20 Best AI Doodle Generators of 2024: Tested and reviewed

Best AI Doodle Generators

Doodling your ideas into existence is easier than ever with AI-powered sketch generators. These futuristic tools take simple scribbles and transform them into stunning works of art with just a few clicks. Whether you want to bring cartoon characters to life, envision product designs, or create concept art, AI doodle generators offer unlimited creative potential.

In this article, we've handpicked the 20 best AI-powered doodle generators to simplify ideation and accelerate your creative process in 2024. From intuitive browser-based apps to versatile creative suites, these AI sketching tools feature cutting-edge deep learning for photorealistic image generation. Just doodle a few shapes, enter a text prompt, and watch in awe as these intelligent algorithms turn whimsical sketches into production-ready illustrations ripe for websites, presentations, social posts, NFTs, and beyond.

So grab your stylus and get ready to unleash your inner da Vinci! These are the top 20 AI doodle generators to spark innovation and bring your artistic visions to life.

Spark Your Imagination: Explore the Top 20 AI Doodle Generators Making Artistic Magic Easy and Fun

AI Doodle Generators

Unleash your inner artist and bring your sketches to life with AI-powered doodle generators! These ingenious tools empower anyone to conjure colorful creations, no drawing talent required. Simply doodle a concept, feed it into the AI system, and watch in awe as it gets transformed into a stunning masterpiece. From turning kids' drawings into frame-worthy art to helping professionals visualize product designs, doodle generators are making artistic magic easy and fun.

20 Easy and Fun AI Doodle Generators You can Use Right Now

AI Doodle GeneratorMain Feature
CraiyonFree to use with no account required.
MidjourneyPowerful Discord bot for high quality image generation.
Stable DiffusionPhotorealistic image generation capabilities.
JasperPart of a versatile AI writing assistant tool.
NightcafeCombines multiple AI models for unique art styles.
Deep Dream GeneratorOne of the oldest AI art generators, launched in 2015.
ArtbreederCommunity platform for collaborating on AI art.
PixrayOpen source AI art generator.
LeonardoAdvanced editing tools like upscaling and background removal.
WomboCreates fun psychedelic art animations.
DeepAICommunity Art Feed.
NeuralblenderPhotorealistic blending of multiple image inputs.
InferkitStrong customization features.
Dream by WOMBOCreates artistic portraits and landscapes.
DreamStudioHigh-resolution image outputs.
LexicaSpecializes in text-based art generation.
StarryaiAI art generator mobile app for iOS and Android.
RunwayMedia library.
DALL-E 2Created by AI pioneer OpenAI
AI PicassoText-to-image generator based on the Stable Diffusion model.

1. Craiyon


Craiyon is one of the leading AI doodle generators, allowing anyone to turn simple sketches into stunning digital artworks. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for both amateurs and professionals to unleash their creativity. Users can doodle anything, add text prompts, and Craiyon's powerful AI will generate polished images in various styles like paintings, anime, or cartoons.

The free version offers unlimited image generation with ads, while paid subscriptions provide faster speeds, higher resolutions, and more features. As an innovative pioneer in AI art, Craiyon empowers people to visualize ideas and create imaginative masterpieces with minimal effort. Whether just for fun or professional projects, Craiyon is the go-to platform for AI-powered doodle generation.

Key Features:
Offers four image generation models: Art, Drawing, Photo, None.
Generates 9 images per prompt.
Includes “Next prompt” suggestions using ChatGPT.
Allows downloading images and printing on merchandise.

Pros and Cons:


Quick image generation.
Downloadable image outputs.
Print-on-demand integration.


Lower quality images.
Frequent ads with free version.


Craiyon offers a free plan with unlimited use but images have watermarks. Paid plans provide faster generation speeds, no watermarks, and private images. The Supporter plan is $5 per month, while the Professional plan is $20 per month with priority speeds and early access to new features. Enterprise pricing is customized.

2. Midjourney


Midjourney is another leading AI doodle generator, allowing users to create stunning artwork with just a text prompt. Its advanced AI models can generate photorealistic images, abstract art, anime characters, logos, and more based on natural language descriptions.

Midjourney offers a free tier as well as paid plans for unlimited high-resolution downloads. Key features include image upscaling, collaborative editing, style transfer, and video generation. With versatile capabilities and a user-friendly interface, Midjourney empowers both hobbyists and professionals to explore their creativity like never before. Its AI art sets new standards for imagination and innovation in the generative space.

