GITEX Global 2023: Witness the World Stage for AI, Tech, and Startups

GITEX Global 2023

GITEX Global 2023 which is the world's largest event in the field of technology is coming to Dubai for its 43rd edition. Known to gather the world's most advanced companies and the best and most intelligent minds, this event will feature activities and co-located events that will elevate the business economy, society, and also the culture through the power of innovation. 

The event is scheduled for 16 to 20 of October this year and will have a number of co-related events taking place at the same time under the same roof. The venue for this event has been selected to be Dubai World Trade Centre. 

One best part about this event is that it will also have an AI-dedicated event, AI Everything. This event will take the center stage of the event along with other co-located events such as Super Bridge Summit Dubai, GITEX Impact, and Future Urbanism

Speaking more about AI Everything, this year it will be its 5th edition and is expected to have more than 3,500 AI companies as well as the startups taking part in the event. 

About AI Everything

While you will be a part of this tremendous AI event, you can listen to the groundbreaking conference speeches by world leaders in AI. Get a chance to meet the startups and businesses who are at the forefront of AI development. While all of this you can also discover why experts are assuming that the AI will be a $15.7 trillion economy by the year 2030. 

Gitex Global AI in Everything 2023

One thing we would like to elaborate is that, you can experience the power of a unified community of the greatest minds and innovators in the field of AI. You can now be a part of this big collaboration of networking and further academic study. 

Why be a part of GITEX Global: AI Everything?

This event will be attracting hundreds of global speakers who will be talking about the high impact of AI when it comes to the world stage. Also, one can learn a lot about NLP, generative AI, and machine learning as well. This is just about the conferences. Now talking about the networking sessions, you will be introduced to a number of investors looking to enter the AI space. 

At the same time, you can find the next big tech startup in organized investor sessions throughout the meetings that concierge the whole program. One can also learn about the AI research and Academia. Know about the mentorship in AI and also about the scholarship as well as the internship for the youths in the same field. 

This will be the best platform for the PhD aspirants in the field of AI who want to progress. Also, meet the winners of the Alan Turing Award at the AI Everything expo. 

The event will also have certified workshops. This will be conducted through the highly technical educational & thought provoking certified AI and Data science workshops. This will be conducted by the top 2% of global minds in the field of AI and data science. 

Speakers at AI Everything

AI Everything is one AI-dedicated event that is taking place under the globally scaled event of GITEX. As we have mentioned earlier there will be a lot of activities taking place at the same time, including the panel discussions and workshops. 

Speakers at AI Everything

The event will be having prestigious speakers such as Dr. Luc Julia who is the chief scientific officer of the Renault group, then Moti Levy the CEO of DeviantArt along with Davit Baghdasaryan, the Co-Founder & CEO of 

Also, you can meet the best person in the field of AI, Dr. Prag Sharma, the global head of Artificial Intelligence at Citi, then meet Dr. Carolina Pinart the AVP group head R&D IT at Nestle along with Marc Theermann, who is the chief strategy officer at Boston Dynamics. 

The GITEX Global is filled with awesomeness and it doesn't end at the AI Everything. There are three more events that will be taking place at the same time. The GITEX Impact, the Future Urbanism, and Super Bridge Summit Dubai. 

The GITEX event will be the one that teaches us about the decarbonization through digitalization. This is the region's most prime and sourcing event that will guide the visitors about the sustainability tech, innovation, ESG strategies, and services, Along with the GITEX IMPACT that will help to generate incredible momentum. 

Speaking of the Future Urbanization event, this is a smart city summit and expo. Here, you will be able to make connections to design a better tomorrow, that defines the landscape for cognitive urbanism, ESG, climate tech, FoodTech, Metaverse, Web 3.0, Crypto as well as the Blockchain. 

Whereas the SuperBridge Summit Dubai will be a two day summit that will drive strategic partnerships and powerful collaborations between investors, business leaders, family offices, and major institutions having a great impact on the fastest growing economies. The inaugural editions of the event will be held on the 16 and 17 of October at the Museum of Future in Dubai. 

GITEX Impact

This is one event that is taking place as the region's largest event for sustainability tech innovation, and also the one that will be talking about ESG Strategies and services. 

GITEX Impact

The motto of this event is to capitalize on the biggest opportunities in sustainability. This event is going to be the largest multitasking event taking place on a global scale. 

Talking about the technological advancements, the event will be a breakthrough of innovations in climate, ESG investments, sustainability of finance & public private partnerships. The GITEX Impact is the proud co-located industry defining event as this will bring together the world most largest ecosystems advancing technology, that which will showcase the innovation, and pioneering change to enable the digital transformation in sustainability tech.

