HIX.AI Review (April 2024) – Best AI Writing Copilot?

Tired of finding an unbiased Hix.ai Review? Hold yourself here, as I am going to share my personal experience of using HIX.AI.

I have been using HIX.AI for more than 6 months and I must say that it has completely transformed my content creation experience.

Let us understand each and every point of HIX.AI and explore how it can be a good choice for your content creation needs.

What is HIX.AI?


HIX.AI is an all-in-one AI writing assistant that aims to transform how users write, communicate, and get work done. It consists of several key products:

  • HIX AI Writer: An advanced AI text generator with over 120 tools to write high-quality content quickly. It supports 50+ languages.
  • HIX Chat: A ChatGPT alternative chatbot that provides instant writing suggestions and answers questions. It stays up-to-date by tapping into the latest online data.
  • HIX Editor: An AI-powered text editor and Notion AI alternative with integrated writing enhancement tools.
  • ArticleGPT: Generates SEO-optimized, fact-checked articles based on the most recent information.
  • HIX Email Writer: Helps compose, refine, and reply to emails with AI assistance.
  • HIX Chrome Extension: Provides access to HIX.AI's suite of AI writing features across different platforms like Google Docs, social media, email, and search engines.

Key benefits of HIX.AI include speed, accuracy, quality, and affordability. It uses advanced AI like GPT-3.5/4 to deliver human-like writing and has strict data privacy practices.

HIX.AI aims to optimize writing workflows for diverse users including marketers, business owners, students, and more. With its comprehensive features and capabilities, HIX.AI emerges as a leading all-in-one AI writing assistant.

AI Writing Products by HIX.AI

AI Products by HIX.AI

HIX AI Writer

HIX AI Writer is a powerful AI writing assistant by HIX.AI that assists users in generating high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

With its sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge technology, HIX AI Writer offers a suite of over 120+ writing tools to cater to various content needs, supporting more than 50 languages.

HIX AI Writer

Some of the most popular offerings of HIX AI Writer include paraphrasing, article rewriting, summarizing, grammar checking, proofreading, and more.

One of the standout features of HIX AI Writer is its ability to generate fact-based, SEO-friendly, and up-to-date content in one click.

It ensures that the AI-generated content is accurate, reliable, and relevant by incorporating the latest information and data from web links.


HIX ArticleGPT is an AI-powered content generation tool developed by HIX.AI that efficiently creates well-researched, fact-checked, and SEO-friendly articles within a short timeframe.

HIX ArticleGPT

HIX ArticleGPT provides accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information from credible online sources.

Unlike other AI-generated articles that may contain inaccuracies or outdated information, HIX ArticleGPT ensures that the content it produces is trustworthy and relevant to the target audience.

Key Offerings of HIX ArticleGPT

HIX ArticleGPT proficiently handles 7 article types demanded by bloggers, marketers, Amazon affiliates, and more. It also offers 2 article tools i.e. Video to Article (In Bulk) and Article Rewriter (In Bulk).

HIX ArticleGPT can generate these 7 article types:

1. Single Amazon Product Review

The Single Amazon Product Review Generator is a tool within HIX ArticleGPT that creates original, fact-based Amazon product reviews. These reviews are designed to be SEO-friendly, attracting more visitors from search engines.

HIX ArticleGPT Amazon Product Review

The Amazon product reviews created by HIX.AI are crafted with relevant keywords and phrases naturally spread throughout the content.

The content is written with verifiable details, ensuring that the reviews are trustworthy and not riddled with factual errors.

The tool also guarantees that every review it creates is completely plagiarism-free and unique. This means you will never get duplicated content on your website, and therefore no penalties from Google.

Creating an Amazon product review with HIX ArticleGPT is a straightforward process. First, input your target Amazon product URL, name, keywords, tones, and language for the review article. The tool will then suggest titles that meet your criteria. Choose a title or create your own.

Next, HIX ArticleGPT generates an outline based on your inputs. You have the option to modify the outline and choose to include FAQs, Pros & Cons, and user experiences.

Finally, click ‘Generate article’, and you'll receive a ready-to-publish review. You can also export it to Google Docs or Word.

2. General Product Roundups Generator

The General Product Roundup Generator by HIX.AI can create unique, SEO-friendly, and credible product roundup articles.

