Top 15 AI Vector Converters of 2024: Transform Your Images

Best AI Vector Converters

Check out what's happening in digital design! AI vector converters are shaking things up, delivering sharp, scalable graphics for designers and businesses. In this competitive digital design domain, converting raster images into infinitely scalable vector graphics is essential. AI vector converters leverage artificial intelligence to automate this complex process with ease and precision. But with countless tools flooding the market, how do you identify the best AI vector converters for your needs?

This definitive article reveals the 15 top AI vector converters of 2024 based on accuracy, speed, format support, and user-friendliness.

If you're a professional graphic designer handling complex illustrations or a small business owner resizing logos, these transformational tools can save you hours of tedious manual tracing.

From feature-rich paid software like Vector Magic to free online converters like Vectorizer.AI, explore the capabilities of leading AI vectorization platforms. Learn how these intelligent algorithms analyze images to recreate them as smooth, editable vectors ideal for any application. Plus, find tips on choosing the right tool for your images and budget.

Supercharge your creative workflow with the best AI vector converters on the market. This comprehensive guide has everything you need to leverage AI and transform raster images into scalable vector graphics with incredible precision.

What is an AI Image to Vector Converter?

An AI Vector Converter is a sophisticated tool designed to transform raster images, such as JPEGs and PNGs, into vector graphics like SVGs, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for the process. Raster images are made up of pixels, which can lead to a loss of quality and sharpness when resized or scaled up. In contrast, vector graphics are based on mathematical equations, allowing them to be resized or scaled without any loss in quality or sharpness, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including printing, web design, and large-format displays.

The primary advantage of using an AI Vector Converter is its ability to automate the conversion process, which traditionally could be labor-intensive and time-consuming. By employing AI algorithms, these tools can accurately identify edges, shapes, and patterns within the raster image and convert them into clean, precise vector graphics. This not only saves significant time and effort but also ensures high-quality vector outputs that faithfully represent the original image.

Moreover, vector graphics produced by AI Vector Converters offer scalability, editability, and versatility. They can be easily adapted to different sizes and aspect ratios without compromising image quality, edited and modified with flexibility, and are suitable for various applications such as logos, illustrations, and designs that require scalability.

How Does an AI Vector Converter Work?

An AI Vector Converter operates by employing advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret raster images, which are composed of individual pixels, and convert them into vector graphics that are defined by mathematical expressions such as points, lines, and curves. This process is known as raster-to-vector conversion or image tracing. The AI-driven conversion begins with the tool examining the raster image to detect areas of similar color or brightness, which are indicative of distinct shapes or edges.

Sophisticated edge detection algorithms are then used to outline these shapes. Once the edges are identified, the AI fits geometric primitives like lines, circles, and curves to these outlines. The AI algorithms are trained on large datasets of images, enabling them to recognize various patterns and shapes with high precision. This training allows the AI to produce vector graphics that are smooth, clean, and closely resemble the original raster image.

The vectorization process involves not just tracing the bitmap but actually creating a new vector representation of the image, ensuring that the output can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. The end result is a vector file, such as SVG, EPS, or DXF, which retains the visual information of the original image in a format that is resolution-independent and infinitely scalable.

This makes the output suitable for a variety of applications where resizing without quality degradation is essential, such as in graphic design, web design, and printing. AI Vector Converters streamline the conversion process, making it more efficient and accessible, even for those without extensive graphic design experience. By automating what was once a manual and time-consuming task, these AI tools have become invaluable assets in the digital design and creative industries.

List of the 15 Best AI Vector Converters

AI Vector ConvertersStarting PriceRatings$9.99/month3.2 (Trustpilot)
Vector Magic$5.49/month4.8 (Capterra)
Vectorizer.AI$9.99/month4.4 (G2)
Kittl$10/month4.9 (Product Hunt)
AutotracerFree4.5 (G2)
Convertio$9.99/month4.8 (G2)
FreeConvert: Vector ConverterFree4.6 (Trustpilot)
Vectorization.orgFree4.4 (G2)
Online Convert$6.42/month4.7 (Capterra)
CorelDRAWCustom4.3 (G2)
SVGConverter.appFree4.6 (G2)
Image Tracer$10/licenseN/A
SVGcodeFree4.1 (Google Play Store)
Rapid Resizer$39/year3.6 (G2)


Vectorizer.io_ is a cutting-edge AI vector converter that stands out as the top AI vector converter for professionals and enthusiasts alike. This online tool is designed to convert raster images such as PNG, JPG, WEBP, BMP, and GIF into scalable vector graphics formats including SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG. leverages proprietary deep learning models and a unique computational geometry framework, known as Vector Graph, to deliver high-quality vectorization that surpasses traditional methods.

