25 Best Free AI Trip Planners for  Effortless Travel Planning (2024 Guide)

Best Free AI Trip Planners

Planning the perfect vacation can be a complex puzzle – researching destinations, comparing flights and accommodations, and crafting an itinerary that balances must-see attractions with hidden gems. But what if technology could take some of the guesswork out of the equation? Enter the world of AI trip planners. These innovative tools are revolutionizing travel planning, with a growing number of free options available. In fact, a recent survey found that over 60% of travelers have expressed interest in using AI to personalize their trip planning experience.

AI trip planners harness the power of artificial intelligence to create tailor-made itineraries in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional planning methods. They can analyze your preferences, budget, and travel style, suggesting destinations, booking accommodations, and even finding the cheapest flights. Best of all, many of these intelligent trip planners are completely free to use!

If you're ready to streamline your travel planning and make your next trip unforgettable, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll uncover the 25 best free AI trip planners, detailing their unique features, pros, and cons. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time traveler, these powerful tools will help you plan your dream trip with ease and confidence.

Ai Trip Planner

AI trip planners can also incorporate insights from social media, like Instagram reels and TikToks, to suggest popular and trending activities. AI Trip Planners can be customized to include specific interests, such as food, history, nature, or nightlife, and can learn from users' feedback to refine their recommendations over time. They can also manage travel budgets, suggest attractions and activities, and provide valuable insights about travel plans. Despite their efficiency in handling logistical aspects and providing personalized recommendations, AI trip planners have limitations. They may not fully grasp the nuances of the human experience, such as the joy of spontaneous discoveries or the importance of pacing a trip to accommodate personal energy levels and interests. Therefore, while AI trip planners can serve as a valuable starting point for organizing a trip, they are most effective when used in conjunction with human input and verification to ensure a travel experience that truly resonates on a personal level.

Benefits of Using AI Trip Planners

Free AI trip planners are transforming the travel landscape, empowering you to craft unforgettable adventures without breaking the bank. But how exactly do these innovative tools enhance your travel experience? Let's understand the key benefits of utilizing free AI trip planners: These innovative trip planning tools leverage artificial intelligence to streamline the travel planning process, significantly reducing the time and effort required to research and organize trips. By analyzing user preferences and behavior, AI Trip Planners offer personalized recommendations, tailoring travel itineraries to individual interests, whether one is seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion. This customization extends to suggesting accommodations, nearby restaurants, and activities, ensuring a travel experience that aligns with the traveler's desires.

Moreover, AI Trip Planners enhance the efficiency of travel planning. Traditionally, travelers would have to sift through multiple websites and reviews to find the best options for their itinerary. Now, AI can aggregate and analyze this information swiftly, presenting the most relevant and cost-effective options. This not only saves time but also helps travelers discover options they might not have found on their own. Additionally, these AI tools offer the advantage of smart optimization. By accessing vast datasets, AI Trip Planners can suggest the most efficient travel routes and recommend the most cost-effective travel and accommodation options, taking into account factors like traffic and available transportation modes. They also provide real-time updates and notifications about travel disruptions, ensuring travelers are well-informed and can adjust their plans accordingly.

By embracing the power of free AI trip planners, you can unlock a world of possibilities, transforming travel planning from a plunge into the future of travel.

List of the Best Free AI Trip Planners

Planning your dream vacation just got easier with AI Trip Planners! Explore this table to discover a diverse range of free AI trip-planning tools, each catering to unique travel styles and preferences. Find the perfect AI companion to craft your unforgettable adventure!

AI Trip PlannerUSPRatings
Trip Planner AIPersonalized itineraries based on interests and budgetN/A
Roam AroundAI-powered walking tours and city exploration4.8 (Product Hunt)
iPlan.aiCreate interactive trip itineraries with maps and activities4.1 (Capterra)
CuriosioDiscover unique and hidden gems based on your preferencesN/A
ForgemytripCollaborative trip planning with friends and familyN/A
WonderplanVisually plan your trip with photos, notes, and maps5.0 (Product Hunt)
PLAN by ixigoAI-powered suggestions for flight updates, secure booking process, hotels, and activities in India4.8 (Product Hunt)
TravelPerkFocuses on corporate travel planning and expense management4.6 (G2)
Vacay ChatbotChat-based trip planning with personalized recommendationsN/A
Travelin.AIAI-powered travel assistant with itinerary suggestions and booking optionsN/A
TravelitiesCreate customized travel guides with Google maps, nearby attractions, and local tips5.0 (Product Hunt)
TripBotConversational AI trip planning with real-time updates and alertsN/A
PlanTripAIAI-powered travel itinerary builder with budget tracking and optimizationN/A
Planit EarthCreate and share interactive trip itineraries with friends and family3.7 (Product Hunt)
NomadspotFocuses on off-the-beaten-path destinations and unique experiencesN/A
Momo AIAI-powered travel assistant with real-time flight and hotel recommendationsN/A
TripClub AISocial travel planning platform with community recommendations and collaboration toolsN/A
LogicBalls Free AI Trip PlannerBudget-friendly trip planning with basic itinerary suggestions4.1 (Trustpilot)
AdotripFocuses on travel deals and packages in India4.3 (Trustpilot)
AMBLRAI-powered travel itinerary builder with a focus on sustainability4.8 (Product Hunt)
TRIPChatter AI Travel ChatChat-based travel assistant with personalized recommendations and booking optionsN/A
TRAIVLAI-powered travel platform with itinerary suggestions, booking tools, and local experiencesN/A
SkootAI-powered trip planning platform with a focus on road trips and scenic routes4.6 (Capterra)
ChatGPTLarge language model with capabilities for generating creative text formats, like trip itineraries4.7 (G2)
AI Trip Planner by BuildAIFree plan allows basic trip planning, paid plans offer customization and app building3.8 (G2)

1. Trip Planner AI

Trip Planner AI

Trip Planner AI is a free online travel planning service that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to help travelers create customized itineraries. Developed by a team of travel experts and AI engineers, Trip Planner AI aims to transform the way people plan their trips by taking care of all the heavy lifting. After signing up for a free account, users can enter details about their upcoming trip like destination, travel dates, budget, interests, and preferences. Trip Planner AI then gets to worInteractive map to visualize the trip plan and route.k analyzing millions of data points to generate an optimal travel plan tailored specifically to the traveler's needs and desires. The AI-powered destination recommendations include the top sights to see, restaurants to try, hotels to stay at, and efficient routes to take.