It is specifically built to help users create top 10 product roundup articles, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process when done manually or through outsourcing.

HIX ArticleGPT General Product Roundups Generator

With HIX.AI's general product roundup generator, users can create in-depth, 3000+ word product listicles with trustworthy product information scraped from credible online sources.

The tool ensures that all information on the products featured in the roundup articles is accurate and up-to-date.

The product details presented are reliable as they are scraped from the links to the product pages, which either the user specifies or the tool obtains online.

The user experience reviews in the articles are genuine and objective, as they are all written based on customer feedback retrieved from third-party review websites such as Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra.

The roundup articles created by HIX ArticleGPT are optimized for both search engines and readers. They are SEO-friendly, with target keywords strategically placed throughout the content, ensuring higher exposure in search engine results.

The tool also guarantees originality and uniqueness in every article, providing 100% plagiarism-free content that is completely different from each other.

The process of creating a product roundup with HIX ArticleGPT consists of four steps:

Step 1: Provide your topic and keywords, then choose the number of products to feature, and your preferred tone and language.

Step 2: Select from the generated titles or write your own.

Step 3: HIX.AI generates an outline based on the provided information. You can edit the headings, subheadings, and adjust their order.

Step 4: Click ‘Generate article' to get the article. You can format the output with the edit tools.

3. News Articles

The AI News Article Writer within HIX ArticleGPT can boost your news writing efficiency by generating up-to-date, fact-based, and clearly structured news articles with minimal effort.

This tool is particularly useful in journalism where time is of the essence and speed in reporting breaking news is crucial.

HIX ArticleGPT News Articles

The AI News Article Writer ensures the authenticity of the news articles it generates. It does this by obtaining trusted information online based on the keywords provided by the user.

The tool runs searches on Google News and scrapes information from the top-ranking, trustworthy results from the last 20 days for news article writing. To further guarantee the authenticity of the articles, a list of references is included at the end of the content.

This showcases that the article is written with verifiable information, and everything presented in the article is open to fact-checking.

The key ingredients that set the HIX ArticleGPT generated News articles apart include:

  • Catchy, Informative Title: The generated article comes with attention-grabbing titles that provide sufficient information and encourage readers to click for more information.
  • Accurate, Up-to-date Information: The tool uses top-ranking recent reputable sources on Google News in its writing to ensure factual accuracy and freshness of the articles.
  • Inverted Pyramid Structure: The content structure is arranged in a way that the most important information comes first. This matches the typical news article writing style and ensures that readers always get the most newsworthy details at first sight.
  • Clear and Simple Content: The sentences of the generated news articles by HIX ArticleGPT are easy to understand, and no jargon or slang is used without proper explanation.
  • Unbiased Perspective: The tool understands the importance of articles being fair and objective. All content is written in a neutral tone, and the coverage of all sides of the story is equally balanced.
  • Correct Word Uses and Grammar: HIX.AI maintains high standards of precision in word usage and grammar. It avoids using uncommon meanings of words, and its leading AI generation technology ensures zero spelling or grammatical errors.

4. Amazon Product Roundups Generator

HIX ArticleGPT can generate original, SEO-friendly, and fact-based Amazon product roundups.

It assists Amazon affiliates in maximizing their earnings by generating high-quality roundup articles that can rank high on Google, attract more readers, and drive more sales for their sites.

HIX ArticleGPT Amazon Product Roundups Generator

HIX ArticleGPT follows this process to make fact-checked and up-to-date Amazon product roundups;

  • Amazon product links fetching: Users can provide the links to their target Amazon products, or HIX.AI uses its smart algorithm to get the matching product links based on the given keywords.
  • Product information scraping: HIX.AI scrapes product information such as descriptions, customer inquiries, and reviews from the provided links. This information is then quickly converted into product introductions, pros and cons, user experience, buying guides, and FAQs in the roundup content.

These generated Amazon product roundups are of exceptional quality. They deliver content that is both lucid and comprehensive, offering a detailed overview of product features, specifications, performance, and user-friendliness in an easily digestible format.

Each article is thoughtfully structured with distinct sections and crisp headings, while crucial details are underscored through succinct bullet points.

Moreover, HIX ArticleGPT seamlessly integrates informative FAQs and insightful buying guides into its product roundups, providing invaluable purchasing recommendations to readers and consequently amplifying commission potential.

