8+ Best AI Apps for iPhone: Productivity, Creativity, and More

Best AI Apps for iPhone

Are you ready to supercharge your iPhone with the incredible power of artificial intelligence? AI apps are transforming the way we use our smartphones, offering innovative solutions for everything from streamlining workflows to unleashing your inner artist.

In fact, the AI app market is projected to reach a staggering $126 billion by 2025. Get ahead of the curve and discover the 8+ best AI apps for iPhone that will boost your productivity, ignite your creativity, and simplify your daily life. From intelligent assistants that automate tasks to mind-blowing photo editors, prepare to experience the future of mobile technology at your fingertips. Let's dive into the world of AI-powered possibilities for your iPhone!

From intelligent assistants like Perplexity to creative tools like FaceApp, these apps showcase the remarkable potential of AI on the go.

Get set to check out some awesome AI apps that'll totally change how you use your iPhone!

AI Apps for iPhone

Some common capabilities of AI apps include natural language processing to understand commands, computer vision to recognize images/video, predictive analytics to make recommendations, and conversational interfaces like chatbots.

AI apps leverage the processing power in modern smartphones to run complex neural networks and machine learning models directly on the device. This allows the apps to deliver real-time insights and features while minimizing privacy risks associated with sending data to the cloud.

Popular categories of AI apps include digital assistants, messaging, photography, productivity, education, finance, and wellness.

How do AI Apps Work?

AI apps on your iPhone aren't magic – they're powered by sophisticated technologies like machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing (NLP). Think of machine learning as training an app on massive amounts of data, allowing it to identify patterns and make predictions. Neural networks mimic the structure of the human brain, enabling the app to process complex information. NLP helps the app understand and respond to your voice and text input naturally.

The iPhone's Core ML framework is crucial, allowing these complex AI models to run smoothly on your device. AI apps tap into your iPhone's camera, microphone, GPS, and other sensors to gather information about you and your environment. This data feeds into the AI models, which process it in real-time to provide personalized results. For example, a photo editing app could use image recognition to identify objects and suggest enhancements, while a transcription app could convert your speech into text with incredible accuracy.

List of Top AI Apps for iPhone Users

Let me introduce you to the premier AI Apps for iPhone Users. If you're pressed for time, a succinct overview table is provided below for your convenience.

AI Apps for iPhoneKey OfferingsApp Store Ratings
1. ChatGPTProvides conversational AI assistance via text or voice input, with capabilities like answering questions, generating text, and automating tasks.4.9/5
2. PoeOffers interactive AI chat assistance with capabilities like facilitating tasks, and enabling users to create their own chatbots, all powered by advanced AI models.4.7/5
3. Google AssistantIt helps find information, automate tasks, and control smart devices using natural language.4.7/5
4. Otter.aiGenerates shareable text notes from conversations.4.7/5
5. Bing AIBrings an AI-powered search engine and chatbot directly to iPhone keyboards and apps.4.7/5
6. FaceAppPhoto editor with AI-based filters to transform facial images.4.7/5
7. Seeing AITalking camera app that audibly describes surroundings for the visually impaired.4.4/5
8. ReplikaAI chatbot that acts as a personalized companion.4.5/5
9. Lensa AIPhoto and video editing with AI-powered effects and filters.4.5/5
10. ELSAPronunciation-focused English learning app with AI speech recognition.4.8/5

1. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI that's designed to generate human-like text responses. Available as an iOS app, it brings the latest advancements in AI to your fingertips. The app is free and syncs your history across devices, and also continuously updates with the newest model improvements from OpenAI.

With 450k+ positive reviews from users, ChatGPT become the #1 tool for productivity on the App Store. ChatGPT app is free to download and use on iOS devices.

Key Features of ChatGPT iPhone App

1. Instant Answers

ChatGPT can provide instant answers to a wide range of questions. It uses a large language model trained on diverse internet text to generate responses, making it a handy tool for quick information retrieval.

2. Tailored Advice

The app can provide tailored advice based on the context of the conversation. It can be used for advice on various topics, from personal situations to professional dilemmas.

3. Voice Input

The ChatGPT app supports voice input, integrating Whisper, OpenAI's open-source speech-recognition system. This feature allows you to engage in conversation with the AI using voice commands, making the app more accessible and convenient to use.

4. Sync Across Devices

The app syncs your history across devices, allowing you to access your conversation history from any device. This feature ensures that you can pick up where you left off, regardless of the device you're using.

