🚀 10 Best AI Tools for Teachers in 2024 (Mostly FREE)

Best AI Tools for Teachers

What are the benefits of AI for Teachers?

Can you imagine a world where artificial intelligence seamlessly integrates into the classroom, enhancing teaching methods and simplifying administrative tasks?

The future of education is here, and AI tools are transforming the way teachers approach their profession, offering innovative solutions to age-old challenges.

We will explore the potential of AI tools for Teachers and how it can change the learning experience for both educators and students alike.

We will examine the benefits, applications, and the impact these AI tools can have on the educational landscape.

AI technology offers a wide range of benefits for educators, making the teaching experience more efficient and effective while also improving student outcomes. One significant advantage is the ability to provide personalized learning experiences. By analyzing student performance data, AI-powered tools can offer tailored support to help students improve their grades.

Another benefit of AI in education is task automation. By automating repetitive tasks like grading assignments and quizzes, teachers can focus on other important aspects of their job, such as lesson planning and giving individual attention to students.

AI also aids in smart content creation, saving teachers time by generating content, ideas, and learning objectives for them to review and modify as needed. AI-driven technologies, including text-to-speech tools, improve accessibility for students with disabilities, making education more inclusive.

Quick Overview on best AI Tools for Teachers

Aren't able to learn more about AI tools for teachers because of the constant planning of lessons to grading assessments? Fret not, here's a glance at the tools that will help you lessen your workload!

AI Tools for TeachersPricing (Starting)Money Back GuaranteeRatings
Century Tech£24.99/month/user7-day trial4.5/5 (G2)
Ivy ChatbotCustom PlanN/A4.8/5 (G2)
Fetchy$99/yearRefund Available (Condition Apply)N/A
GradescopeCustom PlanRefund Available (Condition Apply)4.7/5 (Capterra)
Formative AI$15/monthNo RefundN/A
ClassPoint AI$8/monthNo Refund4.8/5 (Capterra)
SlidesAI.io$10/month48 hours of purchaseN/A
Education CoPilot$9/monthN/A4.7/5 (Capterra)
Sendsteps.ai$9.99/monthNo Refund4.2/5 (G2)

Seems interesting, right? Why not have an in-depth knowledge of these tools to know which one fits best for you?

1. Century Tech

Century Tech

Century Tech is an AI-powered teaching and learning platform that utilizes cognitive neuroscience and data analytics to generate personalized learning plans for students. It is specifically designed for primary, secondary, and tertiary education institutions and offers support for various subjects, including English, maths, science, geography, and PE.

Century Tech combines artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience, and learning science to provide each student with a personalized learning experience while empowering teachers to perform even better as educators.

Century Tech Key Features:
Reduction of workload for teachers by automating tasks such as marking, planning, and data gathering.
Actionable data insights for timely and targeted interventions.
Instant identification and addressing of knowledge gaps.
High-quality, engaging content created by experienced teachers.

Century Tech offers a comprehensive platform that reduces the workload for teachers, allowing them to focus on building human relationships with their students. The platform provides teachers with the time to observe their students in ways that a machine cannot and guide them in ways that only another human can. With its innovative approach to personalized learning, Century Tech is transforming the way students learn and teachers teach worldwide.

Century Tech Pricing:

Free and Paid plans at £24.99 per month for a single user.

2. Plaito


Plaito is an AI tool for teachers that provides personalized one-on-one tutoring experiences for students. It aims to help teachers and professors by offering tailored lessons and language learning support in multiple languages.

Plaito's AI-driven approach helps educators deliver personalized learning experiences that cater to the unique learning styles, abilities, and progress of each student, leading to more effective learning outcomes.

Plaito Key Features:
Some of the main key features of Plaito include:
Real-time AI tutoring by uploading homework.
Test prep question generation.
Class key points and deadline transcriptions.
Gamification elements such as streaks, challenges, and coins foster learning habits.

Plaito's transcriber can summarize all class key points and deadlines, ensuring students never miss important information. The platform also engages students in learning and keeps them motivated by offering progress bars that track their achievements.

Plaito Pricing:

Free and Paid plans start from $14.99 per month.

3. Ivy Chatbot

Ivy Chatbot

Ivy Chatbot is an AI-driven platform that offers support and information through AI chat, live chat, and SMS text, providing personalized assistance to students and staff. Ivy Chatbot builds itself and keeps content in sync with the institution's website, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

IvyQuantum™, the underlying technology, comes pre-trained with millions of real questions asked by real users, allowing it to understand questions and provide accurate answers right away. It helps teachers by reducing their workload and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks and student interactions.

