15 Best AI Presentation Generators (June 2024)

When you are stuck between files upon files and at the same time you get another hectic detail to look after and to take care of, these AI-powered tools will come to your rescue. The AI presentation generators are something that could bring you a great period of relaxation.

These are known to be the game changers in the industry and are performing really well. By using the great intelligence of technology, and providing a variety of templates, as well as design skills the AI presentation generators have improved the ability to create mesmerizing presentations within no time.

These are not some Traditional presentation software or any other random online presentation software, these are something that can give you a great output and an effortless presentation. 

What are AI Presentation Generators?

These AI tools for presentation have the ability to provide a wide range of design elements, don't have limited templates but offer a vast range of pre-built templates. These all things make it easy for users to create presentations from scratch and at the same time enhance existing slide designs.

Now, one more thing we would like to tell you about these tools is that they often integrate seamlessly with popular platforms like Google Workspace, offering a user-friendly interface and real-time collaboration features. With their AI-powered presentation-generating features, users can create beautiful presentations that also cater to their specific presentation topic as well as the target audience.

AI-powered presentation generators have come to the field with the aim of bringing a big change in the way business owners and corporate workers create and deliver their presentations. With super-advanced technology and features, customizable templates, and interactive elements, these tools for presenters empower users to create stunning and engaging presentations that leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

Top AI Tools for Great Presentations (Updated June 2024)

The AI that can bring you the best deals, the AI that can give you a promotion, that is what we are about to discuss. Keep sticking around to the same article to know what are the best AI tools for great presentations.

1. Synthesia


Synthesia is a text-to-video generator, with a number of natural-sounding AI voices. This helps you create interactive videos that are great at engagement. Synthesia is an AI tool that has 140 plus AI avatars.

You can simply edit and customize your presentation which requires no experience. With the information security feature that Synthesia has, you can grab onto technical training videos and produce the same ensuring employees are well-informed about security practices.

It can also be used within the marketing niche, as Synthesia can create how-to videos and product videos, helping businesses showcase their products and services effectively.

2. Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI offers a few superior features to help corporate sector workers create visually appealing and professional presentations with ease.

The artificial intelligence technology that this tool has can automate slide creation, helping users brainstorm ideas and generate text and images quickly. Now coming to its second feature, the smart slide templates, with this, the tool Beautiful.ai provides a library of templates that allow users to organize their content quickly and watch their presentation design ideas come to life in minutes.

Also, the real-time slide template options apply the rules of great design automatically adapting and formatting slides as users add content. This eliminates the need for manual resizing of AI-generated text and images, saving time and effort.

3. Plus ai

Plus AI

Plus AI, has been developed to streamline the process of creating and editing presentations, specifically for Google Slides.

Plus AI is great at saving your time and can automate the process of creating presentations, allowing users to generate a custom one in minutes. It also offers features like Insert, Remix, and Rewrite, which help users add specific slide types, convert existing content into desired formats, and improve language and grammar, respectively. Create enterprise-ready presentation slides with super ease and within no time at all.

The custom themes that this presentation software tool has can help the users add their logo and customize themes to match their brand.

4. Simplified


This tool is a lot of things at the same time. Simplified provides one-click AI-powered graphic design tools, millions of free photos, and thousands of design templates, making it easy to create stunning graphics for presentations and other corporate materials.

The AI Writer that Simplified has can generate SEO-driven, plagiarism-free content in seconds, making it easier for corporate workers to create high-quality written content for presentations, reports, and other documents. Simplified also allows its users to create professional presentations in seconds using AI. Some of the best features that this tool has are brand kits and a remarkable design tool that gives you access to a number of elements you can use for designing.

5. Tome


Tome is a unique platform that uses AI to help users create visually stunning and engaging presentations. This tool is also great at generating narratives, outlines, or stories with just a single click, all complete with text and images. The said AI software is far greater than traditional presentation tools as it gets you well-curated presentations. 

When we talk about its other feature, the Fluid multimedia canvas, it is designed for modern communication, allowing users to create fluid, interactive experiences that look great on any screen.

With AI-assisted design and formatting, Tome can help its users nail the right tone and phrasing for their writing. At the same time, it helps them create the perfect image, and even search for references across the web to bring their story to life.

6. Visme


This interactive presentation tool, Visme is an all-in-one platform for creating presentations, documents, data visualizations, videos, and other branded content. It is used by over 20 million people in 133 countries. Speaking of its excellent features, like Data Visualization, Visme allows users to turn statistics and figures into beautiful visuals, making it easier to understand and present complex data.