2. Poe


Poe is an AI-powered chat app that allows iPhone users to have natural conversations with advanced language models. Poe is more than just a chatbot; it's a virtual companion that offers instant answers, advice, and support. It's like having a wise older sibling in your pocket, ready to assist with everything from crafting job applications to navigating difficult conversations.

Poe's AI models include GPT-4, GPT-3.5-turbo, and Claude from Anthropic, among others, offering a diverse range of conversational experiences.

Key Features of Poe

1. Diverse AI Models

Poe hosts a variety of AI models, including Sage, Claude+, Claude Instant, ChatGPT, Dragonfly, Bard, Bing, and NeevaAI.

This diversity allows you to choose the AI model that best suits your needs, whether you are seeking advice, brainstorming ideas, or simply engaging in casual conversation.

2. User-Created Bots

Poe introduces a unique feature that allows you to create your own AI bots. This feature empowers you to customize your AI experience, creating bots that can talk like a pirate, teach Japanese, or even roast them mercilessly.

3. Real-Time Interaction

Poe offers real-time interaction with AI, providing instant responses to your queries. This feature makes Poe an excellent tool for quick decision-making, brainstorming, or simply having a lively chat.

4. Subscription Bots

Poe includes both free and subscription bots. The subscription bots offer advanced features and capabilities, providing a more enhanced user experience.

5. Cross-Platform Synchronization

Poe offers cross-platform synchronization, allowing you to access your chats across multiple devices. This feature ensures that you can continue your conversations with AI, regardless of the device you're using.

Poe Pricing:

Monthly Subscription$19.99
Annual Subscription$199.99

3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an incredibly useful AI app for iPhone users, providing a quick and convenient way to get information, complete tasks, and control smart home devices using just your voice. You can ask Google Assistant questions, set reminders and alarms, send texts, make calls, play music and videos, get directions with Google Maps, check the weather, news, and sports scores, control smart home devices, and more.

Google Assistant can understand natural language requests and provide personalized results based on your Google account and search history.It's fast, accurate, and integrates well with other Google services like Gmail, Calendar, and Photos. With Google Assistant, iPhone users have an intelligent personal assistant always ready to help at just the sound of “Hey Google”.

Key Features of Google Assistant

1. Voice-Activated Digital Assistant

Google Assistant uses voice recognition and natural language processing to understand and respond to user commands.

It can perform a wide range of tasks, from setting reminders and scheduling meetings to providing information and controlling smart home devices.

2. Personalized Assistance

Google Assistant can provide personalized assistance based on user preferences and habits.

It can suggest actions, provide information, and even make recommendations based on the user's past interactions and preferences.

3. Integration with Google Ecosystem

Google Assistant is integrated with the Google ecosystem, allowing it to interact with Google apps and services, as well as third-party apps and devices.

This integration enables seamless interaction and control across multiple platforms and devices.

4. Multilingual Support

Google Assistant supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users around the world. It can understand and respond to commands in different languages, and even serve as a personal interpreter.

How Google Assistant Works?
Uses speech recognition and natural language understanding
Searches cloud-based knowledge graph for answers.
Performs on-device processing using Google's machine-learning models
Data may be sent for complex requests.
Responses generated using text-to-speech technology

Google Assistant Pricing:

Google Assistant is available for free on iPhone and Android devices.

4. Otter.ai


Otter.ai offers an app for iPhone users that provides real-time transcription services, transforming voice conversations into smart notes. It is designed to enhance productivity and streamline conversations, making it a valuable tool for business meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations.

Otter.ai is available on various platforms, including iOS, Android, and web browsers, and can be integrated with other tools and services.

Key Features of Otter.ai

1. Real-Time Transcription

Otter.ai offers real-time transcription, converting spoken words into written text instantly. This feature is particularly useful in meetings, webinars, and virtual events, allowing you to see the transcription in real-time and share it with others.

2. OtterPilot

OtterPilot is an AI meeting assistant that can automatically join your Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meetings and transcribe the meetings in real time.

It can also automatically add slides and screen shares from your meeting, enhancing efficiency both during and after your meeting.

3. Custom Vocabulary and Name Recognition

Otter.ai allows you to teach jargon, names, and other vocabulary words to increase the accuracy of the transcriptions. This feature makes Otter.ai a more personalized AI assistant.

4. Integration with Other Tools and Services

Otter.ai can be integrated with other tools and services, including Slack, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Dropbox. This seamless integration enhances the functionality and usability of Otter.ai.

