14 Best Funded AI startups in 2023: Leading the Future of Innovation

Best Funded AI Startups

We know about the great potential of artificial intelligence and how fast it is taking over the world. Saying that the AI tools and the best-funded AI startups in the world are moving ahead at a really fast pace. Today AI can be found in the medical field, in the IT sector, and a number of other fields. And hence we are here with our article, where we will discuss the 14 best-funded AI startups in the world. 

More about AI startups

Among the numerous AI startups emerging worldwide, some stand out for their exceptional funding, growth, and niche expertise. Amongst these, the five of the best-funded AI startups include OpenAI, Frame AI, Jasper, Moveworks, and Tome. These companies have attracted significant investments from renowned venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital and Khosla Ventures, and are backed by influential figures like Elon Musk.

These startups have developed AI-powered platforms that are widely known to use advanced language models, real-time processing, and machine learning models to deliver unique solutions in their respective domains. They employ natural language processing, deep learning, and predictive models to enhance customer interaction, software development, and data-driven decision-making.

Best-Funded AI Startups in the World

The AI startups that we will be talking about are at the forefront of technological advancements, offering unique solutions in their respective niches. With the backing of renowned investors and the rapid pace of AI development, these companies are all set to make a significant impact on industries worldwide. As AI continues to evolve, we can expect even more groundbreaking innovations from these startups. 

1. Soundful


Funding: $3.8M 

Soundful is an AI-powered music generator platform that enables content creators and music artists to create unlimited tracks and monetize their music. It is great at generating high-quality, unique, and customizable music tracks using its deep-learning algorithms. Soundful's digital content, such as videos, podcasts, and advertisements, are helpful for music producers in numerous ways. 

Key Features:
Soundful can generate unique music tracks, offering a vast array of customization options.
It provides royalty-free music, allowing creators to use the generated tracks in their projects without worrying about copyright issues.
The platform is cloud-based, ensuring easy access and seamless operation.

Best For: The music-generating tool is best for music producers, podcasters and also for the ones who are into making YouTube videos. 

Price: Free Plan, Paid plans starting from $29.99iscount. 

2. Runway


Funding: $236 million 

Runway ML Gen-2 is a multimodal AI system developed by Runway Research that specializes in generative AI for image and video synthesis. It allows users to generate mind-blowing videos using simple text prompts, images, or video clips. This powerful tool is beneficial for movie makers, cinematographers, and photographers as it provides a new way to create and manipulate visual content.

Key Features:
Gen-2 can generate videos from both text prompts and existing images, providing versatility and creative freedom in content creation.
Gen-2 is designed to be accessible for the beginners as well as the professionals. 
Users can fine-tune their generations by adjusting settings like seed value, interpolation, upscaling, and more.

Best for: Runway ML Gen-2 is suitable for various users, including movie makers, cinematographers, photographers, and content creators who want to experiment with AI-generated visuals. It can be used by professionals looking to enhance their work or by beginners who want to explore the possibilities of generative AI in their creative projects

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $12. 

3. Uizard


Funding: $18.6M

Uizard is a platform that helps users create professional-looking designs for websites and mobile apps with minimal coding. It uses AI and is designed to make UI design accessible to all, empowering the users to design their websites without any barriers. The tool is great at Generating UI designs from text prompts, Converting hand-drawn sketches into wireframes, Transforming screenshots into editable designs and also offering pre-made design templates and UI components for rapid ideation and iteration. 

Key Features:
Uizard uses AI-powered design assistant
Drag-and-drop components and templates for quick and easy UI prototyping
The tool has got a number of Pre-made UI templates
You can also have real-time collaboration with team members

Best For: Designers looking to streamline their workflow and collaborate with team members. Non-designers who want to create professional-looking designs without extensive design knowledge.

Pricing: Free plan, Paid plans start at $12 per month. 

4. Tome 


Funding: $75.3M

Tome is an AI-driven platform that offers real-time collaboration and commenting features, making it ideal for team projects and remote work. It is one great platform to have by your side if you are managing a team. Tome is a cloud-based platform that lets you create and share interactive, multimedia documents including ebooks, presentations and reports, as a user you can also add text, images and even videos to any of the shared document. 

Key Features:
Pre-built templates to help users create visually appealing and engaging content quickly and efficiently.
Customizable branding options to ensure consistency across all content and materials.
Best in communicating through the use of multimedia canvas that is available on the web. 

Best for: Teams working on collaborative projects, especially those working remotely and content creators looking for a platform with built-in design templates. 

Pricing: The tool has a free plan, while the paid plans start at $8 per month if billed annually. 

