12 Best AI WhatsApp Chatbot Tools 2024: AI and Messaging Combined

“Your Customers are Already on WhatsApp – Let AI Do The Talking!”

In our fast-paced digital terrain, businesses are hustling to enhance customer experiences. The golden ticket? AI-powered chatbots. Specifically on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp chatbots are automating customer service, sales, and marketing. It's real-time, personalized, and efficient.

How do these AI wonders work?

By pairing up with the WhatsApp Business API, chatbots use natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to user messages.

The best part? You don't need coding skills. Platforms like ManyChat, Landbot.io, or Engati provide a visual interface for conversation flow design and chatbot knowledge management.

What's in it for your business:

  • Automated customer engagement.
  • Instant query resolution.
  • Content sharing and notifications for orders, payments, shipping, etc.

Are you ready to reshape your customer service with AI chatbots on WhatsApp?

Top Features Offered by AI WhatsApp Chatbot Tool

Here are three critical features to look for in an AI WhatsApp chatbot tool that will enhance your business's communication and customer experience.

1. Natural Language Processing Capabilities

Natural Language Processing is a crucial feature for AI chatbots, as it enables them to understand and interpret human language inputs effectively. 

NLP allows chatbots to analyze and comprehend the intent behind user messages, enabling them to provide more accurate and relevant responses. 

When choosing an AI WhatsApp chatbot tool, ensure it has robust NLP capabilities to deliver a seamless and engaging conversational experience for your users.

2. Multi-language Support

As businesses expand globally, it's essential to cater to customers who speak different languages. A multilingual chatbot can engage with customers in their preferred language, providing a more personalized and accessible experience. 

While selecting your AI WhatsApp Chatbot, look for one that offers multi-language support to effectively communicate with your diverse customer base.

3. Analytics and Reporting Features

To optimize your chatbot's performance and improve customer experience, it's vital to track and analyze its interactions with users.

Chatbot analytics can provide valuable insights into engagement, conversions, and retention. 

Before making the decision on the AI WhatsApp Chatbot tool, ensure it offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features to help you make data-driven decisions and enhance your chatbot's effectiveness.

Top AI Chatbot Tools for WhatsApp – 2024

In case, you are short on time! Kindly refer to the table for a quick overview:

Tool NamePricing Plan (Starting)Money-back GuaranteeRating
WhatGPT $7.99 per monthNo RefundN/A
Wiz AI$2 per monthNo Refund4.7/5 (G2)
Landbot €150 per monthNo Refund4.7/5 (G2)
Unvoice€1.99 per monthContact SupportN/A
Freshworks $19 per agent per monthContact Support4.5/5 (G2)
Wati $40 per month (Billed annually)No Refund4.6/5 (G2)
Chat BlingContact SalesNo RefundN/A
WhatAuto$10.99 USD (one-time payment)N/AN/A
TranscribeMe $2.8 per month7-day (Complete Refund)3.7/5 (Glassdoor)
WABLAS $4 per month24 Hours (Full Refund)N/A
Saufter (HelpLama)Contact Sales30-day refund policy4/5 (Glassdoor)

Now, we'll explore these 12 best AI WhatsApp chatbot tools in detail including key features, benefits and complete pricing structure for each tool.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of AI chatbots on WhatsApp, where the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

1. WhatGPT

WhatGPT is your AI assistant on WhatsApp. This automation tool is based on ChatGPT, designed to provide quick, concise, and accurate responses to your queries. It seamlessly integrates into your favourite messaging app, enhancing your WhatsApp experience.


WhatGPT comes with various key features and benefits that are designed to enhance your messaging experience. It is made for messaging, meaning it fits perfectly into your existing messenger app, providing a seamless user experience.

One of its standout features is the Quick Reply Suggestions. This feature allows you to get your answers faster by choosing from AI-curated quick replies, reducing the amount of typing you need to do.

WhatGPT's AI is trained to be straight to the point, providing short and concise responses that are perfect for quick conversations. This feature ensures that you get the information you need without any unnecessary fluff.

Additionally, WhatGPT allows you to dig deeper and research conversation topics further by generating a list of web links. This feature is particularly useful when you want to explore a topic in more detail.