The content is also optimized for SEO, incorporating strategically placed keywords at the right frequency, thus bolstering search engine rankings and driving up website traffic.

Furthermore, HIX.AI employs advanced technology to guarantee plagiarism-free content generation.

5. Single Product Reviews

HIX.AI's Single Product Review Generator can craft fact-based, SEO-friendly, and plagiarism-free single product reviews in seconds.

It generates instant reviews based on hard facts and real customer experiences, helping readers make smart purchasing decisions.

HIX ArticleGPT takes information that comes directly from a product's sales page or manufacturer's website, ensuring precise insight into product quality, features, and more.

Impressively, HIX ArticleGPT guarantees 100% unique product reviews, ensuring that users will not be penalized by Google for duplicate content.

6. How to Guides

HIX ArticleGPT can write SEO-friendly, fact-based how-to guides in a matter of seconds. This tool is a solution for those who are tired of ineffective AI-generated how-to guides that only provide superficial instructions.

HIX ArticleGPT- How to Guides

HIX ArticleGPT provides in-depth, fact-based walkthroughs with concrete, actionable instructions to help your reader actually complete a task.

This is a significant improvement over many AI-generated guides that only scratch the surface of the topic.

Notably, each generated guide is customized to your criteria, from the word count to the tone and point of view. Your keywords are also sprinkled throughout the guide to enhance its SEO performance.

7. Product Comparison Articles

HIX.AI's Product Comparison Generator empowers users to effortlessly craft impartial product comparison blog posts.

It's the ultimate solution for those seeking to streamline the process of generating in-depth, data-driven comparisons without dedicating excessive time to research.

Simply input the names of the two products to be compared, and let the tool do the rest. Within seconds, it produces fact-checked, SEO-enhanced, and unbiased comparison articles.

All data is authentic, verifiable, and sourced from genuine user feedback on reputable review platforms.

Article tools offered by HIX ArticleGPT

1. Video to Article Generator

HIX.AI's “Video to Article Generator” uses AI to efficiently transform YouTube videos into plagiarism-free, SEO-optimised text.

HIX ArticleGPT tool- Video to Article Generator

It ensures accurate conversion, employing advanced speech recognition technology that works with over 50 languages, even in noisy or accented environments.

Powered by the leading GPT language model, it captures details with precision, regardless of content length.

The content is error-free, informative, and well-organized, presenting key video details clearly. It goes beyond a mere transcript, offering unique phrasing and plagiarism-free content.

Additionally, the tool naturally incorporates target keywords, enhancing search rankings and driving organic traffic.

The outputs are highly customizable, with options for 8 target audiences, 9 tones of voice, and over 30 output languages. These flexible customization options allow users to convert a video into an article tailored specifically for their readers.

The process is straightforward: paste the YouTube link, provide a keyword, and select the preferred tone, audience, and language. Then within seconds, the video is transformed into an article.

2. Article Rewriter

HIX AI provides a free article rewriter tool that can effectively rewrite content, articles, and texts while maintaining originality.

HIX ArticleGPT tool- Article Rewriter

The tool uses GPT-3.5 (for free) and GPT-4 (Upgrade needed) to reword and restructure the input text, making it sound original and unique.

It understands the heart and soul of your message and then restructures your sentences using smart synonyms and alternative expressions that still convey your core idea

The tool is simple to use. Users enter their content in the designated field, choose their target audience, tone of voice, and language, and then press the button to generate the rewritten text. To see alternative versions, the process can be repeated.

These seven distinct article types, coupled with the exceptional functionality of two specialized article tools, position HIX ArticleGPT as a leading contender in the market, surpassing its competitors by a considerable margin.

Hix AI Browser Extension

The HIX.AI Chrome extension and Microsoft Edge extension are all-in-one AI extensions for your web browser, providing seamless AI assistance on the web. Easily access it by typing “//” on any website.

HIX.AI Browser extension

One key feature is its content writing assistance. It helps with blog posts, emails, and social media. It can write, edit, comment, and suggest hashtags.

For Google Docs users, “//” brings a game-changing experience. It helps draft plagiarism-free content in real time, seamlessly continuing your work.

A quick lookup bar lets you instantly rewrite, summarize, or translate any online text. Available on Google Docs, Twitter, Gmail, and more.