It efficiently responds to common questions and provides accurate information, reducing the rate of calls and emails. This automation leads to increased staff satisfaction and overall employee retention rates. To avail of the premium features, you can contact the sales team for the custom pricing.

Ivy Chatbot Key Features:
Live chat and SMS nudging.
Integrations for Facebook, ERP, CRM, and SIS.
Template library for easy customization.

Ivy Chatbot can also integrate with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, providing valuable insights into user engagement. Furthermore, it is capable of planning recruitment campaigns through gathered data, helping universities target and attract potential students more effectively.

4. Fetchy


Fetchy is an innovative ed-tech platform designed to change the teaching experience. As a virtual secretary for teachers, Fetchy aims to save time, streamline tasks, and unleash the true potential of educators.

Fetchy assists teachers with a wide range of tasks, such as organizing schedules, managing grading, and facilitating communication with students and parents. By automating administrative tasks and providing expert advice, Fetchy focuses more on teaching and less on time-consuming paperwork.

Fetchy Key Features:
Create engaging lessons with AI-generated content.
Generate newsletters for school or class updates.
Craft professional emails for communication with colleagues and parents.

Fetchy helps educators collaborate with other teachers and share ideas, lesson plans, and resources, fostering a supportive learning community. Furthermore, it is compatible with all internet-connected devices, making it easily accessible without the need for an app or download.

Fetchy Pricing:

A 7-day trial and paid plan start at $99 per year.

5. Gradescope


Gradescope is an AI-assisted grading and assessment management tool developed to help educators save time and gain a comprehensive understanding of student progress. It streamlines the grading process for various types of assignments, including variable-length assignments and fixed-template assignments.

Gradescope Key Features:
Return graded assignments with a single click and handle regrade requests online.
Gain insights into student performance with per-question and per-rubric item analytics.
Integrates with learning management systems like Canvas.

Gradescope offers a user-friendly interface that allows educators to create and manage rubrics for each question, ensuring consistent and efficient grading. The platform also supports the grading of handwritten work, making it suitable for a wide range of subjects and assignment types.

It promotes student equity by mitigating opportunities for unconscious bias in grading. The platform also provides detailed student performance data, helping educators identify knowledge gaps and adjust their teaching strategies accordingly.

Gradescope Pricing:

Free plan and request a quote from the sales team.

6. Formative AI

Formative AI

Formative AI is an inventive AI tool for teachers that transforms teaching and learning experiences for both teachers and students. It instantly generates new items, lessons, assignments, and more, all powered by artificial intelligence.

This advanced technology helps teachers create personalized and engaging learning experiences, while also saving time on lesson planning and content creation. It auto-generates standard-aligned questions and hints for learners. This feature allows teachers to quickly create customized assignments tailored to their student's needs, ensuring that the content is both relevant and challenging.

Formative AI Key Features:
Auto-generation of standard-aligned questions.
Auto-generation of hints for learners.
Integration with various classroom management systems.
AI-generated text passages and feedback.

Formative AI supports various question types, such as short answer, free response, fill-in-the-blank, matching, drag and drop, and categorisation. Its ability to personalize learning and provide targeted support helps educators to better provide for individual student needs and improve learning outcomes.

Formative AI Pricing:

Free and Paid plans at $15 per month.

7. ClassPoint AI

ClassPoint AI

ClassPoint AI is a tool that utilizes AI technology to efficiently analyze PowerPoint slide content and generate quiz questions. Powered by OpenAI, this game-changing solution uses advanced AI technology to analyze the content of your slides and create thought-provoking questions in a matter of seconds.

The platform supports multiple question formats, including multiple-choice, short-answer, and fill-in-the-blanks, catering to diverse audiences. It automates the process of quiz question generation, saving time and effort. This allows educators to focus on more impactful activities, such as building relationships with students and creating engaging lesson plans.

ClassPoint AI Key Features:
AI-Powered Question Generation.
Flexible Quiz Customization.
Bloom's Taxonomy Integration.
Multi-Language Support.

ClassPoint AI's advanced technology carefully detects the content of PowerPoint slides and creates questions that promote higher-order thinking skills. Furthermore, it offers gamification features, such as stars and leaderboards, to make the learning experience more engaging and fun.

ClassPoint AI Pricing:

Free and Paid plans from $8 per month.

8. SlidesAI.io


SlidesAI.io is an AI tool for teachers that generates visually appealing presentations quickly. Utilizing advanced AI technology, SlidesAI.io creates slides and designs based on text input and also offers relevant image and graphic suggestions.

This tool seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, making it an ideal solution for educators looking to save time and effort in creating presentations.

SlidesAI.io Key Features:
Seamless integration with Google Workspace.
Pre-made templates and themes for various presentation types.
Customization options for a unique look and feel.
Multilingual support for global usage.