Key Features of Trip Planner AI:
Suggest the optimal sequence of top sights and attractions to see each day based on opening hours, crowds, user interests, etc.
Web and mobile app with user-friendly interface.
Advanced artificial intelligence for personalized recommendations.
Recommends highly rated local restaurants and eateries suited to the user's cuisine preferences and budget.
Plots efficient routes accounting for a mode of transport, traffic conditions, etc to save travel time.
Customizable itineraries tailored to travel style and interests.
Allows easy booking of recommended hotels and activities via integration with booking partners.
Finds best value accommodations located closest to points of interest on the itinerary.
Share the final trip plan via email, social media, or as a PDF for offline access.

2. Roam Around

Roam Around

Roam Around is an AI-powered free travel planning app that instantly generates personalized itineraries for any destination on Earth. Within seconds, it creates a custom travel plan tailored to your unique preferences and travel style. Trusted by over 13,000 users worldwide, Roam Around aims to revolutionize trip planning by eliminating the hassle of research. Its intelligent algorithms analyze top attractions, hidden gems, budgets, interests, and previous trips to deliver hyper-customized recommendations. Whether you're a backpacker, family traveler, adventurer, or foodie, Roam Around has something for you. Developed by former employees of Google, Disney, and Microsoft, Roam Around incorporates the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. It continues to learn about users' habits through a feedback system, enabling further personalization over time. As the world's first viral AI travel planner, Roam Around brings the luxury of a personal travel agent to your fingertips.

Key Features of Roam Around:
Customizes itineraries based on individual budgets, interests, group sizes, and preferences
Provides real-time travel alerts and updates during trips
Includes an intuitive map to visually plan and track trips
Offers hassle-free travel booking of flights, hotels, transportation, etc. directly through the app
Continuously improves recommendations by learning about users' habits over time
Incorporates the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning
Available on both iOS and Android devices

3. iPlan.ai

iplan ai

iPlan.ai is an innovative AI-powered trip-planning app that creates personalized travel itineraries in seconds. Developed by Voyage AI Inc., this smart travel planner harnesses artificial intelligence to understand users' travel preferences and curate tailored recommendations for destinations, attractions, activities, and accommodations. With just a few inputs about your trip details including destination, travel dates, interests, and budget, iPlan.ai gets to work immediately crafting an optimized travel plan for you. The AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data on locations, events, reviews, and more to suggest the best options that match your needs. Within seconds, iPlan.ai provides you with a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary outlining the key highlights, travel times, duration estimates, and routing information. The app features an intuitive interface for easy editing, collaboration, and on-the-go access across devices. As you modify your trip, iPlan.ai adapts in real time, continuously refining recommendations.

Key Features of iPlan.ai:
Smart itinerary creation using AI algorithms
Real-time updates and adjustments to itineraries
Integration with other travel services like hotels and transportation
Customizable itinerary preferences (activities, dining, etc.)
Seamless collaboration features for group trips
Accessible on iOS and Android devices
Recommendations for trending destinations
Effortless customization and sharing of itineraries
Map integration for intuitive trip planning

iPlan.ai Pricing:

iPlan.ai offers a free model along with premium subscription plans starting at $3.99 per trip.

4. Curiosio


Curiosio is an AI-powered trip-planning app that takes the hassle out of travel preparation. Its intelligent algorithm generates personalized road trip itineraries tailored to your budget, interests, travel dates, and vehicle type. Simply input your trip parameters and let the app's AI engine take over. It carefully plots driving routes complete with optimal stopovers at fascinating attractions, beautiful scenery, and hidden local gems based on crowdsourced data and traveler insights. You'll also get day-by-day breakdowns outlining mileage, estimated drive times, and places to eat and sleep. Curiosio takes care of all the planning details so you can focus on the journey. With its seamless maps and intuitive interface, this free web-based AI trip planner app makes trip planning almost as fun as the trip itself!

Key Features of Curiosio:
Detailed day-by-day itineraries with maps and directions
Customizable based on budget, interests, vehicle type, travel dates, etc.
Uses crowdsourced data and traveler insights
Focuses on road trips in the US, India, Norway, and Brazil
Highlights curious and obscure places along the route
Provides multiple route options to choose from
Clickable points of interest in the itineraries
Powered by AI engine “Ingeenee” trained on travel data

5. Forgemytrip


Forgemytrip emerges as a cutting-edge trip-planning website, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the itinerary creation process. It simplifies the process of travel planning by generating customized itineraries tailored to the user's preferences and trip details. The platform's intuitive interface allows users to simply pick a date and generate a detailed itinerary, making travel planning a hassle-free endeavor. Within minutes, Forgemytrip's advanced algorithms then analyze vast databases of travel data to design a personalized itinerary matching the criteria. This AI trip planner tool aims to eliminate the stress of travel planning while providing explorers with unique, tailored suggestions spanning top attractions, local hidden gems, dining, lodging, and more.

Key Features of Forgemytrip:
Simplified user interface for easy date selection and itinerary creation
Tailored recommendations for destinations, activities, and accommodations
Efficient optimization of travel routes and schedules
Support for both leisure vacations and business trip organization

6. Wonderplan


Wonderplan is your personal AI trip planner that effortlessly crafts unique travel itineraries tailored to your passions and budget. This innovative free tool reshapes vacation planning with its smart algorithms that generate personalized recommendations based on your unique preferences and tastes. With Wonderplan, you can seamlessly manage all details of your trip on a single intuitive page – easily reorder plans, add new destinations, or remove unwanted activities with just a few clicks. The AI-powered tool also suggests customized accommodation options that perfectly match your needs for optimal comfort and convenience during your travels. Additionally, Wonderplan allows you to enjoy the convenience of accessing your travel information offline by downloading plans as PDFs. So you can have your personalized itinerary on hand at all times, even without an internet connection.

