can be easily integrated with your existing media, servers, and workflow, making it a versatile tool for any organization.
  • Diverse Applications: From sales and marketing to human resources and education, Moovly can be used across various fields. It can be used to create video ads, product videos, company videos, training content, HR communication, and more.
  • Video Automation and AI (GPT) Video Generation: Moovly offers video automation and AI-powered video generation, making the video creation process even more efficient.
  • Developer API and Integrations: Moovly provides a developer API and integrates with platforms like WordPress and Zapier, allowing for further customization and automation.

Moovly Pricing

Moovly offers three different pricing plans;

  • Pro Plan: Costs $33.25 per month when billed yearly ($99/month if billed monthly).
  • Max Plan: Costs $49.92 per month when billed yearly ($199/month if billed monthly).
  • Enterprise Plan: This is a customized plan for which you need to contact the Moovly team for pricing details.

Pros and Cons of Moovly

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Moovly, a highly regarded animation software, let's explore its Pros and Cons in the table below.

No Moovly watermarks or outrosLimited transitions and effects
Various background tracks and soundsOccasional software bugs
Automated audio-to-subtitle conversionMay be expensive for new companies
Unlimited video length 
Collaboration on projects with other users


9. Blender

Blender Review

Blender is robust, open-source 3D modelling software that is completely free to use. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating 3D models, animations, and even movies. This software is a favourite among professionals such as game developers and filmmakers, as well as artists and students.

Moreover, The Blender Foundation proudly presented Blender 3.5. This latest version introduces a host of new features and improvements, including a viewport compositor, vector displacement sculpting, built-in hair assets, numerous lights sampling for Cycles, and many more.

Top Features of Blender

  • Modelling: The software offers an extensive modelling toolset, including sculpting, modelling, and curves.
  • Sculpting: Blender's digital sculpting tools provide the power and flexibility required in several stages of the digital production pipeline.
  • Animation & Rigging: Designed for animation, Blender is being used for award-winning shorts and feature films.
  • Story Artist: With Blender, you can push the boundaries of Story Art by drawing in a 3D environment.
  • VFX: From camera and object motion tracking to masking and compositing, you can “fix it in the post” with Blender.
  • Vector Displacement Sculpting (VDM): Support for VDM brushes has been added to the Draw brush in sculpt mode, providing more flexibility and power in the digital production pipeline.
  • Built-in Hair Assets: For the first time, Blender ships with built-in assets. Within the Essentials asset library, you'll find a comprehensive collection of 26 Hair assets specifically categorized as Deformation, Generation, Guides, Utility, Read, and Write.
  • Animation Enhancements: The Pose Library and Graph Editor have been improved with new options and shortcuts to speed up your workflow.
  • USDZ File Support: Blender 3.5 adds support for importing and exporting USDZ files, a zip archive that can contain images, audio, and other .usd files for convenient sharing.

Blender Pricing

Blender is free, open-source software. It is developed and maintained by the Blender Foundation, a Dutch public-benefit corporation.

Pros and Cons of Blender

Blender, a renowned animation software, comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Check them out in the table below.

Free and open-sourceCan be unstable
Extensive features for 3D modelling, animation, and renderingComplex interfaces can be difficult to learn
Regular updates and improvements 
Large and active community for support


10. Powtoon

Powtoon Review

Powtoon is an online platform that provides users with the ability to create high-quality animated videos and presentations. It's a tool that's designed to be easy to use, even for those without any technical knowledge.

With Powtoon, you can create jaw-dropping videos and presentations that communicate your ideas visually, making it an excellent tool for various fields, including HR, Training, Marketing, and Education.

Top Features of Powtoon

  • Templates and Customer Gallery: Powtoon offers a wide range of templates that you can use to create your videos and presentations. These templates are designed to make the creation process easier and faster.
  • Create Videos and Presentations: With Powtoon, you can create videos and presentations that are visually appealing and engaging. You can also create custom characters, presentations, screen recordings, whiteboard doodling, and animated videos.
  • Integrations: Powtoon integrates with various platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Hubspot, Kaltura, PowerPoint, Wistia, Canvas, and more. These integrations make it easier to create and share your videos and presentations.
  • Content Creation: Powtoon allows you to create content that is engaging and visually appealing. You can use the platform to create videos, presentations, and other types of content that can help you communicate your ideas effectively.

