Koala AI Coupon (June 2024) Up to 45% off on Credit Packs

Have you heard of Koala AI, the powerful AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality, SEO-optimized content with just a click? As a top-rated AI writing tool, Koala AI enables anyone to generate blog posts, emails, social media captions, and more in seconds.

Well, now is the perfect time to give this leading AI writing assistant a try or stock up on credits if you're already a user – Koala AI is available at incredible discounts through special Koala AI coupons provided in this article.

The Koala AI Verified Deals is your ally, offering you the chance to generate 30 times the content for less than a tenth of the price of the Essentials Plan. And for those aiming for the stars, the Koala AI Elite Plan is now within reach at 40% OFF, allowing you to churn out up to 1,000,000 words per month.

The savings don't end there. You can get discounts up to $400 on Koala AI plans. This allows you access to a whopping 1 million SEO-optimized words per month for only $350!

Keep reading to discover all the ways you can save on this game-changing writing tool.

Major Highlights

Koala AI is a versatile AI writing tool that can generate SEO-friendly content.
Koala AI includes monthly subscriptions and credit packs providing flexibility to the customers.
The credit packs last for an entire year, making it an excellent opportunity to stock up on credits for future use.
There are different credit packs available, each offering a certain number of words and messages for KoalaWriter and KoalaChat.
Koala.sh Lifetime deal is ended, however affordable monthly subscriptions are available.
Koala AI includes features like GPT-4, custom models, private Discord access.
Packages range from 250,000 words to 100 million words.

A Quick Glance at Koala AI

Founder/CEO 👨‍💼Jonathan Schneider
Supported Countries 🌍Worldwide
Supported Languages 🇬🇧English
Payment Methods 💳Credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, US bank transfers, Canadian bank transfers, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Cash App Pay
Contact Email 📧[email protected]
Pricing 💰Ranges from $9/month to $2,000/month depending on the plan
Services 📝💬KoalaWriter and KoalaChat
API Access 🔌Yes  
Google Sheets Integration 📊Yes  
Real-Time Data 🔄Yes, fetches up-to-date content from the internet
Trial⏳30-day risk-free trial

Today’s Top Koala AI Coupons and Deals

Save big on your Koala AI subscriptions with the verified Koala AI Coupons provided in the table below:

Update: Their is no working coupon codes for Koala AI available right now. You can use the below deals and credit pack.

Coupon DescriptionDiscountCondition
Koala AI Highest DiscountUpto $400 OFFScale III Monthly Plan
Koala AI Credit Packs DiscountUp 62% OFFSwitch to higher word limit and redeem the discount
Koala AI Special CouponExtra 45% OFFKoala AI Credit Packs
Koala AI Verified Coupon30x content at 10x lesser priceKoala Growth Plan Monthly Subscription
Koala AI Verified Deal40% OFFKoala Elite Plan Monthly billing
Koala AI Best Deal500k Words for $179Koala Growth Plan Monthly Subscription
Multiple content offer6.6x content over 5x priceKoala Professional Plan Monthly Subscription
Mid Level plans45000 words/monthKoala Starter Plan
Entry level Deal$9/monthKoala Essentials Plan
Koala AI Free Trial15000 words, 100 messagesClick here to start
KoalaWriter logo

Koala AI Highest Discount: $400 OFF  hIGHEST SAVINGS

Avail discounts up to $4000 on Koala AI and access 1 Million SEO-Optimized Words/month for $350 only.
SAVE $400
KoalaWriter logo

62% OFF Koala AI Credit Packs Discount  BEST OFFER

Avail up to 62% OFF on Koala AI Credit Packs with this coupon when you upgrade to higher word limit.
SAVE 62%
KoalaWriter logo

Get 45% extra discount on Koala AI Credit Packs BEST DEAL

Switch to Koala AI credit packs and get additional 45% discount in comparison to the monthly subscriptions.
KoalaWriter logo

Koala AI Verified Coupon: Generate 30x content at 10x lesser Price  Growth Plan DEAL

Choose the Growth Plan and get over 30 times more words at less than 10 times the price of the Essentials Plan.
KoalaWriter logo

Grab 40% discount on Koala AI Elite Plan  verified savings

Redeem verified savings of 40% on Koala AI Elite Plan with this exclusive Koala AI coupon and generate up to 1,000,000 words per month.
KoalaWriter logo

Koala AI Best Value – 500k Words for $179  BEST OFFER

Rank higher with 500,000 optimized, AI-written words per month at a price of $179 only.
500K WORDS FOR $179
KoalaWriter logo