Key features of include the ability to fit complex geometric shapes for perfect consistency, support for a full range of curve types, and sub-pixel precision that captures even the finest details. The AI-driven process is fully automatic, requiring no user input to produce results, and is optimized for high performance using state-of-the-art GPUs and multi-core CPUs. Additionally, the platform supports full 32-bit ARGB input, allowing for both full and partial transparency in vector images. Pros & Cons:


High-quality vectorization with attention to detail
Fully automatic conversion process
Supports a wide range of input and output formats
Proprietary Vector Graph technology for improved consistency
High performance with fast processing times


No offline version available
Limited to a maximum image pixel size of 2 megapixels
The maximum image file size is 30 megabytes Pricing: offers two main pricing options: a Week Pass for a one-time fee of $4.99, providing 7 days of usage without any recurring charges; and a Subscription option at $9.99 per active month, which is fair and flexible with no long-term obligation.

2. Vector Magic

Vector Magic

Vector Magic excels as the AI vector converter, offering a seamless experience for converting bitmap images like JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF into vector formats such as SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, and DXF. This tool is designed to cater to both online users and those preferring a desktop application, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Vector Magic's sophisticated AI algorithms automatically detect the optimal settings for vectorization, simplifying the process for users.

It meticulously traces the original image, preserving every detail and allowing for full-color results. The desktop version adds support for AI and DXF formats, crucial for users working with CAD tools or Adobe Illustrator. The editing capabilities of Vector Magic are particularly noteworthy. Users can refine the auto-detected settings, remove unwanted elements, or connect separated shapes using an intuitive pixel-style editor. This feature is invaluable for achieving the perfect vectorization result, even when the original bitmap has minor imperfections.

Vector Magic Pros & Cons:


Automatic detection of vectorization settings for ease of use
Supports a wide range of vector formats including SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, and DXF
Advanced editing capabilities to fine-tune the vectorized image
Full-color tracing capability for high-quality results
Seamless integration with major graphics software like Illustrator and Corel DRAW
Desktop application available for offline use


No free version available for the desktop application
Saving results is disabled in the trial version of the desktop app

Vector Magic Pricing:

Vector Magic offers two pricing options: the Online Edition at $5.49 per month and the Desktop Edition at $295 for a one-time license.

3. Vectorizer.AI


Vectorizer.AI stands as a pioneering online tool designed to transform raster images, such as PNGs and JPGs, into high-quality vector graphics. This AI-powered vector converter distinguishes itself by leveraging advanced deep learning models and classical algorithms, developed and refined over 15 years of dedicated experience in the field. Unlike traditional vectorization methods that often struggle with complex images, Vectorizer.AI excels in accurately capturing intricate details and translating ambiguous pixel data into precise vector shapes. This is achieved through its proprietary computational geometry framework, Vector Graph, which enables automated edits and localized optimizations to ensure unmatched consistency and quality in the output.

The tool's deep vector engine is capable of fitting entire geometric shapes, including circles, ellipses, and rectangles, with optional rounded corners and arbitrary rotation angles, going beyond simple Bezier curves. This allows for the creation of vector images that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality, making it ideal for a wide range of applications from logo design to large-scale prints.

Vectorizer.AI supports a variety of input and output formats, including SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG, catering to the diverse needs of graphic designers, digital artists, and businesses looking to maintain high-quality visuals across different platforms. What sets Vectorizer.AI apart is its fully automatic process that requires no user input, making vectorization accessible to users of all skill levels. The service is under active development, with exciting new features in the pipeline, promising to further enhance its capabilities and user experience.

