APAC Data 2030 Summit: Data Strategies for Decentralized Value Creation

Data is the new oil, and those who refine it hold the power to fuel innovation. The APAC Data 2030 Summit is where the region's data pioneers converge to shape the future of data-driven enterprises.

The APAC Data 2030 Summit, an annual roundtable event dedicated to data management strategies, is set to return for its fourth edition on September 24th, 2024, at Hotel One Farrer in Singapore.

This year's edition promises to be a game-changer, bringing together over 40 international speakers, thought leaders, and industry mavericks from across the Asia-Pacific.

About the APAC Data 2030 Summit

APAC Data 2030 Summit

The APAC Data 2030 Summit is an annual event that brings together the data management community to discuss ways of enabling faster data innovation and AI deployment across enterprises.

For the past seven years, the summit has served as a remarkable knowledge-sharing and networking platform for data practitioners in the Nordics, Europe, and the Middle East. This year's onsite edition extends its reach to the APAC region, offering a unique opportunity for regional data professionals to connect and exchange insights.

With over 40 international speakers presenting across three stages, panel discussions, and numerous networking activities, the 2024 APAC edition of the summit is the premier destination for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and data practitioners working in areas such as Information Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, Enterprise Architecture, and DataOps.

Thought Leaders Shaping the Data Industry

APAC Data 2030 Summit Speakers

The APAC Data 2030 Summit boasts an impressive lineup of speakers from leading organizations across the Asia-Pacific region. Attendees will gain insights from data leaders like Vinay Simha of Philips, Vidhya Veeraraghavan of Standard Chartered, and Ts. Jacky Cheong of CelcomDigi. The event features experts in data engineering such as Kristina Pia Delos Reyes of Spenmo and Garrett Teoh of Allianz.

Agenda of APAC Data 2030 Summit

The summit will feature some of the most forward-thinking data management practitioners from various positions and responsibilities within the private and public sectors across the Asia-Pacific region. These experts will share their insights on the most critical data management challenges, as well as the latest methodologies, strategies, and tools used by organizations to address these challenges.

Event Stages

The program is divided into three stages, each focusing on a specific topic:

Modern Data Strategy: This strategy and technical track focuses on creating a future-proof and agile data strategy for enterprise-grade application of advanced analytics and AI. Presentations cover topics from data ownership to implementation, held in 30-minute sessions.
Modern Data Platform: This stage dives into developing disruptive modern data platforms that support shifting business models, adapt to changing workforce operations, and dynamically connect the enterprise. Sessions explore data integration, storage, transformation, orchestration, presentation, transportation, observability, and more.
Modern Data Architecture: Speakers at this stage provide insights into architecting a data environment blueprint for collecting, processing, and supporting analytical and ML workloads aligned with short and long-term enterprise goals. Presentations are 30 minutes long.

Summit Features Out The Following

The APAC Data 2030 Summit is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for attendees. Key features include:

Limited Attendance: To maintain a high-quality networking and knowledge-sharing experience, attendance is limited to a maximum of 150 participants. Speakers and exhibitors are carefully prequalified and selected to match current regional market challenges and provide outstanding content and insights.
Topic-Related Round Table Discussions: Interactive roundtables will provide a platform for attendees to share ideas, challenges, and benchmark strategies with peers. These sessions will last 40 minutes, with delegates rotating to a new roundtable after the first session.
Interactive Panel Discussions: Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive panel discussions composed of practitioners and experts, covering topics ranging from strategy to people, processes, and technology.
Networking Program: Following the conference day, delegates are invited to a networking program, starting with a cocktail reception, to foster further connections and collaborations.

The APAC Data 2030 Summit promises to be a premier event for data professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and shaping the future of data management and AI deployment across enterprises.

Tickets & Passes

APAC Data Summit Promo Tickets

Promo Ticket ($199)
Take advantage of this promo ticket that provides full access to the APAC Data 2030 Summit. Each ticket includes:

  • Onsite conference entrance
  • Access to all event stages
  • Access to the delegate community and networking tools
  • Access to all presentations, panel discussions, and Technology in Practice Sessions
  • Lunch, coffee, and other refreshments
  • Post-event materials
  • On-demand access after the event

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Be the Part of Change

Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the APAC Data 2030 Summit, where the future of data management and AI deployment is being shaped. This is your opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain invaluable insights, and network with peers who are as passionate about data as you are. 

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