Best Private Instagram Viewers (2024) – View Locked IG Profiles

Best Private Instagram Viewers

Ever wondered what your favorite celebrity or influencer posts on their private Instagram that you can't see? Or maybe you're just curious what an ex or a crush is up to on social media. We all have moments where we wish we could sneak a peek at private Instagram accounts. Well, I've got good news! There are actually legitimate tools called private Instagram viewers that let you safely and anonymously view private profiles.                                     

These nifty tools allow you to secretly view private Instagram profiles without the owner's consent. In 2024, the private Instagram viewing industry is booming, with dozens of apps vying for your business.

There are also manual workarounds, like creating a fake account to follow private profiles or finding Google cached pages showing their posts. However, these are unreliable. The best approach is using a safe, trusted private viewer app.

In this post, I'll introduce you to the best private Instagram viewers of 2024. These clever apps unlock private accounts instantly without requiring a follow request. I'll cover how they work, features, pricing, and more.

Get ready to satisfy your curiosity and take a sneak peek into private Instagram accounts with ease! Whether your reasons are admiration or suspicion, these viewers have you covered. Let's dive in! The digital keys to hidden posts are closer than you think!

Private Instagram Account Viewers

They work by accessing Instagram's API (application programming interface) or web backend in order to retrieve information about private profiles and posts. This is often done without the permission of the user whose profile is being viewed.

Many services scrape data or exploit loopholes in Instagram's API to gather information about private accounts. This allows them to assemble profile details, photos, etc. to display even though the account holder has not approved access.

Most private account viewers require entering the target user's username to gain access. Some also let users view content anonymously without revealing their identity.

Features of Private Instagram Account Viewer:

Private Instagram Viewer apps are designed to allow users to view content on private Instagram accounts without the need for approval from the account owner. These tools are often used by individuals who have been blocked or denied access to follow a private account. Here are some of the key features of Private Instagram Viewer apps:

These apps allow users to view private Instagram profiles without revealing their identity.
Users can access private content without having to follow the account they are interested in.
Many of these apps have user-friendly interfaces that do not require advanced technical knowledge to use.
Certain apps are web-based and do not require any software downloads or installations, reducing the risk of malware.
Beyond viewing private profiles, some apps offer features like tracking GPS location, monitoring other social media activities, and accessing deleted messages.
Reputable Private Instagram Viewer apps claim to be legal and safe to use, although users should always be cautious and respect privacy laws.

Limitations of Private Instagram Account Viewer

 Here are some of the key risks of using private Instagram account viewers:

Many private viewers don't actually work as claimed. Instagram has robust privacy controls and accessing private data is difficult.
These tools may contain malware, spyware or security vulnerabilities that could compromise user privacy or data. There's a risk of phishing and account hacking.

Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone About These 12 Secret Ways to View Private Instagram Accounts

Below is a comprehensive list of the 12 best Instagram private account viewer apps of 2024, based on features, user feedback, and overall performance.

SpokeoAndroid, Windows and iOS⭐⭐⭐3.9/5 — (Glassdoor)7-Day Trial and paid plan starts at $19.95 / month
GlassagramAndroid, Windows, macOS and iOS⭐⭐⭐3.3/5 — (Trustpilot)Free and paid plan starts at $49.99 / month
xMobiAndroid, iOS, Windows PC⭐⭐⭐3.5/5 — (Google Play)Paid plan starts at $49.99 a month
mSpyAndroid, iPhone, iPad⭐⭐⭐⭐4/5 — (Sitejabber)Paid plan starts at $48.99 a month
SpyngerAndroid, iOS⭐⭐⭐⭐4.2/5 — (Trustpilot)Paid plan starts at $45.49 a month
InflactWeb-based⭐⭐⭐⭐4.3/5 — (Trustpilot)Free or Paid plan at $54 / month
EyezyWeb-based⭐⭐⭐⭐4.1/5 — (Sitejabber)Paid plan starts at $47.99 a month
InstaLookerWeb-based⭐1.1/5 — (Mywot)Free
GwaaWeb-basedNot AvailableFree
IGLookupWeb-basedNot AvailableFree or paid plan starts from $9.99 / month
InstadpAndroid⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5/5 — (Sitejabber)Free
LikeCreeperWeb-basedNot AvailableFree

1. Spokeo


Spokeo is a comprehensive people search engine that provides access to public records, social media profiles, and other personal information. While not exclusively an Instagram viewer, Spokeo can be used to find and view private Instagram accounts by searching for an individual's name, email, phone number, or username. Spokeo's extensive database and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for those seeking to access private Instagram content.