Pros & Cons of Vectorizer.AI:


Accurate conversion with full-color tracing and support for transparency.
Automated process eliminates the need for manual adjustments.
Fast processing times for efficient vector conversions.
Intuitive user interface accessible to both beginners and professionals.
Supports a wide range of input and output formats, including SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG.


Limited to certain file formats for input (JPEG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, and GIF).
No manual tracing settings adjustments for users.
Single-file conversion only, with no batch-processing support.

Vectorizer.AI Pricing:

Vectorizer.AI offers a freemium model with limited features and premium subscription plans starting at $9.99 per month for 50 credits.

4. Kittl


Kittl, the groundbreaking AI design platform, transforms how professionals and enthusiasts create vector graphics. With its AI Vector Generator, Kittl enables users to effortlessly convert photos into sharp, scalable vector graphics, ready for use in various design projects or downloadable as SVG and PDF formats. This tool simplifies the creation of vector art, making it accessible even to those without extensive design knowledge. By simply inputting a text prompt, users can leverage Kittl AI to craft stunning vector illustrations tailored to their needs. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, accessible for free, and usable directly from a desktop browser.

Kittl stands out for its ability to transform ordinary product photos into extraordinary visuals, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional photoshoots by generating professionally-looking photos for websites, social media, and promotional materials. With Kittl, creativity knows no bounds, as it provides powerful editing features, thousands of templates, and a vast asset library, all integrated within the platform to facilitate the creation of eye-catching vector designs.

Pros & Cons of Kittl:


Converts photos into sharp, scalable vector graphics.
Simplifies the creation of vector art, making it accessible to users without design expertise.
Offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional photoshoots.
Provides powerful editing features, thousands of templates, and a vast asset library.
Accessible for free and usable directly from a desktop browser.


Limited template options compared to competitors like Canva.
Credits-based pricing model could increase costs for users who frequently refine their prompts.
Converts photos into sharp, scalable vector graphics.

Kittl Pricing:

Kittl offers a freemium model with pricing plans ranging from $0 to $24 per month, catering to various user needs and budgets.

5. Autotracer


Autotracer is a robust online tool designed to transform raster images into high-quality vector graphics. This free image vectorizer supports a variety of input formats including JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs, and converts them into scalable vector formats such as EPS, SVG, AI, and PDF. The platform is user-friendly, requiring no registration or email, and is capable of handling files up to 6 MB in size with a maximum dimension of 5000×5000 pixels. Autotracer stands out with its ability to reduce the number of colors in an image before vectorization, offering a range from monochrome to 256 colors.

Advanced options include smoothing levels and despeckle features, which help in refining the output by removing small elements and ensuring a cleaner, less detailed result. Additionally, users can opt to ignore the white background during the conversion process, making Autotracer a versatile tool for a wide range of vectorization needs.

Pros & Cons of Autotracer:


Free to use with no registration or email required.
Supports a wide range of raster image formats and vector output formats.
Advanced options for image smoothing and despeckling to improve vectorization results.
Allows color reduction before vectorization, with a range of 1 to 256 colors.
User-friendly interface that is efficient and straightforward to use.


Limited to a maximum file size of 6 MB and dimensions of 5000×5000 pixels.
Does not offer manual tracing options for users seeking more control over the vectorization process.
May not produce optimal results for highly detailed images compared to manual vectorization.

Autotracer Pricing:

Autotracer is a free AI vector converter with an option for users to donate, supporting the continued free service of the website.

6. Convertio


Convertio stands out as a premier online tool for converting AI (Adobe Illustrator) files, positioning itself as the best AI vector converter available. This advanced platform supports a wide array of file conversions, not limited to vector images but extending to documents, images, presentations, and more. Convertio's AI converter is specifically designed to handle Adobe Illustrator files, ensuring that vector images, characterized by their scalable lines and points, are converted without loss of quality. This feature is crucial for professionals working in graphic design, marketing, and advertising, where the integrity of logos and graphical images is paramount.

Convertio supports conversions to and from AI (Adobe Illustrator) format, including popular formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, PSD, SVG, and many others, making it a versatile tool for a broad range of users. The platform's ease of use, with no registration required and a secure conversion process, enhances its appeal. Moreover, Convertio operates entirely online, leveraging cloud servers to perform conversions efficiently, thereby offloading the processing work from the user's device and ensuring accessibility from anywhere.

