17 Best Naked AI Generators in 2024 [Free & Paid]

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The advent of AI nude generators using advanced algorithms to digitally undress personal photos has sparked rising ethical dilemmas.

With advancements in artificial intelligence, a new wave of innovative tools has emerged that allows users to generate stunning nude imagery. From photorealistic models to anime characters, these AI generators leverage powerful algorithms to craft captivating visuals based on text prompts or uploaded images.

As interest grows around exploring and expressing sexuality through technology, it's important to highlight the top platforms enabling this movement. In this piece, we will dive into the capabilities, features, and ethical considerations around today's leading naked AI generators. Whether for artistic, recreational, or commercial use cases, these tools open exciting possibilities while requiring conscientious use.

Recent trends reveal that deepfakes and non-consensual sharing of fake nudes increasing, necessitating discourse on appropriate regulation and safety frameworks before societal harm becomes irreversible.

In this article, we'll explore the 17 Best Naked AI Generators, their uses, features, and more.

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What are Naked AI Generators

Naked AI generators, derived from generative AI technology, have been a topic of controversy and discussion in recent years. These tools use machine learning algorithms and neural networks to create a wide variety of content, including NSFW images. The technology has been utilized by artists and photographers to generate nude images, with tools like Soulgen and Undress AI offering a variety of style, pose, and action options. However, the ethical and legal implications of these generators are complex and still being explored.

Naked AI

The use of AI to generate explicit images has seen a significant increase, with fake nudes on the top 10 websites hosting AI-generated porn photos ballooning by more than 290% since 2018. However, this technology has also been misused, with instances of AI-generated pornographic images of minors and non-consenting individuals causing significant harm and raising serious ethical and legal concerns.

Moreover, there have been instances where AI image generators have been manipulated to create NSFW content, despite being designed to produce only G-rated images. This has led to calls for more rigorous regulations and safety measures to protect data, privacy, and potential victims of AI nude generation.

Overall, while Naked AI generators have opened up new possibilities in the realm of artistic expression, they also pose significant ethical and legal challenges that need to be addressed.

Best Free Naked AI Generators in 2024 (Privacy Focused)

Best Free Naked AI GeneratorsActive UsersPrice (Starting from)
Candy AI4.1 Million$5.99 per month
Porngen.art3.4 MillionFreemium
AI-NUDES2.9 Million$9.99/month
Pornworks.ai3.4 Million$2.99/month
SoulGen AI4 Million$9.99 per month 
Seduced AI3.8 Million$25 per month 
Deep-nude AI3.6 MillionFree
PornJoy AI3.8 Million$4.99 per month
DeepSwap AI3 Million$9.99 per month 
Nudify.online4 Million$10.99 per month 
PornX3.8 Million$4.99
Promptchan AI3.7 Million$9.59 per month
IceGirls4 Million$15 per month
DreamGF3.8 Million$9.99 per month
AI Nude.AIN/AFree

1. Candy AI

Candy AI - AI Image Generator

Candy AI is a unique AI generator that allows users to create customized nude AI avatars and AI girlfriends. This innovative tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to create a virtual companion that can be customized as per user preferences.

The AI girlfriend generated by Candy AI maintains a consistent appearance, regardless of the creative custom requests made by the user. This means that users can enjoy the company of a virtual companion that is both visually appealing and engaging.

Candy AI's Naked AI Generator then synthesizes nude photos and videos of the personalized AI partner. Users can generate an unlimited amount of nude content showcasing their customized AI girlfriends.

How to use Candy AI?

  • Visit the Candy AI official website and register yourself.
  • Verify your email address to activate your account.
  • Browse and select an AI companion that appeals to you.
Candy AI - Ai Characters
  • Customize your experience by setting preferences, permissions, etc.
  • Start conversing by typing messages to your AI companions.
  • Access advanced analytics (in paid plans) to gain insights into your interactions.
Candy AI Key Features
Transforms AI characters into stunning nude art.
Generates hyper-realistic nude pictures of AI models.
Creates explicit anime-style nude artwork.
Allows detailed text prompts for desired nude scenes.
Offers a “Create Your AI Avatar” feature.
No limits on the number of nude AI images.
Secure storage of generated nude AI artwork.
Unrestricted AI image generation for adult content.
Cutting-edge AI technology for realistic nudes.
Ability to create and undress custom AI characters.