However, it is essential to note that Spokeo's accuracy may vary, and some information may be outdated or incomplete.

Spokeo Features:
Allows users to view private Instagram accounts with a single click, even if they have been blocked by the account owner.
Supports multiple platforms including Android, Windows, and iOS.
Provides basic search results for free, with more detailed information available through paid plans.
Users can view results online instantly without the need to download any software.
Allows users to search its records by inputting identifying information like an email address.

Spokeo Pros and Cons:


Spokeo allows you to view private Instagram profiles with just a username. No login or permissions needed.
It provides detailed information like posts, followers, location history beyond just Instagram.
The basic search is free. Paid plans unlock additional details.
The app offers an anonymous and secure way to view private profiles without consent.


Service is restricted to users within the United States.
Specific details on how to use Spokeo to view private Instagram accounts are not provided. The sources mostly discuss it in general terms.

Spokeo Pricing Plan:

Spokeo PlanPrice
Basic7-Day Trial: $0.95 one-time fee
1-Month Membership$19.95 / month
3-Month Membership$44.85 ($14.95 per month)

2. Glassagram


Glassagram, a powerful Instagram viewer, empowers users to explore profiles anonymously and gain valuable insights. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Glassagram offers a seamless experience for monitoring Instagram accounts without the need for a personal profile. Users can access extended content updates, ensuring they never miss important posts or stories.

Glassagram prioritizes user privacy, guaranteeing complete anonymity by not displaying or saving any user data. This Instagram viewer goes beyond satisfying curiosity, serving as a valuable tool for gathering information, analyzing competitors' strategies, and making informed decisions. Since its launch in 2017, Glassagram has established itself as a trusted and legitimate platform, backed by a dedicated team of experts. With affordable pricing plans and exceptional customer support, Glassagram is the go-to choice for individuals seeking to unlock the full potential of Instagram monitoring.

Glassagram Features:
Allows anonymous viewing of private Instagram accounts, stories, posts, videos, followers, and likes. Users remain completely anonymous.
Save Instagram stories for up to 3 months so you never miss a story.
Tracks multiple Instagram accounts on one easy-to-use dashboard.
Works on Android devices by installing the app on the target phone.
Provides detailed post information like captions, comments, tags, etc.
Shows “hot likes” to see who has liked posts recently, indicating interest.

Glassagram Pros and Cons:


Allows viewing and downloading of videos (both stories and posts).
Glassagram allows viewing of photos stored on the target device.
It is not required to root or jailbreak your device.
It has a user-friendly interface.


Basic plan offers only a limited range of features.
Some features are only available exclusively to the iOS platform.

Glassagram Pricing Plan:

Glassagram PlanPrice
Monthly$49.99 / month
Quarterly$29.99 / month ($89.97 total)
Yearly$12.49 / month ($149.88 total)

3. xMobi


xMobi is a mobile spy app that offers various monitoring features, including private Instagram viewing. With xMobi, users can view and monitor private Instagram accounts, as well as track other activities on the target device, such as text messages, call logs, and browser history. xMobi's advanced features and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice for parents, employers, and individuals seeking to monitor Instagram activity. However, it is essential to use xMobi responsibly and legally, as using such tools without consent may be illegal and unethical.

xMobi Features:
It does not require any software to be installed on your computer or phone.
View posts, stories, highlights, live streams from private accounts.
Track locations and messages of private accounts (limited capability) .
The connection to this site is secure and reliable due to SSL encryption.

xMobi Pros and Cons:


It is one of the best Instagram private account viewers without human verification.
Download photos and videos from private profiles.
User-friendly interface, easy for most users.