5. Character.ai

Character AI

Funding: $150M 

Character AI lets you create and animate 3D characters with ease. It allows users to customize their characters' appearance, movements, and behavior, and generate realistic animations in real time. The tool allows users to create characters, define their personalities, and set specific parameters. With all of that the platform also generates realistic animations in real-time, allowing users to see their characters come to life.

Key Features:
Users can customize their characters' appearance, movements, and behavior to create unique and engaging experiences.
Character AI allows users to interact with a wide range of characters, including historical figures, celebrities, and user-generated chatbots with distinct personalities.
Character.ai is best for bringing different characters to life using deep machine-learning algorithms and language models. 

Best For: Character AI is suitable for a variety of users, including writers, game developers, language learners, and anyone interested in creating and interacting with virtual characters. 

Pricing: Free basic plan, Paid Character AI plus is for $9.99

6. Builder.ai


Funding: $450 million

Builder.ai is an AI-powered no-code app development platform that enables users to create functional AI software projects without any coding knowledge. It streamlines the app development process and makes it more cost-effective. The Natasha, which is an AI project manager, recommends features based on the type of app you're building and creates an instant prototype.  Builder.ai has also got a llibrary of reusable features that can be customized for your app.

The platform is widely known to combine AI with human talent from across the globe to develop your app.

Key Features:
A product development environment, Builder Studio, where you can work with product experts to build a custom app for your business.
A ready-to-go package with all the features needed to sell online, including apps and websites.
Bypass internal development teams and get your apps built quickly with upfront pricing.

Best for: Builder.ai is suitable for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to create custom apps without coding knowledge. It can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to build brand loyalty, streamline business processes, and provide better customer experiences. 

Pricing: Starts at $200 for 24 months

7. Moveworks


Funding: $305M 

Moveworks is an enterprise copilot platform that automates work using generative AI trained on advanced large language models. It seamlessly connects employees with enterprise systems, maximizing productivity by automating support. 

The platform is built on hundreds of machine learning models, fine-tuned to enterprise data, and is available across multiple channels in over 100 languages. It has got a copilot which is a fluid conversational interface. You can also transform your IT department with out-of-the-box capabilities and pre-trained ever growing proprietary dataset of a number of enterprise languages. 

Key Features:
Creator Studio connects people and businesses with enterprise systems 
The API allows organizations to proactively solve employees' issues at scale using automation, integrating Moveworks with various systems and applications

Best for: Moveworks is suitable for organizations looking to automate support tasks and improve employee experience. It can resolve IT, HR, finance, and facilities support issues end-to-end, providing employees with proactive and engaging communications. 

Pricing: Free, Quotation based.

8. Synthesia


Funding: $156.6M

Synthesia, an AI video creation platform that let its users create professional videos without the need for mics, cameras, or actors. It offers over 140 diverse AI avatars that can be customized to add a human touch to the videos and supports voiceovers in over 120 languages. The platform has gained popularity among startups and tech professionals and is used by thousands of companies worldwide for various purposes, including online education, marketing, reporting, and events.

Key Features:
Over 140 diverse AI avatars can be customized to add a human touch to videos.
Supports voiceovers in over 120 languages, enabling localization of content.
Allows users to create high-quality videos more efficiently than traditional video production methods.

Best for: Synthesia is suitable for a wide range of users, including reporters and journalists, educators and online course creators. The tool can also be used by marketing teams as well as event organizers. 

Pricing: Paid plan $22.50, Enterprise custom plan.  

9. Eightfold


Funding: $396.8M

As a recruiter tool, Eightfold.ai is profitable because it can streamline the hiring process, reducing time and resources spent on finding the right candidates. The tool is great as it identifies top talent in the marketplace, ensuring organizations hire the best candidates for their needs.

Eightfold is known to reduce turnover costs by helping organizations retain and develop their employees. When it comes to HR-related tasks, Eightfold.ai is profitable as it helps organizations retain top performers by guiding employees to their next career steps and measuring diversity efforts.

Key Features:
Streamlines the hiring process and identifies the best candidates for open positions.
Assists in retaining and developing employees by identifying their skills and potential career paths.
Helps organizations build a flexible workforce by identifying and managing contingent workers.

Best for: Company recruiters and  HR to search for candidates and help them make the process of training and hiring the candidates easy. 

Pricing: You will need to request a demo. 

10. Highspot


Funding: $644.9M

Highspot is an advanced sales enablement platform developed to improve marketing effectiveness and increase sales productivity. The platform empowers sales and marketing teams with content, training, coaching, and insights in one unified solution, helping businesses grow and adapt to the ever-changing market landscape. With a focus on delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience, Highspot has become the industry's most complete platform, boasting an average monthly recurring usage of nearly 90%.

