AI Commercials: From Funny to Futuristic, 12 Must-Watch Ads

AI-Powered Commercials

Think of a world where commercials are no longer just static ads, but dynamic, personalized experiences tailored just for you. 🎬

In the era of AI-Powered Commercials, where cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way we engage with brands. In 2023, over 60% of consumers reported feeling more connected to companies that delivered relevant, AI-driven content. 📈 These innovative commercials use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze our preferences, behaviors, and even emotions, crafting hyper-targeted messages that resonate on a deeper level.

This took the advertising game to new heights, resulting in some of the most side-splittingly funny and viral ads we've ever witnessed. From former President Trump promoting freshly squeezed Orange Juice with exaggerated expressions and bizarre taglines, all crafted by AI's unpredictable genius. 😂

From interactive storytelling to real-time product recommendations, AI-Powered Commercials are redefining the art of advertising. Get ready to be wowed as we dive into the top AI-Powered Commercials that are captivating audiences worldwide! 🌟

What are AI Generated Commercials?

AI Generated Commercials

AI-generated commercials are advertisements created using artificial intelligence technologies, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and generative AI models. These commercials leverage AI to generate creative content, including scripts, visuals, and audio elements.

According to a recent study, over 30% of major brands have already experimented with AI-generated commercials, and this number is expected to rise as the technology becomes more accessible and advanced.

Some key benefits about AI generated commercials include

Cost savings – AI can create custom animated commercials for a fraction of the price of traditional video ads, making them accessible to smaller brands.
Speed – The AI-powered ad creation process is significantly faster, reducing timelines from weeks or months down to hours or days.
Iteration and testing – Generative AI allows for rapid production and refinement of many ad variations to find what resonates best. A/B testing different messaging and creative is easier without traditional production bottlenecks.
Customization – AI can be used to completely customize the branding, messaging, mood and style of ads to match a brand's unique identity.
Innovation – As AI generation technology improves, so does the quality and creativity of the video ad output, allowing for innovative ads that keep up with the latest trends.

AI is being used in the ad creation process for tasks like generating ad copy that performs as well as human-written copy, automatically creating many variations of an ad, and even producing entire custom video commercials from start to finish.

Top 12 AI-Generated Ads That Redefine Creativity

Here is a curated list of the 12 funniest AI-generated commercials that went viral in 2024, showcasing the incredible potential of AI to craft unforgettable and engaging advertising experiences.

AI Generated CommercialsDescription
Donald Trump's Orange JuiceEveryone in the commercial is wearing orange, mimicking Trump's signature look.
Beer CommercialA surreal, dream-like beer ad where everything devolves into chaos and flames by the end.
Goner NuggetsNostalgic, 90s-style ads for nuggets with AI-generated absurdist elements.
Shak Shaker ShamillionBizarre, interdimensional cable style ads.
AI Car CommercialAn experimental car commercial narrated by “Prince”, blurring the lines between driving and dreaming.
Dog FoodA pet food ad where the AI-generated dogs look better than the humans.
Got MilkA milk commercial with good writing and voiceover, but nightmarish visuals.
Gordon Ramsay's Pet FoodA hypothetical pet food ad starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.
Beans are backA more coherent AI ad, lacking the surreal elements of the beer commercial.
Bill Gates Windows CompanyBill Gates makes a “transparent” pitch for Windows.
Olive GardenAn honest Olive Garden ad mentioning their “act like an Italian class”.
Taco TarnadoThe AI almost manages to spell “taco” correctly in this Mexican food ad.

1. Donald Trump's Orange Juice

Donald Trump's Orange Juice

One of the most viral AI-powered commercials of 2024 was the hilarious “Donald Trump's Orange Juice” ad created by the genius minds at Crypto Tea. This quirky commercial features the former president himself, or rather, an AI-generated deepfake version of him, enthusiastically promoting a freshly squeezed orange juice brand.