Pros & Cons of Convertio:


Supports a wide range of file formats, offering versatility.
High-quality conversions with no loss of quality in vector images.
User-friendly interface that simplifies the conversion process.
Secure and private, ensuring user data is protected.
Integrates with popular cloud services for easy access and storage.
Offers batch processing for converting multiple files simultaneously, saving time.


Some advanced features may require a subscription.
Limited customization options for certain file types.

Convertio Pricing:

Convertio offers a basic plan starting at $9.99, with no setup fee, and includes a free trial.

7. FreeConvert: Vector Converter


FreeConvert's Vector Converter is a versatile AI vector convertor tool that meet the needs of users looking to convert vector files quickly and efficiently. FreeConvert offers a user-friendly platform that supports an impressive array of more than 60 different vector file conversions, including popular formats like EMF, SVG, WMF, AI, and CDR. The service prides itself on maintaining the quality, size, and compression of vectors during the conversion process.

Users can also take advantage of batch conversion capabilities, which is a significant time-saver for handling multiple files simultaneously. The platform ensures a high level of security, employing 256-bit SSL encryption to protect files during transfer, and it respects user privacy by automatically deleting files after a few hours.

FreeConvert's Vector Converter operates entirely online, which means it's accessible from any web browser without the need for software installation, making it a convenient option for users on various operating systems. The tool's commitment to ease of use, combined with its robust feature set, positions it as a reliable choice as a top AI vector convertor for anyone in need of vector file conversion.

Pros & Cons of FreeConvert: Vector Converter:


Supports a wide range of vector formats for conversion.
No software installation required; works on any web browser.
Batch conversion feature available for processing multiple files at once.
High level of file security with 256-bit SSL encryption.
Automatic deletion of files after conversion for privacy.
Free to use with daily conversion limits for casual users.


Free version has limitations on file size and number of conversions.
Advanced features and higher limits require a paid subscription.
No offline version available.

FreeConvert: Vector Converter Pricing:

FreeConvert's Vector Converter offers a free tier with daily limits and a paid subscription at $12.99 for additional features and higher limits.


Vectorization.org_ emerges as a pivotal tool in the evolving domain of graphic design, offering a seamless solution for converting raster images into scalable vector files. This free image autotracer caters to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike, transforming black and white images into clear, scalable art with support for a variety of output formats including SVG, EPS, PS, PDF, and DXF. The simplicity and efficiency of make it an invaluable resource, saving users time and enhancing the quality of their graphic projects.

In the broader context of AI vector converters, stands out for its user-friendly approach and the quality of its conversions. simplifies the vectorization process by eliminating the need for registration; users can directly upload their images, select the desired output format, and download the resulting file. The platform utilizes Potrace, a renowned autotracer, to ensure high-quality conversions. However, it's important to note that the service currently supports only black-and-white images for conversion.

Pros & Cons of


Supports multiple output formats (SVG, EPS, PS, PDF, DXF), offering flexibility for various project needs.
User-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient vectorization process.
Automated vectorization saves time and effort compared to manual tracing methods.
Produces scalable vector graphics that maintain quality at any size.


May not handle complex color images as effectively as black-and-white ones.
Limited customization options for advanced users seeking more control over the vectorization process. Pricing: is a free online image autotracer, offering its services at no cost to the user.

9. Online Convert

Online Convert

Online Convert's AI Vector Converter is a powerful and user-friendly online tool designed to facilitate the conversion of Adobe Illustrator Files to Scalable Vector Graphics Files (SVG). This conversion is essential for designers, developers, and creatives who need to ensure their vector graphics are compatible with various platforms and devices, especially for web use where SVGs are preferred due to their scalability and performance benefits. The process of converting files on the platform is straightforward. Simply select the AI file you wish to convert, adjust quality or size if necessary, and initiate the conversion with a click of a button. Once the conversion is complete, the SVG file is ready for download.