Key Features:
Text-to-image generation.
Photorealistic and abstract styles.
Upscaling and image variations.
Commercial usage rights.

Pros and Cons:


High-quality AI art.
Feature-rich integration with Discord.
Active user community.


Limited image ratios.
Occasional mistakes in generations.
Resides only on Discord server.

Midjourney offers four subscription tiers – Basic at $10 per month for 200 images, Standard at $30 for 1,800 images, Pro at $60 for 3,600 images, and Mega at $120 for 7,200 images. Additional fast GPU hours can be purchased at $4 per hour across plans.

3. Stable Diffusion

Stable diffusion

Stable Diffusion's innovative AI doodle generators like Stable Doodle are revolutionizing art creation. These tools allow anyone to sketch a simple doodle, describe it with text, and watch in awe as the AI transforms it into a stunning fully-realized artwork in various styles from photorealism to anime. The AI analyses the doodle, understands the prompt, and generates precise images that bring your visions to life. With intuitive interfaces, customizable controls, and the power of Stable Diffusion behind the scenes, these doodle generators make art accessible to all. Unleash your inner artist and see where your doodles can take you with Stable Diffusion's magical AI image generators.

Key Features:
AI-powered image generation from sketches.
Intuitive interface for drawing and editing.
Multiple art styles to choose from.
Customizable image parameters.

Pros and Cons:


Saves time.
Easy to use.
Unique artwork generated.


Requires internet connection.
Can have inconsistencies in quality.


The innovative Stable Diffusion AI doodle generators offer both free and paid versions. The free option has limits but allows experimentation, while the paid $9 per month subscription provides unlimited high resolution doodle artwork creations without any watermarks or restrictions. Overall these tools make quality AI art accessible at reasonable prices.

4. Jasper

Jasper AI Art

Jasper's AI Image Generator creates fun, unique doodle art with just a few words. Simply type a text prompt describing the doodle you'd like Jasper to draw, and its advanced AI will get to sketching in seconds. Jasper understands natural language, so feel free to be as vague or detailed as you'd like. The AI doodler can mimic different art styles from cartoons to paintings. Best of all, you have full commercial rights to use Jasper's doodles however you want, no attribution required. Bring your website, presentations, or social posts to life with delightful AI-generated doodle art from Jasper, the leading choice for both expert and amateur doodlers alike.

Key Features:
Choose from different art styles, mediums, and moods.
Includes over 50 doodle templates for quick inspiration.
Full commercial rights to use AI doodles anywhere.
2K high-resolution outputs without watermarks.

Pros and Cons:


Very fast doodle generation.
High quality and creative outputs.
Completely customizable.
Full commercial rights.


Occasional errors in outputs.
Limited control over final images.
No mobile app.


Jasper AI offers three pricing plans: the Creator plan starting at $49/month, the Teams plan at $125/month, and custom pricing for the Business plan. Key features include unlimited word count across plans, 50+ templates, support for multiple languages and formats, plagiarism checking, and image generation. Annual subscriptions offer savings of 20%.

5. Nightcafe

Nightcafe Creator

Nightcafe Creator is a leading AI art generator that allows anyone to easily create stunning illustrations and paintings using artificial intelligence. With just a text prompt, you can generate unique artworks in various styles like oil paintings, pixel art, anime, sketches, and more. Nightcafe utilizes powerful algorithms like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E to produce high-quality images that can spark creativity. As a community-focused platform, it also enables artists to publish their AI creations, get feedback, and even participate in contests. With unlimited free base generations and advanced customization options, Nightcafe empowers both hobbyists and professionals to unlock their artistic potential through AI.

Key Features:
Text-to-image and image-to-image AI art generator.
Diverse artwork styles and customization options.
Active community to share and discuss creations.
Print artwork on demand.

Pros and Cons:


Intuitive interface for beginners.
Daily free credits to get started.
Advanced settings for professionals.
High-quality and creative image outputs.


Can get expensive with advanced features.
Queue times can be long during peak usage.

NightCafe uses a credit-based pricing model ranging from $9.99/month for the AI Hobbyist plan with 100 credits to $79.99/month for the AI Professional plan with 1,500 credits. More credits allow more generations with advanced settings. There are also quarterly discounts available. Print-on-demand costs extra based on the type of product.