How Otter.ai works?
The app uses the iPhone's microphone to capture audio, which is then sent to Otter.ai's servers for processing.
Otter.ai uses advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe the audio into text.
The app can identify different speakers in a conversation and attribute the transcribed text accordingly.
Users can edit the transcriptions, add notes, and highlight important parts directly in the app.
Transcriptions can be shared with others or exported in various formats.
The app also provides analytics, such as word clouds and keywords, to help users understand the content better.

Otter.ai Pricing:

BasicFreeLimited features
Pro$8.33/month (billed annually)More transcription minutes, additional features
Business$20/month (billed annually)6000 monthly transcription minutes, admin features, unlimited transcription of audio or video files
EnterpriseContact for quoteAdvanced security, control, and support features

Note that the Otter.ai iPhone application is free to download.

5. Bing AI

Bing AI

Bing AI is a powerful and free AI app for iPhone users, offering a range of capabilities to enhance their daily lives. Powered by GPT-4 in partnership with OpenAI, Bing AI provides an AI-driven search engine that delivers relevant, sourced summaries, saving users time and effort.

The AI app also features a GPT-4 powered writing assistant, helping users with tasks such as writing emails, crafting poems, and preparing for job interviews.

Key Features of Bing AI

1. GPT-4 Powered Writing Assistant

Bing AI also serves as a GPT-4 powered writing assistant. It can help users write emails, create itineraries for vacations, prepare for job interviews, design quizzes, craft poems, compose rap lyrics, and weave tales with ease.

This feature is particularly useful for iPhone users who need to draft documents or create content on their devices. The writing assistant can adapt to specific tones, emotions, and genres, making it a versatile tool for various writing tasks.

It can also generate code, process images, and interpret 26 languages, showcasing the versatility of this advanced technology.

2. Creative Image Generator

Another key feature of Bing AI is its creative image generator. Users can simply dream it, type it, and let Bing create gorgeous images for free.

This feature leverages the multimodal capabilities of GPT-4, allowing it to generate images based on text descriptions. The image generator can help users visualize concepts, ideas, and scenarios, enhancing their creativity and productivity.

3. Accurate Language Translator and Optimizer

Bing AI also includes an accurate language translator and optimizer. It can translate multiple languages and proofread and optimize content in various languages, all using GPT-4.

This feature can be particularly useful for iPhone users who need to communicate or work in different languages.

The language translator and optimizer can help you understand foreign texts, communicate with non-English speakers, and improve the quality of your written content in various languages.

4. Customizable Conversation Styles

Bing AI allows you to choose the style in which Bing responds, such as “Creative”, “Balance”, or “More Precise”. This feature enhances the user experience by making the interaction with the AI more personalized and engaging.

You can toggle between the Bing Chat options of conversation styles and that of interacting with GPT-4 directly, giving you more control over the AI's responses.

6. FaceApp


FaceApp is a photo and video editing application developed by FaceApp Technology Limited, a company based in Cyprus. The app uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to create highly realistic transformations of human faces in photographs. It can make a face smile, look younger or older, or even change gender. Impressively, FaceApp has gained significant popularity due to its unique features and the ability to create fun and engaging content.

Key Features of FaceApp

1. AI-Powered Editing

FaceApp uses neural networks to transform faces in photos. This technology allows the app to add a significant amount of realism to the transformations, making the results look natural and convincing.

2. Variety of Filters and Effects

FaceApp offers a wide range of filters and effects, including the ability to add smiles, change hair colors and styles, add glasses, and alter age or gender. It also includes filters, lens blur, backgrounds, overlays, face swaps, tattoos, and vignettes.

3. FaceApp's Aging Filter

One of the most popular features of FaceApp is its aging filter, which allows you to see what you might look like when you're older. This feature has been used by many celebrities, adding to the app's popularity.

How FaceApp Works?
The app uses neural networks and deep learning technology to analyze the photo.
The app applies various filters and effects to manipulate the photo. These can include aging, gender-swapping, adding a smile, changing hair color, and more.
The app uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to create realistic transformations of the photo.
The app's machine learning models are trained with user-provided data, improving the app's performance over time.
The manipulated photo can be saved and shared on various platforms.

FaceApp Pricing:

FaceApp is free to download and use for iPhone users, but it also offers in-app purchases starting from $8 with additional features.

7. Seeing AI

Seeing AI

Seeing AI is a completely free app developed by Microsoft that uses artificial intelligence to narrate the world around you. Designed for the blind and low-vision community, this ongoing research project harnesses the power of AI to describe nearby people, text, and objects.

