7 Best Free AI Hairstyle Changer Apps in 2024 (Fresh Update)

Best Free AI Hairstyle Changer Online

Have you ever left the salon with a disastrous new ‘do wishing you could preview cuts before committing?

AI hairstyle changers let us do just that by using facial recognition and algorithms to generate strikingly realistic interpretations of the desired styles. From subtle trims to dramatic makeovers, these futuristic apps empower us to experiment with different hairstyles.

These tools use artificial intelligence offering a glimpse into your potential new look, mitigating the risk of haircut disasters.

In the article, we'll review the 7 Best AI Hairstyle Changers Online tools, analyzing features, accuracy, privacy, and more to help you avoid a bad hair day.  Let's dive in and explore how these AI hairstyle changer tools are reshaping our grooming experiences.

AI Hairstyle Changer is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition algorithms to simulate how different hairstyles look on a user. The tool can digitally alter user's photos to preview different hairstyles, lengths, colors, and more. 

These tools allow experimentation with the look before commitment to avoid disasters. They are beneficial for those looking to change their hairstyle but wanting to preview the outcome before going to the salon for an actual haircut.

How do these AI Hairstyle Changers work?

Here's a simple step-by-step breakdown of how these tools work:

User Input: The users upload a digital image of themselves to the AI hairstyle changer platform. 
Image Analysis: The AI algorithms analyze the user's facial features, existing hair, and head shape to generate the most accurate and realistic results.
Hairstyle Selection: The user selects from a variety of hairstyles provided by the platform. These can range from different hair lengths, colors, and styles. 
Hairstyle Application: The AI algorithms then overlay and adjust the chosen hairstyle onto the user's image. This process is similar to how deepfake videos are made where one person's face or voice is replaced by another's with the help of AI.
Result Preview: After making the changes, the platform provides a realistic preview of the user with the new hairstyle allowing users to experiment with different looks without needing a real haircut.
Accuracy: The accuracy of the result depends on the sophistication of the AI algorithms used. Some platforms claim to have a high level of sophistication enabling them to create a highly realistic simulation.

7 Best Free AI Hairstyle Changers in 2024

AI Hairstyle ChangersRatings
Hairstyle Changer3.9 (Google Playstore)
Face App4.4 (Google Playstore)
Perfect Corp Virtual Hairstyles3.2 (Trust pilot)
Hairstyle AI4 (Product Hunt)
Fotor AI4.2 (G2)
Hair by AINA
Retouch Me3.7 (Google Playstore)

1. Hairstyle Changer

Hairstyle Changer

The “Hairstyle Changer” app allows users to visually try on different hairstyles by uploading a photo or taking one directly in the app. The app uses the power of AI to accurately layer new hairstyles over the user's face for a realistic preview. This innovative SaaS platform serves both women and men offering multiple options to visualize different hairstyles and colors on their photos before making a commitment to a new look.

The Hairstyle Changers app is not just about trying on new looks, it's about empowering users with the confidence to make changes providing a virtual playground to explore the latest trends in hair fashion with the risk.

Hairstyle Changer Key Features
Adjusts length and placement of hair models.
Auto-recognition for precise makeup fit.
Variety of styles to choose from including Long, Short, Straight, Curly, and Special.
Facial recognition technology for accurate hair layering.
Male and female hairstyle options to fit diverse users' needs.
Realistic hair models created from high-resolution photos.

Hairstyle Changer Pricing

Basic App DownloadFree
Additional HairstylesIn-App Purchases ($2.99 – $19.99 per item).
Full Access to FeaturesSubscription Options Available

2. Face App

Face App

FaceApp is a top-tier photo editing application that allows users to transform their portraits using neural portrait editing technology. The tool has gained popularity for its unique feature of changing hairstyles among other transformations. With over 100 million downloads, it has become one of the top photo editing apps globally. The app offers advanced editing tools to change hairstyles, and hair color, add facial hair, try makeup looks, and more. The hairstyle editing feature uses AI to realistically apply various haircuts and styles to suit different users' facial structures. 

FaceApp Key Features
FaceApp offers over 20 trendy and celebrity-inspired hairstyles to choose from. 
It offers a variety of options to tweak hairstyle length, volume, parting, fringe, and more.
Variety of backgrounds to enhance the overall look. 
Provides realistic hair rendering adjusted to facial contours using AI.
Add highlights, ombre, and color shades from blonde to black.
One-tap transformation for quick and easy editing.

FaceApp Pricing

FaceApp offers in-app purchases ranging from $4.99 to $99.99 per item for enhanced photo editing capabilities.

3. Perfect Corp Virtual Hairstyles

Perfect Corp Virtual Hairstyles

Perfect Corp Virtual Hairstyles is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app that allows users to try on different hairstyles. The tool provides a highly sophisticated haircut simulation allowing users to virtually try a broad array of different hairstyles. 

It is designed to help users make informed and confident decisions about their next hairstyling transformation. Aimed at beauty salons and hairdressers, it enables clients to visualize how various haircuts will look before committing to a certain style. The technology is capable of recreating parts of the face, ears, neck, and head to ensure a real-looking representation of the result. With just a smartphone camera, users can see themselves with various haircuts, colors, and styles in real-time 3D.