Pricing: Candy AI works on a Freemium pricing model offering both free and paid plans with premium plans pricing starting at $5.99 per month.

2. Porngen.art


Porngen.Art is a popular Naked AI Generator that offers an unparalleled user experience in creating NSFW images. The tool boasts a robust algorithmic engine, lifelike model designs, and finer image output details. With just a few simple clicks, users can effortlessly create the desired NSFW images.

The AI Undress Generator HD allows users to upload photos in formats like .jpg, .png, and .hevc. With a simple click, the AI-powered service precisely removes clothing from the images, handling the undressing process one garment at a time for a realistic result. The technology is optimized for photos featuring a standing person taken from a standard angle.

Porngen.Art prioritizes user privacy, adhering to a stringent policy to ensure all interactions remain confidential. It offers a blend of advanced algorithmic engines, lifelike model designs, and superior image details, all designed to create the NSFW images you desire.

How to use Porngen.Art?

  • Go to the Porngen.Art website in your web browser.
  • Upload a photo of a person standing in a normal pose and angle. For best results, use a clear, high-quality photo.
  • Once uploaded, the AI will analyze the image and highlight detected clothing items. You can then click the “Undress” button to have the AI precisely remove the clothing.
  • The AI undressing process takes a few seconds.
  • That’s it, you are done!
Porngen.art Key Features:
Automatically removes clothing from photos using AI.
Creates high-quality realistic nude/porn images with AI.
Generates anime-style nude/porn images.
Allows customizing body types, ages, ethnicities, etc.
HD nude images without watermarks.
Quickly generate unlimited AI nudes.
Secure transactions, no data sharing.

Pricing: Porngen.art offers a free plan with basic features, while premium plans are available at $9.99 per month or an annual rate of $59.99, which breaks down to $4.99 per month.



AI-NUDES is a revolutionary naked AI image generator that uses advanced deep learning algorithms to create stunningly realistic nude portraits and figures. This state-of-the-art tool empowers artists, designers, and creators to explore the human form with unprecedented detail and realism.

With AI-NUDES, users can generate highly customizable nude AI images by providing simple text prompts. The powerful AI model understands complex descriptions, allowing for precise control over body types, poses, lighting, and more. The generated nudes showcase intricate details, natural textures, and lifelike proportions.

A key feature of AI-NUDES is its ability to maintain ethical standards by avoiding explicit content or offensive material. The AI model is carefully trained to produce artistic, non-pornographic nude imagery suitable for various creative projects.

Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, a designer in need of reference material, or simply curious about the capabilities of AI image generation, AI-NUDES offers a groundbreaking platform to explore the beauty of the human form through the lens of artificial intelligence.

How to use AI-NUDES?

  • Visit the AI-NUDES website and select the image you want to undress.
  • Choose the level of nudity you want to apply to the image.
  • Customize the character's appearance by selecting different outfits, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • Preview the image and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Download the final image and enjoy your creation.
AI-NUDES Key Features:
Advanced AI Algorithms for Realistic Nude Image Generation.
Customizable Nude AI Images with Text Prompts.
Ability to Generate Anime-Style or Photorealistic Nudes.
High-Resolution, Lifelike Nude Portraits and Figures.
Ethical Standards to Avoid Explicit or Offensive Content.
Precise Control over Body Types, Poses, Lighting, etc.
Precise Control over Body Types, Poses, Lighting, etc.
Intricate Details, Natural Textures, and Lifelike Proportions.
Suitable for Artists, Designers, and Creative Projects.
Explore the Beauty of the Human Form through AI Lens.
Cutting-Edge Naked AI Image Generator Technology.