6. Deep Dream Generator

DeepDream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is an innovative AI art generator that transforms images into unique psychedelic artworks. Using advanced neural networks, it applies imaginative filters and effects to create dreamlike visuals that seem to straddle reality and fantasy. Users can tweak settings like layer intensity or effect frequency to customize images to their preferences. A key feature is the social media integration that allows sharing and collaborating within an artistic community.

With cutting-edge algorithms powering capabilities like Deep Dream and Text to Dream, Deep Dream Generator makes it easy for anyone to unlock their creativity and make visually stunning art. Whether you're a professional artist or just experimenting, Deep Dream Generator delivers powerful AI tools to bring all kinds of artistic visions to life.

Key Features:
Powerful AI algorithms for art generation.
Three art-generating modes: Text 2 Dream, Deep Style, Deep Dream.
Customizable settings for fine-tuning artwork.
Social media features for community engagement.

Pros and Cons:


Unique, no duplicate images.
Extensive customization options.
Social platform for sharing and following artists.
Free trial available.


Can be resource-intensive.
No free demo without registration.
Complex pricing terminology.


Deep Dream Generator offers three paid subscription plans – the $19/month Advanced plan with basic features, the $39/month Professional plan with additional capabilities, and the $99/month Ultra plan with maximum features and resources for generating AI artwork.

7. Artbreeder


Artbreeder's AI-powered doodle generators allow anyone to easily create stunning works of art, even with no artistic ability. Its intuitive tools like the Splicer, Mixer, and Tuner give you precise control to craft unique images just by typing a text description. Artbreeder builds on advanced AI models like StyleGAN and BigGAN to remix elements from its extensive library of illustrations, ensuring high-quality outputs.

The vibrant community also makes art creation fun by letting you share creations and even collaborate on projects. With powerful customization and community features, Artbreeder opens up limitless creative potential for doodling and beyond, shaped by human and machine collaboration.

Key Features:
Splicer tool for precision image mixing and customization.
Tuner for fine-tuning images.
Collager to combine shapes, images and text.
Monthly 10 free credits.

Pros and Cons:


Intuitive interface for easy art creation.
Fosters community collaboration.
Advanced AI models produce high-quality outputs.


Limited capabilities on free version.
Image quality dependent on database.

The basic free version offers 10 credits per month. Paid plans start at $8.99/month for 100 credits on Starter, going up to $38.99/month for 700 credits on Champion, with additional features like custom genes and priority support. Overall, Artbreeder provides a versatile and affordable platform for AI art creation.

8. Pixray


Pixray is an innovative open-source AI art generator that allows anyone to create stunning images simply by describing what they want in text. Powered by advanced deep learning algorithms, Pixray analyses the text prompt and generates a custom image that matches the description. Users can choose from a variety of styles like sketches, paintings, pixel art, and more for endless creative possibilities.

With an easy-to-use interface, Pixray makes AI-powered art accessible to all. As a free and open-source tool, Pixray enables a thriving community of creators to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI art generation. Whether you're an artist looking to augment your creative process or just want to experiment with AI, Pixray is an engaging platform for generating unique AI doodles and artworks.

Key Features:
Variety of styles sketches, paintings, pixel art, etc.
Runs on Nvidia T4 GPU hardware.
Integration with GitHub.
Can replicate features beyond images e.g., sound AI output.

Pros and Cons:


Suitable for users with technical knowledge.
Offers control over image output with detailed prompts.
Community engagement through open-source models.
Customizable settings for different styles.


Requires technical knowledge for full potential.
Casual prompts may not produce high-quality images.
Poor image quality without proper instructions.


Free to use basic features. More advanced features utilize a pay-per-second pricing model starting at $0.0002 per second. An inexpensive but potentially costly option depending on use case.

9. Leonardo

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI's doodle generators unleash creativity by transforming simple sketches into stunning works of art. With just a few scribbles, users can craft captivating illustrations, paintings, anime characters, logos, and more. Leonardo leverages the power of AI to analyse doodles and render professional quality images. Users can fine-tune images with advanced editing tools like inpainting, outpainting, and upscaling.

The AI can even generate new content outside the original doodle's boundaries. With over 1000 prompts and constantly evolving technology, Leonardo empowers both novice and expert artists. The platform makes digital art accessible to all by simplifying complex creative processes. Users worldwide are embracing Leonardo to unlock their imagination and bring visions to life.