Key Features of Wonderplan:
Real-time collaboration feature to plan trips with travel partners
Integrated chat feature to discuss trip details with travel partners
Discover and connect with like-minded travelers around the world
Customizable trip itineraries with the ability to add/remove destinations and activities
Suggest personalized accommodation recommendations
Option to download trip plans as PDFs for offline access

7. PLAN by Ixigo

PLAN by Ixigo

Say hello to PLAN, your new best friend for effortless trip planning. Powered by artificial intelligence, this 100% free trip planner tool by Ixigo creates personalized itineraries in seconds, saving you hours of research. Simply enter your dream destination like Paris, and PLAN's advanced algorithms get to work suggesting attractions and activities tailored to your tastes. It crafts a complete 3-day itinerary optimized to your preferences, accounting for travel times, opening hours, crowds, and even real-time weather. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to customize your trip by adding or removing suggestions with a click. You can collaborate with friends and family to build the perfect shared itinerary. As your personal assistant, PLAN learns your interests to provide better recommendations over time. It also stays on top of trends, updating suggestions with the hottest restaurant recommendations and the latest events.

Key Features of PLAN by Ixigo:
AI-powered personalized trip recommendations based on interests, preferences, and budget.
Real-time collaboration feature to plan trips with travel partners.
Integrated chat feature to discuss trip details with travel partners.
Discover and connect with like-minded travelers around the world.
Customizable trip itineraries with the ability to add/remove destinations and activities.
Suggest personalized accommodation recommendations.
Option to download trip plans as PDFs for offline access.
User-friendly interface.

8. TravelPerk


TravelPerk emerges as a beacon in the corporate travel management landscape, offering a seamless and comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to streamline their travel processes. As a free AI trip planner, TravelPerk stands out with its user-friendly platform, integrating all aspects of travel from booking to managing, ensuring a smooth experience for both travel managers and employees. The platform's FlexiPerk feature offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing cancellations with an 80% refund, and addressing the common pain point of rigid travel arrangements.TravelPerk's commitment to sustainability is evident through GreenPerk, enabling companies to calculate and offset their carbon footprint, aligning with the growing demand for responsible corporate practices. The platform's 7-star customer service, powered by real travel experts, ensures support is available whenever needed, further enhancing the user experience. Moreover, TravelPerk's Events service facilitates the organization of corporate events, fostering meaningful real-life connections among teams. With a focus on autonomy and empowerment, TravelPerk allows employees to take charge of their travel, providing a sense of ownership and satisfaction.

Key Features of TravelPerk:
Allows for the creation of tailored travel policies to ensure compliance and manage travel efficiently.
Facilitates the approval process for trips that fall outside of standard policy, ensuring flexibility and control.
Provides access to a wide range of travel options to meet diverse needs and preferences.
Ensures a seamless booking experience without the hassle of being redirected to external sites.
Offers comprehensive reporting tools to track and analyze travel expenses, helping businesses manage costs effectively.
Simplifies the invoicing process by consolidating all travel expenses into a single invoice, reducing administrative burden.
Enhances user experience with a straightforward booking process, including the option for travelers to book their own trips.
Covers a variety of transportation options, including flights, hotels, cars, and trains, to accommodate different travel needs.

TravelPerk Pricing:

  • Starter: Free for the first 5 bookings each month, then a 5% fee per booking.
  • Premium: $99 per month plus a 3% fee per booking.
  • Pro: $299 per month plus a 3% fee per booking.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for large or bespoke requirements.

9. Vacay Chatbot

Vacay Chatbot

Vacay Chatbot is at the forefront of transforming vacation planning through its industry-leading artificial intelligence technology. Standing as the premier free AI trip planner globally, Vacay surpasses conventional travel searches by delivering tailored recommendations aligned with each user's unique preferences and travel style. Powered by advanced natural language processing and semantic search capabilities, Vacay allows travelers to simply describe their ideal trip parameters and the AI assistant gets to work curating custom travel itineraries, hotel suggestions, local activity recommendations, and more. Users can have natural conversations with Vacay to iteratively refine results until finding the perfect bespoke vacation plan. With its seamless conversational interface, Vacay makes travel planning effortless. Best of all, Vacay offers free basic access forever with the option to upgrade for more advanced features.

Key Features of Vacay Chatbot:
AI-powered personalized travel recommendations and planning tools.
Customizable trip itineraries with direct booking links.
Access to themed travel advisors for niche recommendations.
Conversational interface for interactive trip planning.
Multilingual support for queries and trip plans.
Seamless integration of flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities.
Curated guides to local attractions, restaurants, events, and hidden gems.
Travel inspiration from data-driven destination and trend analysis.
Continuous refinement through user feedback and ratings.

Vacay Chatbot Pricing:

Vacay Chatbot offers a free basic plan with limited messages and a Premium plan at $9.99 per month for unlimited access.

10. Travelin.Ai


Travelin.Ai, an innovative Norwegian startup that provides the smoothest business travel experience by combining flight and hotel bookings, travel policy management, expense tracking, and more into one seamless solution. This cost-effective AI trip planner allows employees to easily search, compare, and book flights and hotels in just 60 seconds, saving hours of manual work. With access to inventory from all major airlines and over 500,000 hotels worldwide, Travelin.Ai ensures employees find the best rates, up to 25% cheaper than average market prices. Unlike other booking platforms, Travelin.Ai enables “blended travel” – combining business and leisure trips while automatically separating expenses. This unique feature caters perfectly to the new remote workforce looking for flexibility. Employees can bring along friends and family or extend stays before/after work trips without hassle. On top of the time and cost savings, Travelin.Ai provides essential traveler care through real-time COVID-19 travel updates, hotel safety scores, and destination risk assessments.

