Top 10 Best AI Essay Writers in 2024: Create Top-notch Essays

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“Your Pen Might Not be Mightier than AI!”

Did you know that the AI essay-writing industry is set to explode to a whopping $20 billion by 2026? Now that's a number that makes your head spin! And here's another shocker: in 2023, over 65% of college students reported using AI writing assistants to edit and draft their essays.

Let's pull back the curtain on AI Essay Writers. They're online tools that use fancy algorithms to spit out human-like essays in just a few minutes. From blog posts to academic essays, they're your secret weapon against writer's block and grammar blunders.

Here's why AI Essay Writers are shaking up the writing game:

  • They're quick and accurate. No more late-night writing marathons!
  • They have instant access to a treasure trove of data, statistics, and quotes. Say goodbye to endless research!
  • They come with bells and whistles like spelling checks, paraphrasing, and plagiarism detection.
  • They lower the cost of content production and boost efficiency.

For your assistance, I have tested and reviewed the top 10 AI essay writers available in 2024 based on factors like accuracy, readability, plagiarism checks, and customizability.

Person using AI tool Job

AI Essay Writers are online tools that leverage advanced natural language processing algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate human-like essays in minutes.

These AI-powered writing assistants can draft various types of content, from blog posts and emails to academic essays, in a fraction of the time it would take a human writer.

They are designed to help users—from students to professionals—overcome common writing challenges such as writer's block, grammatical inaccuracies, and time constraints.

AI Essay Writers streamline the writing process by providing instant access to a vast database of relevant data, statistics, and quotes, eliminating the need for extensive manual research.

AI writing tools also offer advanced features like spelling checks, paraphrasing, and plagiarism detection. They can significantly improve efficiency and productivity, lower the cost of content production, and generate engaging essay content.

Leading AI Essay Writing Assistants in 2024

Now, we are going to learn more about each AI essay-writing tool that can make a significant difference in academic writing if used properly. We will be discussing their AI capabilities, key features, pricing, and more. Stay tuned to get the most out of this analysis:

AI Essay Writing ToolsPricing (Starting)Ratings
1. Charley AI$13.99 per month4.5/5 (Product Hunt)
2.$49 per month4.7/5 (G2)
3. Jasper$49 per month4.7/5 (G2)
4. Rytr$9 per month4.7/5 (G2)
5. Jenni AI$20 per month5/5 (Product Hunt)
6. PerfectEssayWriter$16.55 per month4.8/5 (G2)
7. Writer$18 per month4.4/5 (Gartner)
8.$7.99 per month5/5 (Product Hunt)
9. Quillbot$9.95 per month4.6/5 (Capterra)
10. Byword$99 per month5/5 (Product Hunt)

1. Charley AI

Charley AI

Charley AI is a robust writing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence designed to streamline the essay writing process. It assists users from deciding on a topic to submitting the essay, all in a matter of seconds.

Charley AI identifies ideal topics for your essay and provides insightful example essays to inspire and guide you.

It adapts to your desired grade level, tailoring its writing style and word choice to suit the grade you want your essay to be marked.

This AI essay writing assistant offers a user-friendly text editor for seamless essay generation.

One notable feature is its editing functionality, enabling users to improve their essays' quality quickly and also generating plagiarism-free essays using an advanced natural language processing algorithm.

Charley AI is also a valuable tool for research-intensive writing, reducing the time and effort required to gather information and maintain authoritative content.

Charley AI Pricing

PlanPrice per MonthFeatures
Mini$13.9912,000 words per month, Document export + Copy/Paste
Student$18.99Everything in Mini, 35,000 words per month, 24/7 Live Chat Support
Ultimate$29.99Everything in Student, 100,000 words per month, Import rubrics + task sheets (beta)

2. is another AI writing tool that leverages advanced language models to generate high-quality and engaging written content including essays.

It is designed to assist users of all sizes, from individual professionals to large teams, in creating compelling content efficiently and effectively.

One of the standout features of is its ability to generate long-form essays, helping users beat the blank page and create high-quality, SEO-friendly, and research-backed content in a fraction of the time it currently takes.

It also offers a variety of other writing tasks, including social media content, product descriptions, content briefs, ad copy, and sales copy. is model agnostic, meaning it doesn’t only rely on OpenAI’s GPT-4, which helps avoid downtimes. It supports over 95 languages, enabling your campaigns to reach a global audience in their native language.

