AI & Big Data Expo 2023: Uncovering Future Trends and Insights

AI & BIG Data EXPO 2023 Global

This is the era where having knowledge about technology is a must and similarly having oneself aware of what advancements have been made through the technology is crucial enough to sustain through the current crowd. It is not just about Gen Z’s or someone who is super tech savvy. It is also about the knowledge that one should know about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning and more. 

And hence to grab a big bite of this tech based dish, we have got you all hungry folks a huge chum. The AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023 is one huge event that is coming this November to London. 

This exponential event will be held from November 30 to December 1. Olympia, in London, has been chosen to be the exciting location for this particular event that will also focus on building a smart future. 

The not just tech talk event is a big celebration that will target the topics such as IoT, cyber Security, and the Cloud, while also having a number of fascinating events circulating around related topics such as blockchain, edge computing, digital transformation, and even 5G.

Why is AI & Big Data Expo Global 2023 the best event?

AI & Big Data EXPO Global 2023

For sure, if you are into the things of the future, and these are the topics that boggle your mind, AI & Big Data EXPO Global 2023 is something that you cannot and surely should not miss. This event is best for those who have a keen interest in the AI technology and everything related to it. And not just that, the AI & Big Data EXPO Global will cover Enterprise AI, Machine Learning Security, Ethical AI, Deep learning, Data ecosystem as well as NLP. 

The organizers have plans to give their visitors the best experience, and hence by analyzing your response the future of such events will gain more popularity and such events will gain more drastic footfall, ultimately making it more engaging and entertaining

Now the question would be what exactly would you get from this event? Well, let us pin point a few reasons for which you should be a part of the much awaited event. 

You can gather a number of information related to a number of topics that revolve around the technological aspect. You can identify popular topics and be a part of some really engaging activities. Well, another thing is that you can also forecast what is about to hit the advancements of the tech industry. 

If you are into a tech business and are the one who is looking out for huge exposure and a crowd, then this is the stage that you have been dreaming of all along. 

About the activities at AI and Big Data EXPO

The event will have the most exciting cutting-edge technologically advanced exhibitors that will showcase their technologically advanced devices. Along with that, the event will also have a number of speakers, who will portray some really intriguing speeches as well as panel discussions. 

Be the one attendee, who can learn and grow with the most interesting and latest knowledge about technology, AI, Machine Learning, and a lot more. 

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When we talk about the numbers, it is expected that the AI & Big Data EXPO will have more than 200 exhibitors and over 150 speakers. These speakers would be sharing their personal experiences and also give you insights into the up and growing market of technology. You can even gain real time industry knowledge and know about the life experience of the greatest minds in the same field. 

Other co located events at AI & Big Data EXPO

AI & Big Data EXPO North-America

Enough of what's about to happen in London, let’s talk a bit about the North American edition of the same and uniquely defined AI & big data Expo. This is something extravagant that is scheduled for the coming year, 2024.

AI & Big Data Expo - North American Edition

The North American edition will focus on the ambitious enterprises as well as the technological advancements. The professionals who are looking out to explore and know more about the latest implementations and even the strategies in the field of AI and technology, as well as machine learning, this event is one big platform that will bring all of these businesses together. 

What we would suggest, is not to miss this opportunity at any cost as this event will be having a great impact on a range of industries, that include manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, as well as the legal sector and even the financial sectors. 

When it comes to the key topics that this event will feature, it has got Responsible AI, Ethical AI, AI Against Hackers, AI Led Personalization, Data Monetization, Data Quality Management, Enterprise Adoption of AI, The Augmented Workforce, The Rise of AIOps, Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation, Building Trust Through Explainability for AI. 

About the speakers, this edition of AI & Big Data Expo will feature a great panel as per the previous list that ranges from the technical directors of well-known gaming companies as well as the giants such as ebay, LinkedIn, Johnson and Johson, and more. 

Similarly, talking about the IoT event which is a co-located event will feature the power of Internet of Things tech experts in the leading digital world. This digital twin and enterprise transformation event will talk about IoT security, IoT connectivity as well as connected devices, smart infrastructure, and automation. 

Over the course of two days, this expo will unite a number of influential industries from around the world. 

Moreover, the IoT Tech Expo is a hub for invaluable networking opportunities. Be it through the means of virtual meetings, relaxed on-site lounges, or the official networking party, attendees can forge crucial connections that extend their professional reach.

The expo has got in a total of five co-located events including, 5G Expo, Advanced DTX Strategies for a ‘Digital Everything’ world, Cyber Security & Cloud Expo as well as Blockchain Expo.   

Blockchain Expo

Within the Blockchain Expo, the attendees can look forward to a number of expert keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and solution-driven case studies, exploring blockchain's transformative impact on various industries. For example legal, finance, healthcare, government, and more. It's a prime occasion to witness the blockchain technologies and gain invaluable industry perspectives.

Blockchain Expo

The speakers list consists of industry leaders from firms such as Standard Chartered Bank, Capital Market LSEG, Dyson, UBS, and many more. 

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo

This expo serves as a focal point for professionals and enthusiasts in the fields of cybersecurity as well as cloud computing. The event we are talking about will focus on strengthening the cyber security and cloud infrastructure while addressing key topics such as zero trust, threat detection & response, identity & access management, application security, and data security.

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo

The co-located event, Cyber Security and Cloud Expo will bring you an impressive lineup of speakers who are experts in their respective fields. 