This service is particularly useful for those who work with logos, print media, and other vector-based artwork that requires a high degree of precision and quality retention when scaled or manipulated. Online Convert's AI Vector Converter stands out for its ease of use and accessibility, as it does not require any software downloads or installations.

It operates entirely within the web browser, making it a convenient option for users on various operating systems. Moreover, the tool's focus on data security ensures that users' files are protected throughout the conversion process. In addition to Adobe Illustrator Files to SVG conversions, the platform supports over 200 different file formats, allowing for a wide range of file conversions beyond vector graphics. This versatility makes Online Convert a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their file conversion workflows.

Pros & Cons of Online Convert:


Simple and easy-to-use interface
Supports a wide variety of file formats and conversions
Fast conversion speeds
Free basic conversion service
No software installation required


File size limits for free users
Limited customization options
Some users reported errors during the conversion

Online Convert Pricing:

Online Convert offers its AI to SVG conversion service for free.

10. CorelDRAW


CorelDRAW's AI Vector Converter, known as PowerTRACE, is a powerful tool that leverages artificial intelligence to effortlessly convert bitmap images into scalable and editable vector graphics. With just a few clicks, PowerTRACE can transform JPEGs, PNGs, and other raster images into precision vectors ready for design projects. PowerTRACE makes vectorization easy through a streamlined interface and preset options tailored to common image types like logos, line art, and high-quality photos. Beyond presets, users can fine-tune the vectorization process with advanced controls over aspects like color reduction, detail simplification, and noise removal.

New AI-enhanced features in PowerTRACE include upsampling for sharper tracing and JPEG artifact removal for cleaner results when working with compressed images. Once tracing is complete, the vector graphics generated by PowerTRACE can be further edited or styled within CorelDRAW. As vector images, they are infinitely scalable and perfect for any print or digital use case demanding flexibility, from app icons to billboards. With exceptional accuracy, speed, and intelligent automation, CorelDRAW's PowerTRACE takes the hassle out of converting bitmaps to vectors.

Pros & Cons of CorelDRAW's AI Vector Converter:


AI-Assisted Features: Utilizes AI for JPEG artifact removal and upsampling, improving image quality during conversion.
Versatility: Supports a wide range of bitmap formats and converts them into high-quality vector images.
Integration: Seamlessly integrates with other CorelDRAW Graphics Suite tools for a comprehensive design workflow.
Quality Output: Produces high-quality vector images that are scalable for any project size without loss of detail.


System Requirements: May require a higher RAM for optimal performance, especially when handling multiple layers or large image sizes.
Occasional Crashes: Users have reported software crashes, particularly when working with heavy files.

CorelDRAW's AI Vector Converter Pricing:

CorelDRAW's AI Vector Converter pricing can be availed by contacting its sales & distribution team.



PNGTOSVG is a groundbreaking tool that bridges the gap between raster and vector graphics, offering a seamless transition from PNG (Portable Network Graphics) to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). This AI-powered vector converter is tailored for designers, developers, and digital artists who frequently work with graphics and require their images to be scalable without losing quality. Unlike traditional raster images that become pixelated when scaled, SVGs maintain their crispness and clarity at any size, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including web design, printing, and intricate illustrations.

The core advantage of PNGTOSVG lies in its ability to transform detailed PNG images into vector formats effortlessly, leveraging advanced algorithms to ensure that the conversion retains the original image's intricacies with remarkable accuracy.

This not only enhances the versatility of the graphics but also significantly reduces file sizes, contributing to faster web page loading times and improved performance across digital platforms.

Pros & Cons of PNGTOSVG:


Free and easy to use, requiring no software installation.
Converts PNG images to SVG format quickly, maintaining high quality.
SVG files are scalable without quality loss, ideal for various design needs.
Supports editing and customization post-conversion.
Web-friendly vector file format suitable for logos, infographics, and more.


Limited to converting PNG to SVG format only.
May not handle extremely complex images with the same finesse as professional software.


PNGTOSVG offers its services free of charge.


SVGConverter.app_ is a web-based application utilizing advanced algorithms to efficiently convert raster image formats into high-fidelity vector graphics. This platform supports a wide array of input formats including PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, AVIF, and PDF, catering to a diverse range of conversion needs. What sets the apart is its ability to produce vectors in SVG, AI, EPS, and PDF formats without compromising on detail, thanks to its advanced vectorization technology.

