Best AI Sex Video Generators: Top 9 Picks for 2024

Top Ai Sex Video Generators

Consider this situation – your friends gift you a subscription to an AI sex video generator as a prank for your bachelor party. You're initially confused, but as the realization dawns, your face turns beet red. Amidst raucous laughter, you can't help but wonder, “What exactly are AI sex video generators?”

These advanced tools use artificial intelligence to create customized adult videos tailored to your wildest fantasies. With just a few prompts, you can generate realistic erotic content without any actors or filming required.

A recent survey found that 1 in 10 adults have already experimented with AI-generated adult content. Are AI sex video generators the future of porn, or a passing fad? Let's explore what they offer and if they're worth the hype.

What are AI Sex Video Generators?

AI Sex Video Generators

AI Sex Video Generators are advanced tools that use artificial intelligence to create customized erotic videos tailored to users' desires. These innovative platforms allow you to generate realistic adult content by simply inputting text prompts or preferences. With AI porn generators, you can explore your wildest fantasies and bring them to life through hyper-realistic visuals, all without involving real actors or filming.

Top AI Sex Video Generators: A Side-by-Side Evaluation

AI Video GeneratorProsConsBest For– High-quality realistic videos
– Diverse customization options
– Privacy-focused
– Relatively expensive
– Limited free trials
Realistic adult videos with advanced customization
PornX– Excellent free plan
– User-friendly interface
– Diverse styles (anime, realistic, etc.)
– Video quality still improving
– Some bugs in beta
Exploring different styles of AI porn videos for free
Seduced AI– Cutting-edge AI models
– Highly realistic results
– Specialized fetish extensions
– Focused on images over videos
– Expensive subscription
Photorealistic erotic images and animations
Pornjourney– Prioritizes realistic fake photos
– Uncropping feature for premium users
– Fast image generation
– Video capabilities still basic
– Limited free access
Generating ultra-realistic fake nudes and porn scenes
Pornjoy– Beautiful anime/hentai style
– Affordable pricing
– Fast and stable
– Realistic style not as advanced
– Fewer customization options
Anime/hentai porn videos and GIFs on a budget
PornWorks AI– Specializes in high-quality porn videos
– Automated undress feature
– Simple text input
– Interface could be more user-friendly
– Limited free trials
Creating explicit porn videos from text descriptions
Promptchan AI– Completely free to use
– Huge array of tagging options
– Frequent updates
– Results can be hit-or-miss
– No premium features
Exploring AI porn generation for free with lots of options
Sexy AI– Diverse AI models (furry, LGBTQ+, etc.)
– Upcoming video generation
– User-friendly design
– Currently image-only
– Limited free access
Niche and inclusive AI porn image generation
Icegirls AI– Ultrarealistic results
– Advanced upscaling and inpainting
– Consistent quality
– Expensive subscription
– Focused on images over videos
The highest quality realistic AI porn images


PornGen is an AI-powered platform that transforms your creative fantasies into reality. It offers an extensive range of features, including AI-driven undress, customizable sex video generation, and a wide array of styles like anime, photorealistic, and more. The platform's unique selling proposition lies in its robust algorithmic engine, lifelike model designs, and finer image output details, ensuring users can effortlessly create NSFW images with just a few clicks. With a focus on privacy and secure transactions, is the go-to destination for adult content creation. Unique Features:

AI Undress Generator HDAllows users to upload photos and use AI to remove clothing realistically, enhancing the NSFW experience.
Customization Options           Offers extensive customization including body type, hair color, and sexual positions for personalized content.
Diverse StylesThe platform offers a range of styles for video generation, including photorealistic, anime/hentai, and more, catering to different tastes and preferences.
Realistic OutputsUtilizes advanced AI algorithms to generate lifelike and high-quality NSFW images and videos.
User prioritizes user privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that all interactions and content creation remain secure and anonymous.