Another unique feature is its ‘Brand Voice‘, which ensures a consistent brand identity across every piece of content, every time. It also offers over 90 content templates and tools, making it a versatile tool for various writing needs. Pricing

FreeFree1 Seat, 2,000 Words in Chat, 200 Bonus Credits
Pro$49/month5 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, 500 Workflow Credits
Team$249/month20 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, 3K Workflow Credits
Growth$1,333/month75 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, 20K Workflow Credits
Scale$4,000/month200 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, 75K Workflow Credits

3. Jasper

Jasper AI

Jasper, a state-of-the-art AI tool that can also be used as an AI essay-writing assistant to draft top-quality essays effortlessly.

Impressively, Jasper is a trusted player in the AI writing tool industry with a customer base of over 100,000 teams globally.

Jasper is primarily used for generating marketing copy, including blog articles, social media posts, landing pages, essays, and more.

It's a versatile tool that can write and translate content in 26 languages, making it a truly global assistant.

Jasper's key offerings include integration with Grammarly for editing needs, the ability to generate blog post topic ideas, meta descriptions, email subject lines, product descriptions, and other content in seconds.

It also offers a unique feature of analyzing the user's writing style and suggesting improvements to the tone, voice, and style.

With all these capabilities, it’s a must-have writing assistant for students who have issues with technical or academic writing, and it's also beneficial for mass content creation in academic settings.

Jasper Pricing

Creator$39 per monthIdeal for individuals or small businesses focused on crafting short-form content.
Pro$59 per monthTailored for those who require the finesse of long-form content creation, offering greater command over the AI's output.
BusinessCustom pricingTargeting larger teams or enterprises that need a bespoke package with premium features and support.

4. Rytr


Rytr is an innovative AI writing tool built to streamline the writing process for a variety of content, including essays, emails, blog posts, and more.

This AI-powered tool is built to assist copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs in overcoming writer's block and generating high-quality original content swiftly.

With Rytr, users can auto-generate catchy, original, and high-converting copies in multiple tones and languages, making it a versatile choice for global content creation needs.

Key features of Rytr include support for over 40 use cases and templates, the ability to write in more than 30 languages, and the option to convey the right emotion through 20+ tones of voice.

It employs scientific copywriting formulas like AIDA & PAS to ensure the output is of the highest quality with minimal editing required. Rytr also boasts a powerful, rich-text editor and an SEO analyzer to optimize content for search engines.

Additionally, it offers plugins for popular apps like WordPress and Shopify, and an API for seamless integration into existing applications.

Rytr Pricing

PlanPriceKey Details
Free$0/month10k characters per month
Saver$9/month100k characters per month
Unlimited$29/monthAdditional features + support

5. Jenni AI


Jenni AI is an advanced AI Writer designed to assist students, researchers, and academics in creating high-quality essays and academic papers.

As a cutting-edge AI academic essay writer, Jenni AI offers a suite of features that cater to the needs of its users, ensuring that the writing process is not only efficient but also maintains academic integrity.

One of the standout features of Jenni AI is its ability to help users overcome writer's block by generating essay prompts, assignment outlines, and paper topics through an intuitive interface and AI-powered suggestions. This ensures that users can start their writing process with ease and confidence.

Moreover, Jenni AI is not just about providing writing assistance; it is also about developing the user's essay writing skills.

The AI-powered assistant offers constructive feedback, helping to identify areas for improvement, enhance argument clarity, and refine writing style. This approach makes Jenni AI a tool for learning and growth, rather than a mere content generator.

Jenni AI Pricing

PlanPriceKey Features
Free$0 per month200 AI words per day, Unlimited PDF uploads, Basic editing capabilities
Unlimited$20 per monthUnlimited AI word count, Full features access including Plagiarism checker and Citations
EnterpriseCustom QuotationAdditional capabilities tailored for universities and research teams

6. PerfectEssayWriter


PerfectEssayWriter is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool designed to transform the essay writing process. This AI writing tool is a boon for students, professionals, and anyone in need of high-quality, well-structured essays.

It leverages advanced artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to adapt to your unique writing style and requirements, ensuring tailored results that align with your needs.

PerfectEssayWriter stands out with its ability to handle various types of essays, from argumentative and persuasive to narrative and descriptive compositions. Each essay is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your ideas are presented in the best possible way.

The tool also offers intelligent writing assistance, going beyond simple grammar and spelling checks. It helps structure your essay effectively, ensuring that your ideas are conveyed eloquently.