Then coming to the Customizable Templates, this feature lets the corporate sector workers create professional-looking content without any prior design experience. Also with the branded content creation, Visme enables users to create end-to-end branded content in a fraction of the time, ensuring brand consistency across all materials.

With its unique and rich media library, Visme offers millions of unique photos and icons to set your work apart and make it visually appealing.

7. Kroma


Kroma.ai is a platform that has been designed to help professionals create persuasive pitches, proposals, and presentations using expertly crafted templates and tools. Have access to the widest in-range presentation gallery. Kroma.ai allows its users to create visually appealing data visualizations without any need for a graphic designer. 

The tool has a Slide presentation template that actually has been developed to win the pitches. This is a data visualization feature that is built by experts and can be used in PowerPoint, Keynote, as well as in Google Slides.

Along with that it also has multi-slide decks, GRAB & GO content that can boost your productivity and help you present great ideas in front of your clients or investors. Share the presentation with teammates and get the credit for the smartest presentation in the room. 

8. Slidebean


Made especially for small to medium businesses, Slidebean is a presentation software platform that offers various features and benefits for corporate sector workers. The platform focuses mainly on creating pitch decks as well as presentations.

The Pitch Deck Software allows its users to create visually appealing presentations that are also some of the best and most professional pitch decks. Here, you can grab pre-designed templates, content suggestions, and artificial intelligence (AI) design assistance.

Also, when it comes to Pitch Deck Services, users can work directly with their team of business analysts to build the perfect pitch deck for their startup. The services of Pitch Deck include pitch deck writing and design, financial modeling, estimating the market size, and developing go-to-market strategies.

9. Slidesgo


The ultimate AI presentation maker, Slidego is an online platform that offers a wide range of free and customizable Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates for creative presentations. With the help of Slidego AI Presentation Maker users can create visually appealing and customized presentations quickly and efficiently. Users can choose the topic, tone, and file format style, and the AI will generate a presentation based on their preferences. 

Here you also have access to pre-designed color schemes. Also, the users can easily customize their AI-generated presentations online using the editing tools provided by Wepik, one of Slidego's sister projects. With this users can make changes as per their needs and add text, choose colors, rearrange elements, and access resources from Freepik and Flaticon.

10. Sendsteps


Create 10x faster presentations with Sendsteps AI. With the power of artificial intelligence Sendsteps boosts the presentation qualities for corporate sector workers, streamlining the presentation creation process and saving time. Let us tell you all the things Sendsteps.ai can help you with. It has the capabilities of writing, designing, and also storytelling. Here you can create a project plan, give input slides, or let's say create your manual input, Use the intuitive editing options like theme palette and that's it you will have a great presentation ready to target the most effective customer section.

To create a great presentation, all you have to do is simply describe your topic or upload a document, then enter the details of your audience and describe how you want your presentation to be. Here the AI can generate interactivity, design, and content for your presentation.

11. Prezi


Prezi is a versatile presentation software with which you can present your slides, in person while you are on the move. This tool is best for business and education both. The presentations that Prezi makes are the ones that can keep the teams engaged and customers asking for more. Also when it comes to the education sector, Prezi is a smart tool that can make lessons more exciting and easier to remember. You have got plenty of design choices and a range of templates with Prezi. 

Prezi allows users to create presentations that can zoom in and out, providing a more engaging and interactive experience for the audience. Prezi also enables users to record asynchronous videos or deliver presentations live over video calls. This makes it extremely easy to communicate with remote teams and clients.

12. Designs AI


Create logos, videos, banners as well as mockups with this AI tool right within 2 minutes. Designs.ai is an integrated Agency-as-a-Service platform that uses AI technology to enable users to create, edit, and scale content. It offers a suite of creative tools, including Logomaker, Videomaker, Designmaker, AI Writer, and Speechmaker, which can be beneficial for corporate sector workers by saving time, cutting costs, and simplifying their workflow.

Logomaker is an AI-powered logo generator that allows users to create unique logos and a full brand identity kit. It offers over 10,000+ icons and exports logos in JPEG, PDF, PNG, and SVG formats. Users can apply their brand's style across all their projects. On the other hand, the Videomaker uses text-to-video technology to transform articles, posts, and text scripts into fully edited videos in more than 20 languages.

You can access 10 million clips, 170 million images, 500,000 audio files, and 50 voices. Users can also resize videos for various social media platforms and add stunning effects, transitions, animations, and icons.

13. Presentations.ai


Presentations.AI is the ChatGPT for presentations. The AI-powered platform creates stunning decks effortlessly. Presentations.AI claims to reduce the time taken to create the first draft of a presentation by 50x. The platform also can show 10x improvement in design quality, ensuring that presentations look visually appealing and professional.