Trump's exaggerated expressions and bizarre taglines like “Make breakfast great again” had viewers in stitches, showcasing AI's uncanny ability to blend humor and surrealism. This commercial perfectly captures the unpredictable and often delightfully weird world of AI-generated ads, leaving a lasting impression and sparking conversations about the future of advertising.

While not officially endorsed by Trump or his campaign,  these AI-generated ads have garnered attention for their uncanny resemblance to real commercials and their absurd, satirical nature. As AI technology continues to advance, such content raises questions about the future of advertising and the blurring lines between reality and artificial creation, sparking both amusement and concern about the potential impact of AI-generated content on politics and media.

2. Beer Commercial

Imagine cracking open a cold one, only to be greeted by a backyard barbecue straight out of a fever dream – that's the viral AI-generated beer commercial “Synthetic Summer”! Created by London's Private Island using Runway's Gen-2 model, this 30-second clip is a surreal mashup of distorted figures, melting faces, and floating beer cans, set to a warped “All Star.” It's like Dali crashed your cookout!

While undeniably unsettling (and nightmarish), “Synthetic Summer” showcases AI video synthesis' current capabilities and limitations. It's a wild ride that leaves you captivated yet disturbed, offering a glimpse into advertising's AI-driven future.

Sure, these AI masterpieces still need human input and curation, but that's half the fun! Embrace the weird, because the future of beer commercials (and potentially all advertising) is looking delightfully bizarre. Get ready for a surreal, AI-powered advertising landscape that'll have you questioning reality…and reaching for another cold one!

3. Goner Nuggets


“Goner Nuggets” – one of the most viral AI-powered commercials of 2024! Created by the mad geniuses at YouTube channel TYLLIONAIRE, this quirky ad takes you on a journey to the mythical Goner Nuggets Island.

Throgh the power of AI text-to-speech and video generation, we're treated to a surreal tale of the “most scrumptious nuggets” made from “goner seeds” on this island paradise. The commercial's absurdist script, complete with lines like “once you pop one you just can't stop,” is brought to life by an AI-generated voiceover and trippy visuals.

While it may not make much sense, that's precisely what makes “Goner Nuggets” so delightfully weird and memorable. It perfectly captures the unpredictable nature of AI content creation, leaving viewers both captivated and slightly disturbed. Embrace the bizarre, because the future of advertising is looking delightfully unhinged! 

4. Shak Shaker Shamillion

Get ready to shake things up with “Shak Shaker Shamillion,” an AI-powered commercial that's as bizarre as it is unforgettable! Created by the creative powerhouse DavyForce, this ad takes us on a wild ride with none other than Shaquille O'Neal—or should we say, an AI-generated version of the basketball legend turned into a salt shaker!

In this mind-bending commercial, AI Shaq shakes up more than just salt; he's shaking up the advertising world with his larger-than-life personality and some seriously salty dance moves. Set against a backdrop of vibrant, surreal graphics that only AI could dream up, “Shak Shaker Shamillion” showcases the quirky potential of AI in crafting commercials that stick in your memory long after they're over.

So, if you thought you'd seen it all in advertising, think again. DavyForce's creation is here to prove that the future of commercials comes with a twist—or in this case, a shake!

5. AI Car Commercial

Buckle up for a glimpse into the future with a mind-blowing AI-generated car commercial created by Jeremiah Mayhew that's racing through the internet! This 30-second spot zooms in on a sleek, futuristic car that's part machine, part magic, cruising through cities and mountains with style.

Its design is a wild ride of organic curves and mechanical edges, complete with a light show that pulses to life as the car shape-shifts to match the epic landscapes it conquers. With a haunting soundtrack and not a single human in sight, this ad leaves us in awe, pondering the future of travel and artificial intelligence's expanding role in creativity.

No brand, no pitch, just pure, adrenaline-pumping imagination on wheels!

