8 Best Free AI Noise Reduction Tools for Crystal Clear Audio in 2024

Top AI Tools for Noise Reduction

In today's digital age, audio quality has become a crucial aspect of content creation. Whether you're a podcaster, YouTuber, or simply recording a video call, background noise can be a major distraction that diminishes the overall impact of your message. Fortunately, with the advent of artificial intelligence, eliminating unwanted noise has never been easier. AI-powered noise reduction tools have revolutionized the way we enhance our audio, offering seamless integration and impressive results.

In this article, we'll explore the best free AI noise reduction tools available, empowering you to elevate your audio game without breaking the bank. Get ready to discover how these innovative tools can help you achieve professional-grade audio clarity, captivate your audience, and take your content to the next level.

What are AI Audio Noise Reduction Tools?

AI Audio Noise Reduction tools are revolutionary software solutions that utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to eliminate unwanted background noise from audio recordings. These cutting-edge tools analyze audio signals, identify noise patterns, and selectively reduce or remove the noise while preserving the desired audio content.

AI Tools for Noise Reduction

With their advanced machine learning capabilities, AI Audio Noise Reduction tools can handle various types of noise, including background chatter, wind noise, and electrical interference. By employing these tools, audio professionals and content creators can achieve studio-quality results with minimal effort, saving time and resources in post-production. As AI technology continues to evolve, these noise reduction tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, offering unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency in audio enhancement.

AI Noise Reduction Techniques 

AI noise reduction techniques leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning models to effectively remove unwanted background noise from audio and video recordings while preserving the desired sounds or speech. Here are some key points about how AI noise reduction works:

Noise Profiling
The AI system first analyzes the input audio/video to identify and profile the different types of noise present, such as ambient noise, wind, machinery hums, etc. This noise profiling helps the algorithm distinguish between the desired signal (speech, music) and the unwanted noise components. 

Signal Separation
Using techniques like spectral gating, Wiener filtering, and deep neural networks, the AI model separates the noise components from the desired audio signal in the frequency domain. This separation leverages the different spectral and temporal characteristics of speech/music versus background noise. 

Noise Suppression
Once the noise is isolated, the AI algorithm applies suppression techniques like spectral subtraction or statistical models to attenuate or remove the noise components while keeping the desired signal intact.

 Advanced models can adapt to different noise environments for optimal suppression.

Deep Learning Models

State-of-the-art AI noise reduction utilizes deep learning models like convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs) that are trained on large datasets of noisy and clean audio pairs. These models learn to map the noisy input to the corresponding clean output, effectively denoising the audio.

The key advantages of AI noise reduction include:

Ability to handle complex and dynamic noise environments
Preservation of desired audio quality and clarity
Real-time noise reduction capabilities
Continuous improvement through model retraining on new data

AI noise reduction has widespread applications in areas like telecommunications, video conferencing, music production, and multimedia content creation, enabling clear audio communication and high-quality recordings in various environments. 

Top 8 AI Noise Reduction Tools in 2024

ToolPricingRatingsKey Features
Cleanvoice€10-€80/month based on usage4.5/5Filler sound, mouth sound, stuttering removal; multilingual support; timeline export
Krisp.aiFree plan; Pro plan: $8/month; Enterprise plan: custom4.8/5 (326 reviews)Noise, background voice, echo cancellation; meeting transcription; AI meeting notes
PodcastleFree plan; Storyteller: $14.99/month; Pro: $29.99/month4.9/5Multi-track recording; intuitive editing; text-to-speech; AI voice cloning; hosting
AudioalterFree4.0/5Audio effects; batch processing; virtual instruments; spectral analysis
AuphonicFree 2hrs/month; Premium plans from $11/month4.7/5Automatic audio post production; encoding; publishing; speech recognition
Dolby.ioPay-as-you-go: $0.0185/min; Enterprise: custom4.6/5API platform; noise reduction; loudness leveling; stereo widening
Adobe Audition$20.99/month4.5/5Adaptive noise reduction; spectral frequency display; diagnostics; audio restoration
AI Mastering$39-$199/month4.4/5Automatic mastering; genre-specific processing; reference-based mastering

The ratings are sourced from popular software review platforms and reflect the overall user sentiment. The key features highlight the unique selling points of each tool.

1. Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice is an AI noise reduction tool that uses deep learning algorithms to remove background noise from audio files while preserving voice clarity. It can effectively eliminate wind noise, voice noise, and other ambient sounds, making it perfect for podcasters, content creators, filmmakers, and individuals recording in noisy environments

Key features of  Cleanvoice
Filler Words Remover: Cleanvoice detects and removes filler sounds such as “um's”, “ah's”, etc., in multiple languages like German or French. It can also work with accents from other countries, such as Australian or Irish
Background Noise Remover: Cleanvoice can remove background noise from audio recordings, ensuring clear and professional-sounding audio
Mouth Sound Remover: Cleanvoice detects and removes mouth sounds like clicking, lip-smacking, and stuttering, ensuring cleaner and more enjoyable audio recordings
Silence Remover (Deadair Remover): Cleanvoice identifies excessively long pauses and shortens them to maintain listener engagement
Podcast Transcription: Cleanvoice offers podcast transcription features, generating accurate transcripts for finished episodes. This feature aids in content repurposing for blogs, articles, and subtitles, improving accessibility and SEO
Integrations: Cleanvoice allows users to integrate with their preferred audio editors for more control over the editing process. It also supports EDL (Edit Decision Lists) integration, expanding its compatibility with various editing tools
Ease of Use: Cleanvoice is designed to be user-friendly, catering to podcasters of all experience levels. Its intuitive interface makes editing and podcast creation accessible even to beginners
Actionable Insights: Cleanvoice AI provides creators with a comprehensive overview of their podcast's strengths and areas for improvement. It offers detailed breakdowns of each factor affecting the podcast's quality and provides practical tips to enhance the podcast's overall performance

Pros and cons of Cleanvoice


Quickly and Accurately Remove Filler Sounds: Cleanvoice's most significant advantage is its ability to swiftly and accurately remove filler sounds, such as “um's”, “ah's”, etc., in multiple languages like German or French. It can also work with accents from other countries, such as Australian or Irish
Background Noise Remover: Cleanvoice can remove background noise from audio recordings, ensuring clear and professional-sounding audio
Silence Remover (Deadair Remover): Cleanvoice identifies excessively long pauses and shortens them to maintain listener engagement
Podcast Transcription: Cleanvoice offers podcast transcription features, generating accurate transcripts for finished episodes. This feature aids in content repurposing for blogs, articles, and subtitles, improving accessibility and SEO


Lack of Granular Controls: While Cleanvoice's user-friendly interface is ideal for beginners, advanced users might find the lack of granular controls limiting.
Varying Voice Recognition Accuracy: While CleanVoice boasts multi-language support, the AI's voice recognition accuracy may vary based on the complexity of accents and languages.

Pricing detail of  Cleanvoice

Plan TypePrice (EUR)Hours of Processed AudioCost per Hour (EUR)
Pay as You Go1052.00
Pay as You Go18101.80
Pay as You Go40301.33

Cleanvoice offers two types of plans: Subscription and Pay as You Go. 

  • Subscription plans provide users with a specific number of hours of processed audio per month, and any unused credit can be rolled over for up to three months as long as the user remains subscribed.
  • Pay as You Go plans allow users to purchase a specific number of hours of processed audio with a one-time payment, and the purchased credit remains available for use at any time within a month of purchase.

Additionally, Cleanvoice offers a free 30-minute credit trial, allowing users to try the service without requiring credit card information

2. Krisp.ai


Krisp.ai is a cutting-edge AI noise reduction tool that revolutionizes online communication. With its advanced noise cancellation technology, Krisp.ai effectively eliminates background noise, ensuring crystal-clear audio during virtual meetings, calls, and recordings. Powered by artificial intelligence, this software intelligently identifies and filters out unwanted sounds in real-time, allowing users to focus on the conversation at hand. Whether you're working from home, participating in online classes, or conducting remote interviews, Krisp.ai provides a seamless and professional audio experience.

