10+ Best AI Caption Generators for Video in 2024 (Compared)

AI Caption Generators for Video

Did you know a study suggests 80% of people prefer watching videos with subtitles?

This statistic underscores the importance of subtitles in enhancing viewer engagement and accessibility.

What if you can automatically generate captions for your videos?

Here we will present you the list of leading AI Caption Generators available in 2024.

What are AI Caption Generators?

AI caption generators are powerful tools that automatically generate transcripts and subtitles for video content.

These tools use speech-to-text technology and natural language processing, to accurately convert spoken words into written text.

The function of AI caption generators is to simplify the process of creating captions for videos. Content creators no longer need to manually transcribe and subtitle their videos; instead, they can rely on these caption generators to do it for them.

By simply uploading a video file or providing a link to a video hosted on a social media platform or online video editor, users can quickly generate high-quality captions in minutes.

Mind-blowing stats about video captions/subtitles

  • 69% (in public places) and 25% (in private places) of people watch videos with the sound off.
  • 83% of people watch an entire video when captions are available.
  • 50% of people say captions are much needed.
  • 98.6% of students find captions helpful.

Top AI Caption Generators Available in the Market



VEED.IO is a top-of-the-line AI-powered video editing platform that also offers a powerful AI subtitle generator with a user-friendly interface that makes it effortless to upload and caption videos.

The platform operates entirely within your internet browser, allowing you to access and edit your projects from any device at any time.

VEED.IO's AI capabilities include automatic subtitle generation, translation, and speech recognition, making it an ideal tool for creating accessible and engaging content.

The platform also offers a range of video editing features, such as trimming, cropping, filtering, and adding text overlays, making it a comprehensive solution for content creators, marketers, and educators alike.

VEED.IO Key Feature
AI-powered subtitle generation with 98.5% accuracy
Automatic translation of captions to different languages
Customizable subtitle styles, fonts, and colors
Video editing tools, including trimming, cropping, and filtering
Social media integration for easy sharing
Cloud storage for easy access and collaboration
Screen recording capabilities

2. Kapwing


Kapwing is a versatile and user-friendly AI-powered caption generator, which uses artificial intelligence to detect spoken words in a video with unmatched accuracy.

This AI caption generator allows users to add word-by-word subtitles to their videos in a single click, saving hours of manual work. The generated subtitles are highly accurate, requiring minimal edits.

In addition to its core functionality, Kapwing also offers a suite of video editing tools. Users can also add stylish animations to their subtitles with just one click.

Moreover, Kapwing's video editing software allows users to translate their subtitles to and from over 70+ languages, expanding their reach to a global audience.

Key Features of Kapwing
AI-powered automatic subtitle generator.
Highly accurate subtitles with minimal edits required.
Subtitle customization options (color, size, font, emojis).
Stylish animation effects for subtitles.
Video resizing to fit any social media platform.
Cloud-based platform accessible from any device.
No ads or spam.

Kapwing Pricing: It offers a free plan and a Pro plan at $16 per member per month (billed annually).

3. SubtitleBee


SubtitleBee is an exceptional AI caption generator that stands out with its extensive library of over 120 languages. 

With SubtitleBee, you can effortlessly auto-generate subtitles for your videos or translate existing subtitles with just a click of a button.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no software or special skills to use. Users simply upload their videos, and the AI handles the rest, supporting several different formats for convenience.

Key Features of SubtitleBee:
Automatic generation of captions and subtitles in different languages.
Ability to customize the style of subtitles, including font styles.
Option to add head titles at various points in the video.
Exporting videos with captions in various formats.
Social media-ready exports with a single click.
Ability to add custom logos to videos.
Supertitles feature to engage viewers and boost viewership.

SubtitleBee Pricing: Free Trial, Starter at $19/month, Premium at $49/month, and Business at $129/month.

4. Captions

Captions AI

Captions is another AI caption generator for video editing that simplifies the entire process on mobile devices.

It's not just about simple edits; Captions offers a comprehensive suite of editing tools that allow you to perform full video edits right in the palm of your hand.

Notably, It offers tools like eye contact, which ensures that the captions align perfectly with the speaker's gaze, giving a more engaging viewing experience.