Lastly, WhatGPT is always online. There are no expired logins, captchas, or downtime periods to worry about. WhatGPT is always just a message away, ready to assist you whenever you need it.

WhatGPT Pricing Structure

  • Basic Plan: Free with 5 messages and limited support.
  • Plus Plan: At $7.99 per month, you get unlimited messages, early access to new features, and 24/7 unlimited support.

WhatGPT Pros & Cons

Seamless integration with WhatsApp.The Basic plan has limited support.
Quick reply suggestions save time.The Plus plan may be a bit pricey for some users.
Always online, providing constant assistance.

2. Wiz AI

Wiz AI is an inventive software that brings artificial intelligence (AI) to your WhatsApp experience. It is powered by artificial intelligence and is designed to understand natural language.

It boasts a vast knowledge base and is capable of engaging in back-and-forth dialogue. This makes it easy for users to ask questions, get information, or simply chat, all within the familiar interface of WhatsApp.

Wiz AI

The key features of Wiz AI are its basis in ChatGPT, a sophisticated AI model that understands and generates human-like text. This allows Wiz AI to comprehend and respond to a wide array of messages, making it a versatile tool for users.

Furthermore, Wiz AI operates like a human-like chatbot, generating intelligent responses to any topic directly within WhatsApp. This makes it not just a tool, but a companion that enhances your WhatsApp experience.

Wiz AI Pricing Structure

  • Free Plan: This plan allows you to use Wiz AI for up to five messages for free. It's a great way to try out the service.
  • Premium Plan: Starting at $2, the premium plan offers unlimited messages. It offers a monthly subscription option with the convenience of cancelling at your discretion. The premium plan also includes upcoming features like limited ChatGPT-4 usage, plugins, and image creation and recognition.

Wiz AI Pros and Cons

Easy to use: Wiz AI integrates directly with WhatsApp, making it easy to use.Limited free usage: The free plan only allows for up to five messages.
Intelligent responses: Thanks to ChatGPT, Wiz AI can generate smart, human-like responses.
Affordable: With plans starting at just $2, Wiz AI is an affordable solution for enhancing your WhatsApp experience.

3. Landbot

Landbot is a chatbot platform optimized for WhatsApp automation, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

It seamlessly integrates marketing campaigns into WhatsApp, using rich content and automation for better reach and conversion.


The platform offers 24/7 customer support, reducing response times and operational costs. Its no-code solution allows easy design of chat flows with a drag-and-drop interface, complemented by an opt-ins widget for growing WhatsApp subscriber lists.

Landbot's campaign manager streamlines marketing efforts, while its notification system ensures continuous engagement.

Users can test bots in a free environment and manage chats via a centralized inbox. With native integrations, Webhooks, and API support, Landbot ensures easy connectivity. Its analytics help businesses make informed decisions and enhance chatbot efficiency.

Landbot Pricing Structure

  • PRO Plan (€150/mo): Ideal for businesses & growing startups. Includes 1000 chats/mo, extra chats at €0.03 + Meta cost, and an extra seat at €20/mo. Key features encompass WhatsApp Business Number, Opt-In Tools, Essential Integrations, and Live Chat Support.
  • BUSINESS Plan (Starting at €300/mo): Tailored for large businesses seeking custom plans & priority support. Chats, extra chats, and extra seats are customizable. This plan offers everything in Pro, plus priority support, a dedicated success manager, team training, and custom documentation review.

Landbot Pros and Cons

User-friendly no-code platform.Plans are annual contracts.
Efficient WhatsApp automation for marketing and support.Additional costs for extra chats.
Comprehensive analytics for data-driven decisions.
Wide range of integrations.

4. Unvoice

Unvoice, a service that transforms your WhatsApp voice notes into text in seconds. This AI-powered transcription service is a perfect blend of privacy, convenience, and flexibility.


Unvoice brings a unique set of features and benefits to the table, setting it apart in the industry of transcription services. One of the most significant advantages of Unvoice is its time-saving capability.

It eliminates the need to listen to lengthy voice notes by providing instant transcriptions, allowing users to focus on more critical tasks.