Key Feautres of Travelin.Ai:
AI-powered platform for booking business, leisure, and blended trips in 60 seconds.
Inventory of hundreds of thousands of hotels and flights from all major airlines.
Automatically separates business and leisure expenses.
Allows adding guest profiles (friends/family) to blended trips.
Includes unique “workation” feature to utilize travel budget from the compensation package.
Real-time destination safety information.
Seamless Nordic user experience on web and mobile app.
Customizable platform and integrations for travel management companies.
Own a payment system to differentiate business vs leisure expenses.

Travelin.Ai Pricing:

Travelin.Ai charges a flat fee per trip for flight and hotel bookings, with no limit on the number of bookings per trip.

11. Travelities


Travelities is another completely free AI-powered trip planner that helps you effortlessly create personalized travel itineraries tailored to your style and budget. This innovative platform leverages advanced algorithms to suggest optimal routes, activities, dining options, and places to stay based on your unique preferences. Whether you're planning a solo adventure, family vacation, or romantic getaway, Travelities makes travel planning simple. It considers factors like weather conditions, transportation, and crowds to recommend the best options for you. One standout feature is Travelities' Easy EMI offering, providing flexible monthly installments to free travelers from upfront costs. This opens up more destinations without financial burden. Travelities also offers curated tour packages spanning domestic India and international hotspots like Dubai, Thailand, Europe, and more. With its user-friendly interface, real-time updates, expansive network of hotel partners, and vision to help users “explore the world without financial worries”, Travelities is completely changing how we travel with AI.

Key Features of Travelities:
AI-powered trip planning – Advanced algorithms suggest personalized itineraries based on preferences.
Customizable budgeting – Input your budget and get recommendations tailored to your spending limit.
Easy EMI offering – Pay for trips in flexible monthly installments interest-free.
Curated tour packages – Browse pre-made packages for popular domestic and international destinations.
Real-time travel updates – Get live notifications about changes to bookings, flights, etc.
Verified partners – Hotels, transportation, and activity providers thoroughly vetted for quality.
Travel insurance – Purchase coverage for trip delays, cancellations, medical emergencies, etc.
Loyalty rewards – Earn points with every booking that can be redeemed on future travel.
24/7 customer support – Get assistance from travel experts at any time before or during trips.

12. TripBot


TripBot is the ultimate free AI-powered trip-planning assistant that helps you in your travel. This innovative trip planner leverages advanced algorithms to provide personalized itineraries tailored to your unique preferences and budget in just minutes. Through the straightforward input of your destination, travel dates, interests, and budget, TripBot promptly generates a customized multi-day itinerary, inclusive of transportation, accommodations, top attractions, and discreet local discoveries. What makes TripBot unique is its ability to connect you with locals at your destination for authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences you won't find in any guidebook. TripBot also enables easy group trip planning and collaboration so you can effortlessly customize travel details with friends and family. Say goodbye to spending hours researching and creating trip plans. With its personalized recommendations, customized itineraries, and hassle-free booking, TripBot is your free AI-powered travel planner for unforgettable journeys.

Key Features of TripBot:
Personalized trip planning: Creates custom multi-day itineraries tailored to your unique travel style, interests, budget, and preferences.
Local connections: Connect you with locals at your destination for authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences.
Group trip planning: Enables easy collaboration for trip planning and customization with friends and family.
Hassle-free booking: Allows you to instantly book transportation, accommodations, attractions, and more.
Real-time recommendations: Suggests real-time recommendations and adjustments during your trip based on your location and preferences.
Travel inspiration: Discovers hidden gems, emerging destinations, and travel inspiration from around the world.
Easy sharing: Allows creating shareable visual trip plans to send to your travel group.
Multi-destination support: Plans complex multi-destination and multi-city itineraries with ease.
Mobile app: Provides full trip planning and recommendations support through iOS and Android apps.
Budget tracking: Tracks and monitors your trip budget and spending in real-time.

13. PlanTripAI


Take off to your next adventure with PlanTripAI, the ultimate free AI Trip Planner designed to simplify and enhance your travel experience. PlanTripAI leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to instantly generate personalized itineraries tailored to your interests, preferences, and budget. With the promise of a hassle-free travel planning process, PlanTripAI delivers your custom itinerary in under a minute, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming journey.

For a one-time fee of just $10, PlanTripAI offers a lifetime license, granting you unlimited access to create as many itineraries as you need, complete with full ownership and commercial rights. This exceptional value proposition ensures that your travel planning is not only cost-effective but also fully customizable to your unique travel style.

PlanTripAI's user-friendly interface makes it easy to preview, download, and share your itinerary in various formats, including PDF and spreadsheets, ensuring you have all the details at your fingertips, online or offline. The platform's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, with a guarantee to work with you until you are completely satisfied with your travel plan.

Key Features of PlanTripAI:
Instant itinerary creation: Generate a personalized itinerary swiftly.
100% AI-generated: Itineraries are fully crafted by artificial intelligence.
Automated itinerary generation: Itineraries are tailored to user preferences.
Multiple output formats: Itineraries can be downloaded in PDF or spreadsheet formats.
Easy sharing: Itineraries can be shared via a link.
Wide variety of trip preferences: Users can select from different travel styles.
Full ownership: Users retain selling rights and copyright of their itineraries.
Unlimited itinerary creations: Users can generate as many itineraries as they need.
Commercial use allowed: Itineraries can be used for commercial purposes.

PlanTripAI Pricing:

PlanTripAI offers a one-time payment of $10 for a lifetime license with full features, while the free tier has limited features.