Additionally, Captions provides voice cloning capabilities, allowing users to easily match the captions to the original speaker's voice.

It supports automatic captions and subtitles in 28 different languages, allowing content creators to take their content global.

Key Features of Captions:
Exclusively designed for mobile platforms.
Enables full video edits on mobile.
Includes eye contact enhancement, voice cloning, and audio cleaning.
Automatically correct verbal mistakes.
Offers customizable color settings for professional-quality visual output.
AI-enabled feature for making content stand out.
Allows for different font styles to personalize videos.

Captions Pricing: Monthly plan at $9.99 or a yearly subscription at $65.

5. Submagic


Submagic, an AI-powered platform is specifically engineered to generate dynamic captions in under minutes, thereby enhancing engagement on short-form content.

Submagic uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to meticulously transcribe audio into written text in 48 languages, making content accessible to a diverse global audience.

Remarkably, It is loved by over 150,000 content creators and is used daily to produce high-quality captions.

It also allows creators to instantly add emotion with auto emojis and emphasize key points with highlighted keywords.

Moreover, Submagic boosts reach and engagement by creating captivating content with auto descriptions and hashtags, all powered by AI.

Key Features of Submagic:
Generates dynamic captions in under two minutes using AI.
Offers the latest trendy templates for content enhancement.
Creates captivating content with auto descriptions and hashtags.
Supports both desktop and mobile devices.
Allows customization of subtitles in different ways, including color, emojis, and font.
Provides pre-made templates that match the unique subtitle styles of popular creators.

Submagic Pricing: Services starting at $20 per month.

6. Animaker

Animaker Review

Animaker is a leading AI-powered automatic subtitle generator that can recognize speech, generate subtitles, and add them to your video with just a single click, making the process of adding subtitles to your videos as seamless as possible.

Animaker is trusted by over 18 million people worldwide and has been recognized as the No.4 Best Design Product of the World.

With its full-featured text editor, users can customize their subtitles completely and format them to fit their brand guidelines.

Key Features of Animaker:
Supports over 134 languages.
Option for manual subtitling.
Over 20 cool animations to enhance your subtitles.

7. Media.io


Media.io offers an AI caption generator that utilizes the power of natural language processing to auto-generate accurate captions for your videos.

Media.io's AI caption generator features a user-friendly interface, allowing even non-tech-savvy users to easily upload a video and receive subtitles within minutes.

The platform is trusted by well-known brands such as DigitalTrends, Lifehacker, MakeUseOf, and more, making it a reliable choice for users in the AI video editing industry.

Media.io's subtitle generator can analyze the video content and generate subtitles in different languages with just one click. This allows creators to reach a wider audience all around the world without having to write multiple CC captions to match different languages.

Key Features of Media.io
High-accuracy subtitle creation using advanced machine learning.
Supports up to 90 subtitle languages for transcription and translation.
No watermark on generated subtitles and captions.
Compatible with various video formats, including MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, MKV, FLV, and WebM.
All-in-one video editor for customizing and optimizing subtitles.
Cross-platform compatibility for creating auto subtitles on different devices.

Media.io Pricing: Free Trial with limited access to AI tools, a Monthly Plan at US$19.99 per month, and a Yearly Plan at US$95.99 per year, providing access to all AI tools.

8. Descript


Descript is an all-in-one platform that transforms podcasting and video editing by offering a wide range of features, including transcription, podcast hosting, and subtitles and captions.

It's not just a subtitle generator, but a comprehensive audio/video editor that operates like a document, offering a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Descript also offers custom styling options, enabling users to adjust the font, color, positioning, background, and more of their subtitles, providing a high level of customization to match the aesthetic of their video content.

Key Features of Descript:
95% accurate automatic transcription.
Full video editing capabilities.
Screen recording feature.
AI tools for enhanced editing.
Stock media and templates.

9. FlexClip


FlexClip is a powerful, AI-powered video editing tool that fulfills a range of video creation needs. This browser-based caption generator tool is 100% online, eliminating the need for any software installation.

FlexClip uses advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately recognize audio in your videos and place subtitles at the right moments, ensuring precision and accessibility for viewers.