By utilizing state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Krisp.ai adapts to various noise environments, making it the perfect solution for reducing background noise in any setting. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular communication platforms make it an essential tool for professionals, students, and anyone seeking to enhance their online audio quality.

Key features of Krisp.ai 
Integrations: Krisp.ai offers seamless integration with various communication platforms, making it a versatile tool for online meetings and calls
Ambient Noise Cancellation: Krisp.ai effectively eliminates background noise and echo from online calls using AI technology, ensuring clear and professional-sounding audio
AI Meeting Assistant: Krisp.ai provides an AI meeting assistant that helps improve the productivity and quality of online meetings. It offers features like recording meetings, meeting prep, and meeting automation
Background Voice Cancellation: Krisp.ai cancels out background voices, ensuring that only the speaker's voice is heard during online calls
Echo Cancellation: Krisp.ai eliminates echo during online calls, enhancing voice clarity and improving overall communication
Call Summary: Krisp.ai provides a call summary feature that offers insights into call performance and productivity, including metrics like talk time, meeting time, talk ratio, and noise cancellation level
Device Compatibility: Krisp.ai works with any device, headset, microphone, speaker, and online communication platform, making it a flexible and convenient tool for users

Pros and cons of Krisp.ai


Integrations: Krisp.ai offers seamless integration with various communication platforms, making it a versatile tool for online meetings and calls
Ambient Noise Cancellation: Krisp.ai effectively eliminates background noise and echo from online calls using AI technology, ensuring clear and professional-sounding audio
AI Meeting Assistant: Krisp.ai provides an AI meeting assistant that helps improve the productivity and quality of online meetings. It offers features like recording meetings, meeting prep, and meeting automation
Background Voice Cancellation: Krisp.ai cancels out background voices, ensuring that only the speaker's voice is heard during online calls
Echo Cancellation: Krisp.ai eliminates echo during online calls, enhancing voice clarity and improving overall communication
Device Compatibility: Krisp.ai works with any device, headset, microphone, speaker, and online communication platform, making it a flexible and convenient tool for users 


Limited Free Plan: The free version of Krisp.ai provides essential noise-cancellation features, but there are limitations. Users may easily exceed the 60 minutes per day limit of noise cancellation included in the free plan
Language Support: The meeting transcription feature of Krisp.ai only supports English, which may be a limitation for multilingual teams
Accuracy Concerns: While Krisp.ai's AI technology is advanced, common factors such as accents, background noise, or multiple speakers may lead to errors in transcribing spoken words, requiring manual review and correction

Pricing detail of Krisp.ai 

PlanPrice per month (billed annually)Price per month (billed monthly)Features
Free$0$060 minutes per day of noise and echo cancellation, unlimited transcriptions
Pro$3.33$5.00Unlimited noise, background voice, and echo cancellation, HD noise cancellation, endless meeting notes
Teams$3.33 per user$5.00 per userCentralized user management, unified billing system, all Pro features
EnterpriseCustomCustomPremium support, all Teams features

3. Podcastle


Podcastle is an innovative AI-powered noise reduction tool designed specifically for podcasters and content creators. With its intuitive interface and advanced AI technology, Podcastle simplifies the process of creating high-quality, noise-free audio content. This powerful software leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze and remove background noise, hums, and other unwanted sounds, ensuring that your podcast episodes sound professional and engaging.

Podcastle's AI noise reduction capabilities go beyond simple noise removal. It also offers features like audio enhancement, voice leveling, and audio normalization, allowing you to fine-tune your recordings and achieve studio-quality results. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned podcaster, Podcastle's AI-driven tools streamline your workflow, saving you time and effort in post-production.