How to use

Simply describe your desired adult video scenario using text prompts, and's cutting-edge AI technology will generate realistic, high-quality pornographic videos tailored to your preferences. Customize characters, positions, and fetishes for a personalized AI porn experience. Pricing: offers a free plan, while the premium plans are available starting from $19.99 for 3000 gems.

2. PornX AI

PornX AI

PornX AI is an advanced AI-powered platform for creating personalized adult content using AI. It offers a diverse range of styles, from anime to photorealistic models, and allows for over 30 customizable actions. With no sign-up required, it ensures user privacy and provides a unique, dynamic experience for adult entertainment. Its standout feature is the ability to generate 4K AI porn videos from text, setting it apart as a versatile and user-friendly AI sex video generator.

PornX AI Unique Features:

Text-to-Video AI GeneratorAdvanced text-to-video feature that crafts adult content from user input.
Undressing AI FeatureInnovative undress AI feature that adds a unique dimension to content creation.
Uncensored AI Image GeneratorProduces uncensored and explicit AI-generated images and GIFs.
Anime/Cartoon ModelsGenerate anime, hentai, and cartoon-style adult videos alongside photorealistic options.
Customizable Porn ActionsOver 30 dynamic actions to enhance video creation, offering a tailored experience.
Pose and Face CustomizationPersonalize character poses and faces for added realism and immersion.

How to use PornX AI?

To use PornX AI as an AI sex video generator, simply enter text prompts describing your desired adult scenario, customize character models and actions, adjust creativity settings, and let the advanced AI technology generate stunningly realistic and personalized porn videos tailored to your fantasies.

PornX AI Pricing:

PornX AI offers a free plan with limited features, and a premium Gold plan at $21/month that provides 680 tokens, priority queue, unlimited generations, custom prompts, inpaint, custom poses, high/best quality, upscale x4, private mode, and exclusive Discord benefits.

3. Seduced AI


Seduced AI is a pioneering AI porn generator that empowers users to create realistic NSFW images and videos effortlessly. Its unique selling point is the ability to generate diverse fetish content, including gay, futanari, and interracial, using powerful AI models and extensions. With features like video generation, character reuse, and customizable fetish strengths, Seduced AI offers an unparalleled experience for exploring fantasies. Users can also save and reuse AI-generated characters, allowing them to appear in infinite scenarios.

Seduced AI Unique Features:

Diverse Content CreationCreate a wide range of AI porn images and videos spanning genres like hentai, futanari, and realistic scenes.
High-Quality ContentGenerates crystal-clear, high-resolution AI porn videos and images, ensuring a visually appealing experience.
Character CustomizationUsers can modify body shapes, clothing, and scenarios to fit their preferences, enhancing personalization.
AI UpscalingEnhance image and video resolution with AI upscaling for finer details.
Fetish Content ExtensionsAccess extensions to produce fetish content beyond typical AI generator capabilities.
Private ModeKeep your AI porn creations confidential with private mode.
Reusable AI CharactersSave and reuse your AI-generated characters across different scenarios.

How to use Seduced AI?

With Seduced AI's AI porn video generator, create realistic NSFW videos effortlessly. Simply enter prompts, select AI models like futanari or POV, and generate smooth 6-second AI porn videos featuring customized characters and fetish content. No technical skills required for this user-friendly AI sex video maker.

Seduced AI Pricing:

Seduced AI offers a free basic plan, a Pro plan at $25/month, a Platinum plan at $50/month, and a Diamond plan at $150/month.

4. PornJourney


PornJourney stands out as a premier AI sex video generator, offering users the ability to craft ultra-realistic and customizable adult content. With features like advanced deep learning models and extensive customization options, it allows for the creation of personalized experiences. Its unique selling proposition lies in its ability to generate both realistic and anime/hentai sex videos, catering to diverse preferences. PornJourney stands out with features like rapid model generation, easy prompting, and the option to create furry and feet fetish content. Additionally, it offers a seamless experience for generating shemale porn, ensuring an inclusive and comprehensive platform for all desires.