Pricing: AI-NUDES, the powerful naked AI image generator, offers affordable pricing plans starting from $9.99 per month for the basic plan, with premium options like the Pro Plan at $14.99 per month unlocking advanced features such as high-resolution nude image generation, upscaling, and watermark removal.

4. Pornworks.ai

Pornworks AI

Pornworks.ai is a cutting-edge Naked AI Generator designed for adults, offering a unique platform for AI-generated adult imagery. This innovative site specializes in undress AI, Deepnude, and more, providing users with a seamless experience in generating realistic adult content. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Pornworks.ai ensures that any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental, maintaining user privacy and ethical standards.

Key features of Pornworks.ai include:
Naked AI Abilities: Generate lifelike adult images with ease.
Undress AI: Transform clothed images into nude ones using sophisticated algorithms.
Deepnude Technology: Utilize state-of-the-art deep learning models to create realistic nude images.
User Privacy: Strict adherence to privacy policies and data protection.
Basic Analytics and Spam Detection: Ensure a smooth and secure user experience.

By entering Pornworks.ai, users confirm they are 18 years or older and agree to the site's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This platform is perfect for those seeking high-quality, AI-generated adult content.

Pricing: Pornworks.ai offers three subscription plans including Lite at $2.99/month, Plus at $7.99/month, and Ultimate at $14.99/month, each providing varying levels of credits, image quality, and features such as HD images, private storage, and advanced tools like undress AI and face swaps.

5. SoulGen AI

Soulgen AI

SoulGen AI is an advanced AI image generator that attracts attention as a versatile and user-friendly tool. It uses the power of AI to transform text prompts into stunning visuals offering a unique blend of creativity and technology.

SoulGen AI is designed to serve users with artistic needs such as generating realistic or anime-style images to create NSFW content. It's a tool that empowers users to bring their imagination to life offering a platform for artistic exploration and content creation.

The platform also offers advanced customization options including image editing, expansion, and more to provide complete creative freedom.

How to use SoulGen AI?

  • Access the SoulGen AI website and register for a free account.
  • Upload an image or enter a text prompt to describe the desired NSFW (Not Safe for Work) image.
  • Customize image settings like style, size, etc.
Text to NSFW Image Generation using Soulgen AI
  • Click on the “Generate” button to create an image.
  • Review and refine images using editing tools (if required).
  • Download the final NSFW image when satisfied.
SoulGen AI Key Features
Realistic nude AI art generation.
Create custom nude AI characters and waifus.
Create custom nude AI characters and waifus.
Face swapping to make AI characters look like someone.
AI image editing and manipulation (Add/Remove Content).
AI Outpainting to expand images beyond the original frame.
User-Friendly Interface for Easy Nude AI Art Creation.
Free Trial and Paid Subscription Plans for NSFW AI Art.
Active Online Community for Naked AI Art Sharing.
Ethical Concerns Around Non-Consensual Synthetic Media.

Pricing: SoulGen AI offers paid plans with access to a free trial. The premium paid pricing subscription starts at $9.99 per month.

6. Seduced AI


Seduced AI is a leading AI image generator focused on creating adult-oriented and erotic artwork. The tool is designed for users aged 18 and above and is intended for entertainment purposes only with all content being AI-generated and not depicting real individuals or events.

Seduced AI offers a user-friendly interface that requires no technical skills making it accessible to a vast range of users. It provides a platform for users to explore their fantasies by generating images serving a variety of fetishes.

The tool also offers excellent customization options allowing users to specify characters, nationality, clothes, environment, style, and effects.

How to Use Seduced AI?