Plans & Pricing

Powtoon offers various pricing plans to suit different needs. Here are the updated pricing details:

  • Lite Plan: $15 per month when billed annually
  • Professional Plan: $40 per month when billed annually
  • Business Plan: $125 per month, billed annually only

Pros and Cons of Powtoon

Explore its wide range of benefits as well as a few drawbacks. Refer to the detailed table below for a comprehensive analysis.

Easy to use, even for beginnersSome plans can be costly
Offers a wide range of templatesLimited collaborative options
Allows for the creation of animated videosThe slow loading process can delay presentation viewing
No Powtoon branding on all plans

11. Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator Review

Adobe Character Animator, part of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite, is an incredible tool that animates digital characters using your computer's webcam and microphone. The software detects and replicates facial movements in real-time through the webcam.

Additionally, it records and mimics the user's speech via the microphone, syncing it with the character's movements for a consistent animation experience. The result is fluid, expressive animations, suitable for both hobbyists and professional animators; it’s making the animation process not only more efficient but also more intuitive and immersive. 

Top Features of Adobe Character Animator

  • Real-Time Animation: Adobe Character Animator allows you to animate your characters in real time. Your character mimics your expressions and movements, creating a lifelike animation experience.
  • Puppet Maker: This feature lets you customize characters using built-in puppet templates or start with art from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • Body Tracker: Powered by Adobe Sensei AI, the Body Tracker makes it easy to animate the entire body at once. Your puppet will follow your movements, creating a realistic animation.
  • Triggers: Build timesaving triggers to create and save desired movements to keyboard shortcuts. This feature puts you in control when you want your character to change expressions or make a gesture.
  • Quick Export: This feature makes it easier than ever to share your animations. Get your work ready for sharing on social media, text messages, or email with a simple click.
  • Auto-swap: Specify which artwork shows at which position with Auto-swap. This feature merges the worlds of frame-by-frame animation and performance capture.

Adobe Character Animator Pricing

Adobe Character Animator is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan. The pricing is as follows:

  • Individual – ₹4,230.30 per month, currently discounted to ₹2,394.22 per month incl. GST.
  • Students & Teachers – Special pricing available.
  • Teams – Custom pricing based on requirements.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Character Animation

The table below showcases the Pros and Cons of Adobe Character Animator, a popular animation software.

Easy to use and effectiveThe premium package can be pricey
Allows easy customization of functionsHas a learning curve, but many lessons are available online
Superb animation creation power


 12. Rawshorts

Rawshorts Review

RawShorts is an inventive online platform transforming text into animated videos. Serving content creators, businesses, educators, and more, it provides an intuitive interface for users to express their ideas visually with ease and efficiency.

The platform simplifies video creation, from concept to rendering, without compromising on quality. It offers a variety of design options, animation styles, and editing tools to create high-resolution, impactful videos.

RawShorts is trusted by several renowned brands, including Capital One, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, Ocean Spray, Nielsen, Sony, and Pfizer. Being highly recommended by video creators, RawShorts is a versatile tool in digital communication, effortlessly turning text into compelling animations.

Top Features of RawShorts

  • Transform Text into Animated Videos: RawShorts uses AI technology to convert your video script into a draft within seconds, saving you countless hours of video creation.
  • Easy Animated Video Maker: The platform's drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to customize your AI-generated video rough cut in minutes. If you can build a PowerPoint slide, you can make an awesome video with RawShorts.
  • Royalty-Free Media Library: RawShorts provides access to over one million commercially licensed and creative Commons videos, photos, icons, and animations directly from the editor.
  • AI-Powered Video Creation: Trained on countless animated video projects, RawShorts' AI harnesses the power of machine learning to instantly transform your video script into a rough cut, which you can easily customize in the editor.
  • Wide Range of Video Creation Options: From spreadsheet to video, text to video for explainers, turning blogs & articles to video, promo video maker, whiteboard animation maker, animated explainer videos, animated social posts, stock video, motion backgrounds, to real estate video templates, RawShorts offers a variety of options for your video creation needs.

RawShorts Pricing

RawShorts offers three types of plans:

  • Starter Free Trial Plan: Comes with a watermark and supports only 480p Resolution.
  • Essential Plan: Costs $20 per month if billed annually ($25/month).
  • Business Plan: Costs $30 per month if billed annually ($45/month).