Along with all of that, the event will also have discussion on AI, robotics, HealthTech, DeepTech, EdTech, FinTech, Metaverse, Web 3.0, coding, future mobility, and many more topics.

Future Urbanism

This is the Future Urbanism Expo, which has been specifically designed and planned to enable the technologies to build sustainable urban communities. The future urbanism is about to take the center stage in driving the urban revolution and molding the future cities. 

Future Urbanism

The event is set to bring together the world's most influential urbanists, who have worked with the mega city development project. As an attendee, you can also learn a lot about innovative sustainable technologies that offer a global sourcing platform for developing intelligent, sustainable, and resilient urban communities. The event, Future Urbanism Expo is another co located event with the other industry defining events.

Learn about the Federal Government and municipalities. Change the way you view the public sector as the world's most future focused partnerships, projects, and visions. Also, when it comes to Mega City Project Developers, you can learn about incredible projects that are coming to Dubai. This event will showcase the latest innovations and plans for the cities of the future. 

One more thing that you can do within this event is that you can engage with the urban planners and designers who envision the cities of tomorrow. Look through the eyes of the collaborator and go for the best practices and advanced tech solutions. 

You can expect to explore the interactive global showcase of innovations and latest urban tech, attend outcome-focused conferences, and also witness product launches and network with industry leaders in the field of smart city and innovations, buidings and infrastructure, sustainability tech, and more. 

GITEX Global Agenda

Starting on October 16 the event will begin with a workshop talking about Creating a robust regulatory, financial, and investment environment to support Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

A marketing mania session will also take place in the Keynote Session: Harnessing the Power of AI in Marketing: What to Expect in the Coming Years. One can visit the panel discussion on Generative AI Market Map: How AI is going to Transform Business while being a part of an AI workshop on Achieving high accuracy rates in face detection with Deep Learning. 

The event will also have a number of other sessions such as 1inch’s Fusion Mode: A New Standard for Crypto Trading, Introduction to Data Analysis Using PandasBuilding Tech Landscape and Ecosystem in the Financial Capital of the Country on the first day of the event. 

The second day, October 17 will have Creating a robust regulatory, financial, and investment environment to support Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Personalised campaign management in Banking with Machine Learning, and Build Interactive, Animated Reports in Streamlit. 

About the AI workshop, you can be a part of Personalised campaign management in Banking with Machine Learning, Will AI benefit or hurt the creative storytelling process in movies and film? And also The AI revolution, pioneering the future of Healthcare. 

October 18 will begin with the AI industrial talk on, Industrial Metaverse and Enterprise AR: The next frontier of AI-powered transformation, also AI in Education: Empowering Potential or Eliminating Human Touch? Introduction to Parsing and Abstract Syntax Trees with Python will be the huge attractions of the day. 

You can also be a part of the Finance & Investors Discussion – Funding Green Dreams for the Cities of Tomorrow taking place on October 18. 

Now coming to the next day, October 19 the GITEX event will begin with the AI workshop, The influence of technology on our brain. 

After the tremendous speech, one can attend Writing Serverless Python Web Apps with PyScript, which is a developers workshop, along with Case-study Unleashing the power of Generative AI in Banking, Starfyre – A Python Framework for building Reactive Web Frontends, Neuromorphic Computing and the Quest to Build an Artificial Brain and more. 

The last and final day of the event will have Infrastructure engineering using Pulumi as its first event, then a Hacking Workshop will take place leading to Driving Organisational ESG Ratings: Enhancing Transparency and Sustainability Practices Across Your Business, Low-code approach in DevOps with CodeCatalyst, Transitioning from Risk Management to Opportunity Creation through Sustainable Finance and more. 

Registration for GITEX Global event

This is regarded as the best event that will focus on a number of industries and fields. And the best part about this event is, you can buy just one ticket that will cover a number of events during the span of the event. 

Buy the early bird ticket for AED 3000 that will cover all the 18 conferences and every workshop. The main GITEX GLOBAL + PASS is available for AED 380 and will cover all the activities and events that are included in the said global event.

The premium pass is available for AED 10, 000 which will cover 3x facilitated meetings, all networking events, access to ConneXions and investors lounge, and also all access to conferences. 

The Expand North Star + Conferences Pass and the Vertical Pass are available for AED 1500. 

Coming to The Global DevSlam Pass, it is available for AED 500 and the simple Workshop Pass is available for AED 400 

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