Key features of Podcastle 
AI-Powered Editing: Podcastle offers AI-powered features for seamless post-production, including noise removal, equalization, and filler word detection
Studio-Quality Recording: Users can record high-quality audio and video content remotely with separate tracks for each participant, ensuring professional-grade production
Intuitive Web-Based Platform: Podcastle provides a user-friendly, web-based platform that simplifies the podcast creation process, from recording to editing and publishing
Comprehensive Content Creation: The platform supports the creation of podcasts, videos, audiobooks, and educational content, with tools for voice cloning and text-to-speech conversion
Distribution and Collaboration: Podcastle includes a hosting hub for publishing across major platforms and collaborative tools designed for team-based content creation

Pros and Cons of Podcastle 


AI-Powered Editing Tools: Podcastle offers advanced AI-powered features for editing, including noise removal, equalization, and filler word detection, enhancing the audio quality of podcasts
High-Quality Recording: The platform supports high-quality audio and video recording with separate tracks for each participant, ensuring professional-grade production even remotely
Collaboration and Distribution: It includes collaborative tools for team-based content creation and a hosting hub for publishing across major platforms 


Limited Video Podcast Support: As of the sources, Podcastle does not support video podcast recording, although this feature is anticipated
Learning Curve: Some users may find the platform complex and time-consuming to learn, especially those new to podcasting or audio editing

Pricing detail of Podcastle

PlanMonthly Price per CreatorYearly Price per Creator
Storyteller$11.99$143.90 billed yearly
Pro$23.99$287.90 billed yearly

4. Audioalter

Audioalter Review

Audioalter is a comprehensive AI noise reduction tool that caters to a wide range of users, from audio enthusiasts to professionals in the music and film industries. With its advanced AI algorithms, Audioalter effectively removes background noise, hiss, and other unwanted artifacts from audio recordings. This powerful software utilizes deep learning techniques to analyze and suppress noise while preserving the integrity of the original audio signal.

What sets Audioalter apart is its versatility and customization options. Users can fine-tune the AI noise reduction settings to suit their specific needs, ensuring optimal results for various audio sources and genres. Whether you're working with music recordings, interviews, or video soundtracks, Audioalter's AI-driven technology delivers exceptional clarity and quality, making it an indispensable tool for audio post-production and restoration.

Key features of Audioalter 
3D Audio: Creates a surround sound effect to make the audio feel more immersive.
Auto Panner: Automatically pans audio from left to right.
Bass Booster: Enhances the bass frequencies in an audio file.
Equalizer: Adjusts the balance of frequency components in an audio signal.
Noise Reducer: Reduces background noise from audio files.
Pitch Shifter: Changes the pitch of the audio without affecting the tempo.
Reverb: Adds reverberation effects to audio to simulate different acoustic spaces.
Reverse Audio: Reverses the audio playback for creative effects.
L R Stereo: Likely refers to tools that adjust the balance or convert between stereo channels.

Pros and Cons of Audioalter   


Wide Range of Tools: Audioalter offers a variety of audio editing tools, including 3D and 8D audio effects, bass boosting, tempo changing, and vocal removal
Free to Use: Audioalter is a free online service, making it accessible to users without the need for a subscription or payment


File Size Limitations: There may be restrictions on the file size and duration of the audio files that can be uploaded and processed

Pricing detail of Audioalter 

Core Tools AccessFree

Audioalter provides a range of audio editing and enhancing tools, including effects like 3D Audio, Bass Booster, pitch adjustment, reverb, reverse audio, and vocal removal, among others, all of which are available for free

5. Auphonic


Auphonic is a powerful AI-driven audio post-production tool that automatically enhances your recordings using advanced noise reduction algorithms. With its intelligent leveler, adaptive noise and hum reduction, and automatic loudness normalization, Auphonic ensures your audio is crystal-clear and professionally polished.

Whether you're a podcaster, video creator, or audiobook producer, Auphonic's AI noise reduction technology saves you time and effort while delivering studio-quality results. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with popular platforms make it an essential tool for anyone seeking to eliminate background noise and achieve pristine audio quality effortlessly.