  • Go to the official website of Seduced AI and click on “Get Started for Free”. Note: Users must confirm they are 18+ to access the tool.
  • Select a type of image you want to generate (e.g. hentai, anime, realistic). You can browse the available models or create your custom model.
  • Customize the details of your AI model – hair color, body type, clothing, etc. Seduced AI offers advanced customization options.
  • Type a text prompt describing the image you want Seduced AI to generate. Be as descriptive as possible.
  • Click on the “Generate” button as Seduced AI will process your prompt and customization to output a high-quality NSFW image.
  • Review the image, save/download if satisfied, or re-generate with modified prompts and customization if needed.
  • Access advanced features like higher resolutions, longer videos, and private image generation with a paid subscription with pricing starting from $25 per month.
Seduced AI Key Features
Allows generating NSFW images and videos without technical knowledge.
Supports generation of various fetishes and sexual poses.
Recently introduced support for solo male and gay content.
Focused on female, hetero, futanari, and trans content.
Easy to use for beginners to turn imagination into AI porn.
Addresses and caters to all sexual fetishes like foot fetish, financial dominance, BDSM.
Ability to generate AI porn videos with live action characters.
Excellent customization options for characters, nationality, clothes, environment, style, and effects.

Pricing: Seduced AI paid model pricing ranges from $25 per month to $150 per month.

7. Deep-nude AI

DeepNude AI

Deep-nude AI is a cutting-edge tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to transform clothed images into realistic nude representations. It is trained on large datasets of nude images to generate realistic nude textures and shapes matching the input photo.

This technology is designed primarily for adult audiences and uses advanced AI algorithms and deep learning models to analyze and recreate images offering a unique experience for users interested in deepnude content.

However, there are ethical concerns around consent, privacy violations, and potential misuse. Most experts warn that nonconsensual use of such tools is unethical and likely illegal. Respecting consent and privacy is crucial when dealing with sensitive content.

How to use Deep-nude AI?

  • Visit the official Deep-nude AI website.
  • Upload an image of a clothed person with clear body contours.
  • Resize the image to meet minimum dimensions if needed.
  • Use selection tools to mark areas for nudity to be applied.
  • Add optional prompts to customize the nude image.
Undress Anyone Prompt in DeepNude Ai
  • Click on the “Generate” button to create the nude image.
  • Review and save the final image.
Deep-nude AI Key Features
Remove clothing from photos with remarkable precision.
Uses advanced AI such as GANs and diffusion models.
Process images quickly often in seconds.
Allow customization of nudity level and poses.
Capable of producing realistic but entirely fake, nude images.
Offers text-to-image editing to explore the AI nude girls of your dreams.
Generates AI nudes a lightning speed.
Ensures user privacy and security during the image generation process.

Pricing: Deep-nude AI offers its service free of cost and users can directly start generating deepfake nudes by simply uploading images of clothed persons.

8. PornJoy AI

PornJoy AI

PornJoy AI is an advanced AI image generator that creates hyper-realistic pornographic images that serve different users' preferences. It uses powerful deep-learning models trained on large datasets to generate nude and explicit images based on text prompts.

PornJoy AI stands out for its ability to create diverse AI porn styles including natural, hentai, anime, 3D animation, and more. Its simple yet highly customizable interface allows users to fine-tune every aspect of the AI-generated pornographic images.

Users can choose AI models, characters, poses, facial expressions, body types, skin tones, hairstyles, outfits, backgrounds, and a variety of other attributes. The platform also focuses on ethical use and aims to provide a safe environment for artistic expression and exploration of fantasies for mature audiences.

How to use PornJoy AI?

  • Visit the PornJoy AI website and create a free account.
  • Select the desired AI model and style from realistic, hentai, anime, 3D, etc.
  • Customize character features and attributes as per your preference.
  • Choose the pose and view for the image.
  • Type the prompts and keywords to refine the image.
  • Adjust image parameters such as resolution.
  • Click Generate Image to create an image.
  • Download images in high resolution or share images as needed.
PornJoy AI Key Features
Generate high-quality AI Naked images with customizable options.
Realistic AI generated nudes of any kind.
User-friendly interface and extensive customization options.
Allows users to generate their desired AI Naked image by selecting various tags such as Body type, Location, Character, Aspect Ratio, etc.
Users can enter a negative prompt to avoid unwanted elements on the final image.
Contains a gallery option through which users can gain inspiration for future image generations.
High-speed rendering and advanced image rendering.
Emotionally resonant outputs.

Pricing: PornJoy AI works on a Freemium pricing model with paid plan prices starting at $4.99 per month.