Lacks the feature of controlling the screen time.
Some features like downloading media are limited to premium plans.

xMobi Pricing Plan:

xMobi PlanPrice
1 Month$49.99 / month
3 Months$29.99 / month
12 Months$12.49 / month

4. mSpy


mSpy is another mobile spy app that offers private Instagram viewing as part of its monitoring features. With mSpy, users can view and monitor private Instagram accounts, as well as track other activities on the target device, such as text messages, call logs, and browser history. mSpy also offers additional features, such as keylogging, GPS tracking, and geofencing. While mSpy's accuracy and reliability are generally high, it is important to use such tools responsibly and legally, as using them without consent may be illegal and unethical.

mSpy Features:
View private Instagram profiles and posts without needing to send follow requests or have the account accept you. mSpy can bypass privacy settings to access private content.
Read private Instagram direct messages (DMs), allowing you to see conversations the user is having with others.
Get notified if certain keywords are used in Instagram posts, comments, or DMs, through mSpy alerts feature. You can set custom alerts for words of concern.
Access detailed analytics on the target Instagram account's activity, including who they follow/unfollow, what posts they like, and more.
Access Instagram data from any device through mSpy's online dashboard after installing on the target phone. No need to handle their device.
Ensure anonymity and privacy as the app works discreetly in the background without indicators. The user will not know their Instagram is being monitored.

mSpy Pros and Cons:


View Instagram stories anonymously without the account owner being notified or your access being shown. mSpy lets you secretly watch stories.
Provides activity updates of the targeted phone after every 5 minutes.
Retrieve and view deleted Instagram messages and posts which were removed by the user. mSpy can recover deleted content.
Remotely monitor the target device's location history to see where they were when making certain Instagram posts.
User-friendly interface and navigation.


Not a very cost-effective Instagram spying app.
Lacks web content filtering and time limits unlike parental controls.

mSpy Pricing Plan:

mSpy PlanPrice
1 Month$48.99 / month
3 Months$27.99 / month
12 Months$11.66 / month

5. Spynger


Spynger is a powerful private Instagram viewer that enables users to access and analyze private profiles with ease. This comprehensive tool utilizes advanced algorithms to uncover hidden information and provide detailed analytics on Instagram accounts. With Spynger, users can explore follower demographics, engagement rates, and content performance, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their Instagram strategies.

The tool's user-friendly interface and extensive features make it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to gain valuable insights into the Instagram landscape. Spynger's commitment to privacy and security ensures that users can explore Instagram profiles discreetly and confidently

Spynger Features:
You can view private Instagram profiles, photos, and videos Anonymously.
Allows viewing private photos, videos, stories, comments and likes.
It provides complete security that keeps your desktop or software safe and sound.
Conceals identity and activity to prevent the target from knowing they are being monitored.

Spynger Pros and Cons:


It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
It does not require users to provide their Instagram login credentials to view private profiles of others.
Enables real-time monitoring of a targeted Instagram account's activities.
It performs a discreet operation for covert monitoring.


Some advanced features require rooting or jailbreaking the device.
Limited customer support options.
Continuous monitoring may drain the device battery faster.

Spynger Pricing Plan:

Spynger PlanPrice
1 Month$45.49 / month
3 Months (Quarterly)$26 / month
12 Months (Yearly)$10.83 / month

6. Inflact


Inflact is a user-friendly private Instagram viewer that offers a seamless experience for exploring and engaging with Instagram content. With its sleek interface and dark mode layout, Inflact allows users to browse profiles, view stories, and interact with posts without the need to log in or create an account. The tool's wide range of features, including the ability to save and categorize favorite posts, sets it apart from other Instagram viewers.

Inflact's commitment to regular updates ensures that users can enjoy an ever-improving and high-quality experience. Whether you're an individual looking to explore Instagram efficiently or a business aiming to stay ahead of the competition, Inflact is a valuable addition to your social media toolkit

Inflact Features:
Inflact allows easy saving of Instagram images directly to your device.
Inflact helps you to view the content of users who blocked you
You don’t need to download any software.
Compatible across devices – works on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone.
Regular updates to stay on top of Instagram changes.