Moreover, Unvoice offers unparalleled convenience. Users can access their transcribed messages at any time and from any location. This feature is particularly beneficial for those moments when listening to voice notes is not feasible.

Lastly, Unvoice places a high emphasis on privacy and security. The service ensures that all transcriptions are automatically deleted after delivery, providing users with peace of mind knowing their messages are secure.

Unvoice Pricing Structure

  • Plan S (€1.99/month): Ideal for starters, offering 2 hours of transcription.
  • Plan M (€4.99/month): Designed for heavy users, providing 8 hours of transcription.
  • Plan L (€9.99/month): Offers an incredible 20 hours of transcription.

Unvoice Pros and Cons

Easy to use with instant transcriptions.Limited to WhatsApp voice notes.
Ensures privacy and security of your messages.Transcription hours are capped based on the plan.
Offers a free trial for the first 5 minutes every month.

5. Freshworks

Freshworks is a comprehensive suite of business software solutions designed to streamline customer service, IT, and CRM processes.

With a focus on delivering delightful experiences for both customers and employees, Freshworks offers a range of innovative and easy-to-use products that cater to businesses of all sizes.


Freshworks offers a Freshchat tool that integrates with WhatsApp, allowing businesses to communicate with their customers through the popular messaging platform.

By leveraging Freshworks products such as Freshchat and Freshdesk, businesses can provide seamless customer support and engagement via WhatsApp.

Freshworks also provides a powerful service and support solution through Freshdesk, which includes features such as ticket dispatch, intelligent ticket assignment, and omnichannel support. This ensures efficient handling of customer inquiries and issues across multiple channels.

Pricing Structure

  • Free: Ideal for beginners, Begin with 100 Campaign Contacts, FREDDY Chatbots, and analytics. This plan also offers basic tools like Inbox Views, Topics, Email, Mobile SDK, WordPress, and Shopify integrations.
  • Growth: $19 per agent per month, Growth Plan offers 500 Campaign Contacts, Priority Inbox, Assignment Rules, and Business Hours (Global). It also integrates with platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and Freshdesk.
  • Pro: $47 per agent per month, Elevate your service with Pro's 500 Campaign Contacts, Auto-resolve, IntelliAssign, and Advanced Dashboard. Benefit from enhanced automation, Team Performance Reports, and CSAT Survey tools.
  • Enterprise: $83 per agent per month, Tailored for large-scale operations, Enterprise includes everything in Pro, with added features like Allowed Domains, User Authentication (JWT), and Skill-Based Routing.

Freshworks Pros and Cons

Seamless integration with WhatsApp for customer support and engagementPricing may be steep for small businesses
Centralized management of customer conversations across multiple channelsSome features may require additional costs
Automation rules for efficient handling of WhatsApp messages

6. Wati

Wati is a booming WhatsApp Business API platform designed to reshape the way businesses communicate with their customers.

This amazing tool breaks engagement barriers, allowing businesses to improve response rates over traditional methods like email, SMS, and in-app messaging.


Wati offers a plethora of features that satisfies to various business needs. Its broadcast communication feature enables businesses to push out campaigns and engage with high-response WhatsApp messages.

The platform also supports chatbots, allowing businesses to create no-code chatbots for instant responses to common requests.

With Wati, businesses can upscale with multiple users on one single number, providing a better return on investment than alternative WhatsApp BSPs. It also supports multiple agents, allowing teams to share the Wati inbox.

Wati's low-code automation simplifies mass communication and personalized responses. It also supports 1-2-1 communication, enabling businesses to tag contacts, categorize, and target them in groups using personalized communications.

Wati Pricing Structure

Wati offers both monthly and annual subscriptions, with a 20% discount on the annual subscription.

  • Standard Plan (40 USD/month, billed annually): Ideal for small-sized companies, it includes a basic chatbot builder, message broadcasts, and supports up to 5 users.
  • Pro Plan (80 USD/month, billed annually): Suitable for mid-sized companies, it offers an advanced chatbot builder, supports up to 5 users, and includes additional features like Google Sheets integration.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized for large-sized companies, it includes everything in Pro+ and additional features like higher API limits, higher chatbots & keywords, and priority support.

