Top 12 AI Tools for Streamlining Workflow Automation in 2024

Top AI Tools for Workflow Automation

Are you tired of spending countless hours on repetitive tasks and looking for ways to streamline your business processes?

You're not alone! Many professionals are turning to AI-powered tools to automate their workflows and increase efficiency. Here, we will explore the top AI tools for workflow automation that can help you reduce errors, and improve productivity.

Notably, the adoption of AI and workflow automation has been on the rise, with 67% of companies using business process automation to streamline their day-to-day tasks. These tools not only help in automating repetitive tasks but also play a crucial role in enhancing customer experience. 

In fact, as per the data stated by Formstack, 76% of businesses use automation for standardizing daily workflows. Some popular AI tools for workflow automation include Decisions, Pabbly Connect, Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, and more.

By utilizing an AI workflow automation tool, you can streamline repetitive tasks, allowing for more time to be dedicated to important and valuable activities, ultimately improving business performance. Now, let us provide you with an extensive overview of several well-known AI workflow automation tools.

1. Decisions


Decisions is an efficient IPA platform to automate and accelerate any business process without requiring coding expertise. This AI software is inclusive of a range of tools to build enterprise software and workflows, helping businesses find new efficiencies and transform their manual tasks. 

One of the key features of Decisions is its rules engine, which helps you to codify business logic and automates decision-making processes. It also includes a workflow manager that eases the creation and refinement of processes, sequencing people and systems to optimize operations.

Moreover, Decisions provides mining agents to help users find and fix problems, optimize their businesses, and integrate with various systems to unify operations. The user-friendly interface assists designers with designing and building factual reports. 

Decisions embrace AI-driven innovation by maximum utilization of the transformative power of AI using its no-code software platform. This aids organizations to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflows, augmenting and automating operations with exceptional precision.

Decisions's Pricing

Standard plan starts at $9,900 per month
Enterprise plan includes custom pricing which suits your need

The Standard and Enterprise plans include features such as several production servers, unlimited developer and user seats, unlimited API calls, unlimited cases or workflow executions, graphical workflow, rule and form designers, and varying levels of support and services.

2. Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is an AI-powered workflow automation platform to ease business operations by connecting multiple applications and automating tasks in real-time. This platform's user-friendly workflow builder makes automation accessible to everyone, even those without coding skills.

The key point of Pabbly Connect is its ability to boost productivity by automating repetitive work. You can create multi-step workflows that include triggers, actions, and filters to automate tasks such as lead generation, email marketing, and social media management. 

Pabbly Connect also delivers advanced features like filters, path routers, and multi-step integrations, allowing for more complex automation processes. It offers free triggers and internal tasks, meaning that only action steps consume the monthly task allowance. This helps in executing more workflows compared to other platforms. 

Pabbly Connect's Pricing

The Free plan with limited features and 100 tasks per month
The Standard plan of $14/month for 12,000 tasks
The Pro plan charges $29/month for 24,000 tasks
The Ultimate plan costs $59/month and provides 50,000 tasks

These plans come with unlimited workflows, team members, operations, internal tasks, and premium app integrations

3. Workato


Workato is an artificial intelligence-driven integration and workflow automation platform designed to streamline business processes across various departments, including IT, marketing, HR, finance, sales, support, and product management. The platform is highly versatile and offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to improve process efficiency, eliminate tool fragmentation, and reduce technical debt.

Key features of Workato include its ability to integrate with over 1,000 applications, both on-premise and cloud-based, offering pre-built connectors for seamless data transfer. This workflow tool also boasts a library of over 400,000 pre-built recipes, which are automated workflows that can span multiple applications. Workato's AI-powered capabilities enable users to build integrations and automation faster, with generative AI seamlessly integrated into their work processes.

4. Albato


Albato is an AI-powered workflow automation platform that simplifies and automates workflows by integrating various apps used daily by businesses and individuals. With over 500 available apps and more than 27,000 automation scenarios, Albato simplifies the process of connecting multiple apps and platforms to solve complex tasks.

Its user-friendly interface helps you to create automation in just three steps: selecting the origin app, choosing the destination app, and defining the automation. The versatility of this AI workflow automation tool to solve even the most complex automation problems, and build ecosystems across dozens of apps and platforms.

The platform also offers a custom App Integrator, which allows users to quickly and easily add apps that may not be available in the existing library.

Albato's Pricing

The free plan is ideal for easy two-step API automation
The basic plan, priced at $15 per month, is suitable for individuals with limited data
For small businesses with multiple tasks, the Standard plan costs $42 per month
Larger businesses can opt for the Pro plan at $104 per month 
Enterprise plan at $162 per month, both offering higher limits and faster response times.