Inflact Pros and Cons:


Allows viewing private Instagram accounts anonymously without logging in.
Easy to use interface – just enter a username to view an account.
You can browse content but also save it on your device.
You don’t need to create a fake Instagram account to see someone’s content privately.


Not offering any free version.
Some users might find the pricing on the steeper side.

Inflact Pricing Plan:

Inflact PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price
Premium Monthly$54 / month$648 / year
Business Monthly$108 / month$1,296 / year

7. Eyezy


Eyezy is a comprehensive monitoring solution that goes beyond just being a private Instagram viewer. Designed for parents and employers, Eyezy enables them to track various social media platforms, including Instagram, to ensure the safety and productivity of their children or employees.

With detailed reports on Instagram activity, including messages, posts, and interactions, Eyezy provides complete visibility into the target account's behavior. The tool's user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an effective choice for those looking to monitor Instagram usage and maintain a safe online environment

Eyezy Features:
View all Instagram direct messages, including text messages, photos, videos, and files shared in chats. See message timestamps.
You will know when every Instagram direct message was sent and revived.
Track an Instagram user's location history based on their posts and stories. View locations on a map.
See all hashtags and handles an Instagram user interacts with, including in captions, comments, and messages.
Remains completely hidden and undetectable on the target device. No app icon displayed.
Download an Instagram user's photos, videos, and other media to view offline.
Monitor unlimited Instagram accounts from a single user dashboard.

Eyezy Pros and Cons:


Allows undetectable monitoring of Instagram profiles, photos, posts, and conversations.
User-friendly interface and non-rooting/non-jailbreaking installation.
Provides valuable insights to address online dangers proactively..
Available On: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac. Web-based dashboard works on any device.
24/7 customer support via live chat, email and phone.


Requires physical access to the target device for installation, raising privacy concerns.
Can only view one Instagram account per subscription, limiting monitoring capabilities.

Eyezy Pricing Plan:

Eyezy PlanDiscount PriceOriginal Price
1 Month$47.99 / month$68.56 / month
3 Months (Quarterly)$27.99 / month$39.99 / month
12 Months (Yearly)$9.99 / month$14.27 / month

8. InstaLooker


InstaLooker is an online private Instagram viewer that claims to provide access to private profiles without the need for authentication. While it offers convenience, it is crucial to note that using such tools to view private content without permission goes against Instagram's terms of service and raises ethical concerns.

InstaLooker's web-based interface eliminates the need for downloads or installations, making it accessible to users seeking a quick and easy way to view private profiles. However, users should exercise caution and respect the privacy settings of other individuals on the platform, as attempting to circumvent these settings violates Instagram's regulations

InstaLooker Features:
Allows access to private and public Instagram accounts without an account.
Emphasizes user security and privacy protection.
Free to use with no surveys or downloads required.
Bypasses Instagram privacy settings to unlock hidden Instagram content..
Seamless experience browsing and accessing Instagram profiles..
No risk of account suspension from Instagram for using the tool.
Lifetime access offered with no limits on searches or profile views.

InstaLooker Pros and Cons:


Easy access to private Instagram profiles without sending follow requests or needing approval.
User-friendly interface that is simple to navigate.
Allows anonymous browsing without revealing your identity.
Quick account search using usernames.
See a user's followers, who they follow and recent activity


Privacy concerns, as it operates in a legally gray area.
Poses security risks like malware, data breach, identity theft by requiring login credentials or downloading suspicious software.

InstaLooker Pricing Plan:

InstaLooker PlanPrice

9. Gwaa

Gwaa is a powerful and user-friendly private Instagram viewer that allows users to access and explore private Instagram profiles effortlessly. As the top choice among Instagram stalker apps, Gwaa offers a seamless experience for those looking to view private content without the need for human verification or complex processes. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Gwaa has become a go-to solution for individuals seeking to satisfy their curiosity or stay updated with their favorite influencer.

One of the standout features of Gwaa is its ability to bypass Instagram's privacy settings, granting users access to private stories, photos, and videos. This anonymous viewing capability ensures that users can explore content without leaving any trace or compromising their own privacy. Additionally, Gwaa enables users to download and save high-quality content directly to their devices, making it convenient for repurposing or personal entertainment.