Pros and Cons of RawShorts

Dive into the world of RawShorts, and explore its wide range of benefits as well as a few drawbacks. Check them out in the table below.

Easy to use and learnSubscription is quite pricey
User-friendly drag-and-drop interfaceRequires an internet connection as it is cloud-based
Voice-over engine that generates the narration for your video from the text.Does not offer customer service
Ideal for creating short videosDoes not automatically save, requiring constant resaving of activity
Provides third-party transfer rights 
Enables the creation of high-definition videos easily 


AUTODESK Maya review

AUTODESK Maya is a leading professional 3D software renowned for its ability to create expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects. This software is a powerhouse, equipped with engaging animation tools that create stunning characters, making them appear believable and realistic. It also offers intuitive modelling tools that allow users to shape 3D objects and scenes with ease.

Its key strengths lie in its accelerated workflows for rapid iteration and enhanced creativity, the ability to deliver stunning visuals that captivate clients, and the capacity to handle complex projects, making it a preferred tool for top industry artists.

Top Features of AUTODESK Maya

  • Bifrost for Maya: Create physically accurate simulations in a single visual programming environment.
  • USD in Maya: In Maya, users can efficiently load and edit extensive datasets while working directly with the data using the platform's native tools.
  • Fast playback: Review animations faster and produce fewer play blasts with cached playback in Viewport 2.0.
  • Unreal Live Link for Maya: Stream animation data from Maya to Unreal in real time with the Unreal Live Link for Maya plug-in.
  • Time editor: Make high-level animation edits with a nondestructive, clip-based nonlinear editor.
  • Graph editor: Create, view, and modify animation curves using a graphical representation of scene animation.
  • Polygon modeling: Create 3D models using geometry based on vertices, edges, and faces.
  • NURBS modeling: Construct 3D models from geometric primitives and drawn curves.
  • Character setup: Create sophisticated skeletons, IK handles, and deformers for characters that deliver lifelike performances.
  • Integrated Arnold renderer: With the integrated Arnold renderer, view real-time scene changes, including lighting, materials, and cameras.

AUTODESK Maya Pricing

AUTODESK Maya offers flexible pricing options to cater to different user needs:

  • A three-year plan priced at ₹3,18,600, paid every three years.
  • An annual plan priced at ₹1,06,200, paid annually.
  • A monthly plan priced at ₹14,473, paid monthly.

The total cost for the annual plan, including tax, is ₹1,06,200 per year, offering a savings of 39% compared to the monthly price. Payment options include credit and debit cards, UPI, and wallets.

Additional benefits include a 30-day money-back guarantee and the option to lock in your price for three years. Autodesk provides flexibility and security in its purchasing options, making it a trusted choice for professionals worldwide. For more information, it's recommended to visit the Autodesk website.

Pros and Cons of Autodesk Maya

AUTODESK Maya presents a comprehensive overview of its merits and demerits. Please refer to the following table for details.

High customizability allows for simple workflow creationMany scripts must be customized to work properly
Comes with API for scriptingHigh risk of crashes, particularly for newbies
Mash is a great tool for rendering large scenesThe subscription package is quite pricey
Good node-based methodology for creating procedural filesA large feature set might make it confusing for new users
Time Slider Enhancements for better control animation sequences   
Multiple Skin Cluster Support Improvements for more efficient skinning and deformation   
Delete Multiple Display Layers for better scene organization   
LookdevX Enhancements for better material and texture management   

14. Reallusion

Reallusion Review

Reallusion offers comprehensive animation solutions. It provides tools for 3D Real-time Animation and 3D Character Creation, enabling users to create dynamic animations and unique characters. Its Cartoon Animator software caters to 2D animation, while Facial Animation tools allow for lifelike character expressions. Full-body Mocap tools capture complex movements, and AI-controlled 3D People creation is also supported.

Reallusion's product lineup includes iClone, a professional 3D animation tool for creating animated films and virtual production. Character Creator offers a complete solution for designing, importing, and customizing character assets. Cartoon Animator is a 2D animation software designed for both beginners and professionals. Lastly, ActorCore provides a library of high-quality 3D characters and animations for various industries. Reallusion delivers a complete suite of animation tools for all levels of users.