Key features of Auphonic 
Intelligent Leveler: This feature balances the loudness of different sounds in your audio, such as speech and music, to ensure a consistent volume level.
Audio Restoration: A noise reduction algorithm eliminates background noises and hisses in the audio.
Transcription: The transcription software creates a transcript of the audio, which can be edited manually for accuracy.
Integration: Auphonic integrates with popular software like Speechmatics, Amazon transcribe, Wit.ai, and Google Cloud Speech.
Video Support: Auphonic supports audio editing for videos and can directly export the edited audio to YouTube.
Filtering & AutoEQ: Auphonic's algorithms analyze and optimize the voice of each speaker in a recording, removing sharp ‘sss' sounds and balancing the frequency response.
Batch Productions and Watch Folders: These premium features are available for paid users and allow for workflow automation.

Pros and Cons of Auphonic 


Automatic Audio Enhancement: Utilizes AI and algorithms for automatic leveling, noise reduction, and overall audio improvement, making bad-quality audio sound studio-grade
Free Usage Tier: Offers up to 2 hours of free audio processing each month, suitable for users with limited needs
Supports a Wide Variety of Audio Formats: Compatible with multiple audio formats, providing flexibility in audio production tasks
Advanced Audio Processing Features: Includes intelligent leveling, noise and reverb reduction, filtering, and loudness normalization for professional-quality audio


Automatic Nature May Miss Details: Being algorithm-driven, it might not catch all nuances or specific audio issues, potentially leaving some background noises
Lacks Full Control Over Audio Output: The automated process does not allow for detailed manual adjustments or control over the final sound quality

Pricing detail of Auphonic

PlanMonthly PriceProcessed audio
Free2 hours/month
Auphonic S$11/month9 hours/month
Auphonic M$23/month21 hours/month
Auphonic L$45/month45 hours/month
Auphonic XL$89/month100 hours/month
> 100 h/mContact for details> 100 hours/month



Dolby.io offers cutting-edge AI noise reduction capabilities through its innovative audio enhancement APIs. Leveraging Dolby's expertise in audio technology, these APIs enable developers to integrate advanced noise suppression, speech isolation, and background noise removal features into their applications.

With Dolby.io's AI-powered noise reduction algorithms, you can effectively eliminate unwanted background sounds, hums, and hisses in real-time, ensuring clear and immersive audio experiences for your users. Whether you're building voice assistants, video conferencing tools, or audio streaming platforms, Dolby.io's AI noise reduction solutions provide unparalleled audio clarity and intelligibility.

Key features of Dolby.io 
Media and Interactivity Platform: Dolby.io provides a platform for developers to enhance the quality of media and communications within their applications.
Improved Media Quality: The platform offers APIs that analyze and enhance the quality of media content, enabling multi-party audio and video communication.
Real-time Streaming: Dolby Millicast provides real-time streaming to massive global audiences with sub-500ms latency, making it suitable for live events and interactive experiences.
Spatial Audio: Dolby.io offers a spatial audio feature that allows developers to place audio objects anywhere within a virtualized three-dimensional space, creating more lifelike listening experiences.

Pros and Cons of Dolby.io 


High-Quality Audio: Dolby.io enhances audio quality with noise reduction and sound improvement features, making it effective for various applications
Ease of Integration: The platform is easy to integrate, allowing for quick development and deployment of media-related features
Excellent Technical Support: Dolby.io provides strong technical support, assisting users with testing and offering helpful resources
Scalability and Reliability: It offers impressive scalability and reliability, capable of handling varying loads without compromising performance
Free Trial Available: Dolby.io offers a free trial with 30K free minutes for interactivity APIs, making it accessible for initial testing without financial commitment 


Pricing Structure: Some users find Dolby.io's pricing to be high, especially for long-term or extensive use
Limited Platform Availability: The service is available only on the web or cloud-based platforms, limiting its use in other environments
Complexity for New Users: The wide range of features and technical aspects can be overwhelming for new users or those without technical expertise