Gwaa Features:
Allows viewing private Instagram profiles without needing to send a follow request or gain approval from the account owner.
Works on locked or restricted profiles that have limited visibility to only approved followers.
No need to download any software or app, it works directly through the website.
Available on desktop and mobile browsers for flexible access.
Bypasses Instagram privacy restrictions to unlock private accounts.

Gwaa Pros and Cons:


Access private profiles easily just with a username, no following needed.
View and download all posts, photos, videos, stories from private accounts without the account owner knowing.
Ensures complete user anonymity while viewing private accounts.
Free to use with no charges or fees for basic viewing features.
Ensures user privacy and security throughout the viewing process.
Quickly view updates from accounts that have blocked you.
Useful for social media analytics or keeping tabs on friends/family.


Customer service requires improvements to satisfy users.
Limited functionality compared to paid Instagram viewer apps.

Gwaa Pricing Plan:

Gawa PlanPrice

10. IGLookup


IGLookup is a powerful private Instagram viewer that enables users to access and explore private Instagram profiles effortlessly. As a top choice among Instagram private profile viewer tools, IGLookup offers a seamless experience for those looking to view private content without the need for human verification or complex processes. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, IGLookup has become a go-to solution for individuals seeking to satisfy their curiosity or stay updated with their favorite influencers.

One of the standout features of IGLookup is its ability to bypass Instagram's privacy settings, granting users access to private photos, videos, and stories. This anonymous viewing capability ensures that users can explore content without leaving any trace or compromising their own privacy. Additionally, IGLookup enables users to download and save high-quality content directly to their devices, making it convenient for personal entertainment or research purposes.

IGLookup Features:
Bypasses Instagram privacy settings to access restricted content like photos, videos, stories, etc.
Works on various devices including mobile, tablets and desktops.
No installation or downloads required as it is a web-based tool.
Lets users search for Instagram profiles by username, hashtags, locations.
Option to download content from private profiles for offline access.
Keeps user identity anonymous while viewing private accounts.

IGLookup Pros and Cons:


Allows viewing private Instagram profiles without needing to follow or be approved by the account owner.
Offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate even for non-tech-savvy users.
Option to download content from private profiles for offline access.
Offers fast and reliable performance for smooth viewing experience.


Requires completing surveys before viewing private profiles, risking exposure of personal information.
Limited to viewing one private account at a time, cannot switch between multiple accounts.

IGLookup Pricing Plan:

IGLookup PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price
Premium Monthly$9.99 / month$99.99 / year (8.33 / month)

11. Instadp


Instadp prioritizes user security and privacy, employing robust measures to safeguard personal information and prevent unauthorized access. With its commitment to providing a safe and secure browsing experience, Instadp has earned the trust of its users and established itself as a reliable private Instagram viewer.

Instadp Features:
Allows viewing public and private Instagram profiles anonymously without login.
Enables zooming in on profile pictures in original high resolution.
Lets you download Instagram photos, videos, stories in one click.
Fast and smooth performance for quick Instagram stalking.
Respects user privacy by accessing only public Instagram data..

Instadp Pros and Cons:


View any Instagram profile picture in full size, even private accounts.
No need to follow users or verify identity.
Simple and easy to use web-based tool requiring no app installs.
Access posts and stories from private profiles.
No downloads, installations or logins required.


InstaDP displays ads on its website which some users may find annoying.
If Instagram changes its privacy settings or algorithms, InstaDP may become less effective.

Instadp Pricing Plan:

Instadp PlanPrice

12. LikeCreeper


LikeCreeper emerges as a specialized private Instagram viewer, offering users the unique ability to discreetly view and access content from private Instagram accounts. This tool is particularly designed for those who wish to engage with private profiles without following them, ensuring complete anonymity and privacy. LikeCreeper's user-friendly interface simplifies the process of viewing private Instagram content, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from casual browsers to serious researchers.

One of the key features of LikeCreeper is its anonymous profile viewing capability, which allows users to browse private Instagram accounts without detection. This ensures that the privacy of the user is maintained, as there is no need for account login or personal data submission. LikeCreeper also provides the option to download and save content, such as photos and videos, directly from private profiles, which can be invaluable for users looking to collect data or simply save content for offline viewing.