Generate 6.6x content over 5x Price: Koala AI Special Offer  verified DEAL

Grab this verified Koala AI coupon and generate up to 100000 words at $49/month only.
KoalaWriter logo

Access 45000 words/month with Koala Starter  Starter plan DEAL

Use this exclusive coupon, upgrade to the Starter plan for $25/month and enjoy 45,000 words per month and 500 messages.
45000/Words for $25/MO
KoalaWriter logo

Get started with Koala AI at $9/month  Essentials plan DEAL

Get the Essentials plan at just $9/month and enjoy 15,000 words per month with KoalaWriter and 250 messages with KoalaChat.
KoalaWriter logo

Start Koala AI Free Trial (15000 words, 100 messages)  TRY FOR FREE

Sign up for Koala AI 15-day Free Trial and access 15000 words, 100 messages completely free.
100% Free

Understanding Koala AI Monthly Subscriptions vs. Credit Packs

Koala AI offers two distinct types of plans for users: Monthly Subscriptions and Credit Packs. Here's a quick comparison to help you understand the differences:

FeatureMonthly SubscriptionsCredit Packs
Validity1 month1 year 
RolloverNo    Yes 
Plan Change Anytime (no prorating)NA
UsageMonthly limit Use anytime in a year
Ideal forRegular monthly useBulk content/budgeting

Choosing between the two depends on your content needs. Monthly subscriptions are great for consistent content creation, while credit packs are ideal for those who have fluctuating content needs or want to budget for the long term.

However here are a few advantages of Koala AI Credit Packs over the monthly subscriptions:

  • Credit packs provide bulk pricing discounts up to 45% compared to monthly plans for large volumes of content. This allows saving maximum on high usage needs.
  • Credits from packs can be used anytime over a 1-year period as needed. This provides more flexibility compared to monthly limits.
  • Unused credits roll over for 1 year. Monthly subscriptions simply expire each month.
  • Credit packs allow stacking on existing subscriptions. So packs provide additional overflow capacity.
  • For high volume needs like over 5 million words per year, packs deliver the best value for money.

Sign up for Koala AI 30-Day Risk Free Trial

Ever wondered how to test-drive an AI content creation tool without any risk? Koala AI offers a free trial that lets you do just that. This trial period allows you to explore the platform's capabilities, giving you a firsthand experience of its transformative features. You can generate SEO-optimized content, and see how it can enhance your online presence.

The free trial is currently limited to 5,000 words and 25 chat messages, providing a substantial amount to evaluate the tool's effectiveness. Click on the link below to start your Koala AI Free Trial today!

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeem Koala AI Coupon

Follow the detailed guide below to avail discount on your Koala AI Subscription:

STEP 1: Select the best Koala.sh Coupon according to your requirements. A new tab will open redirecting you to the official website of Koala AI.

STEP 2: Click on the ‘Pricing’ button to view the available options. Choose the plan that suits your needs the best.

Koala AI Pricing Option

STEP 3: Log in to your account with your email address and password.

Koala AI Sign Up

STEP 4: Enter your payment details and complete the checkout process.

Koala AI checkout page

Congratulations, You have successfully redeemed discount on your Koala AI subscription.

Koala AI Subscription Plans (Updated 2024)

Koala AI offers a range of monthly plans and credit packs to cater to different user needs. Here's a detailed breakdown:

Koala AI Monthly Plans

All plans include access to GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and Claude, real-time search results integration, AI-powered SEO optimization, bulk writing mode, live Amazon data for affiliate articles, Google Sheets integration, and API access.

Plan NamePrice per MonthKoalaWriter WordsKoalaChat Messages
Koala AI Essentials Plan$9/month15,000 words250 messages
Koala AI Starter Plan$25/month45,000 words500 messages
Koala AI Professional Plan$49/month100,000 words1,000 messages
Koala AI Boost Plan$99/month250,000 words2,500 messages
Koala AI Growth Plan$179/month500,000 words5,000 messages
Koala AI Elite Plan$350/month1,000,000 words10,000 messages
Koala AI Scale I Plan$750/month2,500,000 words15,000 messages
Koala AI Scale II Plan$1,250/month5,000,000 words20,000 messages
Koala AI Scale III Plan$2,000/month10,000,000 words25,000 messages

Koala AI Credit Packs (One time purchase)

Credit packs offer a package of words that can be used for up to one year in KoalaWriter, providing more flexibility and time to use them.

