12 Best AI Old Photo Restoration Apps in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Best AI Old Photo Restoration Apps

Have you ever unearthed a forgotten treasure trove of old photographs—creased, faded, perhaps bearing the subtle marks of time and wear? These precious glimpses into the past hold immense power, evoking whispers of laughter, moments of quiet connection, or glimpses into a world so different from our own. Yet, these same images are often marred by the imperfections that time inflicts: colors dulled, details obscured by scratches and blemishes. But what if you could rewind the clock, restore those faded memories to their former glory?

With the remarkable advancements in AI technology, this dream is now a reality. AI old photo restoration apps harness the power of sophisticated algorithms to meticulously repair imperfections, boost faded colors, and sharpen lost details. Imagine rediscovering your cherished memories in stunning high-definition, as if the years had simply melted away.

AI Old Photo Restoration Apps

AI old photo restoration apps are software tools that use cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to bring damaged and faded photographs back to life. These remarkable apps go beyond simple photo editing, utilizing sophisticated algorithms trained on vast datasets of damaged and restored images.

How They Work:

  1. Analysis: The AI system carefully analyzes the uploaded photo, identifying areas of damage like scratches, tears, stains, and discoloration.
  2. Restoration: The AI employs specialized techniques to fix these imperfections. It might fill in missing pixels, recolor faded areas, remove blemishes, and sharpen blurry details.
  3. Enhancement: Beyond repair, AI photo restoration apps often enhance the image. This might involve boosting contrast, adjusting color balance, and even intelligently colorizing black and white photos.

Capabilities of AI Photo Restoration:

  • Scratch and Tear Removal: Say goodbye to distracting marks that mar your treasured photos.
  • Fade Correction: Restore vibrant colors that have lost their luster over time.
  • Detail Sharpening Bring back the clarity in faces and backgrounds.
  • Colorization: Transform black and white photos into stunning, realistic colorized images.

Revive Memories with Ease with Best AI Old Photo Restoration Apps

AppKey FeaturesRatings (Out of 5)Pricing
ReminiPowerful AI for blurry photos, scratch removal, colorization4.2Free (limited); Paid plans available
Hotspot AIAI editing and restoration tools, colorization, upscaling4.0Free (limited credits); Paid plans available
ImageColorizerSpecializes in colorizing black & white photos3.8Free (limited); Subscription options
PhotomyneScan and digitize old photos, automatic color restoration4.5Free trial; Subscription plans
PhotoScape XMulti-feature editor, basic restoration tools3.5Free (Pro version paid)
FotorOne-click enhancement and restoration, colorization4.1Free (limited); Fotor Pro subscription
Adobe PhotoshopIndustry standard, extensive restoration tools; advanced4.8Paid subscription
Luminar NeoAI-powered, one-click photo restoration options4.3Paid (one-time or subscription)
Inpixio Photo StudioUser-friendly, intelligent restoration features4.0Paid (one-time purchase)
PhotoWorksAI tools for fixing torn/scratched photos, color restoration3.9Paid (one-time purchase)
GIMPOpen-source, restoration via plugins4.6Free
SnapseedMobile-focused, tuning tools for basic restoration4.4Free

1. Remini


Unlock faded memories and rediscover your past with Remini, the revolutionary AI photo restoration app. Powered by cutting-edge deep learning technology, Remini works magic on damaged, blurry images in just one tap – restoring cherished moments to stunning clarity. Watch in awe as this smart editor detects faces and objects, seamlessly filling scratches, correcting colours, sharpening details, and upscaling resolution.

Soon those vintage family photos gathering dust will spring back to life, vivid and vibrant as the day they were taken. Remini makes it simple for anyone to be an editing pro – just upload an old picture to witness this AI marvel instantly enhance it to professional quality. So breathe new life into your old photo collection – download Remini now and let machine learning help you reconnect with nostalgic snapshots from the past.

Key Features:
Face enhancer, image sharpener.
Mobile app for iOS and Android.
API integration.
Adobe Photoshop plugin.

Pros and Cons:


Transforms low quality images in seconds.
Revives old, damaged photos.
Can enhance videos up to 120 seconds.
Has free trial to test capabilities.