Wati Pros and Cons

High response rates with broadcast communication.The pricing might be high for small businesses.
Supports multiple users and agents.The platform might require a learning curve for non-tech-savvy users.
Simplifies mass communication with low-code automation.
Offers easy integrations.

7. Chat Bling

Chat Bling is an extraordinary AI-powered chatbot tool that completely modifies your WhatsApp experience. This stunning platform offers a range of features that transform chat into a powerhouse of knowledge and creativity.

Chat Bling

Chat Bling's key features include the ability to ask anything, from general knowledge to song lyrics, and get instant responses. The chatbot also offers image generation, allowing users to create images of anything within their conversations. An exciting feature is the speech-to-text tool, which transcribes your voice messages in minutes.

The platform is user-friendly, requiring no sign-up to get started. For those who wish to level up their experience, a Pro membership is available, offering a higher quota for asking questions and generating images.

Chat Bling's pricing structure is as follows

  • Free Tier: Get started with no sign-up required. Enjoy basic features like asking questions and generating images.
  • Pro Membership: For a monthly or annual fee you need to contact them.

Pros & Cons of Chat Bling

User-friendly interface with no sign-up required.The speech-to-text feature is currently experimental and limited to a few minutes.
Wide range of features including image generation and voice transcription.Pro membership is required for access to enhanced features.


ASK ROBOT ONE, an advanced artificial intelligence tool that puts the power of AI at your fingertips. This versatile tool, powered by ChatGPT 3.5 and Google's high-level scripting language, is designed to answer your questions accurately and instantly.


ASK ROBOT ONE offers a wide range of features. You can ask any question and receive immediate answers, generate images, and even analyze them. The tool also allows you to plan your trips, write resumes, summarize articles and PDFs, generate recipes, write emails, and solve math equations. You can even dictate tasks to it, making it a handy assistant for your daily needs.

You can use ASK ROBOT ONE for free by just entering and authenticating your WhatsApp registered phone number.

9. WhatAuto

WhatAuto, an absolute chatbot application, is designed to simplify your life. With over 10 million satisfied users, WhatAuto is the perfect tool for both personal and business use.

It's not just a chatbot, it's a solution that allows you to automate your conversations on all major social messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram, among others.


WhatAuto is powered by Artificial Intelligence, enabling human-like chatting. It supports 22 languages, making it a truly global application.

The app's integration with Google Sheets allows for dynamic conversations based on your data. WhatAuto's design emphasizes simplicity, allowing even novice users to create chatbots with ease.

Furthermore, the app provides powerful statistics to help you monitor and analyze your chatbot's performance.

WhatAuto Pricing Structure

  • Generous Plan (Free): Includes unlimited messages, support for all social messaging apps, Google Sheets integration, custom reply, welcome message, and basic statistics report.
  • Premium Plan ($10.99 USD, one-time payment): Includes all features of the Generous Plan, plus ad-free usage, cloud backup, cloud integration, AI-powered conversations, automatic turn-on, driving mode, automatic spreadsheet sync, and advanced statistics report.

WhatAuto Pros and Cons

Supports all major social messaging apps.The free plan includes ads.
Offers a free plan with generous features.Advanced features are only available in the Premium Plan.
Provides powerful statistics for performance monitoring.

10. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a Voice-to-Text Service that can effortlessly convert your WhatsApp and Telegram voice messages into text.

This incredible software is powered by advanced speech recognition technology, ensuring high-quality transcription of your audio files.


TranscribeMe offers a host of features that make it a standout choice for users. It prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that no audio files are stored or saved.

The application supports popular voice memos and messenger applications, making it a versatile tool for everyday use.

The service breaks down language barriers with its real-time translation and language selection feature. This allows users to connect with the world effortlessly, making it a valuable tool for both personal and business communication.

A recent addition to TranscribeMe is the integration of CHATGPT. This feature allows users to ask TranscribeMe any question and receive instant answers on a wide range of topics. This makes TranscribeMe not just a transcription service, but also a reliable source of information and suggestions.