Key Features:
Diverse pre-trained AI models.
Free daily image generation credits.
Custom model training.
Image upscaling and editing.

Pros and Cons:


Generous free tier.
Feature-rich paid plans.
Vibrant community and updates.
High-quality image outputs.


Can have inconsistent image quality.
Potential for inappropriate content.
Limited free tier image sizes.

Leonardo AI offers a free plan with 150 daily credits, and paid plans start at $10 per month billed yearly for the Apprentice tier, which includes 8,500 monthly credits and higher image quality and sizes, more pending jobs, and model training capabilities. Higher tiers provide more credits and features, up to $60 per month.

10. Wombo


With over 42 distinct art styles to choose from, Wombo Dream's intuitive AI art generator empowers anyone to effortlessly create unique digital paintings and anime-style characters. This innovative app leverages advanced algorithms to instantly transform your ideas into vibrant visual masterpieces with just a text prompt. Whether you're a professional artist seeking inspiration or an amateur looking to explore your creativity, Wombo Dream makes art accessible for all by eliminating the need for artistic skill or design software. Its seamless user experience and ability to generate countless original pieces make it a game-changing platform for unlocking creative potential.

Key Features:
AI-powered doodle generator.
Wide variety of art styles to choose from.
Ability to turn words into images
User-friendly interface.

Pros and Cons:


Easy and fun to use.
Great for unleashing creativity.
No artistic skill required
Fast image generation.


Limited free version.
Some glitches in image generation.


Wombo Dream's pricing includes a free version with limited capabilities as well as paid subscription plans that unlock additional features. The paid plans include a monthly subscription starting at $9.99 per month, an annual subscription for $89.99 per year which offers 30% off the monthly price, and a one-time lifetime subscription for $169.99. Subscriptions allow unlimited high-quality downloads without watermarks.

11. DeepAI


DeepAI offers innovative AI-powered doodle generators that unlock new creative possibilities. With just a few scribbles and a text prompt, anyone can transform their simple sketches into stunning works of art. DeepAI leverages advanced generative AI to analyse your doodles and render professional-grade illustrations in various styles like anime, pixel art, origami, and more. It's an accessible canvas for both amateurs and experts to bring their visions to life.

From architects drafting designs to artists seeking inspiration, DeepAI's sketch-to-image technology saves time while boosting imagination. Whether you're a novice doodler or seasoned pro, DeepAI opens the door to creative exploration. Just grab your stylus and let your ideas flow freely – this remarkable AI will handle the rest, rendering eye-catching artwork in seconds. Unleash your inner da Vinci with DeepAI today!

Key Features:
AI Image Editor.
Community Art Feed.
Video editor tool.
Lots of art styles.

Pros and Cons:


API for developers available.
Saves image drafts.
Easy to use.
Access to full database.


Free edition contains ads.
Only one image generated at a time.

DeepAI has two pricing options – DeepAI Pro at $4.99 per month which offers 500 AI generator calls, 1,750 AI Chat messages, 60 Genius Mode messages, and other benefits; and pay-as-you-go starting at $5 per 100 API calls which lets you purchase credits as needed from $5 to $1,000 that can be used anytime.

12. Neuralblender


Neuralblender is an innovative AI art generator that transforms your simple doodles and sketches into stunning masterpieces. With just a few clicks, you can easily create captivating images in various styles like anime, fantasy, or comic book.

 This free online tool utilizes advanced AI technology to refine and enhance your artwork, unleashing your creativity. You can even join a vibrant community of artists and explore AI-generated art. Whether you're a hobbyist doodler or professional designer, Neuralblender opens up limitless possibilities to bring your visual ideas to life through the power of artificial intelligence.

 So spark your imagination, grab a pen, and doodle away! Neuralblender will handle the rest, serving as your personal AI-powered art assistant to turn even your roughest sketches into breathtaking artwork ready to share with the world.

Key Features:
Create images from text prompts.
Multiple artistic styles.
Online community to share creations.

Pros and Cons:


User-friendly interface.
Faster artwork creation.
Explore creative potential of AI.
Democratizes art.


Can produce repetitive outputs.
Limited creative control.time and practice. 
Legal uncertainty around AI art.