8. DeepSwap AI


DeepSwap AI is an advanced online platform that uses AI and deep learning to enable users to smoothly swap faces in photos, GIFs, and videos. It has become one of the most popular and user-friendly face swap apps available today.

DeepSwap AI uses advanced machine learning techniques including generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create hyperrealistic images and videos that can be used for various purposes from entertainment to personalized content creation.

With DeepSwap's intuitive interface and powerful algorithms, anyone can easily replace faces with celebrities, movie characters, memes, or other photos. The results are shockingly realistic and enable users to have fun with face swapping or even create viral content.

How to use DeepSwap AI?

  • Create an account on DeepSwap AI's official website.
  • Navigate to the NSFW AI Art Generator section.
  • Choose between generative and deep dream AI art types.
  • For generative, describe the NSFW art you want to create via text prompt.
  • For deep dreams, upload an existing NSFW picture to edit.
  • Customize options like style, gender, and number of outputs.
  • Click “Generate” and wait for AI to create images.
  • Download images when ready and edit further if needed.
  • Manage your uploads and delete unused files to save credits.
DeepSwap AI Key Features
Advanced AI algorithm and training models for face changing technology.
Capability to reshape up to 6 faces in the same clip.
Unlimited potential for video editor and character changes.
AI-powered seamless quality for refacing photos.
GIF editor for creating trending memes and boosting social media traffic.
Free online AI photo enhancer for improving photo quality.
AI photo to anime converter for cartoonizing images.
Protecting personal information and content uploaded.
User-friendly interface for quick and easy face swaps.
Advanced AI face-changing technology for realistic results.

Pricing: DeepSwap offers paid pricing plans with price starting from $9.99 per month.

10. Nudify.online


Nudify.online is an AI-powered tool hat has gained attention for its ability to generate artificial nude images from clothed photos. This controversial technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms specifically GANs to simulate nudity with a high degree of realism.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly allowing users to customize the age, body type, and quality of the generated images with ease. It is important to not that while Nudify.online provides a free service, ethical considerations around consent and privacy are paramount when using such tools.

Nudify.online uses advanced deep learning algorithms to accurately replace clothing on photos with a naked body. The key goal is to serve provocative yet ethical imagery.

How to use Nudify.online?

  • Visit the official website of Nudify.online.
  • Upload photo in jpg, png, or heic format.
  • Customize age, body type, and resolution.
  • Click “Generate” to process the image.
  • Review and download AI nude image.
  • Ensure proper consent and ethical usage.
Nudify.online Key Features
Remove clothes from photos within seconds.
Customizable age and body type.
Advanced deep learning algorithms.
Ethical considerations around usage.
Multiple image quality options.
Generates realistic nude images using AI.

Pricing: Nudify.online offers paid plans with pricing ranging from $10.99 per month to $45.99 per month.

11. PornX

PornX AI

PornX is a popular AI-powered adult content generation platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence to create personalized adult images. This platform provides users with the opportunity to unleash their imagination and bring their wildest fantasies to life.

The platform is strict;y for mature audiences and users must be over 18 years old to access. Despite its potential for unusual outputs as with any AI. It serves to user preferences with both prompt-based on menu-based interfaces.

How to use PornX?

  • Visit the official website of PornX and confirm you are 18+.
  • Go to the Create page and pick the model type.
  • Select styles like hentai or photorealistic.
  • Customize features and poses.
  • Add text prompts for personalized content.
  • Click “Generate” to create images.
  • Preview and refine with Edit mode.
  • Download the final images to the device.
PornX Key Features
Free AI porn image generator.
Create customized AI adult images and nudes.
Easy to use filters and prompts for generating desired content.
Ability to undress or generate naked versions of images.
Realistic and high-quality AI-generated nude images.
No need to upload personal photos, protecting privacy.
Part of the growing AI porn generator market.

Pricing: PornX offers pricing for purchasing tokens and the pricing ranges from $4.99 to $44.99.

12. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI Image Generation

Promptchan AI is an advanced NSFW (Not Safe for Work) AI image generator that specializes in creating realistic uncensored AI images and art. It uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to generate hyper-realistic and anime-style NSFW visuals through text prompts or image inputs.

Promptchan AI offers unmatched creative freedom with no censorship empowering users across various backgrounds like artists, designers, photographers, and enthusiasts to bring their imaginative NSFW ideas to life.

Its user-friendly interface, fast generation speeds, and vast collection of over 2 million community images also make it one of the most popular choices among creators. However, while using advanced technology, Promptchan AI has faced ethical concerns regarding consent, privacy, and potential misuse of the NSFW content created.

It is recommended to exercise caution and responsibility when generating explicit AI images on the platform.

How to use Promptchan AI?

  • Visit the official website of Promptchan AI and create a free account.
  • Click on the “Create” page and choose an image or video.
  • Enter a text prompt describing your desired NSFW content.
  • Select a style – Real, Anime, Hyperreal, or HyperAnime.
  • Customize settings like size, quality, etc.
  • Click on “Generate” to create your NSFW image/video.
  • Use Edit Mode or refinement like adjusting details, and colors, and applying filters.
  • Save and share your NSFW creations or upload them to the community gallery.
Promptchan AI Key Features
Uncensored NSFW image generation.
Advanced AI Models for realistic nude images.
Anime, hyperrealistic, and real-life nude styles.
Activated through textual directives or image inputs.
Produces top-tier deep fake nude imagery.
Smooth disrobes subjects in pre-existing images.
No censorship or restrictions.
Community image gallery.
Free to use with unlimited nude image generation.
User-friendly browsing of generated nudes.

Pricing: Promptchan AI works on a Freemium model with paid pricing ranging from $9.59 per month to $21.59 per month.

13. IceGirls

IceGirls AI

IceGirls is an AI image generator focused on creating adult and nude imagery. As one of the leading tools in this niche, IceGirls stands out for its vast options of styles, poses, and customization options.

IceGirls harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to serve a niche market providing a diverse array of styles from realistic to animated and even hentai. It stands out for its user-friendly interface allowing even those with no technical expertise to generate images swiftly.

How to use IceGirls?

  • Visit the official website of IceGirls and confirm you are 18+ to enter.
  • Create an account with an Email or Social login.
  • Click “Create” to access the image generator.
  • Select a style like Realistic, Anime, or Hentai.
  • Customize hair, body type, and clothing if desired.
  • Choose an action pose if using premium features.
  • Generate images and click thumbs up to save favorites.
  • Explore community uploads in “The Hub” for inspiration.
IceGirls Key Features
Generate nude AI images in realistic, cartoon, and hentai styles.
Extensive selection of poses, styles, and characters.
Custom text prompts for creating desired naked AI images.
Customize characters, outfits, and other attributes.
Upscale images to higher resolutions.
Option to generate well-known characters and celebrities.
User-friendly interface for easy naked AI generation.

Pricing: IceGirls offers both free as well as paid plans with premium plan pricing starting at $15 per month.

14. MakeNude


The MakeNude is a leading service that allows users to create real-looking naked bodies of people in photographs using artificial intelligence. The tool operates entirely online and requires no downloads or installations.

Users can simply upload photos and use the AI to generate nude versions. The service retains the processed images in the user's account history for a mong with no long-term contracts or additional fees. Furthermore, the API allows for the resale of the service.

It is important to note that the generated images are not real but rather AI-created fakes based on training from real nude photos.

How to use MakeNude?

  • Go to the official website of MakeNude.
  • Upload the photo you want to undress.
  • Select a pricing plan that suits your needs.
  • Launch the undressing process with a click.
  • Download or Save the Undressed image.
  • If desired, explore the options to resell the service using API access.
MakeNude Key Features
Undresses people in photos with a single click.
Online service needs no downloads or installations.
Saves processed images in user account history.
Allows reselling through API access.
Uses AI trained on real nude photos.
Uploads lead to real-looking fake nudes.

Pricing: MakeNude offers simple and transparent pricing plans with pricing ranging from $9.99 to $299.

