Book Bolt Coupon Code (June 2024) → Grab 50% Discount

Are you ready to elevate your Amazon KDP publishing game and save money while doing it? Look no further than Book Bolt, the powerful software suite designed to streamline your low/no-content book creation process. Whether you're into journals, planners, puzzle books, or coloring books, Book Bolt is your secret weapon for success.

While this platform is amazing, we understand that everyone loves a great deal. That's why we're thrilled to offer you our exclusive Book Bolt coupon code “AMZNINJA20“. Unlock an EXTRA 20% OFF your subscription and discover how Book Bolt's niche research tools, intuitive design features, and advanced listing optimization can propel your KDP earnings.

With Book Bolt and our special coupon, you'll have the competitive edge you need to boost visibility, attract more readers, and generate serious passive income on Amazon. Get ready to transform your publishing journey. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to supercharge your KDP strategy!

Head to now and use the code AMZMOJO to get 20% OFF your subscription.

Key Things to Note

The verified Book Bolt coupon code “AMZMOJO” and “AMZNINJA20” offers a 20% discount on every plan.
The monthly prices with the coupon code go from $9.99 to $8 for the regular plan, and from $19.99 to $16 for the Pro plan. Yearly prices go from $89.99 to $72 for the regular plan, and from $199.99 to $160 for the Pro plan.
Book Bolt also offers a risk-free trial, allowing users to access premium features for 3 days for free.
Create Unique Puzzles and Activity books in few clicks
Book Bolt offers 3-Dasy Free trial on all plans.

Trust for Authentic Book Bolt Coupon codes is a reliable platform that ensures all its coupon codes are 100% verified and working, offering you the best discounts on your Book Bolt subscriptions.

So, if you are looking for the best deals for Book Bolt to save maximum on your purchase, go with any coupon codes listed below. It's a sure way to save money while getting the best out of your publishing business.

100% Verified Book bolt Coupon (January 2024)

We have curated the list of the top Book Bolt discount and offers below. These ranges from monthly deals to yearly offers.

Book Bolt has two main pricing points for the software: a monthly option and a monthly PRO. If you want to create high-margin books such as activity/puzzle books, then you will want to select the pro option. Otherwise, the normal monthly option is available as well.

Book Bolt Logo

Book Bolt Coupon Code: Get 35% OFF EXCLUSIVE

Use our verified coupon code to get a total discount of 35% on Book Bolt Annual Subscriptions.
35% OFF
Book Bolt Logo

20% OFF Book Bolt Promo Code EXCLUSIVE

Avail up to 20% discount on all Book Bolt Plans with the verified promo code.
Save 20%
Book Bolt Logo

Book Bolt Best Deal: $39.99 OFF EXCLUSIVE

Grab this verified coupon and get $39.99 discount on Book Bolt Pro Plan Annual Subscription.
$39.99 OFF
Book Bolt Logo

Book Bolt Newbie Discount: $29.89 OFF EXCLUSIVE

Use the verified Book Bolt Coupon Code and get up to $29.89 discount on Book Bolt Newbie Plan.
$29.89 OFF
Book Bolt Logo

Start Book Bolt Free Trial EXCLUSIVE

Click on our exclusive link to Sign up for Book Bolt 3-day Free Trial.
Free Trial
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Get started at $8/month: Book Bolt Special Offer Trending

Use the verified coupon code and get started with Book Bolt for a price as low as $8/month.

Types of Book Bolt Discounts Available

Take advantage of the verified Book Bolt coupon codes listed in the table to secure maximum savings on your Book Bolt subscription: 

Offer TypeDiscountConditions
Book Bolt Annual Plan DiscountGrab a total of 35% OFF on Book Bolt PlansGet 15% OFF on Annual Plan+ 20% extra OFF with the coupon code “AMZMOJO
Book Bolt Exclusive coupon code20% discount on all plansUse our verified promo code “AFFCOUPON” to get 20% OFF on any plan
Book Bolt Highest DiscountGet $39.99 discount on Yearly Pro PlanApply our exclusive discount code “AMZMOJO” to get $39.99 OFF
Book Bolt Verified DealSave $3.99 every monthAvail $3.99 discount on Monthly Pro Plan with promo code “AMZNINJA20
Book Bolt Monthly Plan DiscountAvail 20% OFF on Monthly PlansRedeem 20% OFF on monthly plan with the discount code “AMZNINJA20
Try Book Bolt for FreeStart Book Bolt 3-day Free TrialClick on our exclusive link

Book Bolt Monthly Vs. Annual Subscriptions

When it comes to choosing between Book Bolt monthly and annual subscriptions, the annual subscription stands out as a clear winner as they can you can get a huge discount of up to 20% on your purchase.