Top Features of Reallusion

  • iClone: iClone is a fast, real-time 3D animation software used in producing professional previz, video games, animations for films, content development, education, animation, and art illustration.
  • 3D Real-time Animation: Reallusion offers real-time 3D animation tools that allow users to create professional-grade animations quickly and efficiently.
  • 3D Character Creation: Comprehensive tools for creating detailed and unique characters, complete with clothing, hair, and accessory options.
  • 2D Cartoon Animation: Cartoon Animator software is designed for both beginners and professionals, with a range of tools for creating engaging 2D animations.
  • Facial Animation: Tools for creating expressive characters with lifelike facial movements, including lip-syncing capabilities and detailed facial expression controls.
  • Full-body Mocap: Reallusion offers full-body motion capture tools, enabling users to create realistic movement in their animations.
  • AI-controlled 3D People: A vast library of human models and animations, as well as AI tools for automatic animation generation.
  • Character Creator: Create, import, and customize character assets effortlessly with a comprehensive character creation solution.
  • ActorCore: A large library of high-quality 3D characters and animations that can be used in various industries.

Reallusion Pricing

Reallusion offers a variety of plans and pricing options for its suite of 3D animation and character creation tools. The pricing varies depending on the specific product and the package chosen.

  • Character Creator 4: A fully rigged universal 3D character creation solution priced at $299.00.
  • iClone 8: A one-stop 3D character animation solution priced at $599.00.
  • Character Creator 4 Essential Bundle with Headshot plugin: This bundle is priced at $399.00.
  • Character Creator 4 Digital Human Essential Bundles v2: This bundle is priced at $599.00.


  1. Headshot Plugin: Generate 3D real-time digital humans from a single photo with an AI-powered Character Creator plugin. It is priced at $199.00.
  2. SkinGen Premium Plugin: This plugin offers unlimited texture import & 20+ tools for designing the most customizable characters. The SkinGen 4-in-1 + Wrinkle Essentials is priced at $379.00.

Always check the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Reallusion also offers a free demo for users and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Pros & Cons of Reallusion

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Reallusion, a well-liked animation software, let's explore its Pros and Cons in the table below.

1. Comprehensive Suite of Tools: Reallusion offers a wide range of tools for 3D and 2D animation, character creation, and full-body motion capture.1. Learning Curve: While Reallusion's tools are designed to be user-friendly, beginners may still face a learning curve.
2. High-Quality Animations: The software allows for the creation of high-quality, professional-grade animations.2. Pricing: Some users might find the pricing for some of the products to be high.
3. User-Friendly Interface: The interface of the software is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.3. System Requirements: The software requires a system with good specifications to run smoothly, which might not be available to all users.
4. Vibrant Community: Reallusion has a vibrant community where users can learn, share their work, and get support.4. Limited Free Assets: While Reallusion provides some free assets, users might need to purchase additional assets for more complex projects.
5. Regular Updates: Reallusion regularly updates its software with new features and improvements. 

 15. Squigl

Squigl Review

Squigl is an AI-powered animation platform that revolutionizes educational courseware, corporate communications, training, and HR. It enables the creation of engaging, professional-looking animated videos in just two minutes.

Squigl's unique approach pairs relevant images with your text, enhancing audience engagement and learning retention. It also allows for interactive elements like buttons and questions, transforming static slideshows into dynamic learning experiences.

Built on the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, Squigl uses AI to select suitable animations and pace the video for optimal consumption. With features to track engagement and analyze learning efficiency, Squigl stands as a comprehensive solution for effective communication and learning.

Squigl is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as one of 9 solutions for educators to create digital learning content. It is trusted by global leaders and teams around the globe, including Walmart, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, and many more.

Top Features of Squigl

  • AI-Powered Animation: Squigl's advanced AI software pairs relevant keywords from your text with the right images to create high-quality videos quickly. This feature allows anyone to be a content creator, regardless of their expertise level.
  • Interactive Content: Enhance audience engagement by adding buttons, questions, drawings, and more to your video instead of static slideshows.
  • Engagement Tracking: Squigl allows you to track engagement and retention of your content by creating quizzes and assessments. You can analyze behavioral and engagement data to determine the efficiency of your learning modules.
  • Built on the Science of Learning: Squigl leverages the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, which asserts that combining words and pictures enhances human learning compared to text alone. Squigl's advanced AI algorithm is built to choose the right animations for your script, and then automatically pace out the video’s timing for easy consumption.