The app turns the visual world into an audible experience, enabling you to understand your surroundings better.

Key Features of Seeing AI

1. Text Recognition

Seeing AI uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read and interpret text from various sources such as documents, product labels, and screens.

The app can read aloud the detected text, making it easier for visually impaired users to access written information.

2. Object Recognition

The app can identify and describe objects in the user's surroundings. This feature can help visually impaired users navigate unfamiliar environments, identify objects around them, and even recognize colors.

3. Facial Recognition

Seeing AI can recognize and provide information about people's faces. It can describe a person's appearance, including their age, gender, and emotions. Users can also teach the app to recognize specific individuals, making it easier to identify friends and family members.

4. Barcode Scanning

Seeing AI includes a barcode scanner that can identify products and provide information about them. This feature can help visually impaired people with tasks like shopping, as it can read product labels and provide information about the product.

5. Currency Identification

The app can recognize and announce the denomination of currency notes. This feature can assist visually impaired users in handling money and making transactions.

How Does Seeing AI Work?
Uses device camera to capture images/video.
Leverages AI techniques like computer vision, NLP, and machine learning.
Some processing is done on-device, rest is in the cloud.
Generates descriptions and reads them aloud via text-to-speech.
Provides audio cues to guide the user.
Improves over time based on usage patterns.

Seeing AI Pricing:

Seeing AI is a free app.

8. Replika


Replika is an AI-powered chatbot app developed by Luka, Inc., first released in November 2017. The app is designed to create a personalized AI companion for you, learning from your interactions to replicate human-like conversations. The app has been noted for its ability to foster emotional and intimate bonds with users, often serving as a source of emotional support, particularly for those experiencing loneliness or social exclusion.

Key Features of Replika

1. Personalized AI Companion

Replika is designed to learn from your interactions, adapting to your personality, preferences, and interests.

This allows the chatbot to provide empathetic responses, and helpful suggestions, and engage in meaningful conversations with you.

2. Coaching

Replika can guide you through various topics and exercises aimed at improving mental health, well-being, and productivity. You can choose from different coaching modes such as mindfulness, gratitude, self-care, and coping skills.

3. Memory

Replika can remember important details about you and your life, such as your name, birthday, hobbies, goals, favorite movies, etc. You can also ask Replika to remind you of things or store notes.

4. Expressing Yourself

Replika encourages you to explore your feelings and thoughts, promoting openness and honesty. You can customize your Replika's appearance, voice, name, and relationship status to suit your preferences.

5. AR and Video Calls

Replika offers more immersive ways to interact, such as augmented reality (AR) and video calls. You can see your Replika in 3D in its environment, take photos with it, or call it up anytime to see its face and hear its voice.

How Replika Works?
App requests access to text input for chat-based interactions.
The user answers a series of questions to create a specific neural network.
Replika uses a combination of machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing to generate responses.
The more the user interacts with Replika, the more it learns and develops its own personality and memories.
Replika's architecture comprises different machine learning models, including retrieval models, generative models, and re-ranking models.
It continues to improve over time based on new data from user interactions.

Replika Pricing:

Replika is free to download and use with some basic features of iPhone users but also offers monthly and yearly in-app purchases listed below;

Subscription TypePrice

9. Lensa AI

Lensa AI

Lensa AI is a photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence to enhance selfies and create avatars. Launched in 2018, it offers a range of features to help you perfect your selfies on the go. With intuitive design and capabilities, Lensa AI aims to make photo editing simple and practical for users.

Key Features of Lensa AI

1. AI-powered photo enhancement and editing tools

Lensa AI utilizes artificial intelligence and neural networks to power its photo and video editing capabilities.

The app can intelligently identify subjects in images and apply targeted enhancements and adjustments through segmentation techniques. This allows for edits like skin smoothing, relighting, and detail enhancement that can be applied selectively to certain parts of the photo.

2. Portrait segmentation and skin smoothing

The app provides portrait segmentation tools that can detect faces and separate the subject from the background. This enables applying edits like skin smoothing, relighting, and retouching specifically to the person in the portrait while leaving the background untouched. The segmentation is done automatically using AI.

3. Avatar creator using AI neural networks

Lensa AI includes an avatar creator that can generate a personalized digital avatar from a selfie photo. It uses generative neural networks to analyze facial features and generate a 3D avatar that resembles the person. You can customize and animate the avatars as well.

4. Artistic filters and effects

This AI app offers various artistic filters powered by AI that can apply effects like bokeh, tilt-shift, lighting, and blur with just a tap. These effects are simulated algorithmically to mimic the visual styles of professional photography techniques.