15. DreamGF

DreamGF - Naked Anime Girls Generator

DreamGF is an AI-powered platform that offers a unique experience in creating and interacting with virtual partners and engaging in adult chatbot conversations. It uses advanced deep learning algorithms to create realistic AI girlfriends served to each user's preferences.

DreamGF is capable of generating AI nude images based on text prompts allowing users to create personalized content. The platform also provides AI sexting messages, a personality setup for AI girlfriends, AI chat content requests, AI voice messages, and a fetish generator.

How to use DreamGF?

  • Visit the official website of DreamGF and register yourself to access a free trial account.
  • Customize AI girlfriend's looks and personality.
  • Chat using text, audio, and images with AI girlfriend.
  • Upgrade to a paid plan for more features.
  • Access advanced features such as fetish generator.
  • Cancel or continue the subscription as desired.
DreamGF Key Features
AI Girlfriend Nude Image Generation.
Uncensored Language Model for Intimate Conversations.
Customizable AI Girlfriend Appearance and Interests.
AI Detection Tool for NSFW Content Requests.
Realistic AI Sexting and Flirty Messages.
Nude Photo Quality Improvements Planned.
Dedicated AI Porn Section for Generated Nudes.

Pricing: DreamGF paid plans price ranges from $9.99 per month to $99.99 per month.

16. AI Nude.AI


AI Nude.AI is a popular tool that uses AI to generate nude images from user inputs. This online platform is accessible from any major device or system allowing users to explore the world of AI-generated nude art without any installation requirements.

The tool is designed for adult users with a strict age limit of 18 years and above. It's important to note that the images generated by AI Nude.AI are purely artificial, created by AI algorithms, and do not represent real individuals.

The platform also offers a text-to-image-editing feature enabling users to generate AI nude characters based on the prompt added. The speed of image generation is remarkably fast, thanks to the advanced AI algorithms employed by the platform.

How to use AI Nude.AI?

  • Visit the official website of AI Nude.AI.
  • Upload a clear, high-resolution image of a person.
  • Write “Undress” or “Undressing” in the instructions.
  • Receive a complete nude image generated by the AI.
  • Ensure responsible and consensual use of the generated content.
AI Nude.AI Key Features
Generates nude images from text prompts.
Offers customization of body type and features.
Creates realistic or anime-style images.
Allows nudification of uploaded photos.
Fast processing due to advanced algorithms.
Includes text-to-image editing capabilities.
Enables download of high-resolution images.
Requires responsible and ethical usage.

17. OnlyFakes


OnlyFakes allows users to generate AI-powered real-looking and often explicit images. It uses advanced deep learning algorithms to produce high-quality AI-driven pornographic content based on text prompts provided by the user.

The app has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for anyone to create customized AI porn images even those with no technical expertise. Users can specify parameters like poses, backgrounds, and other attributes to design their perfect fantasy scene.

OnlyFakes stands out for its uncensored nature and lack of restrictions on content, empowering users to fully explore their creativity. However, this also raises ethical concerns regarding deepfakes and nonconsensual content. The platform also encourages responsible use and has measures to prevent abuse.

How to use OnlyFakes?

  • Visit the official website of OnlyFakes.
  • Upload a base image or choose one from the gallery.
  • Customize prompt with text descriptions.
  • Generate images and preview results.
  • Refine prompts until satisfied.
  • Save final images to the device or OnlyFakes library.
  • Optionally, share creations on the community forum.
OnlFakes Key Features
Generates unlimited realistic nude images.
Customizable body types, poses, and backgrounds.
Multiple artistic styles like hentai, and anime.
User-friendly interface needs no expertise.
Save and download AI creations.
Creative community forum engagement.
Customizable models and attributes.

Pricing: OnlyFakes works on a freemium model with access to a free version as well as a paid subscription.

What is the Process Behind AI Naked Generators in Creating AI Nudes?

AI nude or Ai naked generators are capable of producing realistic and detailed fake nude images offering a blend of innovation, convenience, and artistic potential by following these steps. However, it is important to approach the use of these generators with care and responsibility considering the ethical considerations associated with generating NSFW imagery.