Squigl Pricing

  • Pro Plan: $162/month or $72 per month when billed annually (14-day Trial Included)
  • Pro Plus Plan: $227/month or $100 per month when billed annually (14-day Trial Included)

Pros & Cons of Squigl

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of Squigl, a popular animation software, in the table provided below.

Video Creation: Makeup to 30 videos per monthPricing: Plans are a bit expensive for individual creators
Resale Rights: Resale of videos allowedCollaboration: Collaboration is not available in the Pro plan
No Branding: No Squigl brandingReseller Rights: Only the Pro Plus plan includes 3rd Party Reseller Rights
Commercial Use: Can be used for commercial projects 
Music Tracks: Access to royalty-free music tracks   
Customer Service: Free access to webinars and customer service     

16. GliaStar

GliaStar Review

GliaStar is an AI-powered video creation tool that is transforming brand communication by enabling users to animate their brand mascots through simple text input. This enhances brand awareness and fosters an emotional connection with the audience.

GliaStar offers a straightforward three-step process for animation, delivers studio production quality without the need for professional skills, and supports up to five languages.

The tool allows users to maximize the utility of their mascots across various mediums, making every platform a stage for the mascot. Trusted by various industries, GliaStar leverages AI to transform video creation, making it a powerful tool for enhancing brand awareness and communication.

Top Features of GliaStar

  • Animate by simply typing: GliaStar's advanced AI technology allows users to animate their brand mascots by simply typing in a message. The AI system then generates the animation in minutes, saving users time and effort.
  • Facial Expressions and Body Gestures: The tool auto-animates facial expressions and body gestures based on text inputs, allowing the mascot to communicate as naturally as possible.
  • Lip Synchronization: GliaStar offers lip synchronization, providing an elevated level of realism and quality to the animations.
  • 360° Rotation: The tool allows for 360° rotation, offering various perspectives of the 3D-built shape.
  • Multi-Language Analysis: GliaStar supports up to five languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. It identifies the tonal and emotional intricacies of these languages, enhancing the communication effectiveness of the animations.
  • In-House Production: With GliaStar, brands can bring production in-house, becoming the designer, director, and animator of their mascots.

GliaStar Pricing

GliaStar offers a free trial for users to test out the platform. For detailed pricing information, users are encouraged to request a quote from the GliaStar team.

Pros and Cons of GliaStar

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of GliaStar, a beloved animation software, presented in the table below.

Easy-to-use AI animation toolPricing information is not readily available
Supports multiple languagesLimited to five languages
High-quality animationsMay require some learning curve for beginners
Free trial available 

17. Synthetik

Synthetik Review

Synthetik Studio Artist 5.5 is a remarkable tool that provides a comprehensive creative environment for various forms of digital artistry, including photography, video, animation, and the creation of NFTs. This software is far more than a simple filter; it's an all-encompassing suite of tools capable of generating complete works of art autonomously or facilitating human collaboration and interaction.

Studio Artist 5.5 is equipped with an embedded model of the human visual cortex, enabling it to paint and draw with a level of sophistication and realism that sets it apart from other software. It offers automatic, assisted, and manual modes of operation, catering to users of all experience levels.

Top Features of Synthetik

  • One-Click AI-Generated Art and Animation: With just a single click, Studio Artist can generate art and animation, making it incredibly easy to use.
  • 1-Click Auto Rotoscoping and Animation: This feature allows you to create animations and rotoscoping with just one click.
  • Artificially Intelligent Assistance: Studio Artist offers AI assistance for painting, photo and video EFX, animation, auto rotoscoping, and more.
  • Automatic, Assisted, and Manual Painting and Drawing: Depending on your level of expertise, you can choose to paint and draw automatically, with assistance, or manually.
  • Automatic Video to Animation Rotoscoping: This feature allows you to convert videos into animations automatically.
  • Photos to Instant Vector Art: With Studio Artist, you can instantly convert photos into vector art.
  • AI-Generated Abstract Art and Generative Art: Studio Artists can generate abstract and generative art, making it the ultimate tool for creating NFTs.

Synthetik Pricing

Synthetik Studio Artist 5.5 offers a free trial with watermarks and restricted canvas size. To access the full features, you can make a one-time payment of $199.

Pros and Cons of Synthetik

Discover the benefits and drawbacks of GliaStar, a popular animation software, in the table provided below.