Pricing details of Dolby.io

ServicePricing Details
Music Mastering– $4.00 per track for 1 – 200 tracks/month
– $3.40 per track for 200 – 2000 tracks/month
Video Archiving (Standard Plan)– $0.25 /GB
Video Archiving (Advanced Plan)– $0.19 /GB
Video Archiving (Elite Plan)– $0.09 /GB
Real-Time Streaming– Standard Plan: $495/mo, 500 GiB CDN bandwidth, $0.45/GiB for additional CDN bandwidth
– Advanced Plan: $1,495/mo, 5,000 GiB CDN bandwidth, $0.15/GiB for additional CDN bandwidth
– Elite Plan: $4,995/mo, 50,000 GiB CDN bandwidth, $0.09/GiB for additional

7. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a comprehensive audio editing software that incorporates AI-powered noise reduction tools to help you achieve professional-grade audio quality. With its DeNoise and Noise Reduction effects, Adobe Audition intelligently identifies and removes background noise, hiss, and other unwanted sounds from your recordings. The software's advanced algorithms analyze the audio spectrum, precisely targeting and eliminating noise while preserving the integrity of speech and other desired elements.

Adobe Audition's AI noise reduction capabilities, combined with its intuitive interface and extensive editing features, make it a go-to choice for audio professionals seeking to enhance their recordings and deliver exceptional audio experiences.

Key features of Adobe Audition
Waveform and Spectral Display: The software includes waveform and spectral display views for detailed editing and manipulation of audio files
Audio Restoration: Adobe Audition provides tools for reducing noise and restoring audio to improve sound quality
Effects and Plugins: The software supports a range of effects and third-party plugins to enhance audio production
Adaptive Noise Reduction: This feature helps in reducing background noise from audio tracks
Match Loudness: Adobe Audition includes tools to match loudness across multiple audio files, which is particularly useful for podcasters
Clip & Track Effects: Users can apply effects to individual clips or entire tracks to adjust sound properties
Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud: As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Audition integrates well with other Adobe applications, enhancing workflow for video editing and motion graphics design
Essential Sound Panel: The Essential Sound panel allows for quick and efficient editing, repair, and improvement of audio

Pros and Cons of Adobe Audition 


High-Quality Audio Restoration: Features strong audio-restoration, sound-removal, and noise-reduction tools, making it ideal for cleaning up audio
Flexible and Customizable Interface: Provides a customizable interface that can be tailored to individual workflows, enhancing productivity
Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud: Seamless integration with other Adobe software like Premiere Pro, facilitating a smoother workflow for video and audio editing projects


No MIDI Support: Lacks MIDI support and has limited capabilities for music creation, reducing its utility for musicians
High Subscription Cost: Adobe Audition is available only through a subscription model, which can be expensive over time, especially for users who prefer a one-time purchase

Pricing details of Adobe Audition

Plan TypePricingDetails
Monthly Plan$31.49/monthStand-alone monthly subscription without annual commitment
Yearly Plan, Paid Monthly$20.99/monthEquivalent to $251.88 per year, billed monthly with an annual commitment
Yearly Plan, Prepaid$239.88/yearOne-time payment for the whole year, equivalent to $19.99/month
Creative Cloud All Apps$52.99/monthAccess to all Adobe Creative Cloud apps including Audition, billed monthly
Creative Cloud All Apps (Annual, Prepaid)$599.98/yearPrepaid annual plan for all Adobe Creative Cloud apps, offering a slight discount over monthly billing

8. AI Mastering

AI Mastering Review

AI Mastering is a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver professional-grade audio mastering. With its advanced AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities, AI Mastering analyzes your audio tracks and applies intelligent noise reduction, EQ adjustments, and dynamic processing to achieve pristine sound quality.

Whether you're a musician, podcaster, or content creator, AI Mastering's AI-driven noise reduction technology ensures your audio is free from unwanted background noise, hiss, and artifacts. By leveraging cutting-edge AI techniques, this innovative tool streamlines the mastering process, saving you time and effort while delivering studio-quality results that rival professional mastering engineers.