AI Nude Generators

In this guide, users get an overview of the process involved in creating AI nudes using advanced AI technology shedding light on the technical and creative aspects of AI nude generation.

  • Step 1: Data Collection
    The AI nude generator gathers and analyzes a large dataset of nude images to understand and replicate human anatomy, poses, and features. This dataset forms the basis for the AI's understanding of nude imagery.
  • Step 2: Training the AI Model
    Using advanced deep learning algorithms, the AI model is trained on the collected dataset to recognize patterns, shapes, and features specific to nude images. This training process enables the AI to generate real-looking nude images based on the input it receives.
  • Step 3: Image Generation
    When a user provides a prompt or description, the trained AI model uses this input to create a unique and realistic nude image. The AI algorithm uses the training data to generate an image that aligns with the provided prompt including factors such as body type, pose, and other specified attributes.
  • Step 4: Refinement
    The generated images often undergo refinement enhancing their quality and realism. This includes fine-tuning lighting, color, and other aspects for a more natural appearance resulting in lifelike and detailed AI-generated nude images.

Exploring the Legality of Creating AI-Generated Uncensored Nude Images

Creating uncensored AI nude images raises complex legal considerations that vary by jurisdiction. The legality varies by jurisdiction with some countries having specific laws addressing AI-generated content while others lack explicit legislation.

Shocked girl with Naked AI Generators

Key factors determining legality include consent, intent, distribution, and harm. Using AI to generate explicit images without permission can violate privacy, perpetuate stereotypes, and enable harassment. For instance, deepfakes disproportionately target women “90% of non-consensual deepfakes depict women.”

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Generators make creating fake nudes easy, raising risks of misuse. However, some argue that fictional AI nudes when created and shared ethically should be protected speech. Overall, most experts urge caution until clearer regulations and societal norms evolve surrounding this emerging technology.

When creating or engaging with AI nudes, informed consent and ethical responsibility should by top priorities to avoid legal issues or real-world harm. It's crucial to approach the creation and use of uncensored AI nude images with care, responsibility, and a clear understanding of the legal landscape to avoid potential ramifications and ethical pitfalls.

Can AI accurately generate nudes of real people without consent?

Deepfakes of non-consenting people raise ethical issues. Most platforms prohibit generating nudes of private individuals without permission.

Should uncensored AI nudes undergo fact-checking before publication?

Yes, to verify and label AI-generated images appropriately ensuring transparency around origins. This builds trust,

How accurate are AI nude photo generators in rendering images?

AU nude generators can produce impressively realistic images but may still have some inaccuracies in textures and proportions. Quality depends on factors like dataset size and training.

How can users contribute to improving the ethical use of Naked AI generators?

Users should educate themselves on ethical issues, use transparency, avoid nonconsensual content, and report policy violations to platforms.

Can AI nude makers be used for commercial purposes?

Usage policies differ across platforms where some allow commercial use while others prohibit it or require a paid license. Thus, it is important to check terms before selling AI nudes.

What safety measures do platforms have against deepfakes?

Safety measures may include content moderation, policies banning realistic deepfakes of private people, and user reporting tools.

Do I need an account to generate an AI nude girl?

Most generators require signing up for an account to access image generation features either paid or with a free trial. This allows tracking usage.

AI Naked Generators: Innovation and Responsibility

In this article, we've explored the fascinating world of AI, looking at the top naked AI generators available today. We've explored their unique features, pricing, and how they use advanced AI algorithms to create realistic and customizable images.

From the user-friendly interface of Candy AI to the diverse artistic styles offered by others, these tools are pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. However, as we've seen this innovation also brings ethical considerations to the forefront.

As we move forward in this digital age, it's crucial to balance the power of technology with the principles of consent, privacy, and respect. So, over to you – how will you navigate this complex landscape?

Will you use these tools as a springboard for artistic expression, or will you champion stricter regulation to prevent misuse? The future of AI nude generators is in your hands. What role will you play?

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