Extensive suite of tools for creating art and animationThe interface might be overwhelming for beginners
One-time payment for lifetime accessRequires a powerful computer for optimal performance
AI assistance for various tasksLimited customer support options
Thousands of factory presetsSome features have a steep learning curve

 18. DeepMotion

DeepMotion Review

DeepMotion is a pioneering force in the field of AI-powered animation and motion capture. This innovative tool is transforming the animation pipeline with its industry-leading web and mobile solutions. DeepMotion's technology is designed to accurately design digital characters, making them move as realistically as they look.

Since 2014, DeepMotion has been at the forefront of Motion Intelligence, led by a team of industry veterans from renowned companies like Blizzard, Pixar, Disney, ROBLOX, Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics, and Ubisoft. The company's mission is to make digital characters come to life using smarter motion technology.

DeepMotion's partners include industry giants such as Samsung, Dry Cactus, Epic, Nvidia Inception Program, Intel, Pix Cap, and Bandai Namco. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned it as a leader in the field of AI motion capture.

Top Features of DeepMotion

  • AI-Powered Motion Capture: DeepMotion's technology allows for the generation of 3D animations from video, without the need for suits or special hardware.
  • Quick Cloud Access: Users can quickly access their animations and data through the cloud, making the process efficient and streamlined.
  • Rotoscope Pose Editor: This feature allows users to refine their AI motion capture results, ensuring a more accurate 3D animation.
  • Real-Time Body Tracking: DeepMotion's Body Tracking SDK captures and reconstructs real-time 3D full-body motion using a single camera.
  • Full Body VR Avatars: DeepMotion offers dynamic player characters for more immersive virtual reality experiences.
  • Motion Brain: This feature transforms characters into interactive agents that can perform reactive, parametric, and unique motions at run-time.

DeepMotion Pricing

DeepMotion offers a flexible pricing model to cater to different user needs:

  • Freemium: DeepMotion offers a Freemium plan that allows users to create an account for free. This plan includes 60 free Animation Credits every month, along with unlimited free downloads.
  • Starter: The Starter plan is priced at $9 per month, paid annually. It includes 180 Animation Credits per month, 5 Custom Characters, and priority email support.
  • Innovator: The Innovator plan is priced at $17 per month, paid annually. It includes 480 Animation Credits per month, 10 Custom Characters, priority email support, and 60 FPS for input video.
  • Professional: The Professional plan is priced at $39 per month, paid annually. It includes 1500 Animation Credits per month, 4k resolution for videos and images, 120 FPS, priority email support, and phone support.
  • Studio: The Studio plan is priced at $83 per month, paid annually. It includes Unlimited Animation Credits per month, 8k resolution for videos and images, 240 FPS, Unlimited Free Reruns, priority email support, phone support, and a dedicated account manager.

Pros and Cons of DeepMotion

To gain a comprehensive understanding of DeepMotion, Refer to the detailed table below for its Pros and Cons.

AI-powered motion capture technologyMay require a learning curve for beginners
No need for special hardware or suitsLimited to online access
Real-time body trackingPricing may be high for some users
Full-body VR avatars 
Freemium version available 

19. Animation Paper

Animation Paper Review

Animation Paper is a professional-grade animation software that offers a powerful, fast, efficient, and easy-to-use platform for animators, students, filmmakers, and game developers. This tool is meticulously designed to be a crucial element of your animation production pipeline, offering a highly responsive interface and enabling a prompt and real-time workflow.

This software quickly gets you in the zone with its non-intrusive and cleverly built features. This is how ‘traditional' animation should be done today – uncluttered, intuitive, and exactly what professionals need.

Top Features of Animation Paper

  • Super-Fast Responsiveness: Animation Paper offers a highly responsive interface that ensures smooth operation while drawing, flipping, and performing other tasks.
  • High-Quality Lines: The software maintains the quality of lines, ensuring no degradation when transformed or when the resolution is changed.
  • Real-time Rotation and Zooming: The software allows real-time smooth rotation and zooming of the view, enhancing the user experience.
  • Advanced Light Table: The light table feature, also known as onion skinning, is advanced and customizable, aiding in the creation of smooth animations.
  • X-Sheet: This feature offers easy yet powerful timing and reuse options. It also supports scribbled notes and a sound wave display.
  • Lasso Tool: This tool allows users to easily reposition, rotate, or scale drawings or parts of drawings.
  • Clean Up: The software offers stabilized lines for a clean and professional look.
  • Customizable Tool Bar and Speed Dial: These features allow users to reach their favorite functions with a flick.
  • Real-time Full Frame Reference on 2nd Monitor: This feature allows users to have a real-time full frame reference on a second monitor, enhancing productivity.
  • Import and Export Options: Users can import video or frame stacks for rotoscoping, etc. They can also export mp4, mov, or frame-stacks as png, svg, etc., including alpha and X-Sheet timing data.
  • Cross-Platform: Animation Paper is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Android & iPad Pro with Pencil versions are planned.

