9+ Best AI Email Writing Tools & Assistants in 2024

Best AI Email Writing Tools & Assistants

Every day, a staggering 305.6 billion emails flood inboxes. How can your messages stand out in this crowded inbox?

With the help of AI-powered Email Writing tools and assistants, your message can shine in this sea of communication.

These AI Email Writing tools can enhance email communication and boost productivity. They also assist in crafting subject lines, email content, and even the opening lines.

Sounds exciting? Read the full roundup to unmask the details about the Top AI Email Writing Tools available in 2024.

What is an AI Email Writing tool?

An AI email writer is a handy tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to help you write emails. It analyzes patterns and data to create top-notch email content.

With the help of NLP, these tools understand the context and purpose of your email. They can suggest grammar and syntax improvements. Plus, they ensure a consistent and fitting tone in all your communications.

One standout feature of AI email writers is their ability to customize emails. They study the recipient's details and history to generate content that addresses their specific needs and preferences.

This personal touch increases the email's effectiveness and the chances of a positive response.

Leading AI Email Writing Tools in 2024

Running out of time? Refer to the table below to take a glimpse of an article:

ToolKey OfferingsPricing
Addy AIAI Email Assistant, Gmail and Outlook integration, multiple tonesFree Chrome Extension, paid plans available.
TextCortexAI-generated email content, paraphrasing tools, GPT-4 and Web Search, grammar and spelling correctionFree option, LITE plan at $23.99/month.
QuickMailCold email automation, Gmail and Outlook compatibility, personalized templatesBasic Plan at $49/month.
Copy AIAI-generated email campaigns, subject lines and preheaders, various email templatesFree plan, Pro plan at $36/month.
FlowriteAI-powered email and message generation, AI template gallery, personalized reply suggestions, customizable tone and style14-day trial, Premium plan at $12/month.
Jasper AIAI-powered email generation, multiple templates, customizable brand voices, Chrome extension, 25+ languagesCreator at $39/month.
WriteMail.aiAI-powered email optimization, Customizable email tones, Mail assistantCompletely Free to use.
SmartWriter.aiPersonalized cold emails, tailored LinkedIn messages, backlink request emails, social media contentBasic Plan at $59/month.
LavenderAI Sales Email Coach, email optimization, personalized introductionsFree basic plan and Pro plan at $29/month.
RytrAI-powered email generation, 30+ languages, 20+ tones, plagiarism checker, API accessFree plan and Unlimited plan at $29/month.

1. Addy AI

Addy AI

Addy AI is a powerful Email assistant that provides a Google Chrome extension that is capable of generating email drafts based on the context of your conversation and your preferred tone.

One of the unique aspects of Addy AI is its ability to adapt to your preferred tone.

You can choose from a variety of tones, including friendly, formal, informal, interested, not interested, etc., and let Addy AI draft an email that perfectly and contextually conveys your message.

This AI-powered platform is also built to understand your customers' needs and respond to them automatically, thereby enhancing the customer experience and boosting your brand's reputation.

It achieves this by training a custom AI model with your business data, enabling it to resolve over 60% of customer issues around the clock.

Key Features of Addy AI:
Ability to compose emails on Gmail and Outlook.
Variety of tones to choose from (Friendly, Respectful, Formal, Informal, Funny, Excited, Interested, Not interested, Thankful, Angry, and Surprised)
Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms and essential apps.
Ability to give specific instructions when replying.
Supports multiple Gmail accounts.

Addy AI Pricing:

Addy AI Google Chrome Extension is completely Free to install. However, its AI Email assistant pricing details are available upon request.

2. TextCortex


TextCortex is an advanced AI-powered email writing tool that empowers users to create high-quality email content effortlessly.

One of the standout features of TextCortex is its powerful natural language processing capabilities. It understands the intricacies of language and can generate personalized email messages that resonate with recipients.

As users interact with the tool and provide feedback, it learns from their preferences and writing style to give better suggestions. This guarantees that every email written with TextCortex is high-quality and meets the user's needs.

Remarkably, TextCortex's AI algorithms are trained with billions of lines of text, enabling email marketers and copywriters to do more with their content every day.

Key Features of TextCortex:
AI-generated email content tailored to your unique style and needs.
Paraphrasing tools for rewriting sentences in one click.
Access to GPT-4 and Web Search for advanced research capabilities
Offers 100+ AI writing templates to assist with various email types.
Grammar and spelling correction.
Supports translation and creation in 25+ languages.

TextCortex Pricing:

TextCortex offers a Free option with limited access, and a LITE plan starting at $23.99/month, favored by students and copywriters.

3. QuickMail


QuickMail is another AI Email writing tool that enables users to send cold emails and follow-ups effortlessly, ensuring high email deliverability, open rates, and reply rates.

It is a cold outreach solution designed for smart teams and savvy marketers seeking advanced metrics and superior deliverability.