Custom plans are also available for those with specific requirements

5. n8n


n8n, with its artificial intelligence-supported workflow, is curated for technical users who want to build complex automation without the hassle of dealing with APIs. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to use JavaScript when needed, n8n creates flexible workflows focused on deep data integration.

The key component of n8n is its ability to connect APIs with no code for automating manual tasks, while also providing the option to write vanilla JavaScript for manipulating complex data. This builds custom scenarios at speed and integrates with any app. Furthermore, n8n offers independent instances for each environment, bulk operations, and painless debugging, making it an ideal choice for a reliable and efficient automation tool.

It is available in both a self-hosted version and a cloud-based version, with the full source code available to audit, tweak, or fork the codebase. This ensures data security and compliance with data privacy laws.

n8n's Pricing

The Starter plan, priced at €20 per month, is perfect for getting started quickly and includes 2.5k workflow executions, 5 active workflows, and single-user access
The Pro plan, designed for teams and business-critical workflows, costs €50 per month and offers 10k workflow executions, 15 active workflows, and unlimited users with collaboration features
The Enterprise plan provides a custom solution with unlimited workflow executions and additional features; you need to contact n8n for pricing details. 

6. Zapier


Zapier connects and streamlines tasks across various applications, assisting businesses to focus on their core operations. With more than 5,000 app integrations, Zapier supports a wide range of popular tools such as Asana, Zendesk, Calendly, Lyft, Hudl, Getaround, ServiceTitan, Dropbox, Hopper, Hello Fresh, Miro, ActiveCampaign, and Shopify.

One of the key highlights of Zapier is its ability to build custom workflows in minutes, automating repetitive tasks and freeing up time for more impactful work. You can create multi-step Zaps, incorporating custom logic, conditions, filters, and more without the need for coding. Zapier offers a suite of AI-powered tools that build Zaps in plain English, with the platform automatically generating the code and constructing the workflows.

Zapier's Pricing

The Free plan is designed for individuals who require basic automation, costing $0 per month with 100 tasks per month
The Starter plan, priced at $19.99 per month when billed annually, is for individuals with simple, multi-step automation needs and includes 750 tasks per month
The Professional plan, at $49 per month billed annually, is for individuals who need the full power of Zapier's automation platform and comes with 2,000 tasks per month
The Team plan, priced at $69 per month billed annually, is designed for teams collaborating on automation across the organization and includes 2,000 tasks per month 

7. Kissflow


Kissflow is a low-code application development platform to ease business manual processes and workflows. It includes a comprehensive suite of tools to help organizations automate tasks, manage projects, and improve efficiency, without much human intervention.

The highlight of Kissflow is its process management capabilities. With a unique form-first approach, you can rapidly design, test, and streamline real business solutions without the need for extensive coding. The case management feature helps coordinate essential work with a highly visual, flexible, and intuitive layout.

Kissflow's external portals assist organizations in opening up their apps to vendors, customers, and other collaborators, while its integrations allow for instant connections to all your systems through easy no-code connectors. Reporting and analytics provide customized, actionable insights, helping to make human-error-free decisions based on accurate and visual data on a flexible interface.

Kissflow's Pricing

The Basic plan starts at $1,500 per month
The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing

Both plans include features such as internal and external users, private clusters, and varying levels of support for simple and complex use cases.

8. Jitterbit


Jitterbit is an AI-powered tool for integration and workflow automation platform to connect systems and build applications to amplify your tech stack. As a low-code integration platform, it helps businesses streamline processes across the enterprise by connecting SaaS, on-premise, and legacy systems. Jitterbit's security features include highly secure data centres with state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems, as well as 24×7 professional security staff. 

It includes a graphical tool for data transportation and transformation between various data types and sources, such as web services, XML files, ODBC and JDBC databases, EDI files, and flat and hierarchical file structures. The platform also provides workflow automation features, to build agile and scalable solutions to solve current challenges and future-proof operations.

Jitterbit's Pricing 

Jitterbit's pricing structure is based on an annual contract, with custom pricing available depending on your requirements.

The Standard price is set at $1,000 per month
The Professional edition costs $2,500 per month
The Enterprise edition is inclusive of various features at $5,000 per month

 Jitterbit offers a 14-day free trial for new users

9. Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is built to simplify repetitive tasks and complex workflows, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. As a cloud-based service, it creates automated workflows between various apps and services, making it an ideal solution for both coders and non-coders alike. 