Animation Paper Pricing

  • The starting price for Animation Paper is a one-time payment of $79.
  • A free version of the software is available for those who want to try it before buying.
  • A free trial is also available for users to experience the full features of the software before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons of Animation Paper

Animation Paper comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Check them out in the table below.

Super-fast and responsiveLimited canvas size in the affordable version
High-quality lines with no degradationNot as suited for higher resolution, theatrical release work in the affordable version
Supports small to large format framesMore expensive for larger canvas size
Real-time smooth rotation and zoomingHarder to learn on for flipping with a larger canvas size
Advanced and customizable light table 
Easy yet powerful timing and reuse options 
Supports layers and colour coding 
Efficient colouring and post-paint changes


20. Akeytsu

Akeytsu Review

Akeytsu is not just another animation tool; it's a revolution in the 3D animation industry. It is designed to bring artistry back into 3D animation, focusing on the needs of animators and doing away with complex technical configurations. With Akeytsu, animators can interact directly with the model and perform basic transformations through the Spinner widget, focusing on the creation in motion.

Akeytsu is at the heart of the 3D creation pipeline, compatible with all major 3D apps and game engines. The team maintains FBX interoperability to ensure the best possible integrations and OBJ and BVH files are also supported at import.

The software is incredibly user-friendly, requiring no setup time or additional plugins. From the refined interface to the natively integrated tools, everything is there at first boot to let you unleash your creativity. Initiate your project by loading your own 3D model or selecting one of the included rigged characters, granting you a smooth starting point to commence your work.

Top Features of Akeytsu

  • User Interface: The environment is designed to make animation easier. What matters is in sight, and what's in sight matters.
  • Interactive Viewport: Direct interaction with your model allows for unimpeded creation and quick posing.
  • Spinner: An adaptable transform widget that gives you quick access to your desired actions.
  • Easy Controls: Spend less time setting up a rig and more time animating. IK chains, Reverse Foots, and blend shape controls are just a few clicks away.
  • IK-FK Solver: Switch seamlessly between FB and IK. The skeleton rig efficiently handles duplicates without hierarchy, allowing for increased flexibility in animation workflows.
  • Cycle Maker: Speed up your workflow to create cycles from a handful of keys. Iterate on the first step, cycle it with the script, and mirror changes.
  • Stacker: Manage high volumes of keys efficiently with this tool inspired by 2D X-sheets.
  • Tween Machine: This powerful tool for creating breakdowns comes out of the box in akeytsu with impeccable integration.

Akeytsu Pricing

Akeytsu offers a straightforward pricing model:

  • $39 one-time payment

Pros and Cons of Akeytsu

Explore the strengths and weaknesses of Akeytsu, a popular animation software, in the table provided below.

Easy to use with a fast learning curveLimited to rigging and animation
No setup time or plugins requiredNot suitable for complex 3D modelling tasks
Powerful mirroring capabilitiesLimited community and resources compared to larger software
Real-time experience with live motion in the viewport 

Over to you

As we wrap up our exploration of the best AI animation generators for 2024, it's clear that these tools are not just a passing trend. They are here to stay, completely revolutionizing the way we create animated content. From creating stunning videos to generating lifelike characters, these tools offer a range of features that make the animation process incredibly straightforward and efficient.

Whether you're a professional animator or a beginner just getting to grips with the basics, the best AI animation generators can help you create high-quality animations in minutes. They offer an extraordinary opportunity to harness the power of AI and machine learning, making the animation process more accessible and less time-consuming.

Remember, the perfect tool for you depends on your specific needs and experience level. So, take the time to explore the different options, test out their features, and find the one that fits your animation goals the best.

In the end, the rise of AI animation generators is a testament to the extraordinary advancements in technology. It's an exciting time to be in the world of animation, and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

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