The design is intended to be user-friendly, enabling users to easily upload their media, generate subtitles, and edit video captions.

Once the editing process is complete, users can export their videos and share them online with their audiences.

FlexClip Key Features:
FlexClip uses advanced AI to automatically generate subtitles for your videos.
The tool supports over 140 languages.
SFlexClip provides full control over subtitles, allowing users to split or merge, and change font, alignment, and style.
FlexClip gives you full control over the generated subtitles.

10. Vidyo.AI


Vidyo.AI is a content repurposing AI tool that allows users to upload long-form videos, automatically selects the best clips, and offers a range of customization options.

The platform is built with a focus on enhancing video performance online, particularly through the use of AI-generated subtitles.

With more than 75% of people watching videos on mute, Vidyo.AI's subtitling feature helps boost watch time stats and makes videos stand out from the crowd.

Vidyo.AI's AI-powered subtitling generates SRT files, which are easily searchable and improve SEO. This feature not only expands the reach of videos by grabbing viewers' attention but also increases engagement by keeping viewers captivated.

Key Features of Vidyo.AI
AI-powered auto video subtitle generator.
Customizable subtitles offer various combinations and styles.
Auto-add Emojis feature for subtitles.
Powerful video clipping tools for making short videos.
Instant Video Resizing for multi-platform use.
Social Media Templates that auto-detect crucial segments of videos.
Social Media Integrations for direct posting to all platforms.
CutMagic feature for conquering scene changes.

Vidyo.AI Pricing: Free plan, a Starter plan at $150/year, a Pro plan at $180/year, a Pro+ plan at $300/year, and a Full Service plan starting at $2999.

11. Flixier


Flixier is the last AI caption generator we present; it is a powerful online video editor that can recognize voices from video or audio files and generate highly accurate subtitles for your video.

It operates entirely in your browser, eliminating the need for any downloads, installations, or account creation.

It allows users to upload videos and add subtitles manually, automatically, or by uploading a subtitle file.

Key Features of Flixier:
Over 1000 built-in font families and the ability to upload custom fonts.
A comprehensive suite of editing tools, including text, music, motion graphics, images, and more.
Cloud-powered for fast editing and publishing on any device.
Real-time collaboration and sharing of projects and files.

Flixier Pricing: Free ($0/month), Pro ($11/month), Business ($24/month), and Enterprise ($55/month, billed annually).

Best fonts for captions and subtitles?

Choosing the right font for video captions and subtitles is crucial. It significantly affects readability and overall aesthetics.

Here are some top fonts for captions and subtitles:

1. Montserrat:

Montserrat is a popular font choice for captions and subtitles. It offers a clean and modern look, making it easy to read even in small sizes.

The Hormozi style of Montserrat, in particular, is widely used and highly recommended for video captions.

2. Burbank:

Burbank is another font that works well with video captions. It has a bold and playful appearance, making it suitable for capturing attention and adding a touch of personality to your captions.

3. Roboto:

Roboto is a clean and easy-to-read font that offers a contemporary look and can be used for various purposes, including captions and subtitles.

4. Futura:

Futura is a classic font that has stood the test of time. Its clean and geometric design makes it highly legible, making it a popular choice for captions and subtitles.

These fonts have been widely used and are known to work well with video captions. They offer a good balance between readability and style, ensuring that your captions are easily understood by your audience.

Your Choice?

We have discussed many AI Caption Generators in the above article and try to give a complete overview of these powerful AI tools.

Now it's your turn to choose the best tool for your needs. Don't worry we will assist you with that!

To choose the best AI caption generator, consider a few crucial factors.

First and foremost, simplicity is key. You'll want a platform that's easy to use and navigate.

Additionally, the context in which you'll be using the captions is important. Each social media platform has unique requirements, so choose a customizable generator.

Output quality is another vital consideration. Captions must be accurate, error-free, and precisely synced with the video. Look for a platform with advanced speech recognition technology.

Lastly, Choose a video-focused AI caption tool with auto-captioning, subtitle styling, and in-tool video editing options.

By weighing these factors and considering your needs. Pick the right AI caption generator to enhance your video content and reach a broader audience.

Ready to enhance your videos? Start trying these recommended AI caption generators today!

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