The sidebar gives quick access to writing tools and HIX Chat, a powerful ChatGPT alternative. Accessible via the sidebar icon or Ctrl/Cmd + P shortcut.

The extension also improves the search engine experience by providing accurate answers within your search interface. Works with Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Naver, Baidu, and Yandex.

The HIX.AI Browser extensions are user-friendly with four ways to use it: extension bar, HIX.AI sidebar, quick lookup bar, and floating HIX.AI icon.

In terms of language support, the HIX.AI Chrome extension can generate original content or translate input text into up to 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, and more.

Moreover, it guarantees 0% plagiarism copy, sidestepping potential Google duplicate content penalties.

HIX Chat (ChatGPT Alternative)

HIX Chat is a smart AI chatbot and an alternative to ChatGPT with limitless capabilities. HIX Chat utilizes GPT-3.5/4 technology and updated Internet data to provide highly accurate and useful content.

It offers superior performance compared to Chat GPT, all at a more affordable cost.


One of the unique features of HIX Chat is its integration with updated AI image generation technology.

Users can give instructions to generate images, and HIX Chat will instantly create eye-catching graphics tailored to their needs. It can be accessed from the HIX.AI Web App, HIX Editor, or anywhere with the Chrome Extension Sidebar.

HIX Chat supports over 30 languages, making it easy for users to retrieve information in their native tongue. It also has the ability to understand the context of previous messages and generate responses that are relevant to the current context.

HIX Editor

HIX Editor is presented as a superior alternative to Notion AI and allows users to compose, edit, refine, format, and export their content, all within one intuitive interface.

The platform is equipped with a smart AI chatbot and 120+ tools that assist in every stage of content creation, from brainstorming to final drafts.

HIX.AI Editor

HIX Editor offers a seamless writing experience. Users can start typing and let their ideas flow smoothly onto the intuitive editor.

For an enhanced writing experience, the suite of AI writing tools can be accessed by typing “//”, taking your work to the next level.

The platform also simplifies the editing process. Users can spend less time formatting and styling their content, with the ability to manage elements like font size, alignment, spacing, headings, and more with just a click.

Once the content is finalized, it can be seamlessly exported as a Word document from the editor. Notably, HIX Editor is not limited to its own platform. It can smoothly fit into your personal writing workflow anywhere on Chrome, with an expanded set of AI capabilities.

The HIX.AI Chrome extension brings the editing experience right into your Google Docs, and a WordPress plugin is also available, allowing you to access the AI writing assistant as you develop and edit content for your site.

AI Email Writer & Generator

HIX AI Email Writer & Generator is a web-based tool that aims to help you draft and reply to emails up to 10 times faster.

By simply typing “//”, the AI email writer drafts an insightful, personalized email in seconds, eliminating the struggle of finding the right words.

Hix AI Email Writer & Generator

HIX AI Email Writer & Generator can write tailored, flawless email replies in one click, based on templates, past discussions, and your intents.

One of the standout features of this tool is its ability to summarize emails swiftly. No more spending precious minutes reading long and complex emails.

With HIX AI Email Writer & Generator, you can understand each message's core information at a glance while ensuring no crucial details are missed.

The tool also supercharges your email campaigns by crafting killer marketing emails that truly engage and convert.

The HIX AI Email Writer & Generator is not just limited to the web app. By installing the HIX.AI ChatGPT extension, the AI will assist you in drafting and sending emails right within your existing email service. To activate the tool, simply type “//” in the compose box or click the HIX.AI icon in the bottom right corner.

The tool also offers a vast library of pre-written email templates tailored to common response types and recipients.

Without any doubt, HIX AI Email Writer & Generator is a one-click solution that assists in creating, responding to, and managing emails smartly and swiftly.

Bypass AI Detection with HIX.AI

Bypass AI Detection is another advanced AI product by HIX.AI that makes AI-generated text undetectable.

Unlike many detection removers that simply spin content, HIX Bypass AI Detector uses advanced text humanization technology to transform AI-generated text into completely human-like text.

Bypass AI Detection with HIX.AI

The tool uses powerful natural language processing algorithms to restructure and humanize your AI-generated text, replacing phrases with ones less likely to get detected. The result is humanized outputs with high pass rates.