14. Planit Earth

Planit Earth

Planit Earth emerges as one of the most reliable free AI Trip Planners, leveraging sophisticated AI algorithms to craft personalized, budget-friendly itineraries aligned with your unique tastes. Catering to diverse preferences and budgets, this AI-backed platform analyzes millions of data points across lodging, dining, transportation, and sightseeing options to build trips tailored to individual travelers. Beyond just planning, Planit Earth integrates environmental impact assessments, promoting sustainable tourism practices contributing positively to our planet.

With customizable PDF downloads and shareable links, flexibility and ease define this platform. As real-time weather forecasts, travel alerts, and new features continue enhancing the user experience, Planit Earth solidifies its position as an indispensable AI tool for travelers seeking eco-conscious, affordable, and personalized trip-planning solutions. Its cutting-edge AI technology ensures every journey aligns not just with your interests but also with responsible tourism values, making this platform the go-to free AI trip planner for travelers worldwide.

Key Features of Planit Earth:
Sophisticated AI algorithms analyze millions of data points to build personalized itineraries catering to diverse travel preferences and budgets.
Integrates environmental impact assessments into trip plans to promote sustainable tourism practices.
Allows customizable PDF downloads and shareable links for enhanced flexibility.
Real-time weather forecast facility that enhances user experience.
Promises to simplify travel planning while emphasizing personalization, affordability, and eco-consciousness
Ensures every journey aligns not just with the traveler's interests but also with responsible tourism values.

15. Nomadspot


Discover the freedom of effortless travel planning with Nomadspot, the intelligent trip planner app powered by artificial intelligence. This inventive free AI tool changing the way you organize and experience adventures. Built for both solo explorers and groups, Nomadspot streamlines every step of crafting your personalized travel itinerary. Simply input your destination ideas, dates, budget, and interests, and let the AI planner take over. In seconds, Nomadspot suggests a tailored schedule of sights, activities, restaurants, and accommodations based on your unique preferences. It even syncs everything directly to your calendar.

Planning trips with friends? Nomadspot makes coordination seamless. Easily collaborate on group itineraries, share real-time updates, and pin experiences on an interactive map. The social sharing features let you broadcast adventures across the Nomadspot community too. Whether you seek culture, nature, food or fun, Nomadspot's AI delivers the perfect recommendations. It learns as you travel, continuously refining suggestions to unlock the full potential of every destination. Say goodbye to hours of research and hello to adventures expertly planned by your free AI trip companion.

Key Features of Nomadspot:
AI-powered trip planning – Input destinations, dates, interests, and budget for personalized itinerary suggestions.
Group travel coordination – Collaboratively build and share group itineraries, and get real-time updates.
Calendar integration – Sync travel plans with existing calendars.
Intelligent recommendations – Discover sights, restaurants, and hotels tailored to you.
Social sharing features – Broadcast adventures to the Nomadspot community.
Interactive map – Pin locations and share experiences on the map.
Learns and refines – Continuously improves suggestions from your feedback and trips.
Offline access – View and edit itineraries without the internet.
Streamlined organization – Effortless end-to-end travel arrangement.

16. Momo AI

Momo AI

Momo AI is a revolutionary free mobile app that acts as your personal AI-powered trip planner, making travel planning easy and stress-free. Using advanced algorithms, Momo creates fully customized daily itineraries tailored to your unique personality and preferences in just seconds. Simply tell Momo your destination, travel dates, interests, and personality traits like your favorite foods or music genres. Momo then suggests multiple morning, afternoon, and evening activities each day of your trip, complete with descriptions, images, and Google Map links. As you provide more input, Momo continues to refine recommendations to match your individual tastes.

Key Features of Momo AI:
Real Places and Activities: The app suggests real locations and activities, ensuring an immersive and unique travel experience.
Multiple Trip Organization: Users can plan and organize multiple trips within the app, keeping all travel details in one convenient place.
Global Destination Coverage: Momo AI allows users to choose any destination worldwide for their trips.
Personalized Itineraries: The app creates itineraries tailored to the user's preferences, including morning, afternoon, and evening activities.
Accessible from Anywhere: Momo AI's mobile app is available for download on the Apple Store, making trip planning accessible from anywhere.

17. TripClub AI

Transform your journey with TripClub AI, the must-have Free AI Trip Planner that makes travel easier and more thrilling. With its cutting-edge AI technology, TripClub AI makes it a breeze to craft the perfect itinerary tailored according to your needs. Easily input your destination and travel dates with just a few clicks using TripClub AI's intuitive interface. The AI trip planner then goes to work tailoring suggestions based on your unique preferences and requirements. Main functionalities that set this free AI trip planner apart include real-time travel updates, interactive maps, and easy group trip planning tools. TripClub AI also enables you to access past trip itineraries, optimize future bookings, and export your plans for offline convenience. As an industry disruptor, TripClub AI makes travel planning enjoyable again. No more wasting hours researching; this free AI trip planner handles the heavy lifting for you. And with new features constantly being added, the future looks bright for smarter, stress-free travel powered by artificial intelligence.

 Key Features of TripClub AI:
Interactive calendar for easy date selection.
Tailored trip planning based on preferences.
Personalized vacation itineraries.
Catering to special requests like hotel, transportation, dietary needs etc.
Comprehensive trip descriptions aligned to user needs.
Time-saving by automating research and planning.
Easy-to-navigate interface for simplified planning.
Constant addition of new features for smarter future travel.

18. LogicBalls Free AI Trip Planner

LogicBalls Free AI Trip Planner

LogicBalls Free AI Trip Planner is the go-to solution for crafting personalized and stress-free travel itineraries. This robust trip planner tool leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way you plan your trips, offering a unique blend of personalized recommendations, real-time updates, and multi-platform integration. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, LogicBalls Free AI Trip Planner is designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a travel experience like no other.

The basics behind LogicBalls' offering is the ability to generate customized itineraries with just a few clicks. Simply input your desired destination and trip duration, and the AI will meticulously craft an itinerary that aligns with your interests, budget, and preferences. From uncovering hidden gems to suggesting the best dining and accommodation options, LogicBalls ensures that every aspect of your trip is optimized for maximum enjoyment and efficiency.