Users can expect full-color vectors that retain the nuances of the original images, making the an ideal AI vector converter for converting sketches, photos, signatures, designs, art, and more into scalable vector graphics. The process is remarkably user-friendly; with a simple upload and a few clicks, images are vectorized, and ready for download. This platform prides itself on its superior vector quality, speed of vectorization, and a plethora of features that outshine traditional vector software and other online vectorizers.

Pros & Cons of


Free online tool with no installation required.
Supports a wide range of input and output formats including PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, AVIF, PDF to SVG, AI, EPS, and PDF.
Generates high-quality, full-color vectors without losing details.
User-friendly interface that requires no technical skills.
Offers features like pixel-precision control, transparency handling, custom color palettes, and multi-layering for detailed vectorization.


Supports only a limited number of colors in the custom palette, potentially restricting the range of creativity.
May not handle extremely complex or low-quality images as effectively as specialized software. Pricing: is a free online vectorizer, offering its services at no cost to the user.

13. Image Tracer

Image Tracer

Image Tracer is an advanced AI tool designed to convert bitmap images into vector graphics. It is a versatile solution for those looking to transform JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and other bitmap formats into SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, DXF vector images. Image Tracer stands out with its real full-color tracing capability, which means it can handle complex color images with ease. The tool is available both online and as a desktop application, catering to different user preferences and needs. One of the key features of Image Tracer is its automatic tracing function, which simplifies the vectorization process. Users can upload their bitmap images, and Image Tracer will automatically detect the best settings to vectorize the image. The result is a vector image that maintains the color and detail of the original bitmap.

Pros & Cons of Image Tracer:


Automatic tracing with real full-color capability
Compatible with major design programs (Illustrator, CorelDRAW)
Supports a wide range of vector formats (SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, DXF)
Editable results with meaningful settings for human comprehension
Desktop application available for offline use


Some programs may have difficulty reading DXF files with splines
May not capture every nuance of the original image in certain cases
The desktop edition is required for AI and DXF output

Image Tracer Pricing:

Image Tracer offers pricing tiers: Personal at $10, Team at $39, and Enterprise at $89.

14. SVGcode


SVGcode is a state-of-the-art web application that transforms raster images into high-quality vector graphics. As a Progressive Web App (PWA), SVGcode is designed to work seamlessly across various platforms, providing a user-friendly interface for converting images like JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and AVIF into scalable vector graphics (SVG) format. The application leverages advanced tracing algorithms to ensure that the vectorized images maintain their sharpness and clarity at any size, which is particularly beneficial for logos, icons, and detailed illustrations.

SVGcode can handle complex photographic images, offering users the flexibility to adjust settings for optimal vectorization. Additionally, it supports offline use, allowing for uninterrupted work without an internet connection. The integration with the operating system enables SVGcode to act as a file handler for image files, streamlining the process of image manipulation. Moreover, SVGcode optimizes SVG files for reduced size, facilitating easier sharing and storage. With its robust features and ease of use, SVGcode is an invaluable AI vector converter tool for graphic designers, developers, and anyone involved in image processing.

Pros & Cons of SVGcode:


Converts raster images to vectors with precision, maintaining image quality at any resolution.
Offers seamless integration with the operating system for efficient file handling.
Utilizes advanced APIs like File System Access and Async Clipboard for enhanced image manipulation.
Enables offline use as a fully offline-enabled PWA.
Provides options for image optimization, reducing SVG file size for better sharing and storage.


Tracing may not be perfect, and outlines could appear slightly speckled, requiring manual despeckling.
While it can handle complex images, the quality of vectorization may vary depending on the image's complexity.

SVGcode Pricing:

SVGcode is currently available for users at no cost.

15. Rapid Resizer

Rapid Resizer

Rapid Resizer is an online tool built to convert raster images into vector formats such as PDF, SVG, DXF, AI, and EPS. This conversion is essential for scaling images without losing quality, making it ideal AI vector converter for a variety of arts and crafts projects. Rapid Resizer stands out with its ability to trace outer or center-lines of images, which works best with black & white line drawings. For color photos, it offers a pre-vectorizing service that converts them into suitable line drawings.