PornJourney Unique Features:

Hyper-Realistic ContentPornJourney AI specializes in generating lifelike adult content, capturing intricate details for an authentic experience.
Full Customization ControlUsers have extensive customization options, including ethnicity, body shape, hair color, and more, to create personalized content.
Keep This Girl FeatureThis unique feature allows users to save and reuse a model's face across various scenarios, enhancing personalization.
Undress AI TechnologyThe innovative Undress AI tool transforms clothed photos into nudes, adding a new layer of interactivity to user fantasies.
Video Beta AccessPremium users get exclusive access to the beta version of the video AI porn generator for dynamic and engaging content.
No Mobile App RequiredAccessible through a web browser, PornJourney does not require a mobile app, simplifying the user experience.
Live Sex Chat SimulationEngage with AI-generated characters in a simulated live sex chat, adding a dimension of interactivity.
Tailored Adult ImageryAdvanced AI algorithms enable the creation of highly realistic adult imagery that aligns with user preferences.

How to use PornJourney?

To create custom AI porn videos with PornJourney's AI sex video generator, simply select your desired characters, scenarios, and fetishes, then let the advanced algorithms generate hyper-realistic adult animations tailored to your preferences.

PornJourney Pricing:

PornJourney offers a premium subscription plan at $15/month or $89/year for unlimited access to generate photo-realistic and hentai porn images and videos.

5. PornJoy AI

PornJoy AI

PornJoy AI is a top-notch AI sex video generator that excels in creating high-quality, customizable adult content. It offers a diverse range of AI models, including realistic, hentai, and 3D animation, allowing users to tailor content to their preferences. Key features include extensive customization of characters, poses, and scenarios, ensuring each video is unique. With a focus on privacy and user-friendly interface, PornJoy AI stands out as a top choice for personalized adult entertainment.

PornJoy AI Unique Features:

Diverse AI ModelsOffers a variety of AI models including realistic, hentai, 3D animation, and semi-realistic styles.
Extensive CustomizationUsers can deeply customize characters, poses, scenarios, and more to create unique content.
High-Quality Video GenerationCapable of producing high-resolution and visually appealing videos quickly and efficiently.
Custom and Negative PromptsAllows for advanced customization using custom prompts and the ability to exclude unwanted elements.
Rapid Content ProductionGenerates videos swiftly, enhancing user experience by minimizing wait times.
Global AccessibilityOptimized server response times by region to ensure fast and reliable access worldwide.

How to use PornJoy AI?

Visit, select desired character traits, poses, and scenarios for your AI porn video. Customize settings, then let PornJoy AI's advanced models generate a highly realistic, personalized AI adult video tailored to your fantasies.

PornJoy AI Pricing:

PornJoy AI offers a free plan with limited features, a Pro plan at $9.99/month for around 500 images, and an Unlimited plan at $14.99/month for unrestricted access to all features.

6. PornWorks AI


PornWorks AI is an advanced AI porn generator that creates realistic NSFW images and videos from text prompts. Its key features include a versatile porn generation engine for diverse artistic styles, hardcore content creation, a user-friendly prompt interface, and the ability to customize attributes like hair color and body type. PornWorks AI's USP is its state-of-the-art diffusion models that produce high-quality, tailored adult content, pushing boundaries with an endless variety of AI-generated porn while ensuring privacy through no sign-up access.

PornWorks AI Unique Features:

Diverse Artistic StylesSupports a range of artistic styles, from realistic to fantasy, catering to varied user preferences.
Hardcore Content CreationAbility to generate explicit hardcore porn videos and images.
Customizable AttributesCustomize physical attributes like body type, hair color, etc. for personalized results.
No Sign-Up RequiredGenerate adult AI videos anonymously with no account needed
Real-Time RenderingCapable of generating videos quickly, enhancing user experience with minimal waiting times.

How to use PornWorks AI?