For example, Book Bolt annual subscription is priced at $89.99 for the Newbie plan and $199.99 for the Pro plan. This pricing structure translates into a saving of up to 16% compared to the monthly subscription, which is priced at $9.99 for the Newbie plan and $19.99 for the Pro plan. Moreover, with the annual subscription, you can also take advantage of the official 20% off coupon code “AFFCOUPON” at checkout, further reducing your yearly prices. 

Book Bolt Pricing PlansBook Bolt Newbie PlanBook Bolt Pro Plan
Monthly Plan Price$9.99/month$19.99/month
Yearly Plan Price$89.99/year$199.99/year
Price after using discount code$71.99/year$159.99/year
Total Discount$47.89 OFF$79.89 OFF

Book Bolt 3-day Free Trial

Want to try Book Bolt's premium publishing tools before committing? Sign up for the free 3-day trial to access the full suite of features. To help you get started and explore the features of Book Bolt, it offers a 3-day free trial for both their Newbie and Pro plans.

To start your free trial, simply visit the Book Bolt website and sign up for the plan that best suits your needs. This trial allows you to access tools such as keyword/product research, cover/interior design, Amazon search volume, and KDP Spy.

How to Redeem up to 35% Book Bolt discount in minutes?

Redeeming a Book Bolt discount is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Start by visiting the official Book Bolt website.
  • Click on the pricing section and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Book Bolt offers both monthly and yearly subscription options.
Book Bolt discount
  • Select the plan you want to try for Free by clicking on the “Start your 3-day free trial” button.
Book Bolt 3-day free trial
  • Now complete the checkout process by entering your credit card details and in the coupon code box, enter the verified coupon code “AMZMOJO” or “AMZNINJA20” to avail additional 20% discount.
Book Bolt checkout page
  • Finally, complete the rest of the checkout process to finalize your purchase.

By following these steps, you can quickly and easily redeem your Book Bolt discount and start enjoying the benefits of this comprehensive publishing toolkit.

What are the key Features available with the Book Bolt subscription?

Book Bolt offers a range of features designed to support authors and self-publishers in creating, designing, and listing low-content books on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Here are the key features available in the Book Bolt subscription:

3-Day Free Trial: Every Book Bolt subscription starts with a 3-day free trial, allowing you to experience the platform's features free of cost.
Keyword/Product Research: This feature helps you identify profitable niches and trends in the market, providing valuable insights to guide your book creation process.
Cover/Interior Designer: With Book Bolt's design tools, you can create professional book covers and interiors without any prior design experience.
Amazon Search Volume: This feature provides real-time data on the search volume of specific keywords on Amazon, helping you optimize your book listings for better visibility and sales.
KDP Spy: This tool allows you to spy on competitors and gain insights into their strategies, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
24/7 Customer Support: Book Bolt provides round-the-clock customer support to assist you with any issues or queries you may have.
Puzzle Creation Software (Pro Plan Only): Included in the Pro plan, this software allows you to create puzzles for your KDP books, adding an extra dimension to your offerings.
Trend Hunter: Identifies emerging trends in the book market, helping users stay ahead of the competition
Listing Optimization: Streamlines the process of uploading and listing books on Amazon KDP, saving users time and effort
Private Training Sessions and Webinars: All members get access to training content that can help both newbies and pros scale their business.
Community Access: Join a global community of like-minded publishers and learn from their experiences.

Book Bolt Referral Program: Get up to $12,500 monthly recurring commissions

Join the Book Bolt affiliate program and earn 25% recurring commissions for life on every new customer you refer. As a top software for low-content book publishers on Amazon KDP, Book Bolt offers huge earning potential for affiliates. With capabilities to design beautiful book covers and interiors in minutes, users love Book Bolt. And with recurring payouts, you can earn up to $12,500 per month in passive income if you refer 5,000 accounts. Book Bolt provides all the tools to easily track sales and payouts through their intuitive affiliate dashboard. Their dedicated support team ensures your success as an affiliate partner.

Other Ways to get discount on Book Bolt Subscription

Here are some savvy tips to help you save maximum on your Book Bolt purchase:

Choose Annual Plans: Opting for an annual plan can lead to more savings. Use the right coupon code (AMZNINJA20, AFFCOUPON) and watch the price drop significantly.