QuickMail is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers, using approved Gmail API for better deliverability.

QuickMail is tailored to meet the needs of agencies and demand generation teams, offering features such as inbox rotation, A/B testing, and automation to improve campaign results.

QuickMail also offers native integrations with CRMs like HubSpot and Pipedrive, as well as Zapier for seamless workflow improvements.

Key Features of QuickMail:
Send cold emails and follow-ups automatically.
High email deliverability, open rates, and reply rates.
Compatible with Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers.
Personalized email templates for better engagement.
Automation for prospect import, follow-ups, email verification, and CRM integration.
Free collaboration for team members, contractors, and freelancers.

QuickMail Pricing:

QuickMail offers three pricing plans: Basic Plan at $49/month, Pro Plan at $89/month, and Expert Plan at $129/month.

4. Copy AI

Copy ai

Copy AI is a popular and user-friendly copy-generating tool that caters to various writing needs, including digital ad copy, social media content, and email writing.

It leverages advanced language models to generate high-quality, engaging written content in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes.

Copy AI can save you hours each week by generating high-converting email copy that's designed to get results.

With its pre-trained templates and powerful algorithms, Copy AI can generate human-like copy to help users create engaging and effective content.

Key Features of Copy AI:
Quickly create high-converting email campaigns with just a few clicks.
Generate attention-grabbing subject lines and preheaders based on your email content.
Access a wide range of templates for various email types, including lifecycle emails, nurture sequences, discount and sales promotions, event promotions, follow-up emails, and cold outbound emails.
Easily summarize blog posts or other content to include in your email campaigns.
Craft engaging newsletters based on blog posts or other content sources.
Reach a global audience with support for 95+ languages.
Streamline the proofreading and editing process for your emails.

Copy AI Pricing:

Copy AI provides various pricing plans: a free plan for beginners, a Pro plan at $36/month for small teams, and a Scale plan at $3,000/month for larger organizations deploying Generative AI at scale.

5. Flowrite


Flowrite enhances the process of composing emails and messages for individuals who send a high volume of messages daily.

This email writing assistant is trusted by professionals at companies like Google, Spotify, Atlassian, Stripe, Snapchat, Dropbox, and HBO.

Flowrite works by allowing users to provide brief instructions or short sentences, which the AI then uses to generate unique, contextually relevant emails.

The tool integrates seamlessly with popular email and messaging platforms, such as Gmail, Microsoft Office, and LinkedIn, and supports over 20 other favorite apps

Key Features of Flowrite:
AI-powered email and message generation.
AI template gallery that covers a wide range of AI templates for various roles and teams.
Personalized reply suggestions.
Customizable tone and style.

Flowrite Pricing:

Flowrite offers a range of pricing plans, starting with a 14-day trial. The Premium plan costs $12 per month or $144 billed annually.


6. Jasper

Jasper AI

Jasper is an AI-based content and copywriting tool that generates search-optimized and original content from scratch.

Jasper aids marketers, content creators, and businesses in crafting effective emails, blog posts, social media captions, ad copy, and more in just seconds.

With Jasper as your AI email writing assistant, you can enhance your email writing process and improve communication effectiveness.

Key Features of Jasper AI:
AI-powered email generation.
Multiple templates for various content types.
Customizable brand voices.
Chrome extension for easy access.
Supports over 25 languages.
Collaboration and user management (Teams plan).

Jasper Pricing:

Jasper AI offers three pricing plans: Creator at $39/month, Teams at $99/month, and a custom-priced Business plan.

7. WriteMail


WriteMail is a powerful Free AI email writer that offers users the convenience of composing new emails or responding to existing ones effortlessly.

With a wide range of customization options, users can tailor the tone, language, length, and mood of their emails to suit their specific needs.

One of the standout features of WriteMail is its multilingual capability, allowing users to compose emails in different languages.

Additionally, WriteMail has a built-in mail assistant that double-checks emails for any grammar or spelling errors, ensuring that your message is conveyed accurately and professionally.

Key Features of WriteMail.ai:
WriteMail.ai optimizes email content using AI for grammatical accuracy and appropriate tone.
WriteMail.ai prioritizes user privacy, ensuring generated messages stay off their servers.
WriteMail.ai can accelerate email writing and response time, with reported improvements of up to 87%.
WriteMail.ai offers customizable email tones to suit individual preferences.
WriteMail.ai supports multiple languages.
WriteMail.ai features a mail assistant for accurate email review and scrutiny of details.

8. SmartWriter.ai


SmartWriter.ai is an exceptional AI-powered email writing tool that automates the outreach process and creates personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, and other content in a matter of seconds.

Impressively, SmartWriter.ai offers the convenience of creating custom opening lines and completing cold emails.

You can simply input your desired subject and a brief description of your email's purpose, and SmartWriter.ai will generate an attention-grabbing opening line and a polished, professional email body.

