Interview with Alden Do Rosario, The CEO of CustomGPT

Alden Do Rosario - CEO of CustomGPT
Alden Do Rosario

A perfect business solution to have by your side, CustomGPT an accurate ChatGPT response chatbot maker that has been widely appreciated for its privacy first and secured business grade platform.

The company is well known for providing an increased efficiency for business with the help of custom ChatGPT chatbot that is indexed with your business content that can automate repetitive tasks and also provide quick responses to the customer inquiries.

Recently, we had a great opportunity to have a few words with the CEO of CustomGPT, Alden Do Rosario. Listening to his kind words we are certain that the website is here to stay and make its future bright as a star.

Thinking of all the people with numerous expertise, Alden Do Rosario states “We built CustomGPT so that it can be shared with others, regardless of their technical expertise.”

Find out the tale of how one of the prominent websites that help build business grow and make great strategies has come to light.

Interview - Alden Do Rosario

Read the interview with Alden Do Rosario below and know the in-depth idea behind CustomGPT.

Please explain your journey in creating CustomGPT

After experimenting with OpenAI in our market research platform, Poll the People, we said to ourselves “This is insanely powerful – but people will want this with their own data” – and that’s why we created CustomGPT – so that anyone can have ChatGPT with their own data and no hallucinations.

How is CustomGPT helpful for Data Analysts? 

CustomGPT is more suited for search-based use cases like customer support, knowledge management and replacing Enterprise search.

What are some of the key features that make CustomGPT stand out in the market?

  1. No Hallucinations: We are the ONLY company that truly solved the hallucinations problem.
  2. Citations / Sources: Not only did we solve hallucinations, we show the user where the response was sourced from.
  3. Multi-source data integration: This is boring – but businesses want to ingest all their data from various sources – its painful stuff if you try to build your own bot – but we spent thousands of engineering hours solving these problems.

How does CustomGPT work on the accuracy of responses without making up facts?

Our ML engineers spent almost a MONTH researching various techniques that solve this problem. And battle tested it across our thousands of paid customers. This is why institutions like MIT use our platform.

How can the custom chatbot help a business grow?

It is transformational. From customer support to user engagement to much more efficient employees, this is a game changer.

Since you are interested in Generative AI, please tell us your views. How can it affect the industry and how is it a crucial tool?

“Generative AI will do for intelligence what the steam engine did to muscle power” – this is a once-in-a-century event.

How does CustomGPT ensure the security and privacy of the business data it handles?

See our security principles by clicking here – we make security and privacy a priority and then make sure that we stay true to those principle.

It is said that the custom ChatGPT chatbot also increases the efficiency of employees, how is it possible?

Instead of typing keywords in search boxes or doing age-old “Control-F” type reading, the CustomGPT chatbot provides instant generative answers – this greatly cuts down time spent by employees on working with data and knowledge.

What motivated you to create CustomGPT?

The original company was actually created by my daughter (in high school) during Covid. Once we saw the power of ChatGPT, we pivoted to “democratizing chatbot creation

Why have you named it CustomGPT?

Because it lets anyone create a “custom” ChatGPT

Do you have any more business plans other than CustomGPT?

Heh – too early to tell .. one thing that differentiates CustomGPT is: We are innovating on a daily basis! We do 2-3 major product releases each day. Our system is about 1000X more powerful today than it was 150 days ago when we launched.

What do you consider your greatest strengths and areas for improvement as a professional?

Greatest strength: We innovate and learn on a daily basis (think about that!)

Improvement: Scaling up the business to meet the demand.

Can you train the custom ChatGPT chatbot with the help of PDF?

Yes – this is our most popular feature. Not only PDFs, but also documents in about 1400+ formats. And we added support for video and audio too. So you can even ingest your Youtube video or your podcasts or audio.

What type of businesses are targeted best with CustomGPT?

  1. Anyone with helpdesks, customer support, Enterprise search needs – this is across industries.
  2. Any business that needs “truth” in ChatGPT – our “no hallucinations” feature is a game-changer for businesses.

How does the integration of ChatGPT-4 enhance the functionality of CustomGPT?

It’s the foundational model that CustomGPT sits on. Everything we do add power on top of what ChatGPT already does.

Can you share the best success story, in which CustomGPT played a crucial role?

MIT wanted to consolidate their knowledge base articles and other documents across 3 different departments to create a “source of truth” – and then use that chatbot without hallucinations.

What do you think about our blogs on Do you have any words to say about us…?

First of all, I would like to thank the website for doing this survey. Next and the foremost thing is about the articles that your website has got are super knowledge based. A lot many people can learn from when it comes to learning the AI tools or keeping oneself updated with all that is AI. Keep up the good work!

We are delighted to have this interview session done with one of the minds in the industry. And as much as we know about CustomGPT, we would like to say that one should believe in the potential of this chatbot tool as it can certainly reach heights.

To have your business promoted and encouraged amongst your clients, and to portray a leading image we recommend you using CustomGPT.

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