The pricing works on a credit-based system where users get 10 free credits initially to access basic features. More credits can be purchased starting at $1 per 100 credits to unlock additional capabilities, with bulk discount options available as credit packs get larger.

13. Inferkit


Inferkit's state-of-the-art AI technology enables anyone to easily create one-of-a-kind doodles and drawings. With just a few clicks, you can transform simple sketches into stunning masterpieces using Inferkit's intuitive tools. Whether you're an aspiring artist looking to bring your visions to life or a professional seeking inspiration, Inferkit opens new creative possibilities.

Its advanced neural networks analyse your doodles to suggest polished renditions, injecting vibrancy, detail, and imagination. Best of all, Inferkit makes these powerful AI capabilities accessible through a user-friendly web interface. Unleash your inner Picasso and explore the artistic potential of AI doodle generation with Inferkit today!

Key Features:
Intuitive web interface for easy doodle generation.
Advanced AI to transform sketches into stunning artwork.
Customizable settings to control style, details, imagery.
Share and download AI-generated doodles.

Pros and Cons:


Saves time by automating doodle creation.
Adds vibrancy, detail and imagination to sketches.
Accessible to anyone through user-friendly interface.
Helps unleash creativity and artistic potential.


May not fully capture intended vision or style.
Limited control over final renditions.
Potential for offensive or nonsensical imagery.
Free version has strict usage limits.


Inferkit offers a free demo to try the AI doodle generator, along with paid subscription plans starting at $20 per month for 600,000 characters, with additional characters available for purchase. More advanced features and higher limits are available in premium plans.

14. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to turn your ideas into stunning visual artworks. With just a few words, you can create captivating doodles in seconds. Choose from over 35 mesmerizing art styles like Steampunk and Fantasy, then watch in wonder as this innovative app translates your text into an AI-generated masterpiece.

Whether you're an aspiring artist looking to bring your visions to life or simply want to experiment with creative AI, Dream by WOMBO offers an accessible gateway into the future of art. Its effortless interface opens up limitless possibilities for novices and experts alike to craft unique images that engage the imagination.

Key features:
40+ art styles including Steampunk, Anime, Fantasy.
Text and image prompts to guide artwork.
Create variations on images.
Edit images by adding text.

Pros and Cons:


Intuitive interface.
Active community engagement.
Ad-free experience for subscribers.


Limited capabilities for free users.
Watermarks on free images.
Slower generation speeds.

Dream by WOMBO offers monthly ($9.99), annual ($7.50/month billed annually), and lifetime ($169.99 one-time payment) premium subscription plans that provide an ad-free experience, faster generation speeds, more art styles, the ability to create multiple images at once, and downloads without watermarks.

15. DreamStudio


DreamStudio's AI Doodle Generators allow anyone to easily create stunning artwork from simple doodles and sketches. With just a few scribbles and a text description, these revolutionary tools harness the power of AI to transform your drawings into professional-looking images in various styles like digital art, anime, origami and more. It's an exciting way for both artistic novices and experts to unlock their creativity.

The AI analyses your doodles to interpret shapes and patterns, then generates polished renditions that you can customize to your liking. Whether you're looking to create unique social media posts, game assets, logos or just for fun, DreamStudio makes art accessible to all by eliminating the need for artistic talent or training. Unleash your inner artist now with these magical AI Doodle Generators!

Key Features:
Generate images from text prompts using AI.
Edit images with multiple dream boxes.
New generative model SDXL.
Add or replace image elements with inpainting/outpainting.

Pros and Cons:


Intuitive interface.
Affordable compared to competitors.
Commercial usage rights.
API access.


Can sometimes generate unexpected artifacts.
Steep learning curve.

DreamStudio operates on a credit-based system with each credit costing around $0.01. Users can purchase a minimum of 1000 credits for $10. Credit usage depends on chosen image settings.

16. Lexica


Lexica's new AI Doodle Generators unlock creativity by turning simple sketches into stunning visual artworks. Just doodle a shape and add a text description, then watch as Lexica's powerful AI generates images tailored to your vision. Whether conjuring up fantasy characters, architectural drawings, or product prototypes, Lexica makes image creation accessible to anyone.

Its user-friendly interface and array of artistic styles tap into imagination and intuition, not just language. By democratizing AI image generation, Lexica empowers both pros and amateurs to easily create unique illustrations from doodles in seconds. Unleash your inner artist and bring visions to life with Lexica's magical AI Doodle Generators.

