Colossyan Pricing & Plans: Which to Choose?

Colossyan Pricing

The available Colossyan pricing plans are Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Colossyan plans focus on AI Video editors, Auto-Translate, Text to speech and AI avatars and you unlock more with each tier. Also, you can use the free trial to give the plans a test drive before committing to the paid plans. Let’s dive into exactly what these plans offer and how they can help at different stages of your The AI video platform for workplace learning.

Colossyan Free trial offers 5 minutes of video creation per month, while the Basic plan starts at $28 per month. The Pro plan, priced at $96 per month, offers more advanced features and additional video minutes.

When compared to competitors, Colossyan pricing plans are flexible and accessible, with a wide range of features to suit various user requirements. 

Key Takeaways

Colossyan provides free trial and demo.
You can use Colossyan onboarding to help you learn the tools faster.
Colossyan Creator offers features like AI Script Assistant, Custom Actors, Text to Video, and many more, making it a powerful video creation platform.Creator offers features like AI Script Assistant, Custom Actors, Text to Video, and many more, making it a powerful video creation platform.
The Starter plan is priced at $28/month on yearly billing.

What are the Colossyan Pricing in 2023?

Colossyan Pricing Plans

Colossyan offers three different types of Pricing Plans: Starter, Pro and Enterprise. All the three of the Colossyan Pricing Plans suit different user needs and requirements and even offer various types flexible pricing and features. Also users can save up to 20% on their Colossyan Annual Subscriptions.

Let’s checkout the different types of Colossyan Pricing Plans in 2023

Colossyan Starter Plan

The Colossyan Starter Plan is designed for users who want to create simple videos for personal or basic commercial use. Price starting at $28 per month, this plan offers a range of features and capabilities while maintaining some limitations to cater to the needs of its target audience. It's pricing varies according to the allowance of minutes in your plan. Below is a detailed structure of the Colssyan Starter Plan pricing:

Colossyan Starter PlanMonthly PriceIf paid Annually (20% OFF)
10 min$35/month$28/month
30 min$132/month$106/month
40 min$192/month$154/month

Colossyan Pro Plan

The Colossyan Pro Plan is designed to help users create engaging and professional videos with ease, offering a wide range of features and benefits. This plan is perfect for individuals and businesses looking to create high-quality videos with AI-generated actors, customizable scenes, and support for multiple languages. Just like Colossyan Starter Plan, the pricing of the Pro Plan changes according the minutes allowance.

Colossyan Pro PlanMonthly PriceIf paid Annually (20% OFF)
40 min$120/month$96/month
60 min$168/month$134/month
90 min$234/month$187/month
240 min$600/month$480/month

Colossyan Enterprise Plan

The Colossyan Enterprise Plan is designed to cater to the needs of businesses and enterprises looking for a complete solution to create engaging and professional-looking videos. With its advanced features and benefits, this plan offers an amazing experience for users, making video creation simple and efficient. This plan caters to various industries, including marketing, advertising, education, and corporate communications.

By offering advanced features and customization options, the Colossyan Enterprise Plan ensures that businesses can create engaging and personalized videos that resonate with their target audience. Below are the key features you get in Colossyan Enterprise Plan:

  • Access to premium features and a higher allowance of video generation minutes
  • Create custom AI avatars for a personalized touch
  • Localization features with support for over 70 languages
  • Collaboration features for efficient teamwork
  • Customizable brand kits for consistent branding

Step-by-step guide to sign up for Colossyan!

  • Visit the Colossyan website: Go to to access the platform.
  • Explore the pricing options: Click on the “Pricing” tab to view the different pricing plans available.
Colossyan Sign up
  • Choose a plan: Select the plan that best suits your needs based on the features and pricing options and click on ‘Purchase Now” button.
Choose a Colossyan plan
  • Enter payment information: After choosing a paid plan, you will need to provide your payment information to complete the sign-up process. Colossyan accepts various payment methods, including credit cards.
Colossyan Check Out
  • Confirm your subscription: After entering your payment information, confirm your subscription to the chosen plan. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to access and use this AI-Powered Video Creation platform.
  • Start creating videos: Once your account is set up, you can start using Colossyan's AI video generator to create engaging and professional videos with real actors in just a few minutes.

Colossyan Pricing: Features comparison

Colossyan offers various features like Multiple avatars per scene, icon library etc. The key features advancement varies in different plans according to the suitability of the users. Checkout the table below to know about the key features you get in Colossyan Pricing Plans: 

FeaturesColossyan Free TrialColossyan Starter PlanColossyan Pro PlanColossyan Enterprise Plan
PriceFreeFrom $28/moFrom $96/moCustom
Video minutes5 totalUp to 60 mins/monthUp to 240 mins/monthCustom (unlimited)
Max scenes per video050520Custom
Number of seats111Custom
Stock AI avatarsAll avatarsAll non-enterprise avatarsAll non-enterprise avatarsAll avatars
Side-view avatars
Brand kit (custom colors, fonts, logos)  
Remove Colossyan watermark 
Multiple avatars per scene4 24
Full commercial license
API   Add-on
Branded templates   Add-on

Can I use Colossyan for Free?

Colossyan offers a free trial for users who want to explore the platform and develop exceptional video content. The free trial allows you to experience the AI video generator and create engaging videos without any upfront commitment. However, there may be some limitations and restrictions associated with the free trial, such as access to premium features or additional minutes.

Colossyan for free

Top FAQs for Colossyan Pricing Plans 2023

What are the Colossyan Pricing Plans for 2023?

Colossyan offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The plans include a Free Trial, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise options. Each plan comes with a unique set of features and limitations, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their requirements.

What features are included in the Colossyan Free Trial?

The Colossyan Free Trial offers a limited set of features to give potential users a taste of the platform's capabilities. These features typically include basic project management tools, limited storage, and a restricted number of users.

Are there any special offers or discounts available for Colossyan Pricing Plans in 2023?

Yes if you want to save on your Colossyan subscription then you can sign up for the yearly plans to access the 20% discount.

Is Colossyan suitable for individuals, small teams, and enterprises?

Yes, Colossyan offers flexible pricing plans and features suitable for individuals, small teams, and enterprises.

Should You Give Colossyan a Try?

Overall, Colossyan offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to different user needs, from individuals to large enterprises. The pricing is primarily based on video generation minutes and access to premium features.

The Starter plan, ideal for individuals creating simple videos, offers basic features like AI script generation and auto-translation of text. The Pro plan, suitable for agencies or small teams, provides more advanced features like AI image generation and a higher number of auto-translations per month. 

For businesses seeking commercial-grade quality videos, the Enterprise plan offers a comprehensive feature set.

Colossyan also offers a free trial for both the Starter and Pro plans, allowing users to test out the AI Video Generator before committing to a paid plan. For those planning to use the software for an extended period, purchasing a yearly plan can significantly lower the total monthly price.

Ultimately, choosing a Colossyan pricing plan depends on factors like your budget, the type of video projects you plan on working with, and the richness of the feature set you require.

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