Pack NamePriceKoalaWriter WordsKoalaChat Messages
Koala AI Basic Credit Pack$119250,000 words2,500 messages
Koala AI Silver Credit Pack$4191,000,000 words10,000 messages
Koala AI Gold Credit Pack$8992,500,000 words15,000 messages
Koala AI Platinum Credit Pack$1,5005,000,000 words20,000 messages
Koala AI Diamond Credit Pack$2,20010,000,000 words25,000 messages
Koala AI Expert Credit Pack$3,12915,000,000 words30,000 messages
Koala AI Premium Credit Pack$3,96920,000,000 words35,000 messages
Koala AI Advanced Credit Pack$9,39950,000,000 words40,000 messages
Koala AI Ultimate Credit Pack$17,899100,000,000 words50,000 messages

Other ways to Maximize Savings on Koala AI Subscription

Maximizing your savings on Koala AI subscription can be achieved in several ways. Here are some strategies you might consider:

  • Choose the Right Plan: Koala AI offers a range of subscription plans to suit different needs. Select the plan that best fits your content production needs to avoid paying for unused features or word counts.
  • Use GPT-3.5 Wisely: The word count is based on using GPT-3.5. If you choose to use GPT-4 Turbo, the word count for that specific article will be counted as 2.5 times higher. Therefore, use GPT-3.5 for most of your content to maximize your word count.
  • Look for Discounts and Deals: Occasionally, Koala AI offers discounts and deals. For instance, during Black Friday, they have been known to offer credit packs at up to 45% off. These credit packs last for an entire year, allowing you to stock up on credits and save big.
  • Consider Credit Packs: Koala AI offers credit packs that are different from the regular subscription which resets every month. If you usually buy a subscription of 250,000 words on KoalaWriter, you will usually be charged $99 a month and need to use those credits within one month. However, with the credit pack, you can use the credits for up to a year, giving you more time to use them and save money in the long run.
  • Choose Higher Volume Plans: These plans are designed for large-scale businesses that create a lot of content on a daily basis. The prices are on the high side, but they also offer a significantly higher monthly word usage, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses with extensive content needs.

Key Features Accessible with Koala AI Subscription

Here are the key features of Koala AI which are accessible on its subscription:

AI-Powered Content Generation

Koala AI content generation feature is a game-changer for content creators. It's like having a skilled writer at your fingertips, ready to craft engaging, SEO-optimized content in no time. This feature uses advanced natural language models like GPT-3.5 to produce high-quality articles, saving you time and effort.

Instant WordPress Publishing

Koala AI allows users to publish content directly to WordPress with one click. For non-WordPress users, it offers webhook integration with Zapier and custom platforms. This seamless publishing streamlines sharing content across websites.

Smart YouTube Video Embedding

Make your content pop by automatically embedding relevant YouTube videos matching the topic and tone of your articles—it’s like having an assistant editor who knows just what you need. It automatically selects and embeds relevant videos, enriching your content and engaging your readers on a deeper level.


KoalaWriter is an AI writing assistant that helps users quickly create high-quality, SEO-optimized content. It analyzes search results to recommend relevant keywords and entities, while allowing customization of outlines and writing style. The tool simplifies drafting blog posts, articles, and other content.


KoalaChat is a virtual brainstorming partner, helping users generate ideas and provide valuable information in real-time. It's like having a conversation with an expert, offering insights and suggestions to enrich your content. It's a tool that makes content creation more engaging and efficient.

Advanced Rewriting Mode

Breathe new life into your existing content with Koala AI advanced rewriting mode. It gives makeover to your articles by optimizing and refreshing them for better engagement. This feature ensures your content stays fresh, relevant, and engaging, while maintaining its original essence.

Koala AI quickly generates comprehensive Amazon affiliate product roundups or detailed single product reviews. Powered by live Amazon data like ratings, prices, and real customer reviews, it creates optimized articles to drive traffic and sales through your affiliate links.

On-Brand Voice

With Koala AI, your content doesn't just write—it speaks. Choose from multiple writing styles and points of view, or specify a custom tone, to ensure your content resonates with your brand's unique voice.

SEO Optimization

Koala AI analyzes content and provides keyword, meta description, and title suggestions to improve search engine rankings. It also easily integrates target keywords while ensuring content aligns with SEO best practices for maximum visibility.

Real-Time Search Results Integration

Koala AI Real-Time Search Results Integration feature keeps your content fresh and relevant. As you write, it pulls in the latest data from the web, ensuring your content is up-to-date and engaging. This feature not only enhances the quality of your writing but also boosts its relevance in search engine results.

High-Quality AI Images

Add a visual touch to your articles with Koala AI image generation tool. It automatically embeds relevant and engaging images, enhancing your content's appeal.

Internal Linking

KoalaWriter allows users to provide a list of URLs to automatically link within generated articles. This interlinking improves site navigation, enhances user experience, and is beneficial for SEO.