SmartWriter.ai is designed for B2B sales, social personalization, and deep-researched cold emails, offering a unique and contextual approach to crafting messages that resonate with prospects.

Key Features of SmartWriter.ai:
Create personalized cold emails for sales or backlinks at scale.
Generate tailored LinkedIn messages to engage with prospects.
Craft personalized backlink request emails for guest blog outreach, link acquisition, and more.
Generate contextual comments and unique content for social media platforms.

SmartWriter.ai Pricing:

SmartWriter.ai offers three pricing plans: Basic Plan at $59/month, Popular Plan at $149/month, and Pro Plan at $359/month. All plans come with a 7-day free trial.

9. Lavender


Lavender is a leading AI Sales Email Coach that is reshaping the way sales emails are written and managed.

With a user base of over 30,000, Lavender assists you in real time, helping you craft better emails faster and garner more positive responses. It integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow within just 5 minutes.

One of the standout offerings of Lavender is its ability to compare your email copies against a database of successful sales emails.

By analyzing key metrics and industry benchmarks, Lavender provides valuable feedback and suggestions to enhance the impact and effectiveness of your email content.

Key Features of Lavender:
Lavender finds and fixes anything in email that could potentially harm your chance of getting a reply.
Lavender suggests personalized introductions and quickly provides prospect news, data, and insights.
Lavender begins and improves your emails using the latest AI, powered by OpenAI and other LLMs.
Lavender integrates natively with Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, SalesLoft, LinkedIn, and more.

Lavender Pricing:

Lavender offers a range of pricing options starting from a free basic plan to a team plan priced at $69 per user per month. The Pro pricing starts at $29 per month.

10. Rytr


Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that excels in various content creation capabilities, including email writing.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced language AI technology, Rytr can generate high-quality emails for various use cases effortlessly.

What sets Rytr apart is its inclusion of emotional tone selection. Users can choose the desired emotional tone for their emails, whether it be friendly, professional, persuasive, or any other tone that aligns with their communication style.

Key Features of Rytr:
AI-powered email generation for multiple content types.
Supports 30+ languages.
Offers 20+ tones for content customization.
Built-in plagiarism checker.
Access to the premium community.
API for custom integrations.

Rytr Pricing:

Rytr offers a Free plan with a limit of 10,000 characters per month, and an Unlimited plan priced at $29 per month, which allows for unlimited character generation.

Is it possible for an AI email assistant to replace a human?

No doubt, AI email assistants have transformed how we handle emails. They use advanced tech to improve content quality. Still, they have limits, especially with emotionally sensitive matters.

Unlike humans, AI assistants can't grasp the emotional nuances of communication. They miss nonverbal cues, context, and complex emotions often part of interactions. This matters in delicate situations where empathy and emotional understanding are vital.

Remember, AI assistants complement, not replace, humans. They're great for efficient emails, proofreading, and suggestions. But for emotional or nuanced conversations, humans bring irreplaceable intuition and empathy.

To sum up, AI assistants boost productivity and email efficiency, but they should team up with humans for emotionally charged situations. By combining their strengths, we can optimize communication and get the best results.

Benefits of using AI in email communication

AI email writing tools offer several key advantages that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of email communication:

1. Time Savings

One of the biggest benefits is the time savings these tools provide. AI can analyze data and generate personalized email drafts in seconds, saving hours of manual drafting and research.

2. Consistency

AI tools ensure brand consistency across all communications by adhering to tone, voice, and messaging guidelines. This creates a seamless experience for recipients.

3. Personalization

Sophisticated AI can generate highly tailored, individualized emails by incorporating customer data, preferences, and context. This level of personalization boosts engagement.

4. Accuracy

AI mitigates the risk of human error such as typos, incorrect information, or improper tone. The generated emails are polished and professional.

5. Scalability

AI enables users to scale email outreach exponentially. It can manage both high-volume sending and personalized communication simultaneously.

What are the capabilities of an AI email assistant?

They can suggest effective subject lines, opening lines, and email templates, and generate high-quality content that closely resembles human writing.

Best AI tool for responding to emails?

Flowrite is an ideal AI tool for email replies. It's an AI email responder and writer that swiftly crafts personalized and fitting email responses.

Is there any free AI email tool available?

Yes, there is a free AI email writing tool available called WriteMail. It's a fantastic option for individuals looking to enhance their email writing skills without any investment.

Our Final Thoughts on Using AI Email Assistants

After reviewing the top AI email writing tools available in 2024, it's clear these advanced technologies can transform how we handle email communication.

These tools greatly enhance email productivity by offering templates, adjusting tone and style, suggesting compelling subject lines, and even creating initial content from prompts.

Yet, AI has its limits. When it comes to sensitive matters that require empathy, human emotional intelligence is irreplaceable.

AI can't fully grasp nuance, subtle cues, or unspoken context. The combination of human intuition and AI efficiency is where the effectiveness lies.

Let's use this powerful combination to connect and communicate better than ever.

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