Key Features:
Organize, manage, and publish a wide range of content types, including documents, presentations, images, videos, and web pages.
Connect with sellers and manage customer relationships effectively. Seamless integration with various platforms and devices.

Best For: Highspot is ideal for sales and marketing teams, as well as customer success departments, looking to improve their content management, customer engagement, and overall sales productivity. The platform is particularly useful for organizations with 1,000-5,000 employees and revenues between $10M and $50M.

Pricing: You need to request a demo. 

11. AlphaSense


Funding: $620.1M

AlphaSense is a leading market intelligence and search platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to help professionals make data-driven decisions with confidence and speed. The platform is trusted by thousands of organizations, including major S&P 500 companies, top asset management firms, and consultancies across various industries such as energy, pharmaceuticals, IT, consumer goods, and industrials.

Key Features:
Access to 10,000+ premium data sources, including company filings, event transcripts, expert calls, news, trade journals, and equity research.
Intelligent search that understands business and financial language, allowing users to extract relevant snippets from text-dense documents.
Real-time monitoring and alerts for companies, industries, trends, and topics.

Best for: AlphaSense is best suited for professionals who require market intelligence and business insights to make informed decisions across various industries. The platform is particularly useful for individuals in roles such as strategy, competitive intelligence, investor relations, corporate development, and financial analysis.

Pricing: You need to request for pricing. 

12. Cohere


Cohere is an AI company specializing in large language models (LLMs) that offers NLP services through a platform made available via an API. It helps developers and businesses by providing various features, including chat features and text moderation. Cohere's platform can be used for various applications, such as automating customer support, generating product descriptions, and moderating user-generated content. By using Cohere's AI capabilities, developers and businesses can enhance their products and services, streamline workflows, and improve overall productivity. Cohere is widely known to offer its technology and support to a number of well based content generating companies.  

Key Features:
Cohere's models power interactive chat features, enabling developers to create chatbots and conversational AI applications.
Cohere can generate text for product descriptions, blog posts, and articles, making it easier for businesses to create content at scale.
Cohere's Classify endpoint streamlines text classification tasks, allowing developers to deploy content moderation use cases according to their needs.

Best For: Businesses, entrepreneurs, and those who are related to the content writing industry. It is great at creating the best write-ups and blog posts.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $0.04. 

13. Labelbox


Funding: $188.9M

Labelbox is a data-centric AI platform designed to help teams build intelligent applications faster. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for data labeling, model training, and diagnostics, allowing users to create, manage, and improve their machine-learning models efficiently. The tool has also got a visual workflow interface for data labeling, with annotation tools and quality control functionality.

Key Features:
Model-assisted labeling, which uses model predictions to speed up the labeling process and reduce costs.
Support for various data modalities, including images and more. 
Collaboration tools for team members to work together on data labeling and model improvement.

Best For: Labelbox is suitable for businesses and organizations that are working on AI and machine learning projects, particularly those that require high-quality labeled data for training custom models. Industries that can benefit from using Labelbox include agriculture, retail and e-commerce, technology and software, and more.

Pricing: Free plan, Custom plans. 

14. Accubits


Funding: Undisclosed

Accubits Technologies is a full-service software development and technology consulting company that offers product development and digital transformation services to governments, tech startups, Fortune 1000 companies, and SMEs1. They specialize in custom blockchain development, AI, and web3, metaverse, and other cutting-edge technologies1. Accubits has been recognized as one of the most promising brands of 2021 by The Economic Times.

Key Features:
Accubits has got a number of Custom AI solutions
It is great at Blockchain developmentand offers custom service.
Web, mobility applications, custom software designs, wearable device solutions, kiosk apps, AI, and blockchain development services

Best For: Accubits is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, that are looking for innovative software product development and tech solutions. Their services cater to a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and government agencies.

Pricing: You will have to get a custom quote. 

Over to you

As we step deeper into the era of artificial intelligence, a new breed of best-funded AI startups is emerging, capturing the attention of investors and at the same time bringing a huge revolution in the industries across the globe. These trailblazing companies are not only attracting significant funding but also pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI technology.

Now the only concern that remains is whether the AI is here for a time being or will it change all of the industries. Here, a number of people argue that the AI will differ from blockchain and the similar technological cutting edge developments. People believe this as they are aware that the AI has covered a range of services and fields, while they also believe that the AI will take over what’s remaining. 

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