Perfect Corp Virtual Hairstyles Key Features
Perfect Corp offers a highly sophisticated haircut simulation.
Capable of adjusting length, texture, parting, highlights, ombré, and more.
Face shape analysis for style recommendations.
Customized and extremely realistic representation of hairstyles.
Capable of direct sharing of photos and videos to social media.
Offers a library of 450+ hairstyles including celebrity, trending, and classic looks.
Works on iOS and Android devices.

Perfect Corp Pricing

Perfect Corp offers customizable pricing plans to serve different users' needs and preferences. Users can contact the sales team to get a quote on different pricing options available.

4. Hairstyle AI

Hairstyle AI

Hairstyle AI is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way individuals explore and experiment with hairstyles. It provides an extensive range of over 30,000 hairstyles for both men and women to experiment with different haircuts, colors, and styles before committing to an actual change. 

With just a few selfies uploaded against a plain background, Hairstyle AI's powerful algorithms analyze facial features and existing hair to create tailored recommendations. It takes into account face shape, hair texture, skin tone, and personal preferences to deliver the most flattering options. Users can easily preview and compare numerous high-quality renders to find looks that align with their styles and personalities.

Hairstyle AI Key Features
Generates 30 unique AI hairstyles per photoshoot.
Provides 4 different poses/angles for each style. 
Delivers 120 High-Definition photos of the tried hairstyles.
Offers a fast turnaround time of one hour.
Uses advanced AI algorithms for real-looking renderings. 
Works for both male and female hairstyles.

Hairstyle AI Pricing

Pricing DetailsCost
One-time payment$9

5. Fotor AI: Hairstyle Changer

Fotor AI Hairstyle Changer

Fotor AI's Hairstyle Changer is a revolutionary online tool that allows users to virtually try on different hairstyles. This tool is a part of Fotor's suite of photo editing and design tools which are lauded for their professional-grade editing capabilities and user-friendly interface. The Hairstyle Changer tool is designed to provide a realistic and natural-looking virtual haircut try-on experience making it an excellent resource for those considering a new hairstyle or simply wanting to experiment with different looks.

Fotor AI Key Features
Over 50 hairstyles to choose from including short, medium, long, curly, etc.
Realistic 3D visualization shows how the style will look from all angles.
Adjust length, volume, parting, fringe, and texture with easy sliders.
Available on both iOS and Android platforms for on-the-go use. 
Save and share looks on social media.

Fotor Pricing: 

The Fotor AI's Hairstyle Changer feature is available for free and thus, users can try on different hairstyles without stressing their pockets.

6. Hair by AI

Hair by AI

Hair by AI is a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool designed to transform the way individuals approach hairstyling. This helps women find their ideal hairstyle using Advanced AI technology. This virtual hairstylist analyzes your facial features, hair texture, complexion, and style preferences to provide fully customized hairstyle recommendations.

With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of styles to choose from, Hair by AI aims to empower users to make confident and informed decisions about their hair Whether for daily styling, special occasions, or professional consultations, Hair by AI simplifies the process of finding the perfect hairstyle without the commitment or risk of an actual haircut.

It allows you to take a preview of the versatile options serving your unique beauty along with crowdsourcing opinions by sharing AI-generated images with friends. This assists in making informed decisions about potential hair changes. The technology aims to help you discover your signature style that aligns with your personality and brings out your best self.

Hair by AI Key Features
Real-looking AI-generated hairstyle previews.
Personalized hairstyle suggestions based on facial analysis.
Option to tweak length, bangs, highlights, and volume.
Ability to generate 8 photos per selected style.
Provides sharable AI-enhanced images.

Hair by AI Pricing

PlanPriceNumber of StylesPhotos Provided
Standard Access$9.993 hairstyles24 AI-generated photos

Note: Hair by AI does not offer any free trial and users can choose several hairstyles based on a one-time payment model. After 3 hairstyles, you will be charged $1 for each new hairstyle you choose. Users receive 8 photos per hairstyle.

7. Retouch Me

Retouch Me Ai Hairstyle Changer

Retouch Me is a versatile and user-friendly photo editing app that allows users to transform any photo with professional-grade editing tools. The app specializes in hairstyle editing providing over 200 different hairstyles that can be previewed and applied with just a few taps. The changing hairstyle feature is available for both men and women allowing users to experiment with different hair looks in a matter of minutes providing a smooth and high-quality editing experience. 

Retouch Me Key Features
Over 200 hairstyles to choose from for both men and women.
Options for changing hair color and adding hair accessories.
Tools to adjust hair volume, length, curls, and more.
Facial detection technology for realistic hair placement.
Both manual and automatic modes for applying hairstyles. 
Natural-looking results ensure that the edited photos maintain a realistic appearance.

RetouchMe Pricing 

RetouchMe CreditsPrice per Month
500$9..99 per month
1100$19.99 per month
1700$29.99 per month
3000$49.99 per month

Retouch Me also offers One-Time Refill Packages with different pricing options based on varying credit limits. The price ranges from $0.99 to $99.99.