HIX Bypass AI Detection is effective against most AI detectors, including Content at Scale, Sapling, Winston AI, Crossplag, Turnitin, ZeroGPT, GPTZero, Copyleaks, Originality.AI, and Scribbr.

How to Use HIX Bypass?

Using HIX Bypass is a straightforward process;

Input AI-Generated Text: Begin by entering the AI-generated text into HIX Bypass.
Run HIX Bypass: Activate HIX Bypass AI Detection and allow it to process the text.
Retrieve Humanized Text: Once processing is complete, you'll receive the humanized text. It's now ready for safe use across any platform or application of your choice.

Who Can Benefit from HIX Bypass?

The HIX Bypass AI Detection tool is compatible with English text of any kind.

Users can employ it to detect AI-generated content, regardless of the source or topic, whether it's generated by ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, or pertains to finance, technology, or healthcare.

However, it's important to use this tool responsibly and not use it to create spam or misleading content.

HIX.AI Pricing: How to Subscribe to HIX.AI?

Plan NamePrice per MonthWord Limit (GPT-3.5)Word Limit (GPT-4)Notable Features
Free$03,000 wordsNo AccessAccess to 120+ AI Writing Tools, Data Privacy, Security, Reliability, Email Support, and HIX.AI Community.
Basic$19.99300,000 words10,000 wordsAll features of Free plan, plus Plagiarism Check (10,000 words), Grammarly Integration, HIX Chat, AI Email Writer, Article Rewriter (100 articles), 30+ Languages, Early Access to New Features, All-in-One Browser Extensions, 1-Click Google Docs Export, and Priority Support.
Pro$39.99600,000 words20,000 wordsAll features of the Basic plan, plus ArticleGPT (Beta), Article Rewriter, 10,000 Plagiarism Check Words, and Priority Support.
Ultimate$99.99UNLIMITED words50,000 wordsEverything in Pro, plus 20,000 Plagiarism Check Words.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Subscribe to HIX.AI

Step 1: Visit the official website of HIX.AI and click on the Pricing tab.

Subscribe to HIX.AI

Step 2: Select the plan according to your need, there are two pricing structures available i.e.; AI Writer Plans and Bypass AI Detection Plans.

AI Writer Subscription Plans

HIX.AI AI Writer Subscription Plans

Bypass AI Detection Subscription Plans

HIX.AI Bypass AI Detection Subscription Plans

Step 3: Once you've decided on a plan, click the ‘Buy Now' button next to it. This will take you to the account creation page where you can sign up and further process your purchase.

Sign Up with HIX.AI

Step 4: Then it takes you to the checkout page, fill out all the required details, and complete your purchase by clicking the ‘Subscribe' button.

HIX.AI Checkout page

What I Like about HIX.AI

HIX.AI provides a diverse array of features that simplify content creation.
The platform incorporates AI tools and automation to enhance the writing process.
The precision of HIX.AI's AI-generated content is impressive, producing high-quality and original pieces.
HIX.AI meets the needs of various content types, from blog posts and social media posts to product descriptions and email templates.
The platform's chatbot tool, HIX Chat, provides valuable assistance in brainstorming content ideas and generating engaging conversations.
HIX.AI's browser extension for seamless integration with popular writing tools such as Google Docs, WordPress, etc.
The image generation technology and natural language processing capabilities of HIX.AI.
The platform's ability to assist with SEO optimization and improve search rankings.

My Experience with HIX.AI

In my role as a SEO writer, HIX.AI has significantly enhanced my writing process. The range of features provided by HIX.AI has made my work more efficient and impactful.

The standout tool for me is HIX Chat, the chatbot feature. It's been instrumental in generating content ideas and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Beyond brainstorming, it refines my writing by suggesting alternative perspectives.

HIX.AI also streamlines my content workflow with a comprehensive suite of content creation tools. From email drafts to social media posts, it covers all content types.

Other HIX.AI products like the all-in-one Browser extension and HIX Editor have become my primary writing tool for effective writing, editing, and formatting in one place.

Undoubtedly, HIX.AI boosts my productivity by providing AI-generated content drafts as a starting point and the natural language processing ensures cohesive, well-written content. Also, the integrated search engine insights assist me in creating high-quality, high-performing content.

Based on my experience I recommend HIX.AI as it has exceeded my expectations and has greatly improved my writing experience.

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