TranscribeMe Pricing Structure

  • Free Plan: This plan offers transcription, summary, and translation for up to 20 minutes of transcriptions per month with a maximum length per audio of 10 minutes. It supports translations into more than 30 languages.
  • Plan Plus: Priced at $2.8/month + IVA, this plan offers 200 minutes of transcriptions per month with unlimited audio length and number of audios per week. It also includes priority access to new features and the possibility of limit extension.

TranscribeMe Pros and Cons

High-quality transcription and translation services.The free plan has a limit on the length and number of transcriptions.
Prioritizes user privacy.Potential delays in transcription during high server load.
Supports popular voice memo and messenger applications.
Real-time translation and language selection feature.
Integration of CHATGPT for instant answers.


WABLAS is an API Gateway for WhatsApp Business API, designed to streamline your business communication. This advanced tool frees you from the complexities of the WhatsApp protocol, enabling you to send and receive messages, manage contacts, and handle media files with ease.


WABLAS offers many features that monetize your business communication. The auto-responder feature attends to your customers 24/7, while the WhatsApp rotator shares lead to customer service.

The multi-agent feature allows multiple admins to access a single WhatsApp account simultaneously. With unlimited labels, you can segment your customers effectively.

And, the live chat service ensures real-time resolution of queries, complaints, and requests.

WABLAS Pricing Structure

  • Free Plan ($0/month): Includes 200 messages for 7 days, text, button, and footer messaging, auto-responder, webhook text, supports 2 agents, and integrates with LokusWP and SLiMS.
  • Lite Plan ($4/month): Offers 5,000 messages/month, supports 4 agents, and integrates with platforms like Google Form, Google Spreadsheet, Mixradius, and more.
  • Small Plan ($7/month): Provides 10,000 messages/month, supports 8 agents, and includes the same integrations as the Lite Plan.
  • Medium Plan ($9/month): Offers unlimited messaging, template messages, webhook tracking status messages, supports 8 agents, and integrates with additional platforms like Woocommerce, Pabbly, Jotform, and more.
  • Large Plan ($11/month): Includes unlimited messaging, media messaging, auto-reply, and webhook media, supports 10 agents, and integrates with platforms included in the Medium Plan.
  • Enterprise Plan ($13/month): Provides comprehensive features like unlimited and group messaging, list and template messages, supports 12 agents, and integrates with an extensive list of platforms including Shopify, WHMCS, Wablas Store, and more.

It also offers add-ons for platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Line Business, and Youtube at $2/month each. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Pros and Cons of WABLAS

High-quality transcription and translation services.Limited features in the free plan
Wide range of featuresAs of now, WABLAS primarily supports English and Indonesian, which may not cater to non-English or non-Indonesian speaking users.
Multiple pricing plans
24/7 customer support

12. Saufter (HelpLama)

Saufter, formerly known as HelpLama is the next-gen live chat software that's completely reshaped WhatsApp customer service.

Trusted by over 1000+ brands worldwide, Saufter is considered the only helpdesk software that truly understands user’s needs. It empowers businesses with automation and data-driven insights, streamlining workflows and enhancing customer interactions.


From tracking order status to generating returns and exchanges, customers can handle various tasks effortlessly through the live chat widget.

Saufter also enables businesses to recruit experienced agents in one click. The real-time dashboard provides valuable insights into your live chat support operations.

It even monitors key metrics like volume, response time, tags, and customer feedback, and optimizes performance to deliver exceptional customer service.

Saufter Pricing Structure

Saufter offers a flexible pricing structure to cater to different business needs. Unfortunately, the exact pricing details are not publicly available on the website. For detailed pricing information, please reach out to the Saufter team directly through their contact page.

Pros and Cons of Saufter

Comprehensive automation features.The lack of publicly available pricing information could be a deterrent for some potential users.
Real-time performance insights.
Access to a marketplace of experienced customer service agents.

What are some examples of companies using AI chatbots on WhatsApp?