PerfectEssayWriter Pricing

Subscription TypePrice

7. Writer


“Writer” is an AI tool that is revolutionizing the way we approach content creation, particularly in the domain of essay writing.

This AI writing software is designed to catalyze content creation, automate repetitive tasks, and maintain voice consistency, thereby ensuring that all your content is up to par with your company's writing style and quality.

Writer's full-stack platform combines the expertise, creativity, and knowledge of your teams with the latest advancements in generative AI technology, boosting productivity.

One of the key features of Writer is its ability to provide real-time feedback as you write, helping to identify awkward or convoluted sentences and offering suggestions for improvement.

It can polish writing, speed up content generation, improve quality, and grammar check overlooked errors. Writer also offers a range of extensions, including Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Figma, and Contentful, allowing you to use the tool wherever you work.

Moreover, the Writer ensures data privacy and security. It never stores, shares, or uses your data in its models, making it a reliable and secure choice for businesses.

Writer Pricing


8. is an AI-backed free essay writing tool that offers a wealth of features that cater to diverse writing needs, making it an indispensable ally for students, professionals, and writers of all levels.

The platform's key features include intelligent topic recognition, instant thesis formulation, smart outline creation, grammar and style enhancement, plagiarism detection, language proficiency support, data research assistance, and real-time collaboration.'s AI Essay Writer employs advanced natural language processing capabilities to generate well-structured, coherent, and compelling essays based on provided requirements, saving users significant research time.

It provides real-time feedback through its intelligent grammar and style checker, highlighting areas for improvement and suggesting corrections.

It also offers an AI Essay Outliner that aids in creating structured essay outlines to maintain a coherent flow of information.

Furthermore, includes a Command Tool for customizing various parameters of the writing process, a Thesis-Statement Generator for crafting thesis statements, and an Essay Topic Generator for those struggling with topic selection. Pricing

Standard$7.99/month2500 words per essay
Premium$63.99/yearUnlimited words, access to all tools

9. Quillbot


QuillBot is a powerful AI-powered writing tool that has been extensively used by millions of users around the world, including students, business professionals, creative writers, and bloggers.

It is particularly useful for essay writing, as it offers a range of features designed to enhance and streamline the writing process.

QuillBot's key features include a paraphraser and rewriter, which rewrites sentences and paragraphs while maintaining the essence of the topic. It provides users with alternative phrasing options, helping writers improve their writing.

The tool also includes a synonym finder, which suggests synonyms for words and phrases, and a grammar checker to polish your work by addressing punctuation, spelling, and word misuse.

QuillBot's summarizer can condense articles, papers, or documents down to the key points instantly, making it an excellent tool for understanding the main points of a lengthy essay or article.

The tool also features a plagiarism checker, which helps identify and fix plagiarized content to ensure the originality of your essay.

QuillBot Pricing

Free Plan$0
Monthly Premium$9.95
Semi-annual Premium$39.95
Annual Premium$49.95

10. Byword


Byword, the last AI-powered content generation tool in our list of the best AI essay writers! Byword is known for its built-in SEO optimization and for producing high-quality articles on a wide range of topics and in multiple languages.

It is a game-changer in the field of AI Essay Writers, offering a unique blend of artificial intelligence and advanced writing techniques to draft well-researched and coherent essays.

Byword comes packed with a range of distinctive features that set it apart from traditional writing tools. It offers Intelligent Writing Assistance, using advanced algorithms to analyze your writing style and offer real-time suggestions for improvement.

It supports multiple languages, understands your unique voice, and helps you refine your essay to make it more engaging and impactful. also provides Image Generation, automatically producing high-quality AI images to accompany each article.

Apart from its essay writing capability, it offers a unique feature of generating social media posts from articles for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Byword Pricing

PlanPrice per MonthFeatures
Starter Plan$9925 articles, 25 research reports, Regenerate Articles
Standard Plan$29980 articles, 80 research reports, Regenerate Articles, Whitelabelling
Scale Plan$999300 articles, 300 research reports, Regenerate Articles, Whitelabelling
Unlimited$2,499Unlimited articles, Dedicated server, Exclusive betas, Priority support

What Ethical Issues Surround the Use of AI Essay Writers?

Ethical Issues Surround the Use of AI Essay Writers

The use of AI essay writers raises several ethical issues. One of the primary concerns is plagiarism. While AI-generated content is not technically plagiarism as it doesn't copy existing work, passing off AI-generated content as one's own can be considered a form of academic dishonesty.