The tool is user-friendly and requires no downloads, as it operates directly from the browser. It supports a range of crafts including stained glass, wood working, quilting, applique, and more. With Rapid Resizer, users can also print full-size art patterns directly from their home printers, resize patterns to any dimension, and even create their own designs from scratch. The software includes over 200 built-in fonts, hundreds of symbols, and a color tool to preview the finished project with real material textures.

Pros & Cons of Rapid Resizer:


Converts raster images to various vector formats (PDF, SVG, DXF, AI, EPS).
No software download required; works directly in the browser.
Suitable for a wide range of arts and crafts projects.
Allows resizing and printing of full-size patterns at home.
Includes a large selection of fonts and symbols.
Features a color tool for previewing projects with real textures.
Provides a material estimator to calculate required materials for projects.


May not work as well with images other than black-and-white line drawings.
Automatic tracing may not be as accurate for complex or detailed images.

Rapid Resizer Pricing:

Pricing for Rapid Resizer starts at $39 yearly with options for more advanced license subscriptions, offering savings for longer commitments.

FAQs on AI top AI Vector Converters

What are the key features to look for in an AI Vector Converter?

When selecting an AI Vector Converter, prioritize accuracy in shape and pattern recognition, conversion speed, user-friendliness, scalability for different image sizes, support for various file formats, and any additional editing features that may be necessary for post-conversion tweaks.

Can AI Vector Converters handle complex images with many details?

AI Vector Converters are powerful but may struggle with highly detailed images. The conversion accuracy can be affected by the complexity of the image and the quality of the original raster file.

What file formats do AI Vector Converters typically support?

Most AI vector converters accept common raster formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF as input and can export vector graphics as SVG, PDF, EPS, AI, and CDR files. Some also support less common formats.

How do AI Vector Converters benefit graphic designers and digital artists?

Graphic designers and digital artists benefit from AI Vector Converters by being able to scale images infinitely without quality loss, which is crucial for branding materials like logos that need to be resized for various platforms.

Do AI Vector Converters work with any operating system?

AI Vector Converters come in various forms, including online tools, standalone software, and plugins, which can be compatible with different operating systems. Always check the system requirements before choosing a converter.

What images work best with AI vector converters?

AI vector converters work best with simple logos, icons, and illustrations with solid colors and well-defined edges and shapes. Detailed photographs generally don't convert well. The cleaner the input image, the better the output.

Can AI vector converters edit images or just convert them?

Most AI vector converters focus solely on converting raster images to vectors. However, some also offer basic image editing features prior to conversion to improve results.

What AI vector converters have free plans?

Some AI vector converters like Autotracer, Vector Magic, and Vectr offer free tiers with limited usage. The free plans typically cap the number of monthly conversions.

How do AI Vector Converters maintain image quality during scaling?

AI Vector Converters use machine learning algorithms to translate raster images into mathematical paths, allowing for infinite scalability without quality loss.

What should I do if the AI Vector Converter doesn't produce the expected results?

If the results are not satisfactory, you can try adjusting the settings, use a higher-quality source image, or opt for a different AI Vector Converter that might handle your specific image better.

Your Turn!

The future of design belongs to AI vectorization. We've revealed the 15 finest AI vector converters that can save you hours of manual tracing. Now it's your turn to experience the power! Opt for Vector Magic, the leading vector converter renowned for its sophisticated tools tailored to professionals.

Or try Vectorizer.AI‘s magical auto-trace algorithms that produce smooth vector graphics with one click. Whatever your needs, these groundbreaking platforms provide comprehensive coverage. Join thousands of designers leveraging these futuristitc tools daily.

Simplify client work, speed up personal projects, and take on more ambitious creative challenges. The best AI vector converters are your ticket to stunning images & vector graphics and streamlined success.

As AI technology continues its relentless march forward, we can expect even more advanced vectorization capabilities on the horizon. Already we are seeing AI vector converters that can recreate intricate details with stunning accuracy, while new players like Vectorizer.AI are pushing the boundaries of automatic vectorization.

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