Can sometimes over sharpen or over saturate photos.
Limited free trial use cases.
Expensive subscription plans.
Watermarks on free trial downloads.


Remini offers personal subscriptions for non-commercial use starting at $3.49/month billed yearly, enabling enhancing 20 photos/week. For full commercial use, Remini's Business plan starts at $9.99/week with unlimited photo enhancements and extra features for professionals. Discounted rates are given for longer subscriptions across both personal and business tiers.

2. Hotspot AI

Hotspot AI

Hotspot AI offers a powerful suite of tools for restoring and enhancing old photos, all powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Whether you need to fix scratches, tears, and fading, or want to add vibrant color to black and white images, Hotspot AI makes the process remarkably easy.

Its AI-powered features intelligently analyze your photos to identify areas needing repair. With a few clicks, the app can remove blemishes, sharpen blurry details, and restore faded colors. Beyond restoration, Hotspot AI also includes tools for colorization, upscaling, and even face enhancement, bringing a professional touch to your cherished memories.

Key Features:
Photo restoration tools.
Background remover.
Social media templates.
App icon creator.

Pros and Cons:


Flexible pricing.
Diverse creation tools.
Advanced AI algorithms.
Available on web and mobile.


Can be complex for beginners.
Limited free version.
No offline access.


Hotspot AI offers a free version with watermarks and limited features. Paid plans start at $10 per month for 1,000 credits. More advanced plans go up to 20,000 credits annually for $2,000, aimed at high-volume users. Custom pricing is also available for teams and enterprises.

3. ImageColorizer


Rediscover the past and relive cherished memories with ImageColorizer – the leading AI photo restoration tool of 2024. This revolutionary platform harnesses advanced neural networks to automatically colorize, enhance, repair, and upscale aged black-and-white images, revealing hidden details with stunning realism. Bringing professional-grade editing to your fingertips, ImageColorizer makes restoring damaged photos as easy as uploading a file.

With its user-friendly interface requiring no complex skills, this free web and mobile app lets anyone tap into the magic of AI to breathe new life into vintage family portraits and historical images alike. So unlock faded photos' lost colours and bridge generations by uncovering the vibrant stories they have to tell – download ImageColorizer now to vividly revisit history.

Key Features:
Neural networks automatically colorize B&W photos.
Enhances quality of low-res images up to 4K.
Photo repair tools fix rips, creases & scratches.
Web & mobile apps for easy access.

Pros and Cons:


Intuitive interface needs no complex skills.
Quick processing time.
Vivid, realistic colorization.
Free unlimited use.


Limited manual editing controls.
Occasional colour inaccuracies.
Watermark on free downloads.


The free plan allows unlimited photo uploads and downloads with a small watermark. For advertising-free downloads and additional features like batch processing, the Plus plan is available for $9.99 per month. Bulk discounts are offered through the Business plan at $49.99 per month for teams and companies with expanded cloud storage.

4. Photomyne


Rescue your cherished memories from the ravages of time with Photomyne – the revolutionary app that makes digitizing your precious printed photos almost magically easy. Its sophisticated AI perfectly auto-crops and colour corrects every pic you scan, while powerful tools allow swift editing, tagging, sorting and sharing. Backup safely to the cloud, create stunning collages and slideshows, add colour to black and whites – Photomyne puts a high-tech photo lab in your pocket. As featured on major networks like ABC and Fox, it has already helped users save over 100 million photos. So join millions worldwide in preserving your past for future generations. Photomyne – where neglected prints develop into priceless digital gems.

Key Features:
Cloud backup & sync across devices.
Photo editing tools.
Collage & slideshow creation.
Add colour to black & white photos.

Pros and Cons:


Digitizes printed photos with ease.
Intelligent AI enhancement.
Access memories anytime from cloud.
Great for preserving family history.


Requires subscription for full features.
Struggles with very faded photos.
No batch editing tools.

Photomyne offers a forever free plan covering basics like 100 scans per month and 2 GB cloud storage, along with premium monthly and yearly subscriptions unlocking unlimited scanning, 50GB cloud storage, video slideshows and more benefits starting from $8/month.

5. PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is a versatile photo editing software that includes a collection of tools aimed at old photo restoration. While it may not offer the same level of AI-powered sophistication as specialized restoration apps, it's a great option for users seeking basic fixes alongside broader editing capabilities.

Within PhotoScape X, you'll find tools for removing scratches and spots, adjusting color and contrast, and applying filters to simulate vintage photographic styles. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels. For those looking for a free solution to enhance faded or slightly damaged photos, PhotoScape X provides a solid starting point.

Key Features:
Animated GIF maker.
Collage creator.
Screen capture.
Batch editor.
RAW file converter.

Pros and Cons:


Extensive features for free.
Lightweight and fast.
Available on Windows and Mac.
Supports multiple languages.


Limited customizability.
No cloud storage integration.
Fewer features than paid editors.


PhotoScape X is available for free with no limits. A paid version called PhotoScape X Pro is available for a one-time fee of $39.99 which unlocks additional features like content-aware resizing, enhanced RAW processing, and more advanced editing tools. Overall, the free version offers excellent value with a full set of essential photo editing features.

6. Fotor


Revolutionize your photo editing with Fotor, the all-in-one solution for creative image enhancement and graphic design. This innovative online suite utilizes exclusive technology to deliver unparalleled editing capabilities right from your browser. Easily perfect portraits, remove backgrounds, apply effects, create collages and graphics, and more, even as a beginner. Fotor's user-friendly interface and customizable tools empower anyone to unlock their inner artist. Whether you want to touch up family photos, design eye-catching social media posts, or simply explore your creativity, Fotor makes it happen. Join over 500 million users who trust this powerful editor to bring their visual ideas to life. With versatile features, convenient accessibility, and inspiration at your fingertips, Fotor is where imagination meets reality in photo editing.

Key Features:
Collage making.
AI photo editing features.
Cloud storage.
Multi-platform access.

Pros and Cons:


Powerful editing and design tools.
Great special effects.
Affordable pricing.
Available on mobile and desktop.


Limited free version.
Occasional bugs and glitches.
Confusing billing practices.


Fotor offers both free and paid versions. Here is an overview of the pricing in 50 words – Fotor has a forever free Basic plan with basic editing features. Two paid Pro plans start at $8.99 per month, add advanced features like extra templates, effects and more cloud storage. Yearly subscriptions offer savings up to 30%.

7. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

For over 30 years, Adobe Photoshop has reigned supreme as the industry standard software for image manipulation and graphic design. Used by everyone from photographers to marketers, this powerful photo editing program packs a punch with tools that bring creativity to life.

Photoshop's layers system revolutionized digital art by allowing multiple elements to be stacked and edited non-destructively. Cutting edge AI capabilities like neural filters and Sky Replacement take image processing to futuristic new heights. With an intuitive yet customizable interface, Photoshop sets the gold standard for working with digital graphics. Whether perfecting selections, compositing images, or crafting 3D artwork, Photoshop delivers professional polish to projects. The iconic software continues to evolve with the times, cementing its status as an essential part of every creative's toolkit.

Key Features:
Advanced selection tools.
AI-powered tools like neural filters.
Support for PSD and other file formats.
Extensive editing and retouching capabilities.

Pros and Cons:


Industry standard for design and photo editing.
Powerful and versatile toolset.
Great integration with other Adobe apps.
Frequent updates with new features.


Expensive subscription model.
Steep learning curve for beginners.

Adobe offers Photoshop through several subscription plans. The cheapest option is the Photography plan which includes Lightroom, 20GB cloud storage, and Photoshop for $9.99 per month. For more storage and access to additional Adobe apps, there are upgraded plans available up to the All Apps plan. Discounted annual contracts are also offered. Students and teachers can get discounts on select plans as well.

8. Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo

Revolutionize your photo editing with Luminar Neo, the AI-powered creative platform taking image enhancement to new heights in 2024. Packed with next-gen features like RelightAI's selective brightness adjustments and BodyAI for realistic body shaping, Luminar Neo makes complex edits astonishingly simple. Just drag a slider! This award-winning software also introduces groundbreaking generative technologies to erase distractions or expand canvases, integrating visuals so seamlessly even professionals can't tell the difference. Whether perfecting portraits, crafting magazine-worthy landscapes, or designing graphics, Luminar Neo pairs machine learning with an intuitive interface to unlock all the beauty you imagined. Let this versatile photo editor become an extension of your creative spirit. The future of photo editing is here – make your visions a reality with Luminar Neo!

Key Features:
Award-winning creative editing software.
BodyAI for realistic body shaping.
Tools to erase distractions or expand canvases.
Intuitive interface.

Pros and Cons:


Next-gen AI-powered features.
Generative technologies integrated seamlessly.
Versatile for editing portraits, landscapes, graphics.
Intuitive interface easy for beginners.


Can have delays of up to a minute for AI tools.
More limited compared to advanced editors like Photoshop.
Catalog management not as robust as Lightroom.


Luminar Neo is available as either a subscription starting from $6.63/month, or a one-time lifetime license for $269. Subscriptions provide access to extensions like Upscale AI and Noiseless AI, while the lifetime license is a single perpetual license.

9. Inpixio Photo Studio

Inpixio Photo Studio

Revolutionize your photo editing with Inpixio Photo Studio, the intuitive software that makes flawless image enhancement effortless. Powered by AI, one-click tools automatically restore old photos, erase unwanted objects, replace backgrounds, and apply pro-level effects. Adjustment sliders provide precision control over exposure, colour, and lighting. Photo Merge lets you combine multiple images seamlessly while Photo Cutter extracts subjects with hair-level precision. Overlays add creative flair with filters, textures and frames. Innovative features like tilt-shift focus, HDR editing, and up to 1000% zoom enabling stunning transformations. With an uncluttered interface ideal for beginners yet advanced capabilities for pixel-perfect edits, Inpixio Photo Studio is the all-in-one solution for picture-perfect photos with no hassle.

Key Features:
AI-powered object removal and background replacement.
Adjustment sliders for fine-tuning images.
Photo overlays and creative filters.
Advanced editing tools like HDR and tilt-shift.

Pros and Cons:


Intuitive interface ideal for beginners.
Powerful editing capabilities for advanced users.
Great range of automatic and manual tools.
Edits and exports high-res images up to 4K.


Limited to Windows operating system.
No cloud storage integration.
Some tools require upgrading from free version.


Inpixio Photo Studio offers a free download with watermarks or paid licenses starting from $39.99 for the Photo Studio Pro 2023 version, going up to the $99.99 Ultimate Suite with all features, future updates, and usage across multiple devices with no subscription needed.

10. PhotoWorks


Rediscover faded memories and restore cherished vintage photos to their former glory with PhotoWorks – the time machine for your old prints. This award-winning photo restoration software combines content-aware AI with intuitive editing tools to work wonders on damaged, blurry images. Watch in awe as intelligent algorithms detect photo damage to effortlessly reduce scratches, noise, and discoloration.

Whether salvaging a torn family portrait or upscaling pixelated prints, PhotoWorks leverages the latest technology to breathe new life into retro pics. With just a few clicks, easily colourize black and white photos or sharpen grainy details to unveil hidden facets of the past. So dust off those old photo albums and let this magical software unlock your most precious nostalgic moments. PhotoWorks makes it simple to revive the past.

Key Features:
Uses AI to restore damaged, blurry, faded photos.
Reduces scratches, noise, discoloration.
One-click to colorize black & white photos.
Intuitive editing tools.

Pros and Cons:


Easy to use, no complex skills needed.
Impressive AI algorithms.
Great for salvaging old family photos.
30-day money back guarantee.


Limited to Windows only.
No cloud storage integration.
No batch editing.


PhotoWorks offers a one-time payment license model with discounts available. Users can choose between Home, Pro, and Business editions depending on their needs. Pricing starts from $39.95 for the Home license which allows restoring an unlimited number of photos. The Pro license starts at $69.95 while custom quotes are available for Business licenses.