AI chatbots on WhatsApp have been adopted by numerous firms in diverse sectors to elevate customer experiences and optimize WhatsApp communications. Noteworthy implementations include:

  • Yellow Class: They launched a bot on WhatsApp for rapid response to common queries, aiding over 35,000 users with 150,000 dialogues.
  • Salud Digna: Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, they initiated a WhatsApp AI bot, reducing calls to agents by 50%, yet ensuring essential medical access.
  • JioMart: By employing a chatbot, the platform slashed response times by around 60%.
  • Eureka Forbes: Partnering with Haptik, they rolled out a WhatsApp bot enhancing customer service and sales, offering 24/7 assistance.
  • Cepsa: Their WhatsApp bot facilitates internal communication via a numbered menu or keywords.

This accentuates how AI chatbots on WhatsApp can revolutionize customer service, sales, and marketing, delivering tailored, efficient user support.

WhatsApp Marketing Software: A New Horizon for Marketers

WhatsApp Marketing Software: A New Horizon for Marketers

With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is not just a messaging app; it's a goldmine for marketers. Leveraging AI-powered tools, businesses can send bulk messages, including text, images, documents, and videos, without even saving contact details. Imagine reaching out to thousands of potential customers with a single click, all personalized and targeted!

AI-Driven Customer Engagement

Platforms like Chatfuel and Freshworks offer AI-driven chatbots that provide 24/7 availability. Unlike human agents, these chatbots don't need sleep or breaks. They're always ready to engage, answer queries, and even process orders. The result? Improved customer engagement and brand positioning.

Streamlined Strategies with Automation

Automation is the key to efficiency. With WhatsApp Marketing Software, you can schedule messages, run campaigns, and even build collaborative teams. Tools like Engati and SleekFlow offer omnichannel support, integrating with other platforms like Instagram and Shopify.

Affordable and Effective

Starting from free trials to various paid plans, these tools are designed to fit every budget. The low cost, coupled with high open rates, makes WhatsApp marketing a lucrative option for businesses of all sizes.

Real-Time Insights and Analytics

Want to know how your campaign is performing? Real-time analytics provide insights into customer behavior, response rates, and more. It's not just about sending messages; it's about understanding your audience and adapting your strategies accordingly.

How do AI WhatsApp chatbot tools integrate with other business systems?

AI WhatsApp chatbot tools can integrate with other business systems to optimize processes and improve customer experience. These integrations can be achieved through APIs that enable developers to create products associated with a specific service, such as WhatsApp Business. Some ways AI WhatsApp chatbots can integrate with other business systems include:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems: By connecting chatbots with CRM systems, businesses can centralize customer data and interactions, enabling better customer support and personalized experiences.
  2. Backend systems and third-party platforms: Chatbots can be linked with backend systems and third-party platforms to access relevant information and provide accurate responses to customer queries.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) models: AI chatbots can be powered by NLP models to understand and interpret user messages, allowing them to handle queries quickly and precisely.
  4. Omnichannel support: AI chatbots can be integrated across multiple channels, including WhatsApp, to maintain an active presence and provide seamless customer support.
  5. Sales and marketing tools: Chatbots can automate sales, customer service, and marketing activities, engaging with customers round the clock without human intervention.
  6. AI-powered chatbot platforms: Businesses can use platforms like Commbox to build customizable chatbots that automatically communicate with customers via WhatsApp chatbots.

By integrating AI WhatsApp chatbots with various software and systems, businesses can automate support, reduce recurrent requests, and provide a seamless customer experience


Embracing AI chatbots on WhatsApp can lead to significant benefits, such as increased customer engagement, improved lead generation, and reduced customer service costs. For instance, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines achieved a 40% increase in customer interactions using a chatbot.

Moreover, AI chatbots can help businesses save costs, as a Juniper Research report found that the adoption of chatbots across various sectors would realize business cost savings of $11 billion annually by 2023.

Incorporating a human touch in AI chatbots can further enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. For example, Nike's Stylebot, an AI chatbot that helps customers find, personalize, and create their own shoe designs, achieved a click-through-rate 12.5 times more than Nike's average CTR and four times the conversions.

By unleashing the power of AI chatbots on WhatsApp, you're not only staying ahead of the curve but also unlocking new opportunities for growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

So, don't wait any longer – it's time to harness the potential of AI chatbots and revolutionize the way you communicate on WhatsApp!

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