Key Features:
Intuitive interface for easy image generation.
Multiple artistic styles and creative options.
Advanced control over image size, aspect ratio.
100 free generations per month.

Pros and Cons:


No technical skills required.
Fast image generation.
Free tier available.
Download images at full resolution.


Limited number of free generations.
Need subscription for more images.
Some images may lack coherence.
Can't choose specific AI model.


Lexica offers a free tier with 100 monthly images. Paid plans unlock more features, starting at $9.99/month for 800 images. The $24.99/month Pro plan provides 2,000 images per month plus full access to creative options. For high volume needs, the $48.99/month Max plan allows 5,000 private images per month at the fastest speeds.

17. StarryAI


StarryAI is revolutionizing art creation with its user-friendly AI art generator app that makes doodling delightfully easy. Simply describe your vision in words or upload an image, then let StarryAI's advanced AI transform your inspiration into stunning original artworks.

With adjustable settings like style, size, and runtime, you have full creative control to render pieces tailored to your artistic vision. Best of all, StarryAI's AI art generator is accessible for free on mobile, allowing anyone to channel their creativity into AI-powered doodles and share their unique designs. As an innovative leader in effortless AI art creation for all, StarryAI is the perfect springboard for first-time and seasoned artists alike to generate captivating AI doodles.

Key Features:
Two AI engines – Altair abstract, dreamlike images and Orion realistic images.
Diverse styles and customization options.
User-friendly interface.
Full ownership of generated images.

Pros and Cons:


Variety of styles and customization.
Initial image can be used for generation.
Full ownership of creations.
Vibrant community and regular events.


Limited editing capabilities.
Lack of originality in outputs..
Mobile-only, no web version
Freemium model – advanced features require subscription.


StarryAI offers a free version with limited daily credits; paid plans start at $11.99 per month for the Pro version, which unlocks additional features like unlimited downloads, extra canvas sizes, and priority image generation.

18. Runway


Runway ML brings the power of AI art creation into your hands through an intuitive online platform. With just a few clicks, you can generate stunning visuals from text prompts using advanced generative algorithms. Whether you're an amateur hobbyist or professional designer, Runway opens up limitless creative potential.

The service features over 30 AI tools for generating logos, images, videos, and more. You can even train custom AI models tailored to your unique needs. A key advantage is the ability to download your AI creations and use them freely thanks to full commercial rights. With an easy-to-use interface and flexible pricing plans, Runway makes experimenting with the latest AI technology both accessible and affordable. Unleash your creativity today on this pioneering platform advancing the future of generative art and design.

Key Features:
Image-to-image generation.
Video-to-video generation.
Customizable parameters.
Social sharing capabilities.

Pros and Cons:


Wide range of styles and customization options.
Fast processing times.
High-quality outputs.
Easy sharing on social media.


Some advanced features require paid subscription..
Can be costly if using many features or credits.
Potential for biased or problematic outputs.

Runway offers a free basic plan with limited features as well as paid subscription plans that provide additional capabilities, more usage credits, higher resolution exports, and advanced features like custom model training. Pricing starts at $15 per month for the Standard plan, going up to $35 per month for Pro and custom enterprise pricing.

19. DALL-E 2


DALL-E 2 is revolutionizing art creation through advanced AI technology. Developed by research company OpenAI, this text-to-image generator can instantly produce original, photorealistic images simply from a text description. DALL-E 2 achieves this by utilizing a cutting-edge diffusion model trained on vast datasets to understand visual concepts and their relationships.

With the ability to combine unrelated ideas, render text, and apply transformations, DALL-E 2 allows limitless creativity. From fantasy landscapes to product sketches, this versatile tool empowers anyone to visualize concepts with ease. DALL-E 2 signifies a massive leap forwards for AI, unlocking new potential in various industries from marketing to engineering. Its impressive capabilities demonstrate the rapid pace of progress in artificial intelligence.

Key Features:
Generates images from text descriptions text-to-image.
Creates original, realistic, and high-quality images.
Combines concepts, attributes, and styles in creative ways.
Can expand, edit, and create variations of images.

Pros and Cons:


Fast image generation.
Advanced AI model.
Creative freedom.


Limited image resolution.
Paid credits system.


 DALL-E 2 costs $15 for 115 credits, with each credit used to generate 4 images at default settings, so approximately $0.13 per image.