SlidesAI.io offers a Magic Write function for editing AI-generated slides, including rephrasing and image search. The tool is compatible with various devices and provides official Twitter and blog support.

SlidesAI.io Pricing:

Free and paid plans at $10 per month.

9. Education CoPilot

Education CoPilot

Education CoPilot is an AI-driven platform designed to streamline the lesson planning and material creation process for educators. With its AI lesson planner at the core, Education CoPilot generates quality, structured lesson plans for any subject, lesson, or concept in seconds.

Education CoPilot generates lesson plans, writing prompts, educational handouts, student reports, and project outlines quickly and efficiently. This allows teachers to focus more on their students' needs and spend less time on planning and material creation.

Education CoPilot Key Features:
Quickly generate handouts covering diverse topics, concepts, or subject areas.
Generate templates in both English and Spanish languages.
The platform facilitates accessing curriculum-aligned content, generating activities, and tracking student performance.

Education CoPilot provides templates for writing prompts, student reports, and project outlines, among other resources. The platform is designed to assist educators in saving time and effort, helping them to prioritize their students.

Education CoPilot Pricing:

30-day free trial and paid plans at $9 per month.

10. Sendsteps.ai


Sendsteps.ai is an interactive presentation tool that transforms the process of creating engaging presentations by automating tasks and incorporating interactive elements to maintain students' interest and attentiveness. It uses AI algorithms to create visually appealing presentations, saving time and effort for educators while enhancing student engagement.

Sendsteps.ai Key Features:
Automatic slide creation based on documents.
Real-time audience engagement tools, such as live polls, quizzes, and surveys.
User-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
Customizable themes and templates.

Sendsteps.ai allows educators to easily create interactive presentations, ask questions, and receive feedback from students through smartphones or other devices. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive suite of features, such as analytics, surveys, and polls, to measure the success of presentations and collect valuable feedback from viewers.

Sendsteps.ai Pricing:

Free and paid plans from $9.99 per month.

What are the ethical and social considerations of AI in education?

The integration of AI in education presents various ethical and social challenges, such as privacy issues and the digital divide. As AI-driven educational systems gather extensive data on students, including their academic achievements, learning patterns, and personal details, it is crucial to ensure data protection and security.

Introducing AI in education could widen the digital divide, as students from low-income families or under-resourced schools might not have the same access to AI-powered tools as their more privileged counterparts. This could worsen existing educational disparities and socioeconomic gaps.

Besides privacy issues and the digital divide, other ethical concerns include fairness in AI systems, the possibility of AI perpetuating or worsening existing biases and discrimination, and the need for human autonomy in AI-driven decision-making.

Tackling these challenges requires collaboration among educators, policymakers, and technology providers to ensure AI-powered education systems are transparent and accountable, and safeguard student privacy while fostering equity and inclusivity in the classroom.

FAQS on AI Tools for Educators

I have collected some frequently asked questions related to AI-Powered tools for educators and provided the answers below.

What are the top AI tools for teachers in 2024?

👉ClassPoint AI: Instant quiz generation from PowerPoint slides based on Bloom Taxonomy.

👉QuillBot: Plagiarism checking, grammar rewriting, and citation.

👉PowerPoint Speaker Coach: Enhances presentation skills by providing real-time feedback.

👉Education CoPilot: AI tool for generating lesson plans, quizzes, and other teaching resources.

How can AI tools help teachers save time?

AI tools can automate various tasks, such as grading assignments, generating quizzes, and creating lesson plans, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and engaging with students

Can AI tools improve personalized learning experiences for students?

Yes, AI tools can analyze individual learning patterns and adjust the content, pace, and difficulty level accordingly, optimizing student engagement and knowledge retention

Are there any AI tools that can help with language learning?

AI-enhanced language learning tools, such as Duolingo, can provide personalized learning experiences and instant feedback to help students improve their language skills

What are some ethical considerations when using AI tools in education?

AI tools may produce inaccurate or biased responses based on faulty data, and they have the potential to cause data privacy issues. Teachers should be cautious when using AI tools and ensure they comply with data privacy regulations.

Summing Up

AI tools are transforming the educational landscape, providing teachers with innovative solutions to enhance their students' learning experiences. From AI-powered writing assistants and language-analysis platforms to automated assessment and personalized feedback systems.

These tools empower students to engage in self-directed learning while allowing teachers to focus on personalized instruction and targeted interventions. As AI continues to advance, it is crucial for educators to stay informed and adapt to these emerging technologies to maximize their potential in the classroom.

So, as we look forward to the advancements in AI tools for teachers, we must ask ourselves: What other creative and engaging ways can we harness the power of AI to further improve the learning experience for our students?

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