To use PornWorks AI as an AI sex video generator, simply enter your desired scenarios and preferences into the prompt-based interface. Enjoy custom, high-quality AI-generated adult videos with privacy and diverse artistic styles.

PornWorks AI Pricing:

PornWorks AI offers a Lite plan at €2.99 per month, a Plus plan at €7.99 per month, and an Ultimate plan at €14.99 per month, with discounted rates for longer subscription periods.

7. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI

Promptchan is an AI image generator specializing in NSFW content. Its unique selling point is the ability to create uncensored AI porn, including anime, realistic, and fantasy options. Users can generate their “dream girl” by inputting preferences, browse community posts, and customize images with upscaling and enhancement tools. Specializing in hyperrealistic and fantasy AI-generated videos, it caters to diverse preferences with uncensored, high-quality visuals. With no censorship, Promptchan offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for exploring AI-generated adult content.

Promptchan AI Unique Features:

Variety of StylesGenerate content in various styles like anime, realistic, hyperreal, furry, and more.
Customizable PreferencesInput your desired preferences to generate your “dream girl” AI character.
AI Upscaling and EnhancementUpscale and enhance the details and resolution of your AI-generated images.
Community SharingBrowse and clone prompts from a community of over 3 million AI porn creations.
Private Publishing ModeKeep your AI porn creations private and anonymous with a secure publishing mode.
Pose CustomizationEasily change the pose of your AI character to depict different scenarios.
Censorship-Free ExperienceNo restrictions or censorship on the type of AI porn you can generate.

How to use Promptchan AI?

To use Promptchan AI as an AI sex video generator, simply input your desired preferences like character style, pose, and scenario. The AI will then create uncensored, explicit AI porn videos tailored to your prompts.

Promptchan AI Pricing:

Promptchan AI offers a free tier with 20 complimentary Gems to start, and paid subscription plans like Plus, Premium, and Pro for enhanced features and unlimited Gem usage, with the Pro plan priced at $5.99 per month.

8. Sexy AI

Sexy.AI is a revolutionary adult content generator, pushing the boundaries of AI-powered creativity. Explore and create limitless erotic imagery, from hentai to realistic, LGBTQ+ and more. No sign-up is required to unleash your desires with our NSFW AI Generator. Choose from a variety of seductive AI models to create tantalizing adult imagery. Upgrade to PRO Membership for priority queue, lightning-fast generations, and advanced features. The level of detail and realism in our AI porn will leave you questioning what's real. Indulge in images and videos generated by our AI, and save your creations in personal galleries.

Sexy AI Unique Features:

Customizable AI ModelsCreate personalized adult videos with adjustable AI models for hentai, furry, realistic, and LGBTQ+ content.
Advanced Video GenerationLeverage cutting-edge AI technology for high-quality, seamless video generation of explicit content.
Priority QueueGet your videos rendered faster with the priority queue option for premium users.
Lightning-Fast GenerationsExperience incredibly fast video generation times, saving you valuable time.
Explicit CreativityUnleash your wildest fantasies with unlimited creative possibilities for adult video generation.
Unparalleled ControlGain advanced control over video settings, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your creation.

How to use Sexy AI?

To create tantalizing AI-generated adult videos with Sexy.AI, simply upload your desired images or provide text prompts, adjust the customizable settings for hentai, furry, realistic or LGBTQ+ content, and let the powerful AI engine seamlessly generate your explicit video fantasies with lightning speed.

Sexy AI Pricing:

Sexy.AI offers Tier 1 Plan at $14.99/month and Tier 2 Plan at $29.99/month.

9. Icegirls AI


IceGirls AI is a popular platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, realistic NSFW images. This AI porn generator allows users to create custom images based on their preferences, including various styles, actions, and characters. The platform offers a wide range of options, from realistic to cartoon and hentai styles, and even allows users to generate images of well-known characters. IceGirls AI also features a “HUB” page where users can explore images created by others for inspiration. The platform offers a free tier, allowing users to create up to 10 images per day, and a premium membership for unlimited generations and advanced features.

