CheaterBuster Alternative: Top 7 Picks for 2024 (AI-Powered)

Best CheaterBuster Alternatives

Infidelity and cheating in relationships is unfortunately quite common. Studies estimate that approximately 15-25% of people will cheat on their partner at some point in their life. 

With the rise of online dating apps and increased connectivity through technology, there are more opportunities today for infidelity than ever before. This is why tools like CheaterBuster have become popular in recent years. CheaterBuster claims to use sophisticated technology to catch cheaters by gathering information from public records and social media profiles. However, CheaterBuster is not free and can be quite expensive for a full report.

Are there any good free alternatives to CheaterBuster that can help you uncover the truth about a potentially cheating partner? I investigated the top options and will provide an overview of the 7 best free CheaterBuster alternatives available.

CheaterBuster Overview

CheaterBuster is a monthly subscription service marketed as a tool to catch cheating spouses. It compiles public data and information from social media sites to create detailed reports on individuals.

CheaterBuster offers various subscription tiers, with prices ranging from $27 to $99 per month. More expensive packages include unlimited reports and access to more data.

The tool searches through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find profiles associated with a person's name, email, or phone number. It also searches through various public records and background check databases.

CheaterBuster uses this information to create a report detailing the digital footprint of an individual, including associated social media accounts, locations, relatives, criminal records, and more.

Why Look for Cheater Buster Alternatives?

While CheaterBuster can provide extensive information, there are some downsides to its services:

  • It can be expensive, especially if you want unlimited reports each month. The basic $27 per month plan only includes one report.
  • There have been some questions about the accuracy and depth of CheaterBuster's reports compared to other similar services.
  • It requires handing over your credit card information which some people may not feel comfortable doing.
  • CheaterBuster's practices for gathering information have also faced some ethical questions regarding privacy and consent.

For these reasons, many individuals searching for proof of infidelity look for free alternatives to CheaterBuster. Free tools provide basic information without the monthly costs or privacy concerns.

1. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a free online tool that allows you to perform various searches to verify information about a person. You can search by name, phone number, email, or image.

While the free search is limited, it can provide enough information to identify associated social media profiles, locations, relatives, and contact details. Social Catfish also provides alternative paid tiers for more comprehensive reports.

Key Features:
Name search
Reverse phone lookup
Reverse image search
Reverse email lookup


Free basic search
Clean, easy-to-use interface


Limited info with free version


Premium$2.99 – $4.99 per report
Unlimited Monthly$27.99/month

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup - Catfish

Reverse phone lookup services search public databases using a phone number to identify the owner. By inputting your partner's phone number, you can find out their name and other details associated with the number.

Many free reverse phone lookup options exist like NumLookup, PhoneLookup, and TrueCaller. However, free searches may be limited, showing just basic info.

Key Features:
Reverse phone number search
Identify name of phone number owner
Available for both cell phones and landlines


Totally free phone number lookups
Helpful for identifying unknown numbers


Very limited information with free searches
Results not guaranteed

Pricing: Free

3. TruthFinder


TruthFinder is a versatile online tool for background checks and public records searches. While not free, it offers a 7-day trial for $1 to access all its services.You can search for information on a person using their name, phone number, or email address. TruthFinder also provides criminal records, arrest records, social media profiles, and more.

Key Features:
7-day trial for $1
Background checks
Public records search
Criminal record reports
Social media profile matching


Low $1 trial cost
Extensive information available


Still not free long-term


7-Day Trial$1
1 Month$28.05/month
3 Months$22.48/month
12 Months$17.83/month

4. Spokeo


Spokeo is a people search engine that aggregates publicly available data from sources like phone books, social networks, marketing lists, and other directories.

While Spokeo offers paid subscriptions, you can perform basic searches for free by name, username, address, phone number, or email. This can uncover social media profiles, photos, and contact details.

Key Features:
Free basic people search
Search by name, username, address, phone, email
Find social media profiles and photos


Completely free people searches
Helpful for finding social media accounts


Very limited info available for free

Pricing: Free

5. SwindlerBuster


SwindlerBuster is a free online tool marketed for investigating online dating profiles and performing various verification searches. You can search by name, phone number, or email address to uncover associated social media profiles, photos, locations, and contact information.

Key Features:
Name search
Reverse phone lookup
Email search
Social media profile checks


100% free to use
Specializes in online dating profile searches


Fairly basic information in free reports


6. BeenVerified


BeenVerified allows you to perform a limited background check and public records search for free. It compiles data from public sources to create a report with personal details, contact information, relatives, and more.

While the free report only provides a snapshot, it can uncover enough details to identify possible infidelity or catch a cheater.

Key Features:
Free limited background checks
Public records search
Contact information
Relatives list


Totally free basic background checks


Very limited information in free reports

Pricing: Free

7. Imageverse


Imageverse is a free reverse image search tool. It lets you upload an image or enter an image URL to perform a search. Imageverse will identify matching and similar images across the web.

This can be helpful for catching cheaters using fake photos or profiles with someone else's photos. You can uncover the original source of a profile picture.

Key Features:
Reverse image search
Find matching and similar images
Search by upload or URL


Completely free to use
Helpful for identifying fake photos


Limited to reverse image search only

Pricing: Free

How AI Helps to Find Cheaters

Many of these free CheaterBuster alternatives use AI technology to help identify cheaters and uncover hidden information.

Here are some of the key ways AI assists with cheating detection:

  • Analyzing language patterns in texts and messages to identify suspicious conversations
  • Matching profile photos with databases to identify fakes or duplicates
  • Cross-referencing information from various sources to uncover inconsistencies
  • Generating high-quality search results by continuously improving algorithms
  • Providing insights through data visualization tools and maps of digital footprints
  • Automating certain verification processes that would normally require manual work

The use of AI can take a lot of the manual labor out of investigating potential infidelity. However, AI is not perfect. Any information uncovered still requires careful human analysis before making accusations of cheating.

Summing Up

While CheaterBuster provides in-depth reports on individuals, the high subscription costs and privacy concerns have encouraged many people to seek out free CheaterBuster alternatives for catching cheaters online.

Tools like Social Catfish, TruthFinder, SwindlerBuster, and BeenVerified offer limited free searches that can uncover enough information to identify suspicious activity. Reverse phone lookups and reverse image searches also provide free options for gathering details.

Keep in mind that any information found requires careful verification, analysis, and consideration before confronting a partner. But these free services can provide helpful starting points for investigating potential infidelity and catching cheaters.

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