Advantages of Using Hairstyle AI Online

Advantages of Using Hairstyle AI Online
Visualize Potential Styles: AI allows you to visually try on different hairstyles, lengths, colors, and more without physically altering your hair. This helps you preview options risk-free.
Save time and Money: Rather than spending hours at the salon and paying for multiple hair appointments to find your ideal style, AI gives you an instant virtual makeover.
Experiment with Versatility: AI hair changers feature extensive libraries with hundreds of styles. This makes it easy to explore looks you may not have considered before.
Boost confidence: Being able to see how you might look with a new style can give you the confidence to finally go for that bold hair change you've been contemplating.
Make Informed Decisions: With AI, you can better determine if a potential new hairstyle complements your face shape, skin tone, hair texture, and other attributes before committing.

How AI Algorithms Work in Hairstyle Changer Apps

AI-powered hairstyle changer apps utilize sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyze user photos and recommend flattering styles. The algorithms are first trained on massive datasets of facial images labeled with hair attributes like texture, length, shape, and color. By exposing the neural networks to thousands of examples, they learn to recognize patterns and correlations between facial structures and ideal hairstyles.

How AI Algorithms Work in Hairstyle Changer Apps

When a user uploads a selfie, the algorithm detects key facial features using computer vision techniques. It maps out the geometry of the face by identifying landmarks like eyes, nose, chin, etc. It also extracts information on skin tone, texture, face shape, and more. This facial data then flows through the trained machine learning model which matches it against its database to predict personalized hairstyles. The app renders the chosen hair onto the image to showcase the look.

As the algorithm processes more user images, it continues to learn and improve its recommendations. Some apps also allow manual user feedback to further refine style suggestions. Over time, the neural network gets better at capturing nuances of appearance, style preferences, and emerging hair trends to provide an increasingly tailored experience. This ever-evolving ability of AI algorithms sets hairstyle changers apart from static filters and basic virtual try-ons.

Privacy and Data Security in AI Hairstyle Changer Apps

As AI hairstyle changer apps utilize sensitive personal photos and data like facial geometry, concerns around privacy and security arise. Many popular apps access device data, contacts, location, and more which raises questions on how this information is handled. While some apps claim photos are deleted after processing or data is encrypted, the privacy policies still allow broad sharing with third parties.

As these apps continue advancing in accuracy, the depth of facial data collection is also increasing which further stresses the need for stringent policies and consent flows. Users should scrutinize permissions, opt out of unnecessary tracking, and leverage tools like VPNs to protect their browsing privacy.

Though AI hairstyle apps provide entertainment value, users should weigh convenience against potential privacy risks. Apps that offer transparency and control over data will build greater trust with users.

How accurate are AI Hairstyle Changers?

AI Hairstyle Changers provide a fairly accurate depiction of how a hairstyle will look on you. They use facial recognition and complex algorithms to predict how a particular haircut will suit your face, hair texture, and personal style.

Can AI Hairstyle Changers replace professional hairstylists?

While AI Hairstyle Changers are innovative tools for envisioning a new hairstyle, they should not replace expert advice from a professional hairstylist. An experienced stylist can deliver personalized suggestions tailored to your unique features and tastes, considering factors that AI might overlook.

How do I use an AI Hairstyle Changer?

To use an AI Hairstyle Changer, you typically need to upload a selfie or photo, and then select the hairstyle you want to try. The AI technology will then apply the chosen hairstyle to your photo, giving you a preview of how it would look.

Can AI Hairstyle Changers help me decide on a new hairstyle?

Yes, AI Hairstyle Changers can help you visualize how different hairstyles would look on you before you commit to a new look. This can make the decision-making process easier and less risky.

Are there any privacy concerns with using AI Hairstyle Changers?

Most AI Hairstyle Changers have privacy policies in place to protect user data. For instance, Hairstyle Changer states that all uploaded items will be cleared within 24 hours and no photos will be stored or used for other purposes without your permission.

Can I use AI Hairstyle Changers on any device?

Most AI Hairstyle Changers are available as apps for smartphones and tablets, and some also have web versions that can be used on a computer. Always check the specific requirements of the tool you want to use.


In reviewing the top 7 Free AI Hairstyle Changers, we've seen the innovative ways these apps allow users to visually try on new looks with just a few taps. From providing a risk-free platform to experiment with different styles, colors, and lengths to offer personalized recommendations based on our unique features, these AI-powered apps are truly a game-changer. 

These tools not only save us time and money but also empower us to step out of our comfort zones and try new looks with confidence. While realism and accuracy continue to rapidly improve thanks to advancements in AI technology.

As explored, these apps are not just about changing hairstyles, they're about enhancing our self-expression and boosting our self-esteem. But as we embrace this technology, it's important to remember that while AI can provide a visual guide, it doesn't replace the expert advice of a professional hairstylist. 

So, How will you use these AI hairstyle changers to redefine your style and express your unique personality?

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