Icegirls AI Unique Features:

4K UpscalingPremium feature that enhances image resolution, providing clearer and more detailed visuals.
Custom PromptsAllows users to describe desired scenes/actions for personalized AI porn videos
Realistic StylesOffers ultra-realistic, photographic styles for lifelike AI-generated porn
Cartoon/Hentai StylesIncludes animated, cartoon, and hentai styles for AI porn variety
Inspiration HubFeatures a hub of user-generated images for inspiration, helping users conceptualize new ideas.
Pose/Action SelectionPick specific sexual poses and actions for the AI to render in the videos.
Face Swap TechnologyUpload custom face images to make AI porn videos of that person.
Priority RenderingFaster video generation and rendering for premium members.
Commercial Use RightsPremium users can use the AI porn videos commercially.

How to use IceGirls.AI?

To use as an AI sex video generator, simply describe your desired adult scene using custom prompts, select realistic or stylized rendering modes, choose characters and poses, then let the powerful AI model generate hyper-realistic NSFW videos tailored to your fantasy.

IceGirls.AI Pricing: offers a free plan with limited features, and a premium plan at $15 per month for unlimited generations, faster rendering, no watermarks, and advanced customization options.

How to Use AI Sex Video Generators?

  1. Select a Platform: Choose a reputable AI Sex Video Generator that suits your needs and ensures privacy and security.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up and create an account, if required, to access the generator's features.
Customizable Features of Porngen
  1. Set Preferences: Input your preferences and desired scenarios, including style, characters, and any specific actions or settings.
  2. Customize Features: Utilize available tools to further customize the appearance and attributes of the characters, such as body type, ethnicity, and clothing.
Create an Account on Porngen
  1. Generate Content: Submit your inputs and let the AI process your requests. This may take a few minutes depending on the complexity.
  2. Review and Edit: Once the video is generated, review it and make any necessary edits to better align with your vision.
  3. Download or Stream: After finalizing the video, you can choose to download or stream it directly from the platform.
  4. Follow Legal and Ethical Guidelines: Always use the content responsibly and adhere to legal and ethical standards.

How do AI porn generators work?

AI porn generators work by training machine learning models on large datasets of existing pornographic videos and images. Users provide text descriptions or prompts, and the AI model generates new video content by combining and manipulating elements from the training data.

Are AI-generated porn videos legal?

The legality of AI-generated porn videos varies by jurisdiction. In many countries, they are legal as long as no real individuals are depicted without consent and no illegal content like child exploitation is involved. However, some regions have regulations around deepfakes that may apply.

How realistic are AI-generated porn videos?

The realism of AI porn videos is rapidly improving thanks to advances in generative AI. While not perfect, some of the latest generators can produce videos that are extremely realistic and difficult to distinguish from professional content.

Do AI Sex Video Generators require technical skills to use?

No, most AI Sex Video Generators are designed to be user-friendly, with simple interfaces that allow users to generate content with minimal technical knowledge.

Can AI Sex Video Generators create realistic content?

Yes, many AI Sex Video Generators are capable of producing highly realistic images and videos that can sometimes be mistaken for real footage, thanks to advancements in AI and machine learning technologies.

Is it safe to use AI Sex Video Generators?

Safety concerns mainly revolve around privacy and the ethical use of generated content. It's important to use reputable platforms that respect user privacy and do not misuse the generated content.

Final Verdict

As we wrap up our exploration of the best AI sex video generators of 2024, it's clear that the future of personalized adult content is here. From the advanced AI capabilities of PornX and Seduced AI these platforms offer an unparalleled experience in creating custom NSFW videos.

Whether you're looking to spice up your digital experience or explore new fantasies, these AI tools provide a safe, private, and highly customizable way to enjoy adult content. Dive into the world of AI-generated erotica where your deepest desires are just a prompt away. Experience the thrill of the future—where fantasy meets digital creation effortlessly.

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