11. GIMP


GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a powerful open-source graphic editing software with professional-grade tools rivalling paid options like Photoshop. Boasting a passionate community of contributors, GIMP offers users unmatched flexibility through plugins and scripts that expand functionality. Photographers, designers, and artists utilize its high-end features like layers, masks, filters, and transformation tools to retouch, compose, and author images. Its tile-based system allows working with massive files, while multiple undo options give freedom to experiment.

Available for free on various platforms, GIMP empowers users across operating systems to unleash creativity. Whether you’re making artwork, editing photos, or even creating an online batch processor – GIMP provides all the utilities to make digital images come alive.

Key Features:
Full suite of image editing tools (selections, transforms, layers, filters, etc.).
Support for extensions and scripts to expand functionality.
Cross-platform – works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Opens and edits common image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF.

Pros and Cons:


Completely free and open source software.
Very customizable interface and workflows.
Capable of advanced image editing and graphic design.
Large community support and available plugins.


Steep learning curve, less intuitive than paid options.
Slower performance compared to commercial alternatives.
Limited native CMYK/print and raw camera file support.
Lacks adjustment layers, content-aware fill, and other newer features.


As free and open-source software, GIMP is entirely free to download and use with no restrictions. While the program itself has no paid version, optional paid technical support plans are offered by third parties for businesses that need assistance. Users can also donate to GIMP developers through Patreon at various tiers to fund added features and improvements to the software.

12. Snapseed


Snapseed revolutionizes mobile photo editing with its powerful yet easy-to-use tools that elevate smartphones into professional-quality cameras. Packed into an intuitive interface, Snapseed's 29 high-end filters and adjustments like Healing, Perspective, and Selective edits open unlimited creative possibilities for photographers of all skill levels. Whether perfecting portraits, adding drama, or restoring old images, a few taps delivers sophisticated, striking effects. From amateurs digitizing old family photos to influencers creating captivating social content, Snapseed empowers anyone to artistically enhance their images. Unlock your inner photographer now with Snapseed, the premier iOS and Android app that makes pro-quality photo editing accessible, fun, and completely mobile.

Key Features:
Opens JPG and RAW files.
Save custom edits as personal looks to reapply.
Selective filter brush.
Tutorials and tips.

Pros and Cons:


Completely free.
User-friendly interface.
Powerful editing capabilities.
Tutorials for beginners.


No desktop version.
Less control than advanced editors like Photoshop.
Can't store images on cloud.


Unlike paid photo editors, Snapseed comes at no cost – the app is absolutely free to download and use with no subscriptions, in-app purchases, or hidden fees required. This pricing makes Snapseed's professional quality editing tools and filters accessible to all photographers, from amateurs to experts, at no charge.

How to Choose the perfect App to Bring Old Photos to Life?

Treasured memories fade over time, but technology now allows us to restore vintage photos to their original vibrancy. With advanced AI algorithms, apps like Remini, Hotspot AI, and PhotoScape X can automatically enhance image quality, reduce noise and grain, sharpen details, fix scratches, and even colorize black-and-white shots.

How to Choose the perfect App to Bring Old Photos to Life?

Whether you want to fix a few old family photos or restore an entire vintage album, today’s photo editing apps make it simple. Remini excels at one-tap enhancements, while Adobe Photoshop and Luminar Neo offer more advanced editing capabilities. Meanwhile, Inpixio Photo Studio and GIMP are great free options.

When choosing a photo restoration app, consider your budget, how many photos you need to restore, and whether you value simplicity or richer features. Free apps like Snapseed provide a quick fix for minor issues, while paid options like Remini unlock premium tools. The best value comes from Photomyne’s bundled app pricing at $199 for a 10-year plan.

Overall, AI photo technology has elevated vintage photo restoration from a painstaking process done by professionals to an easy, automated enhancement anyone can achieve in seconds. With a little research into the top-rated apps, uncovering faded memories or breathing new life into aging photos is now simple and convenient. Just upload your old photos and let the AI work its magic!