Moreover, the platform stands out for its real-time updates feature, keeping you informed about any changes or important information that could impact your travel plans. Coupled with its seamless integration across multiple platforms, LogicBalls Free AI Trip Planner ensures that your itinerary is accessible and up-to-date, no matter where you are or what device you're using.

Key Features of LogicBalls Free AI Trip Planner:
Personalized Itinerary Creation: Generate travel plans tailored to your preferences, budget, and interests with just a few clicks.
Global Destination Coverage: Input any destination worldwide to receive a customized travel itinerary.
Duration Selection: Choose the length of your trip, and the AI will adjust the itinerary accordingly.
Real-Time Updates: Stay informed about changes that could affect your travel plans.
Multi-Platform Accessibility: Access your travel itinerary across various devices, ensuring it's always up-to-date.
Discovery of New Experiences: Uncover hidden gems and local favorites that you might not find on your own.
Stress Reduction: Enjoy a more relaxed trip with all planning details taken care of by the AI.
User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the planning process easily, regardless of your travel planning experience.
No Sign-Up Required: Access the Free AI Trip Planner without the need for creating an account.

19. Adotrip


Adotrip, a trailblazer in the travel industry, has emerged as a one-stop destination for travelers seeking seamless trip planning with the help of AI. With a mission to bridge the gap between travelers' aspirations and their ultimate travel experiences, Adotrip stands out with its comprehensive suite of travel services. From personalized travel recommendations to an easy-to-navigate booking platform, this free AI trip-planning assistant ensures that every journey is not just planned but also cherished.

At the heart of Adotrip's offerings is its commitment to customer satisfaction, evident through its array of services that include meticulously crafted tour packages, competitive flight and hotel bookings, and insightful local travel guides. The platform's dedication to providing value doesn't end with just offering the best deals; it extends to ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience for its users. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the platform's ability to uncover hidden gems and offbeat destinations, making each trip unique and memorable.

Moreover, Adotrip's recognition as “India's Best Travel Management Company with Excellent Record in India” at the prestigious Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiration Awards 2023 underscores its excellence and innovation in the travel domain. The platform's user-friendly interface and brilliant search filters further simplify the booking process, allowing travelers to save both time and money.

Key Features of Adotrip:
AI-based Circuit Planner Tool: Adotrip features an innovative AI-driven Circuit Planner that assists travelers in crafting the best possible itineraries for their trips.
Comprehensive Travel Content: The platform offers a wealth of information on events, festivals, destinations, and travel news, as well as engaging content like Trip Talkies and travel blogs.
Diverse Travel Packages: Adotrip provides a variety of travel packages, including year-end holidays, family, festive, deluxe, honeymoon, adventure packages, and more, catering to different budgets and preferences.
Multilingual Content: The content on Adotrip is available in English and plans are in place to offer it in various regional languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.
Customer Support: Adotrip offers online ticket-based customer support to assist users with their queries and travel planning.
Mobile App: The Adotrip mobile app provides users with on-the-go access to booking and exclusive offers, enhancing the convenience of travel planning.



AMBLR is not just another free trip-planning tool; it's an AI-powered Smart Holiday Planner that offers a seamless, personalized vacation planning experience. With over 21.3K monthly visits, AMBLR stands out as a user-friendly platform that caters to your unique travel preferences, delivering instant, tailored recommendations for your ideal getaway. Gone are the days of tedious vacation planning. AMBLR's intuitive interface allows you to input your preferences and requirements effortlessly, and in return, you receive curated suggestions that align with your desires for the perfect trip. AMBLR's commitment to providing a hassle-free experience is evident in its straightforward three-step process: visit the website, sign up or log in, and use the Smart Holiday Planner to receive your personalized recommendations. With AMBLR, you can explore example trips to popular destinations or create a new plan based on the AI's recommendations, ensuring that your journey is as unique as you are.

Key Features of AMBLR:
Personalized Recommendations: Utilizes machine learning algorithms to offer travel suggestions tailored to users' budgets, preferences, and desired holiday mood.
User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, allowing travelers to add destinations, set budgets, and describe their vacation likes and moods for customized planning.
Instant Itinerary Creation: Provides instant trip itineraries after users input their preferences, streamlining the vacation planning process.
Multiple Budget Options: Offers three budget levels—low, normal, or high—to accommodate different financial considerations for trip planning.
Diverse Vacation Themes: Caters to various holiday moods, whether users are looking for a family-friendly holiday, a relaxed getaway, or an adventure-filled trip.
Exploration-Based Itineraries: Suggests itineraries for travelers who prefer off-the-beaten-path experiences, although users are advised to verify geographical logistics.

21. TRIPChatter AI Travel Chat

TRIPChatter AI Travel Chat

Let's envision one more superb AI-powered free trip-planning application, TRIPChatter Ai Travel Chat. TRIPChatter AI Travel Chat stands out with its personalized recommendations, real-time assistance, budget management, and itinerary planning features, tailored to the needs of every traveler, from backpackers to families. TRIPChatter AI Travel Chat is like your personal travel guide. It helps you discover cool local spots, events, and hidden gems, whether you want an unusual adventure or prefer the well-known tourist path. The app's intuitive interface allows you to craft a journey that resonates with your personal tastes and preferences, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.

With TRIPChatter AI Travel Chat, budgeting and itinerary planning become effortless. The app's sophisticated algorithms help manage your expenses and optimize your travel schedule, making the most of your time and resources. Share your itineraries with friends and family, or save them for future reference, all within the app's user-friendly platform.

Key Features of TRIPChatter AI Travel Chat:
AI-Powered Travel Companion: Engage with an intelligent AI for personalized travel tips, recommendations, and detailed information about destinations.
Innovative Itinerary Planner: Create custom itineraries that align with individual preferences, travel duration, and budget constraints.
Itinerary Sharing and Saving: Easily share travel plans with others or save them for future reference, enhancing the social aspect of travel planning.
Real-Time Information: Access up-to-date details on local attractions, events, and essential places to visit for a memorable trip.
Multilingual Support: Communicate with the AI travel guide in over 15 popular languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.
User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through a seamless and intuitive user experience designed to make travel planning straightforward and enjoyable.
Enhanced AI Chat Responses: Benefit from improved AI interactions that provide richer travel experiences.
Optimized Itinerary Features: Utilize an improved itinerary planner with user-friendly features for better travel planning.