Power Automate has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and creates rule-based workflows with ease. It offers hundreds of pre-built connectors and thousands of templates, making it simple to automate repetitive tasks across various applications. Moreover, Power Automate Process Mining helps you rapidly identify process bottlenecks and inefficiencies, providing guided recommendations for creating flows.

It integrates AI capabilities through AI Builder and embeds powerful language models into flows for generating, summarizing, and answering text. This advanced low-code AI functionality aids in the creation of unique automation scenarios.

Power Automate's Pricing

The Per-user plan costs $15 per user/month, allowing individuals to automate cloud apps, services, and data with digital process automation.
The Per-user plan with attended RPA is available at $150 per bot/month, providing additional robotic process automation capabilities.

10. is a Work OS  to manage tasks, projects, and processes efficiently at scale. With a visually appealing interface and customizable workflows, is designed to boost team alignment, efficiency, and productivity.

One of the characteristics of is its ability to shape workflows according to the users' needs. This flexibility helps teams to streamline work, centralize processes, tools, and files, and maintain a single source of truth across the organization. This workflow tool benefits from easy-to-use automation and real-time notifications, which help teams collaborate effectively and stay on track to reach their goals faster.'s Pricing

The pricing structure is as follows:

Free: $0, forever free for up to 2 seats
Basic: $8 per seat/month, billed annually
Standard: $10 per seat/month, billed annually 
Pro: $19 per seat/month, billed annually
Enterprise plan with custom pricing for larger teams and organizations

11. Make


Make, a visual platform to build and automate anything from tasks and workflows to apps and systems. It provides a unique approach to no-code workflow automation, moving beyond traditional linear and non-intuitive platforms. 

One of the spotlights of Make is its ability to visually create, build, and automate workflows, limited only by the user's imagination. This makes it a versatile workflow tool for various teams, including marketing, sales, operations, IT, and HR. It efficiently automates work and builds new complex processes by simply dragging and dropping apps. With thousands of free workflow automation templates, users can get inspired and customize them to match their ideal workflows. 

Make's Pricing

PlanPrice (billed yearly)Target AudienceOperations per Month
FreeFreeIndividuals trying automation1,000
Core$9/monthIndividuals automating simple work10,000
Pro$16/monthIndividuals with more sophisticated automation10,000
Teams$29/monthDepartments introducing automation for multiple users10,000
EnterpriseCustomOrganizations running key business functionsCustom

12. Next Matter

Next Matter

Next Matter is a modern automation and orchestration platform to streamline complex workflows and help businesses operate more efficiently and scale up faster. This AI-powered workflow automation tool offers a low-code/pro-code workflow automation system that recreates complex operations as tailor-fit, automated workflows, integrates existing tech stack with custom REST API, and builds custom actions and tools for function-specific and critical business requirements.

Key segments of Next Matter include task management, workflow management, customizable dashboard, forms management, graphical workflow editor, advanced user permissions, dashboards and reports, import and export, professional integrations, onboarding training, and priority support. It also offers a zero-friction user experience, making it easier for employees, suppliers, and customers to complete workflow activities seamlessly.

Next Matter's Pricing 

Next Matter offers a simple pricing structure that scales with your organization, providing a solution for businesses of various sizes.

The Starter plan, designed for small businesses without advanced requirements, costs $990 per month and supports up to 50 employees
The Professional plan, suitable for businesses with 50 to 250 employees, costs $2,490 per month
The Enterprise plan, aimed at organizations with 250 to 500 employees, costs $4,990 per month
For businesses with more than 500 employees or custom implementation requirements, the Enterprise+ plan is available with custom pricing

End Note

AI tools for workflow automation have proven to be valuable assets for businesses across various industries. These tools offer numerous benefits, including improved efficiency and productivity, cost savings, better data analysis, and reduced error rates.

Moreover, AI workflow automation tools can adapt to rapidly changing business conditions, ensuring that organizations remain competitive and agile in the face of new challenges. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can unlock the potential of their data, generate valuable insights, and optimize their processes to better serve their customers.

In our findings, we noticed that those businesses effectively integrate AI workflow automation tools into their existing processes and systems can reap the full benefits of AI-driven automation and drive their businesses forward. It's interesting to see how the future of AI workflow automation evolves to further enhance the way businesses operate and adapt to new challenges.

Now is the time to consider implementing AI workflow automation tools in your business. By doing so, you can unlock numerous benefits and stay ahead of the competition. Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Take the first step towards a more agile and data-driven future by exploring the potential of AI workflow automation for your organization today.

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