AI Technology in Photo Restoration

AI technology has transformed the field of photo restoration, offering powerful tools to revive old, damaged, or faded photographs. Unlike traditional methods that required manual work, AI-driven tools can automatically repair and enhance photos with remarkable accuracy and speed, thanks to advancements in machine learning and neural networks.AI photo restoration tools utilize deep learning algorithms to remove scratches, tears, and spots from old photographs. They can also restore color, enhance clarity, and improve image resolution without compromising original quality. The process is user-friendly, requiring no specialized skills – simply upload a damaged photo, and the AI platform can yield a restored image in seconds.

AI Technology in Photo Restoration

One key advantage of AI in photo restoration is its ability to handle complex and unknown degradations that traditional methods often struggled with. AI can analyze each pixel, comparing it against learned data to accurately infer what the undamaged image should look like, allowing for the restoration of photos that might have been considered beyond repair.

Techniques like convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and generative adversarial networks (GANs) are at the forefront of this technology, enabling more sophisticated and nuanced restorations. CNNs excel at capturing spatial features and patterns, enhancing details and suppressing noise, while GANs use a competitive process to produce restorations indistinguishable from real, undamaged photos.

As AI photo restoration tools continue to improve, users should be mindful of data security and privacy concerns when using online services. Selecting reputable platforms with clear data handling and deletion policies is crucial to protect personal privacy.

What are AI old photo restoration apps?

AI old photo restoration apps use artificial intelligence to analyse and repair old, damaged, or faded photographs. They can remove scratches, stains, and discoloration, enhance clarity, and even colorize black and white photos, making them look as good as new.

Which AI photo restoration app is the best for beginners?

For beginners, Remini offers a user-friendly interface and powerful AI enhancements with minimal input required. It's perfect for those who want quick and impressive results without navigating complex editing tools.

Can I colorize black and white photos with these apps?

Yes, several apps like ImageColorizer and Fotor specialize in colorizing black and white photos using AI to apply natural-looking colours based on the content of the image.

Are there any free AI photo restoration apps?

Many AI photo restoration apps offer free versions or free trials. For instance, Photomyne and Snapseed provide robust restoration features without any cost, though some may have limitations compared to their paid counterparts.

How do I choose the best AI photo restoration app for my needs?

Consider the specific features you need, such as colorization, scratch removal, or ease of use. Also, think about whether you prefer a mobile app or desktop software. Reading reviews and trying out free versions can help you make an informed decision.

Is my privacy protected when using online AI photo restoration tools?

Most reputable AI photo restoration tools prioritize user privacy, ensuring that uploaded photos are encrypted and deleted after processing. Always check the privacy policy of the app to understand how your data is handled.

Can I use these apps on both iOS and Android devices?

Many AI photo restoration apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms, such as Snapseed and Photomyne. However, availability may vary, so it's best to check the app store listings for your device.

Can AI photo restoration apps fix any type of damage?

While AI restoration is remarkably powerful, results depend on the severity of the damage. Apps excel at repairing scratches, fading, and discoloration. However, severely torn photos or those missing large sections may need professional restoration services.

Will the app change the original photo?

Most apps offer non-destructive editing, meaning they save a restored copy of the photo while preserving your original.

How long does the restoration process take?

Restoration speed varies by app and photo complexity. Simple fixes can be near instantaneous, while complex restorations might take a few minutes.

Can I improve the resolution of an old photo?

AI-powered upscaling tools are included in some apps. These can increase the resolution of old photos, often producing sharper images.

AI Photo Restoration: Preserving Memories for the Future

Whether you're restoring treasured family photos, uncovering hidden details in historical images, or breathing new life into aging prints, AI photo restoration technology offers incredible possibilities.

As we've explored, today's leading apps leverage powerful AI to automatically enhance everything from colour and contrast to damage and defects. With polished tools like Remini, Hotspot AI, and Photomyne, it's easier than ever to revive the past.

So why not give one of these 12 marvels a try? Compare free trials to find your perfect match. Team budgets with free apps like PhotoScape X or Snapseed. Or go pro with all-inclusive suites from Luminar Neo or Adobe.

The possibilities are endless when you unlock AI's potential. Rescue aging photos today and rediscover precious memories thought to be lost to time. Because when it comes to photo restoration in 2024, the future is now.

Which app will you test first? Share your restored masterpieces with us below!

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