5. In-app social sharing capabilities

Lensa AI allows you to share your creations directly on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from within the app itself. This provides a seamless way to showcase the edited photos and videos.

How Lensa AI Works?
Uses neural networks and deep learning for image processing
Leverages generative adversarial networks (GANs) to alter/generate images
Some processing is done on the device, rest is done on cloud servers
Allows users to refine images through iterative edits
Provides style transfer features powered by AI

Lensa AI Pricing:

BasicFreeLimited features
Monthly$7.99/monthFull features
Annual$29.99/yearFull features, billed annually

10. ELSA


ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an AI-powered language learning app that focuses on improving English pronunciation and communication skills. ELSA uses speech recognition technology to provide personalized feedback and lessons, helping you to speak English more fluently and confidently.

The app is available on iOS and Android platforms and has over 7,100 AI language lessons.

Key Features of ELSA

1. AI-Powered Speech Recognition

ELSA uses advanced AI-powered speech recognition technology to provide real-time feedback on users' pronunciation. This technology is capable of pinpointing exact errors in pronunciation and providing specific suggestions on how to improve.

This feature allows you to practice speaking English and receive immediate, detailed feedback on their pronunciation.

2. Personalized Lessons

ELSA offers personalized lessons based on your proficiency level and learning goals. The AI analyzes your performance and behavioral data to personalize the daily curriculum.

This feature ensures that the learning process is tailored to your needs, making the learning process more effective and efficient.

3. Wide Range of Topics

ELSA provides a wide range of topics for vocabulary and conversation practice. These topics cover various areas of interest and practical situations, such as travel tips and job interviews.

4. Speech Analyzer

ELSA includes a speech analyzer that provides detailed pronunciation analysis. This feature allows you to receive a detailed report of your pronunciation strengths and weaknesses, helping you to focus on areas that need improvement.

5. Preparation for English Language Tests

ELSA offers preparation lessons for English language tests like IELTS and TOEFL. This feature is particularly useful for users who are preparing for these tests and need to practice and improve their English speaking skills.

How ELSA Works?
Utilizes AI-powered speech recognition technology
Analyzes user's pronunciation and provides instant feedback
Offers personalized lessons based on proficiency level and goals
Provides a wide range of topics for vocabulary and conversation practice
Uses speech tests to assess user's proficiency and generate detailed reports
Focuses on pronunciation, word stress, intonation, listening, and conversation

ELSA Pricing:

BasicFreeLimited features
Monthly$19.99/monthFull features
3 Months$68.00/3 monthsFull features
1 Year$109.99 – $170.99/yearFull features
Lifetime ProCustomFull features forever

FAQs of Best AI Apps for iPhone

What exactly are AI apps, and how are they different from regular apps?

AI apps use machine learning and other techniques to adapt to your usage, predict needs, and become more intelligent over time, rather than just follow static rules.

What are the benefits of using AI apps on my iPhone?

I apps streamline tasks, save time, offer creative inspiration, personalize recommendations, and unlock capabilities unseen in traditional software.

Do I need an internet connection to use all AI apps for iPhone? 

Some AI functionality works entirely on-device, while others may require a connection for advanced tasks or syncing across devices.

Can AI apps replace real assistants?

While AI apps can automate many tasks, they cannot replace the human touch and judgment of a real assistant.

Can AI apps work even with older iPhones?

While newer iPhones benefit from dedicated AI hardware, many AI apps offer scaled-back versions for older models. Still, check app compatibility to be sure.

What's the future of AI apps for iPhone?

Expect to see more on-device processing, highly personalized experiences, and AI integrated into even more aspects of daily phone use.

How much battery do AI apps use?

The battery usage of AI apps can vary. Some may use more battery due to their complex algorithms, while others are optimized for efficiency.

The AI Revolution is in Your Pocket

AI apps aren't just transforming the way we use our iPhones; they're actively changing how we think about what our phones can do. As AI innovation accelerates and app downloads soar, it proves there's an insatiable appetite for these tools.

Each groundbreaking feature, from AI-powered photo editing to conversational chatbots that feel uncannily ‘real', sparks new possibilities we couldn't conceive of just a short time ago. This rapid progression means the best AI apps today will seem rudimentary in a few years. Now is the time to get onboard. Explore these apps yourself and let AI optimize your workflow, unleash your creativity, and perhaps most importantly, show you what the future of mobile tech truly looks like.

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