TRAIVL, an AI-backed trip planner is designed to optimize your travel experience by providing personalized recommendations, crafting bespoke itineraries, and ensuring budget optimization for every kind of traveler. For your vacation, workation, or everyday adventure, TRAIVL's advanced algorithms consider your preferences for sights, dining, and lodging to create an efficient and enjoyable travel plan. TRAIVL stands out in the realm of travel planning with its unique ability to extract travel insights from social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This feature allows you to explore and incorporate trending sights and experiences into your itinerary with ease.

Moreover, TRAIVL's AI algorithms are adept at crafting the most optimal routes, saving you time and effort, and offering local cuisine recommendations that promise to delight your taste buds. The platform's user-friendly interface empowers you to personalize your adventure by adding, editing, or deleting activities, ensuring that your journey aligns perfectly with your desires. With TRAIVL, collaborative group planning becomes a breeze, thanks to real-time features that keep everyone in the loop.

Some Notable Features of TRAIVL:
AI-Powered Route Optimization: Utilizes advanced algorithms to calculate the most efficient travel routes, considering factors like travel times and distances, to ensure a seamless journey for both city tours and cross-country road trips.
All-in-One Travel Organizer: Consolidates all travel details, including hotel and flight information, in one platform, simplifying the management of bookings and importing tips and guides for a comprehensive travel planning experience.
Collaborative Group Planning: Offers real-time features that facilitate easy collaboration on itineraries among travel companions, ensuring everyone is informed and involved in the planning process.
Interactive Map Integration: Features an integrated map that highlights popular attractions and scenes in an area, enhancing the travel planning experience by visually guiding users through potential destinations.
Multilingual Support: TRAIVL caters to a global audience by supporting multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
Access to Past Trips: Allows users to review data from their previous trips and plans, enabling them to reflect on their spending and improve future travel experiences.

TRAIVL Pricing:

While TRAIVL offers a free version, users can upgrade to the Pro version for $7.99 per month to access additional features, such as itinerary editing, budget testing, and exporting plans as PDFs.

23. Skoot


Skoot, a pioneering AI-powered travel planner, is restructuring the manner in which families embark on global explorations. Skoot takes the hassle out of trip planning, offering customized itineraries for 1, 3, or 7 days in over 80 countries, all at no cost to users. With Skoot, you can find inspiration for your next family adventure by simply entering your destination and preferences. The AI-driven platform considers factors such as attractions, weather, accommodation, food, and budget to create a personalized itinerary that suits your family's needs. Skootbot, the AI chatbot, is a standout feature, offering family-friendly recommendations for activities, restaurants, and more. Skoot's mission is to help families strike the perfect balance between fun and relaxation, ensuring that everyone enjoys their trip. With Skoot, planning your next family adventure is as easy as chatting with a friend.

Key Features of Skoot:
Customized 1, 3, or 7-day itineraries based on location, budget, and preferences.
AI-powered planning algorithm considers transportation, attractions, and weather.
Activity suggestions for family-friendly outdoor and indoor options.
Skootbot recommends kid-friendly restaurants and dining.
Compares destinations based on weather, budget, and attractions for families.
Created by parents to balance fun and relaxation in family trips.
Free-to-use AI trip planning tool available in over 80 countries.

24. ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be your free AI trip planner for crafting personalized itineraries based on your preferences and budget. Developed by leading AI lab OpenAI, ChatGPT leverages massive datasets and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to provide bespoke trip planning services completely free of charge. ChatGPT is like your personal travel agent, accommodating both budget-conscious backpackers and luxury travelers in search of five-star indulgence. Simply describe your ideal vacation and ChatGPT generates a custom multi-day itinerary optimized for you. It considers all your preferences like cuisine, pace, interests, and budgets to recommend optimal routes, attractions, dining, and hotels. Real-time updates keep your plans on track despite changing circumstances. But remember that real-time updates are available only in its premium plan. Moreover, Its conversational interface delivers an enjoyable, stress-free trip-planning experience that saves you time and money. Millions are already using ChatGPT to craft their dream vacations while discovering hidden gems tailored specifically to their tastes.

Key Features of ChatGPT as a Free AI Trip Planner:
Personalized trip planning based on user preferences, interests, and budgets.
The conversational interface allows natural dialogue for trip planning queries.
Real-time recommendations and assistance throughout the travel journey.
Suggests optimal routes, durations for each destination, and transportation options.
Considers external factors like weather, events, and crowds to maximize enjoyment.

ChatGPT Pricing:

ChatGPT's free version is available to everyone, while paid subscription plans, ChatGPT Plus, costs $20 per month, ChatGPT Team at $25 per month, and Enterprise Plan with custom pricing for access to GPT-4 and additional features.

25. AI Trip Planner by BuildAI

AI Trip Planner by BuildAI

AI Trip Planner by BuildAI.space is an ingenious free travel planning tool that uses artificial intelligence to effortlessly craft personalized vacation itineraries. Powered by BuildAI, a no-code platform for building AI apps, it provides customized schedule recommendations for destinations worldwide based on parameters such as location, trip duration, interests, and budget. Within seconds, the AI Trip Planner generates multi-day itineraries detailing optimal routes and must-see attractions tailored to individual preferences.

Users can further customize schedules by freely adding, editing or removing activities. This free AI trip planner tool also extracts valuable travel insights from social media to inspire unique adventures. Integrated real-time updates on factors like weather and traffic enable travelers to make informed decisions on the fly. Group travel planning and collaboration is facilitated through AI Trip Planner's seamless sharing and editing capabilities.