Key features of AI Mastering
Automated Mastering: AI mastering tools use algorithms to automatically master audio tracks, which can save time and effort compared to manual mastering
Rapid Analysis: These tools can quickly analyze audio files and apply mastering processes to enhance the sound quality
Genre-Specific Mastering: Some AI mastering services offer genre-specific sound profiles to ensure that the mastered tracks are best-in-class for their respective genres
Cloud-Based Platform: Many AI mastering services are cloud-based, allowing users to access the mastering tools from anywhere and receive mastered tracks quickly
Integration with DAWs: Some AI mastering tools can integrate with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) for a more seamless workflow
Educational Tools: AI mastering can serve as an educational tool by providing feedback and insights into how tracks can be improved

Pros and Cons of AI Mastering 


Efficiency and Speed: AI mastering can significantly speed up the music production process by automating routine, time-consuming tasks, allowing producers to focus on creative aspects
Accessibility and Affordability: Compared to traditional mastering, AI mastering is more accessible and affordable, making it an attractive option for independent artists and producers
Consistency: AI algorithms can maintain a consistent quality of sound across multiple tracks, ensuring a cohesive sounding album or EP
Learning Opportunity: Using AI mastering can provide a valuable learning experience for musicians to compare and improve their mixing and mastering skills


Quality Concerns: Some AI mastering services may produce audio that sounds artificial or lacks the nuanced touch a human engineer could provide
Limited Customization: AI mastering applies a standardized approach, which may not be suitable for every genre or production style, limiting creative control

Pricing details of AI Mastering

AI MasteringFree Plan: $0/monthUnlimited mastering
LANDRFrom $12.50/monthVarious subscription options available
CloudBounce$10.90/trackSingle track mastering
Anti-Joy$4.5 per trackPer track pricing
eMastered– Year Commitment: $19/month
– Yearly Billed Upfront: $156
– Monthly: $49/month
Offers unlimited AI mastering with various features depending on the plan
iMusician$10.00/trackSingle track mastering

How do I Remove Background Noise from Audio for Free?

There are several free AI tools available online that can remove or reduce background noise from audio, such as Lalal.AI, Kapwing, Media.io, Aspose, and Cleanvoice

What is the best AI tool to Remove Background Noise?

The best AI tool for noise removal can vary based on user needs, but Media.io is highlighted as a strong option because it does not require a premium account to download the processed file

Is there any AI website to reduce background noise?

Yes, there are multiple online AI tools like Lalal.AI, Kapwing, Media.io, Aspose, and Cleanvoice that can reduce or remove background noise

Which is the one-click AI tool to remove noise from audio?

Aspose is mentioned as a one-click solution for removing noise from audio without the need for signing in or setting filters

Are there any Limitations to these free AI Noise Reduction Tools?

While many of these tools are free, they may have limitations such as file size restrictions, limited processing time, or the need for account creation for downloading the processed files

Can these Tools be used for Professional Audio Editing?

Free AI noise reduction tools can be useful for professional editing, but they may not offer the same level of control or advanced features as paid software

Do these AI noise reduction tools work on both audio and video files?

Some AI noise reduction tools are capable of removing noise from both audio and video files

What should I Consider when choosing an AI Audio Noise Reduction tool?

When selecting an AI noise reduction tool, consider ease of use, effectiveness of noise reduction, and budget


The world of audio has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the emergence of AI-powered noise reduction tools. These innovative solutions have become indispensable for content creators, professionals, and anyone seeking to achieve pristine audio quality without the need for costly equipment or extensive technical know-how.

By harnessing the power of advanced machine learning algorithms, these AI-driven tools effectively eliminate background noise, ensuring that your virtual meetings, podcasts, and recordings sound clear and professional. Recent studies have shown that 78% of professionals consider audio quality to be a critical factor in effective communication, while 92% of content creators emphasize the importance of clear audio for engaging their audience. As the demand for high-quality audio continues to surge, the adoption of AI noise reduction tools is projected to grow by an impressive 45% over the next three years. Discover the potential of these remarkable tools and take your audio experience to new heights.

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