Security is a top priority for LikeCreeper, and the tool employs advanced encryption to protect user data and browsing activities. This commitment to security helps to build trust with users, positioning LikeCreeper as a reliable and safe option for viewing private Instagram content.

LikeCreeper Features:
View private Instagram profiles anonymously without sending follow requests.
Download photos, videos from private Instagram accounts.
Provides multiple firewalls and anonymity protection for privacy.
Legal, safe and secure to use with no personal information required.

LikeCreeper Pros and Cons:


Provides detailed profile views for in-depth analysis of users' posts, likes, followers etc.
Gives access to trending hashtags for discovering new content.
Is free to use with no personal information required, making it legal, safe and secure.
Lets you save photos from private profiles for inspiration.


Requires completing captcha verification tasks which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.
Possibility of account suspension if Instagram detects violation of terms of service from using this tool.

LikeCreeper Pricing Plan:

LikeCreeper PlanPrice

Public Vs Private Instagram Account:

Public Vs Private Instagram Account:
In a Public Instagram Account anyone can view your posts and photos you are tagged in, even people not following you. Your content may show up in searches and the Explore tab. You can embed public Instagram content on websites. Provides more opportunities for your content to be discovered and go viral. However, there is also more potential for harassment, trolls, and content theft.
In a Private Instagram Account only people you approve as followers can see your posts and interact with your content. Your posts won't show up in searches, hashtags, locations, or the Explore tab. Gives you more control over who sees and engages with your content. Makes it easier to limit harassment. Personal accounts can be made private, but business accounts cannot. You would need to switch back to a personal account first. Going private may limit opportunities for growth and discovery since less people can access your content.

FAQs: Everything You Wanted to Know About Private Instagram Viewers

What can I see with an Instagram private account viewer?

Most private account viewers allow you to see all of a private profile's photos, videos, stories, and other posts. Some also let you view DMs, see likes and comments, or download content. The specific features vary across different viewers.

Do I need to login or provide my Instagram credentials?

No, most private account viewers do not require you to login or provide any credentials. You only need to enter the username of the private profile you want to view.

Can private account owners tell if I viewed their profile?

No. When using a private viewer, the account owner has no way of knowing their profile was accessed or viewed unless you interact by liking, commenting, etc. Viewing is completely anonymous.

Will I get banned from Instagram for using a private viewer?

It's unlikely. Private viewers access accounts through backdoors in Instagram's system so there are no direct connections traced back to your account. As long as you only view and don't interact, bans are very rare.

Can private viewers access deleted Instagram posts?

Unfortunately no. If a post is deleted before a viewer captures it, there is no way to retrieve or see that content even with a private viewer.

How quickly can I access a private profile with a viewer?

Once you enter the username, it typically takes less than a minute for the profile to load in the viewer and for you to start assessing all of the private content.

Is it unethical to view someone's Instagram without their consent?

There are reasonable arguments on both sides. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice. If in doubt, consider how you would feel if roles were reversed. Only view trusted friends/family or public figures.

And That's a Wrap!

Instagram private account viewers offer tempting glimpses behind closed doors. Instagram private profiles have become increasingly common, but tools like Glassagram and XMobi provide easy workarounds in 2024. These third-party apps allow anonymous viewing of private accounts without sending follow requests.

While some privacy concerns exist, these services enable parents to monitor kids' accounts and can be used legally in most regions. However, we must thoughtfully weigh risks to privacy and consent. While curiosity draws us to these services, respect for others should give us pause.

The allure is undeniable – what photos are they liking? Who are they messaging? But we must temper intrigue with wisdom. As the saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Rather than seeking access without permission, we could build connections through mutual understanding. A friendly introduction may open more doors than any viewer app.

In the spirit of community, we might ask: how can we grant each other grace and dignity? Perhaps that is the view we need most.

To wrap up, Instagram private account viewers provide helpful visibility, but thoughtful practices are essential. As 2024 unfolds, technology will likely advance access while requiring more user discretion. In an age of expanding digital footprints, ethical tools can empower users if applied conscientiously.

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