Key Features of AI Trip Planner by BuildAI:
Generates personalized trip itineraries within seconds based on user preferences like location, interests, budget, and duration.
Detailed day-by-day schedules of top attractions and optimal routes for destinations worldwide.
Real-time travel updates on factors like weather, traffic, transportation, and more to enable flexible trip planning.
Intuitive and user-friendly interface for simplified trip planning and management.
Seamless sharing and collaboration features facilitate group travel planning.
Customizable itineraries with the ability to freely add, edit, or remove suggested activities.
Extracts travel insights from social media to inspire unique trip ideas.

Choosing the Right AI Trip Planner: Key Features to Consider

With the rise of AI-powered travel assistants, planning your dream vacation just got easier. But with various options available, choosing the right AI trip planner tool can be overwhelming. Here are some key features to look for:

Customization: A good AI trip planner should cater to your individual preferences. Look for options that allow you to input your budget, travel style (adventurous, cultural, etc.), and desired activities. This ensures the itinerary aligns with your interests and avoids generic suggestions.
Flexibility and Control: While AI suggestions are helpful, you shouldn't feel restricted. Choose an AI planner that allows you to edit the itinerary, add or remove activities, and adjust the schedule to your liking. This empowers you to personalize the experience and maintain control over your trip.
Accuracy and Up-to-date Information: Reliable data is crucial for a smooth travel experience. Ensure the planner uses trustworthy sources for information on attractions, transportation, and local events. Real-time updates on factors like weather, flight delays, and traffic disruptions are also valuable assets.
Integration and Functionality: Look for a planner that seamlessly integrates with other travel services like booking platforms, navigation apps, and local recommendations. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools and streamlines your travel planning process.
Additional Features: Consider features like offline access, budget tracking, and multi-language support, depending on your specific needs. These add-ons can enhance your travel experience and cater to diverse preferences.

By carefully evaluating these features, you can choose an AI trip planner that becomes your trusted travel companion, saving you time, and effort, and ensuring a memorable vacation.

FAQs on Best AI Trip Planners

How do AI trip planners save time in travel planning?

AI trip planners quickly analyze vast amounts of travel data, identify areas of interest, and generate recommendations. This automation saves you from manually researching and organizing your trip, making the planning process much more efficient.

Can AI trip planners provide personalized travel recommendations?

Yes, AI trip planners use machine learning algorithms to process your travel preferences and provide tailored recommendations for destinations, activities, and dining options that align with your unique tastes and interests.

Do AI trip planners offer real-time updates for travelers?

Some AI trip planners, like Tripnotes, aspire to provide real-time updates and notifications regarding travel disruptions such as gate changes and flight delays, although users should verify the information for accuracy.

Are there any 100% free AI trip planner tools available?

Yes, several AI trip planner tools are available for free, such as Curiosio, PLAN by Ixigo and Tripnotes. These platforms offer basic features without charge, allowing travelers to plan their trips with AI assistance.

What are the limitations of using AI trip planners?

AI trip planners may sometimes show inaccurate or historical information, have a limited trial period, or repeat activity recommendations for longer trips. It's important to double-check all details for accuracy.

Can AI trip planners optimize travel routes?

AI trip planners can suggest optimized travel routes and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective options based on factors like traffic and available transportation modes, thanks to their access to vast datasets.

Is it worth using AI for trip planning?

AI for trip planning is generally considered worth it, as it can significantly reduce the effort of researching transport routes, destinations, hotels, food, budget, and other necessary information.

How do AI trip planners handle language and international travel?

Some AI trip planners, like Trip Planner AI, support multiple languages and can help you find hotels and flights for international destinations, making them useful for travelers from different linguistic backgrounds.

Can AI trip planners help with budgeting for trips?

Yes, AI trip planners can track your interests and preferences, generating recommendations that help keep your travel budget on track by providing cost estimates for accommodations, dining, and transportation.

How do AI trip planners compare to human travel agents?

AI trip planners can design trips faster than human agents, but they may lack the human touch that can add value to the travel experience, such as understanding current events and personal preferences.

Can AI trip planners manage travel itineraries?

AI trip planners can assist in generating and managing your travel itineraries, placing your travel information in a visually appealing design and format that’s easy to access.

Do AI trip planners offer collaborative planning features?

Some AI trip planners, like Trip Planner AI and Nomadspot offer collaborative group planning features, making it easy for all travelers involved to stay informed and contribute to the itinerary.

Can AI trip planners recommend local dining options?

AI trip planners can recommend local cuisines and dining options based on your preferences, helping you discover hidden culinary gems during your travels.

Are AI trip planners suitable for all types of travelers?

AI trip planners are designed to cater to various traveler types, including solo adventurers, couples, families, and groups, offering customized itineraries for every travel scenario.

Wrapping Up!

And that's a wrap on our list of the 25 best free AI trip planners! Tech's totally changed the game in trip planning. From intuitive chatbots to innovative route optimizers, these free AI trip planner tools are making trip planning easier, more customized, and more exciting than ever before. As AI technology continues to advance, these AI trip planners are only going to get smarter and more intuitive. Just imagine – soon your trip planner AI assistant will know your exact preferences and budget, suggest creative personalized itineraries, and even book the cheapest flight deals and hotels for you with a simple voice command.

The possibilities enabled by AI are truly exciting. While paid travel services certainly have their benefits, the free AI trip planners we covered have some incredibly useful features like custom recommendations, travel inspiration, route optimization, and budget tracking.  As you pick your favorites from the list, think about the factors most important for your next trip. Do you want a social platform to connect with other travelers? An AI that builds an itinerary around your photos? Or an assistant that suggests travel destinations matching your personality? 

So, as you set out on your next journey, let these free AI trip planners be your guide. Embrace the convenience, personalization, and adventure they bring to your travel planning process. The world is vast and full of wonders waiting to be explored—armed with the best AI trip planners, you're just a few clicks away from your next unforgettable adventure.

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