The tool can simply be defined as dead simple and amazingly powerful. This AI tool empowers you to create stunning presentations at the speed of thought. You have the power of effortless creation and personalized design, anti-fragile templates, and seamless sharing.

14. Decktopus


Decktopus offers a huge range of features that can be beneficial for corporate sector workers, saving time and enhancing productivity. The tool has got an image and icon finder, which won't let you spend hours on browsing stock images for your presentation. All you have to do is simply click the magic button and let the Decktopus do its work. The Slide Notes Maker, generates a number of notes for your topic and audience, helping users deliver their presentations more effectively.

Decktopus has a number of built-in tools. Here you have access to real-time feedback, voice recording for audio narration, custom domain integration, as well as multimedia embedding. With Dectopus you can present like a hero in front of your clients and colleagues.

15. Slide AI


Have your presentations created in seconds and never worry about tedious, and manual slide creation. Here you don't need to have great skills in designing and also it lets you create the first 3 presentations for free. Just simply paste your texts into Slide AI and it will help you in creating a presentation for you.

The AI tool also supports 100 plus languages from Japanese to Russian. It has even Integration capabilities with Google Slides. All in all, the AI presentation tool will help you customize the look and feel of your theme and that's it the whole presentation is live and good to go. 

The Impact of AI Presentation Generators Across Various Sectors 

In the present age of digital transformation, AI presentation generators have emerged as a critical tool, one that has been widely adopted across various sectors. Whether it's the healthcare industry leveraging AI to share complex medical data or the finance sector using AI-powered presentations to illustrate intricate economic trends, the benefits are far-reaching and profound. 

  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry's reliance on data is well-documented. AI presentation generators expedite the process of assimilating and presenting this data in an understandable, visually appealing manner, thus enabling medical professionals to make more informed decisions.
  • Finance: In this sector, AI-based presentations help dissect and illustrate complex financial data. The resulting presentations are not only user-friendly but also offer in-depth insights into market trends and financial projections, thereby aiding strategic planning.
  • Education: AI presentation tools have revolutionized the way educators present information, transforming mundane lectures into interactive learning experiences. The tools' ability to analyze and present data in a simplistic manner makes learning more engaging for students.
HealthcareData assimilation and presentation
FinanceDissection and illustration of complex data
EducationTransformation of information presentation

AI presentation generators are not just transforming the way information is presented; they are redefining the very concept of effective communication across industries.

Indeed, the era of AI-powered presentations has arrived, and it's redefining how professionals across various sectors communicate their ideas, findings, and proposals. This technology's potential is vast, and as it continues to evolve, its impact will only increase, making it an exciting development to follow.

FAQs on AI Presentation Generators

What is the difference between AI presentation generators and traditional presentation software?

AI presentation generators and traditional presentation software serve the same purpose of creating engaging slideshows, but the process and efficiency differentiate them significantly. 

While traditional software demands manual input and creativity, AI presentation generators, with their advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, simplify and speed up the process by automatically sourcing and organizing content based on your input. This introduces a whole new level of convenience and dynamism into the art of making corporate presentations.

Can AI presentation generators generate presentations in multiple languages?

Without a shadow of a doubt, AI presentation generators are multilingual marvels. They are designed to comprehend, adapt, and generate content in numerous languages, making your corporate presentations accessible globally.

Are AI presentation generators suitable for all industries?

Switching up the traditional form of corporate presentations, AI presentation generators have the versatility to cater to a myriad of industries. From tech startups to established finance firms, these innovative tools are redefining the art of presentational communication.

Can AI presentation generators integrate with other software?

AI presentation generators can integrate seamlessly with other software. This includes popular productivity tools such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and various project management applications. 

Their integration features facilitate easy import and export of data, transforming your work process into a more streamlined and effective one, thereby allowing you to focus more on content creation and less on technicalities.

Are there any free AI presentation generators available?

Indeed, there are several free AI presentation generators available that are designed to help you craft compelling presentations effortlessly. However, it's important to note that while these tools may offer basic features for free, premium features usually come at a cost.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of AI Presentation Generators

The 15 AI presentation generators discussed in this article offer a remarkable demonstration of this shift. These tools provide high-level efficiency, customization, and innovation, enabling professionals to create compelling and engaging presentations with ease.

These AI tools are designed with intuitive interfaces and advanced features, which facilitate the creation of a presentation that not only delivers information but also captivates the audience. Their ability to analyze data and generate insightful visuals makes them indispensable in the corporate world. 

So, are you ready to embrace the future of presentations and elevate your corporate communication game? With AI presentation generators at your fingertips, there's no better time to step into the new age of corporate presentations and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

What AI presentation generator are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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