Social Media Specials: Follow Book Bolt on social media platforms. They often share exclusive deals and discounts with their followers.

Expired Coupons: Don't overlook expired coupons. Sometimes they might still work and can snag you a surprise discount.

Bulk Deals: Occasionally, Book Bolt may offer special promotions or bulk deals. Keep checking their official site for any such offers.

Special sale events: Around major holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Book Bolt sometimes offers sitewide sales where you can score a discount on any subscription plan.

Newsletter Subscriptions: Subscribe to Book Bolt newsletter to get updated about the Book Bolt latest offers regularly.

Who is Book Bolt For?

  • KDP Publishers Aiming for Growth: Existing KDP sellers looking to improve efficiency, find better niches, and take their publishing business to the next level. Book Bolt's research and optimization tools make scaling a KDP operation more streamlined.
  • New KDP Authors: The intuitive interface and design tools are fantastic for those with little to no design experience, simplifying the often intimidating process of creating book interiors and covers.
  • Niche Explorers: Ideal for KDP sellers who struggle to identify untapped niches with lucrative potential. Book Bolt's market research capabilities let you find underserved but profitable market segments.
  • Time-Conscious Creators: Anyone who wants to cut creation and listing time to publish more books at a faster pace. Book Bolt's templates, drag-and-drop interface, and listing assistance save significant time compared to designing and optimizing without specialized tools.
  • Authors Focused on Low/No-Content Books: While Book Bolt can benefit many different forms of self-publishing, the suite is designed with an emphasis on popular low/no-content formats like:
    • Journals and Planners
    • Puzzle Books (Sudoku, Crosswords, etc.)
    • Coloring Books
    • Activity Books
    • Sketchbooks

Top 3 Book Bolt Alternatives in 2024

Book Bolt is a popular software tool for creating and publishing books on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Some top alternatives to Book Bolt provide similar or even more robust capabilities in key areas like design, marketing, and analytics.

  • Publisher Rocket: Publisher Rocket is a powerful alternative to Book Bolt, offering comprehensive keyword research and competition analysis tools for authors and publishers. With a one-time fee, it provides valuable insights to help you optimize your low-content books on Amazon and reach the right audience.
  • Tangent Templates: Tangent Templates is a close alternative to Book Bolt, featuring a cover designer, interior generator, and a user-friendly interface. Although it lacks keyword research features, it excels in design and customization options. If you're comfortable using other tools for research, Tangent Templates is an excellent choice for creating unique low-content books.
  • Book Bird: Book Bird is a design-focused alternative to Book Bolt, offering an extensive range of templates for low-content book designs. With individual template purchases, you have more flexibility and control over your book designs, allowing you to create professional-looking books that stand out from the competition.

What is the best Book Bolt coupon code I can use?

The best Book Bolt coupon code you can use is “AFFCOUPON” and “AMZNINJA20” which gives you a 20% discount on any plan. 

How do I apply the Book Bolt coupon code?

To apply the Book Bolt coupon code, copy the code and start the checkout process. On the second page of checkout, you can paste the code to get a 20% discount on any plan.

Can I use more than one Book Bolt promo code while checking out?

No, Book Bolt only allows you to use a single coupon or promo code during checkout.

Can I test Book Bolt before purchasing it?

Yes, every Book Bolt account starts with a 3-day trial. After your trial is complete, if you use the code, it will then go into effect.

What are the pricing options for Book Bolt?

Book Bolt offers two main pricing points: a monthly option and a monthly PRO option. If you use the official coupon ‘AMZNINJA20' at checkout, your monthly prices go from $9.99 to $7.99 for the regular plan, and from $19.99 to $15.99 for the PRO plan.

Can I upgrade my Book Bolt plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime as per your requirements.

Does Book Bolt offer refunds if I cancel?

No, Book Bolt does not provide refunds. They offer a free 3-day trial for you to ensure that Book Bolt is the right fit for your business before any money exchanges hands.

Final words

Book Bolt is an essential tool for authors and self-publishers looking to create, design, and list low-content books on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Book Bolt simplifies the publishing process, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced publishers.

To make the most of your Book Bolt experience, take advantage of the verified Book bolt coupon codes “AFFCOUPON” and “AMZNINJA20” to get the best discounts possible on your subscription. These codes offer a 20% discount on any plan, allowing you to access premium publishing tools and resources at a reduced cost. By using these coupon codes, you can maximize your savings while enjoying the benefits of Book Bolt's powerful features.

Make sure you take advantage of this chance to boost your publishing business with Book Bolt.

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