6. Dog Food

Get ready to bark with laughter at the latest AI-powered commercial taking the internet by storm! Created by the brilliant mind of Matt Mayle, this Iams Spec Ad is a hilarious take on the lengths we'd go for our furry friends.

Imagine a world where dogs are the ones working 9-to-5 jobs, while their owners lounge around the house, chowing down on delicious Iams dog food. The ad's tagline, “Iams, so good you'll switch your job with your dog”, perfectly captures the absurd premise that only AI could dream up.

From the deadpan expressions of the canine office workers to the over-the-top acting of their human counterparts, this commercial is a masterclass in surreal humor. And let's not forget the attention to detail, like the dog's tiny briefcase and the human's slobbery food bowl.

While the concept might seem far-fetched, it's a testament to the creative potential of AI in advertising. Matt Mayle's creation proves that with the right blend of imagination and technology, even the most outlandish ideas can become reality (or at least a viral sensation).

7. Got Milk

Oh boy, the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign just took a hilarious and controversial turn with their latest AI-generated commercial, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride!

Imagine the deadpan queen herself, Aubrey Plaza, promoting a fictional product called “Wood Milk” with the straightest face imaginable. Created by the masterminds at MilkPEP, this satirical ad pokes fun at the plant-based milk craze by touting the “artisanal” benefits of drinking wood pulp. I mean, who doesn't want a tall glass of artisanal tree juice, am I right?

While the clever parody had us all chuckling at the absurdity of it all, it didn't come without controversy. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine filed a formal complaint, arguing that the USDA-funded campaign was unfairly disparaging non-dairy alternatives.

In the ongoing “milk wars” between dairy and plant-based milks, this AI-generated gem added some much-needed humor (and a little bit of chaos) to the mix. Whether you're team cow or team almond, you've got to appreciate the creativity behind this one!

8. Gordon Ramsay's Pet Food

Get ready to have your mind blown and your taste buds tantalized, because the internet's latest viral sensation is an AI-generated commercial featuring none other than the one and only Gordon Ramsay!

In this 30-second masterpiece, an AI artist has brought the fiery celebrity chef to life in a whole new way, as he passionately promotes a fictional line of gourmet pet food. Imagine Ramsay's trademark intensity as he waxes poetic about “exquisite flavors” and “high-quality ingredients” fit for your furry friends.

While the commercial is clearly a parody, with Ramsay's face and voice slightly distorted for that extra AI touch, it's a hilarious and mind-bending glimpse into the future of synthetic media. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see Ramsay actually yelling at our dogs for not appreciating the finer things in life!

9. Beans are back

“Beans Are Back”, a delightfully bizarre AI-generated commercial that's equal parts quirky and hilarious!

Created by the brilliant mind of art director and AI artist Ronnie Allman, this Wes Anderson-inspired gem revolves around a love for beans and their supposed “productivity-enhancing” effects. The 44-second spot features two AI-generated characters expressing their eternal love for the legumes, complete with digitized notes of humor and sarcasm that'll have you cracking up.

While the character's mouth movements and expressions are undeniably artificial, the clever script and stylized visuals showcase the creative potential of AI in advertising. “Beans Are Back” blends photorealism with surrealism, offering a glimpse into a future where machine-generated content pushes the boundaries of traditional advertising in the most delightfully weird way possible.

10. Bill Gates Windows Company

A recent AI-generated commercial featuring Bill Gates promoting a fictional “Windows Company” has been making rounds on the internet, sparking discussions about the potential and limitations of AI video synthesis technology.

The 45-second video, created by an unknown artist, showcases a slightly distorted version of Gates enthusiastically describing the company's innovative products and services, such as “Windows 12” and “Microsoft Cloud AI.” 

While the commercial is clearly a parody, with Gates' face and voice not quite matching reality, it demonstrates the increasing sophistication of AI-generated media and its ability to create convincing and entertaining content. 

However, the video also raises ethical concerns about the use of public figures' likenesses in AI-generated media without their consent. 

