DragGAN AI Editing Tool: Install and Use DragGAN Photo Editor

DragGAN AI Editing Tool

Are you looking for a powerful and innovative photo editing tool that can transform your images with ease?

Look no further than DragGAN AI, a popular AI-driven photo editor developed through a collaboration between the Max Planck Institute, MIT CSAIL, and Google. This tool allows you to make realistic alterations to photographs by simply dragging and placing points interactively.DragGAN AI is revolutionizing the way we edit images.

We will explore you through the process of installing and using DragGAN AI on Ubuntu 22.04, showcasing the tool's potential and accessibility for users looking to enhance their photo editing capabilities.

Key Features of DragGAN Photo Editor

Point-based Editing

DragGAN allows users to interactively manipulate images with exceptional precision. It uses the simple drag-and-drop points on the image, users can control the pose, share, expression, and layout of various objects within the photo. It offers a more innovative approach providing a user-friendly and intuitive way to edit images, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users.

3D Modeling Integration

DragGAN generates a 3D model of the realistic image, allowing you to modify various aspects such as posture, shape, emotion, and object arrangement while maintaining logical and realistic transformations.

Feature-based Motion Supervision

DragGAN AI photo editor consists of a feature-based motion supervision that drives the handle point to move toward the target position and a new point-tracking approach that leverages the discriminative generator features to keep localizing the position of the handle points.

Vast Range of Applications

Capabilities of DragGAN AI can manipulate the pose, shape, expression, and layout of diverse categories such as animals, cars, humans, landscapes, etc., producing realistic outputs even for challenging scenarios.

Downloading DragGAN AI Editing Tool in Ubuntu

In this detailed tutorial, we will help you understand how to install and execute DragGAN AI. This whole process is to install the DragGAN AI. The official source code is available with a GitHub version on Ubuntu 22.04 server with Tesla T4 GPU, 2vCPU 7.5GB RAM, 50 GB disk space, and secure boot disabled on Google Cloud.

Using the DragGAN AI editing tool will help you test the whole setup on Google Cloud. As DragGAN AI uses different GPUs, users can install the appropriate Nvidia driver.

Begin by configuring the server for DragGAN AI on Ubuntu 22.04

Setup Deep Learning Architecture with Nvidia, Cuda, cuDNN, Anaconda

Install by simply following the steps to install the Anaconda3. This does not require to installation of TensorFlow or PyTorch. Make sure to install all the important Python packages as mentioned –

Pull the Repository from GitHub

To obtain the repository from GitHub, use the git clone command.

Command to pull the repository from GitHub

Once done, start navigating inside the directory

Navigating directory

Create a Conda Environment

After installing Conda, click on Create a new Conda environment (a virtual environment that lets you create an Anaconda environment and start installing the packages.

Creating Conda Environment

The download may take some time to fully install all the required packages. Wait until the installation is complete.

Launch DragGAN

Once the installation is done, execute the below-mentioned command to launch DragGAN web GUI using the following command.

Command to launch DragGAN

Note: Users can also launch the DragGAN demo in Gradio using the following command.

Launch DragGAN AI demo

The Gradio runs on port 7860 i.e., [http://localhost:7860]. You can either create a firewall to open this port or simply configure the Nginx reverse proxy. It helps you open it on your browser without accessing the port. 

Gradio Nginx Configuration (Optional)

This will help you find out the way to configure Nginx reverse proxy to launch Gradio on a web browser without a port. It helps you configure the domain name and install the SSL as and when required.

You can execute the below-mentioned command to install Nginx.

Command to install Nginx

Remove default Nginx configurations.

Remove default Nginx configurations

Create new Nginx configuration for DragGAN.

New Nginx configuration for DragGAN

Copy and paste the code in the editor.

Paste code in the editor

Replace YOUR_EXTERNAL_IP with your IP or your domain name.

Enabled DragGAN Nignx configuration.

DragGAN Nignx configuration

Check Nginx configuration.

Check Nginx configuration

Restart Nignx for the DragGAN configuration to take effect.

Restart Nignx for DragGAN configuration

Now you can open your DragGAN editor on your web browser on your IP or your domain name.

Your Turn

DragGAN AI is a powerful and innovative photo editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform and modify images with ease.

With its user-friendly interface, point-based editing, 3D modeling integration, feature-based motion supervision, and a variety of applications, DragGAN AI is revolutionizing the way we edit images.

This detailed guide on installing and using DragGAN AI on Ubuntu 22.04 demonstrates the tool's potential and accessibility for users looking to enhance their photo editing capabilities.

So, are you ready to experience the future of image editing with DragGAN AI?

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