This is especially true in academic settings where the expectation is that the work is the student's original effort.

Another ethical issue is the potential for AI to propagate biases. AI models, based on their training data, can inadvertently perpetuate biases present in the data they were trained on.

Deception is also a concern while using AI essay writing tools. Readers value authenticity, and using AI to generate content can be seen as deceptive if not disclosed.

Finally, there's the issue of accountability. While AI can produce errors and inconsistencies, the responsibility for the final content lies with the human user.

It's crucial to understand that these ethical considerations rest on the actions of the human user. Recognizing AI as a tool and not a replacement is key to maintaining integrity in writing.

What is the Best AI Essay Writer for different types of essays?

There are many AI essay writers available in the market for different use cases and excel in different types of essays based on their capabilities. Let us discuss some of the best AI essay generators for different types of essays:

1. Argumentative Essays

Charley AI and PerfectEssayWriter generate well-researched argumentative essays with strong thesis statements and reasoning. They can craft compelling arguments from multiple perspectives.

2. Narrative Essays

Jenni AI truly shines for narrative essays with its advanced natural language generation capabilities. It captures tone, pacing, and descriptions that bring stories to life.

3. Expository Essays

For explanatory essays that analyze ideas, is a top choice. It logically breaks down concepts and gives definitions, comparisons, and clear examples.

4. Persuasive Essays

Rytr has powerful writing tools for crafting persuasive essays optimized to influence reader opinions. From word choice to rhetorical devices, it gets the job done.

5. Literary Analysis

Quillbot's paraphrasing combined with Byword's creative writing prowess handles literary analysis essays with finesse. From interpreting themes to literary device analysis, this combo has you covered.

The right match depends on essay requirements. Testing different AI tools lets you determine which one aligns best with your writing style and essay needs. Their continued evolution also makes them versatile across essay types.

FAQs on AI Essay Writers

Can AI essay writers produce plagiarism-free content?

Yes, AI essay writers are designed to generate unique content that is free from plagiarism. They do not copy-paste information from the web but create new content based on user input and data analysis.

Can I edit the content generated by AI essay writers?

Yes, you can edit or rewrite the content generated by AI essay writers. Once the content is generated, you can copy and paste it into your document and modify it according to your requirements.

Are AI essay writers beneficial for students?

Yes, AI essay writers can be particularly beneficial for students. They can help overcome common writing challenges, save time, and enhance the essay creation process.

Can AI essay writers help with writer's block?

Yes, AI essay writers can assist in overcoming writer's block by providing suggestions for topics, creating structured outlines, and generating complete essays from scratch.

Can AI essay writers generate content for professional use?

Yes, AI essay writers can generate content for a variety of professional uses, including blog posts, articles, and reports. They can adapt to different writing styles and tones based on user requirements.

Can I use AI essay writers to improve my writing skills?

Yes, by analyzing the content generated by AI essay writers, you can gain a better understanding of how to structure your papers, use appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and develop coherent arguments.

Are AI essay writers fast in generating content?

Yes, AI essay writers can generate content quickly, making them a valuable tool for users who need to produce high-quality content under tight deadlines.

Can AI essay writers help with academic integrity?

Yes, when used properly, AI essay writers can support academic integrity by helping students understand how to structure essays, use appropriate language, and develop arguments.

Can AI essay writers generate content in different tones and styles?

Yes, some AI essay writers can adapt to your desired grade level, writing style, and word choice to suit your specific needs.

The Closing Chapter

After reviewing the top 10 AI-powered essay writing assistants, it's clear these AI tools provide tremendous value through their advanced capabilities. While they all offer compelling features, two tools stand out for their versatility – Jasper and Charley AI.

Jasper is the best all-rounder, providing a seamless essay writing experience tailored to various needs. Its custom AI models allow for generating essays in different tones and styles.

However, for students and academics needing an end-to-end solution, Charley AI is an ideal choice. From research to final drafts, it provides complete assistance.

Whichever AI essay writer you choose from the given list, we recommend you first analyze factors like your content need, essay type, and purpose of the content to make the most of your selected tool.

One thing is crystal clear! The capabilities of AI writing assistants will rapidly improve in the near future, thanks to advances in natural language processing and machine learning.

On the final note! We encourage students and academics alike to give these AI tools a try on their next essay assignment.

Would you trust an AI tool to write your essays?

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