As AI technology continues to advance, the “Bill Gates Windows Company” commercial serves as a reminder of the need for ongoing discussions about the responsible use and regulation of AI-generated content.

11. Olive Garden

A comedic AI-generated Olive Garden commercial, created by writer Keaton Patti, has recently gone viral on social media. 

Patti claimed to have “forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials” before asking it to write its own script. 

The resulting parody commercial features absurd and surreal phrases like “lasagna wings with extra Italy,” “warm and defeated pasta nachos,” and “unlimited stick”. 

While Patti's claim is likely untrue, as the script is too coherent and well-structured to be generated by current AI technology, the parody has nonetheless entertained readers with its clever mockery of Olive Garden's advertising tropes. 

The viral success of this parody highlights the potential for AI-generated content to captivate audiences, even as it raises questions about the authenticity and capabilities of such technology.

12. Taco Tarnado

The “Taco Tarnado” AI-generated commercial has taken the internet by storm with its bizarre and surreal visuals. 

Created by the AI art collective Calamity AI, this fake ad promotes a fictional fast-food chain's latest menu item, the “Taco Tarnado,” which promises to “tarnado your taste buds”. 

The commercial features unsettling AI-generated characters and absurd scenarios, such as a taco-headed man riding a tornado and customers being swept away by the “tarnado” after consuming the product. 

While the ad showcases the creative potential of AI in generating humorous and viral content, it also highlights the uncanny valley effect and the current limitations of AI-generated visuals. 

As AI technology continues to advance, it is likely that we will see more instances of AI-generated commercials that challenge our expectations and blur the lines between reality and fantasy, ultimately redefining the landscape of marketing and entertainment.

FAQs About the Top AI-Powered Commercials

Which AI Tools are Used to Create Commercials?

Popular AI tools for generating ad creative include Waymark for video, ChatGPT for scripts, Soundraw for music, Runway for editing, Eleven Labs for voice generation, as well as platforms like Meta's AI Sandbox for advertisers.

How can Small Businesses Benefit from AI Generated Commercials?

AI drastically lowers the barriers for small businesses to produce high-quality video ads by reducing costs and simplifying the process. Even local shops can now access compelling commercials tailored to their brand.

What's the Process for Making an AI Generated Commercial?

It typically involves providing a brief or prompt, letting the AI generate scripts, visuals and music, then iterating and refining the outputs with human direction to align with the brand goals and ensure quality control.

How can I Ensure AI Generated Ads are Effective?

Keys to success include a clear strategy, keeping the customer first, using AI to enhance rather than replace creative talent, implementing ethical safeguards and transparency, and carefully measuring results to optimize performance.

Can AI Help Target Ads to the Right Audience?

Yes, AI excels at analyzing data to personalize ads and optimize targeting and performance. It can generate variations tailored to specific audiences and learn from real-time results.

How Big will the Market for AI Generated Ads Become?

The use of AI in advertising is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as part of the broader expansion of the AI industry, which is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2030.

Wrapping It Up!

Well folks, as we wrap up this wild ride through the wacky world of AI commercials, let's take a moment to appreciate just how far we've come.

From the early days of clunky, robotic ads to the slick, personalized campaigns of today, artificial intelligence has certainly left its mark on the advertising industry.

But here's the real question: are we ready for an AI takeover of our TV screens? Will we soon be inundated with commercials so perfectly tailored to our interests and desires that resistance is futile? Or will the human touch always reign supreme in the art of persuasion?

Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure – the future of advertising is bound to be a wild, unpredictable adventure. 

Either way, one thing's for sure – the world of commercials will never be the same again. Because if there's one thing we can count on, it's that the machines will keep finding new and inventive ways to make us laugh, cry, and whip out our wallets. 

And who knows, maybe one day we'll even see an AI-generated ad for AI-generated ads. Now wouldn't that be something? The question is, are you ready to join the AI advertising bandwagon?

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