Kathryn Pimblett, who is the Senior Cyber Security Manager at A.P. Moller – Maersk, along with Kishan Majithia, Executive Director, Cyber and Technology Controls at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Samuel Ojeme, Director, Product Management – Cyber Security, IT Risk Management, Assurance at Mastercard, Andy Chakraborty, Head of Technical Platform Architecture at Santander UK, Nadezda Demidova, Data Scientist, Cyber Crime Security Researcher at eBay Tapan Sharma, Associate Director at Aon and Dr. Michalis Pavlidis, Principal Lecturer in Cyber Security at University of Brighton will be the dignitaries talking during this event. 

And that's not just it the event will also have Manivannan Janakiraman, Senior Product Manager, Platform Capabilities at London Stock Exchange Group along with Jon Cosson, Head of IT & CISO at JM Finn, and more as its speakers. 

5G Expo

The 5G Expo is another prominent gathering taking place in relation to AI & Big Data Expo, Cyber Security Expo, and a new Digital Transformation track.

5G expo - AI & Big Data Expo

The event is expected to attract industry leading CTOs, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Telecom Providers, Developers, Start-Ups, OEMs, Government representatives, Automotive industry professionals, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, as well as VCs.

About the Exhibitors, over 200 exhibitors are expected to showcase their respective cutting-edge technologies related to 5G, IoT, and similar related fields. The key topics will look into various critical topics such as 5G Infrastructure & the Core Network, Edge Computing, 5G Capabilities, Deployment Modes, Network Evolution & Future Connectivity, Digital Transformation, IoT & Blockchain, Big Data & AI in 5G, Cyber Security for 5G Networks. 

The event features Phil Siveter from Nokia as its one of the prominent speakers along with David Jambor from Vodafone, Matt Stagg from BTSport, Stephen Gilderdale from DellTech

Pradeep from Syniverse, Chirag Patel from HERE Technologies, Ulrich Dropmann from 5G ACIA, Christian Regnier from Air France and Mark WM5G from WM5G. 

Digital Transformation Global

This is the last but not at all the least co-related event taking place along with AI and Big Expo Global 2023. 

Digital Transformation week

This event will be the intersection of technology and human-centricity. Join Katya Denike, Chief Product Officer at Holland & Barrett, and Lara Izlan, Director of Data Strategy at ITV, as they explore strategies to ensure digital transformation aligns with human needs.

Along with the above-mentioned speakers there are more like Trevor Gordon, Former Global Transformation Director – Customer at Diageo, Teresa Wu, VP of Software Engineering at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Lu Zheng, Transformation Lead at Philips, Sarah Ilieva, Head of Digital Experience at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Adam Freeman-Pask, Head of Digital Innovation at Sport England, Anshul Bansal, Commercial Director at Yum Foods (KFC)

Peyman Moh, Former Director, Digital Health & Innovation, Global Tech at GSK, and many more great personalities shaping the digital future.

Now let us tell you what exactly sets this event apart. You can experience unparalleled networking opportunities with over 6,000 senior attendees, including some of the best C-suite executives, IT directors, and transformation leaders. Engage with peers actively driving digital transformation and discover new technologies and strategic approaches that can elevate your organization.

What makes this tech event more exciting?

If all of what we have mentioned above had you excited already, wait till you hear what comes next. There is this place called Olympia Exhibition Centre that has been regarded as the one prominent place for holding the best conferences in this whole region. And that same venue has been chosen to be the location for AI & Big Data Expo, this year. 

This place has also had got a great impact on the history of London as it was opened in the year 1886 and has got a huge value when it comes to the monument and sculpture being spoken of. 

What makes this place more valuable is that it is located in Kensington, which is another great area located in the royal borough of London. 

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Talking about the exciting things that this event has got. The two days are totally filled with super engagement. The first day of the event will have a number of presentations that will cover the topic of Disrupting Landscape with Edge AI. One can even listen to the Keynote presentation on Edge AI, Enabling Agile Processes, A Competitive Advantage with AI, and ML, AI Leading the Digital Banking Revolution, AI and ML building business capabilities, Multi-Sensory Inputs with Multimodal Learning and AI Enabled Healthcare – Aiding the Patient Experience. This was all for the one who had bought the pass. 

But hold on if you have got a free pass, you can be a part of the presentation on Enterprise adoption of AI. Also, listen to panel discussions and presentations on A Digital Journey, Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation, Building Trust Through Explainability for AI and Digital Transformation, Learning like Humans through Reinforcement Learning, Low-code, and No-code Technologies – Closing the Skills Gap and Building an Augmented Workforce, and Talking Digitally with NLP, respectively. 

As of the second day of the event, the ones who have paid for the pass will be able to be a part of presentations and topics such as Data Democratisation, Distributing the Workflow, The State of Play for DaaS Business Models, Optimising Data Quality Management, Back to Basics,  Creating a Strong Data Mesh Strategy and more.

A few panel discussions for the day would be around the topic of Making the Most of Data and Real-Time Responses through Real-Time Intelligence. And if you are attending the event with a free pass, you can attend the presentation around the topic of Calling Machine Learning Platforms in the age of Generative Models, AI, the Current Market, and Future Progressions, and at the same time, you can even learn about Leveraging Generative AI, The Evolving World of AI, ML and Deep Learning, Quantum AI, The Next Frontier.

We at AIMojo Pro are super excited to see you at the event. Being a media partner, we hope that you will become a very part of this upcoming tech event and learn a lot from it.

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