API Access

Koala AI API Access feature opens up a world of possibilities for tech-savvy users. With just one API call, you can craft an entire article, streamlining your content creation process. This powerful tool is perfect for those looking to automate and integrate high-quality content generation into complex projects.


Koala AI integrates smoothly with tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Amazon Seller Central, making it a versatile addition to your content creation toolkit. This compatibility ensures a smooth content creation process, from data analysis to publishing, all within your familiar tools.

Customer Support

Experience top-notch customer service with Koala AI known for its responsive and flexible support, you're never left without help. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is a testament to Koala AI's user-centric approach, making it a reliable choice for content creators.

Continuous Development

With Koala AI, you're part of a constantly evolving journey. Regularly rolled out new features, often inspired by user feedback, keep the platform at the cutting edge of AI content creation.

Koala AI Customer-Friendly Refund Policy

Koala AI stands behind the quality of its AI writing services, offering a 15-day money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with the service, you can request a refund within 15 days of your purchase. The only condition is that you should have generated less than 15,000 words and 100 messages during this period. This policy allows you to explore Koala AI's capabilities without any financial risk.

Hence, for any reason if Koala AI's AI writer or chatbot does not meet expectations, users can simply contact support within 15 days and promptly receive their money back, no questions asked.

Top Koala Alternatives 2024

Koala AI is a powerful content creation platform that uses advanced technology to generate high-quality, SEO-optimized articles in minutes. With a user-friendly interface and a range of customization options, Koala AI is designed to cater to diverse audience needs. It's a cost-effective solution for bloggers, SEOs, and content creators looking for a streamlined, efficient approach to content production.

Here are few of its best alternatives you can consider in 2024:

1. Machined.ai


Machined.ai is a powerful tool for content creators aiming to drive organic traffic to their sites. It automates the process of content creation, keyword research, and clustering, making it a great fit for anyone looking to build authority. With support for over 100 languages and a customizable perspective and tone, Machined.ai offers a unique blend of automation and customization.

2. Cuppa.sh


Cuppa.sh is a robust platform that allows you to build optimized content in minutes. It offers a unique blend of AI and human touch, ensuring high-quality, unique content every time. With features like a powerful editor and a growing community of content builders, Cuppa.sh is a comprehensive solution for content creation.

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an ultimate tool for creating SEO-optimized content. It streamlines the content creation process by taking care of research, writing, and optimization. With features like real-time metrics for structure, word count, and NLP-ready keywords, Surfer SEO ensures your content is optimized for high ranking anywhere in the world.

4. Frase


Frase is a smart AI tool designed to create SEO-optimized content that ranks on Google. It simplifies the process of going from keyword to final draft, making content creation quick and painless. It includes features like SERP research and AI-generated content briefs, which makes it a powerful tool for content, SEO, and marketing teams.

What is the highest discount available with Koala AI coupons?

The highest discount available with Koala.sh coupons is $4000 off on the monthly plans as you increase your word limit.

How much can I save on Koala AI Credit Packs?

You can avail up to 62% off on Koala AI Credit Packs with  the verified coupon.

Is there a discount on the Koala AI Elite Plan?

Yes, you can redeem verified savings of 40% on the Koala AI Elite Plan with an exclusive Koala AI coupon.

What is the best value offer from Koala AI?

The best value offer from Koala AI is 500,000 optimized, AI-written words per month at a price of $179 only. You can avail this discount using the exclusive Koala AI Coupon.

Is there a special offer for generating more content at a lesser price?

Yes, with a verified Koala AI coupon, you can generate up to 100,000 words at $49/month only.

What is the benefit of upgrading to the Koala Starter?

By upgrading to the Koala Starter for $25/month, you can enjoy 45,000 words per month and 500 messages.

What is the starting price for Koala AI?

You can get started with Koala AI at just $9/month with the Essentials plan.

Is there a free trial for Koala AI?

Yes, Koala AI offers a 30-day free trial where you can access 15,000 words and 100 messages completely free.

What is the refund policy of Koala AI?

Koala AI offers a 15-day moneyback guarantee for all its customers, provided they have generated less than 15,000 words and 100 messages.

Summing Up

Koala AI offers a powerful AI writing assistant that helps content creators and marketers generate high-quality, SEO-optimized content with ease. As we have seen, Koala AI coupons unlock huge savings on monthly plans and credit packs, making this powerful tool even more affordable.

Whether you're a solopreneur or an Affiliate Marketing Agency, the incredible discounts of up to $4000 off and 62% off credit packs make quality AI content more accessible than ever.

Have you tried Koala AI yet? With the tempting coupons and discounts on offer, now is the perfect time to supercharge your content marketing. What are you waiting for?

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