20. AI Picasso

AI Picasso

Unleash your inner Picasso with AI Picasso, the revolutionary AI doodle generator that brings your sketches to life. Powered by advanced deep learning algorithms, AI Picasso instantly transforms your simple doodles into stunning masterpieces across over 1000 different art styles – from oil paintings to anime art and everything in between.

Whether you're a pro artist looking to save time or an amateur seeking inspiration, AI Picasso's intuitive tools make it easy for anyone to create AI-generated art. Doodle to your heart's content, then watch in awe as this groundbreaking technology fleshes out every detail, adding depth, textures, lighting, and more to turn your quick sketches into frame-worthy creations. The future of art is here – give your imagination wings with AI Picasso, the world's premiere AI doodle generator.

Key Features:
Unlimited artwork generation.
Quick creation time.
No image upscaling or customization options.
Pro Tier unlocks more art styles.

Pros and Cons:


Free to use with unlimited artwork generation.
Almost instantaneous image generation.
Available on Android, iOS, and website.


Ads before every image output.
Created artwork quality is average.
AI tends to break with long text prompts.
Random prompt generator only gives short suggestions.

AI Picasso offers a free version to try the app. Paid options include weekly ($4.49) and yearly ($26.49) subscriptions for unlimited generations. It also has pay-as-you-go plans starting at $2.99 for a set number of AI avatar images.

How to Choose the Perfect AI Doodle Generator for You?

Unleashing your inner Picasso has never been easier thanks to revolutionary AI doodle generators like Craiyon, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. These cutting-edge tools allow anyone to transform simple sketches and text prompts into stunning works of digital art in seconds. With an intuitive interface, even total beginners can enjoy unleashing their creativity.

Choose from over 20 generators, each with unique strengths like photorealism, abstract art, or fantasy landscapes. Customize images by tweaking prompts and settings for the perfect artistic style. The possibilities are endless when you harness the power of AI art generators – from designing eye-catching logos to envisioning characters for your next story. So grab your stylus and prepare to bring your wildest creative visions to life! Whether you're a professional designer or amateur doodler, AI art is an exciting new frontier ready to be explored.

What are AI doodle generators?

AI doodle generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to transform simple sketches, drawings, or doodles into fully realized works of art. They analyse your doodle and generate multiple options in different art styles for you to choose from.

How do I use an AI doodle generator?

Most AI doodle generators have an easy-to-use interface where you can draw directly on your device screen or upload an image of your sketch. Add a text description of what you'd like the final image to depict. The AI will then process your input and provide image options for you to select and download.

What can I create with an AI doodle generator?

The possibilities are endless! You can create logos, cartoon characters, landscapes, portraits, book covers, concept art, and more. Anything you can sketch and describe, these tools can transform into polished artwork.

What's the difference between the top 20 AI doodle generators?

The top generators have their own unique strengths. Some specialize in photorealism, others in more stylized or abstract art. Look at factors like image quality, number of styles offered, ease of use, output options, and pricing to choose the one that aligns best with your artistic vision.

Do I need artistic skill to use these tools?

No artistic ability is required! Even simple stick figure sketches can be transformed into amazing final images. However, the more detail in your initial doodle, the better the AI will capture your intended idea.

Can I use AI-generated images commercially?

You'll need to check the usage rights for each individual generator. Some allow commercial use while others have restrictions. Read the fine print before incorporating AI art into commercial products.

What's the cost of using AI doodle generators?

There are free options with limited capabilities as well as paid subscriptions that provide more features, faster generation, higher resolutions, etc. Monthly costs typically range from $5-20+ depending on the provider.

Where Will Your AI Art Adventures Take You?

The world of AI art is an exciting new frontier where creativity knows no bounds. With intuitive tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Craiyon, anyone can explore the outer reaches of their imagination and bring stunning visions to life with just a few clicks. Whether you're a professional designer seeking to expand your creative horizons or an artistic novice looking to dip your toes into digital art, AI doodle generators put boundless creative potential at your fingertips.

So why not give it a try today? Choose from a diverse palette of over 20 cutting-edge AI art platforms, each with their own unique strengths. Customize and tweak prompts and settings until your wildest imaginings emerge. With practice, you'll be crafting everything from eye-catching logos to fantasy landscapes to custom anime characters in no time.

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