10 Top Reword Alternatives For Your SEO & Content Teams (2024)

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Are you tired of using Reword for your content creation needs?

We are here with the list of 10 best industry-leading Reword Alternatives for you! These handy AI writing tools not only help content creators produce original and high-quality content but also ensure that it is optimized for SEO.

No doubt, Reword is an impressive AI writing assistant that helps in ethical collaboration between your team and AI, enabling the creation of exceptional articles for your readers.

Despite its various helpful features, Reword also has some limitation that leads users to find its alternatives.

We carefully study the limitations of Reword and present users with a well-researched list of alternative options to Reword.

What Exactly is Reword?


Reword is a unique AI-assisted editor that empowers users to write winning articles. It trains itself on your blog, understanding your audience to generate novel content ideas. It's designed to help teams collaborate effectively, ensuring the production of high-quality, audience-focused content.

One of the unique aspects of Reword is its commitment to thorough, well-rounded research. It uses your copilot to bring relevant research directly to you, ensuring your articles are grounded in facts and well-informed perspectives.

It offers features like natural language processing, intelligent training, and valuable insights for better article writing. It also detects topical blinds pots in your content, offering suggestions to upgrade it

Reword's benefits extend to SEO and content marketing, as it helps create highly readable, engaging articles optimized for search engines. It also integrates directly with your content stack, keeping your content repository in check with 2-way synchronization. By using Reword, you can enhance your content marketing strategy, improve your SEO ranking, and ultimately drive more traffic to your site.

Some Limitations of Reword

Now let's talk about Reword's limitations! Reword has some key limitations, including a lack of advanced paraphrasing capabilities, the potential for misinterpretation of complex text, limited customization options, the risk of copyright infringement if used irresponsibly, and the lack of comprehensive SEO features.

Addressing these limitations and enhancement areas could make Reword even more powerful and useful text simplification and rewriting tool.

Leading Reword Alternatives in 2024 – Check ‘Em Out!

With these Reword alternatives at your disposal, you can take your content creation and SEO efforts to new heights.

1. Wordtune


Wordtune, a powerful Reword alternative that puts advanced language technology at your fingertips.

This tool is developed by AI21 Labs and utilizes advanced Generative AI technology to support users in generating high-quality content.

Wordtune is designed specifically to assist users in writing confidently, eliminating concerns about grammar or spelling errors.

It offers AI recommendations that allow users to perfect their writing while maintaining their unique style. The tool is accessible on any device and can be used with your favorite apps, making it a reliable writing companion.

Wordtune's Generative AI is empowering, not overpowering. It doesn't just provide options; it provides facts. The tool checks at least five sources before deeming a fact credible to use, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

Key Features of Wordtune:
Rewrite: Perfect your writing with Wordtune Rewrite, from a single word to an entire page.
AI Writing Assistant: Enhance your productivity with AI suggestions while remaining true to your unique style.
Create with AI: Streamline your work with a variety of templates personalized for you. Create quality content from scratch with the press of a button.
Summarizer: Cut reading and watching time in half by summarizing YouTube videos, blog articles, PDFs, and more.
AI Answers: Create a personalized knowledge base on your own Wordtune library. Use your trusted sources to find the answers you need.

Wordtune Pricing

PlanPrice per MonthRewrites and Spices per DayAI Prompts per DayPremium Support
BusinessTailored PricingUnlimitedUnlimitedYes

2. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is another alternative to Reword and is powered by a world-class AI with a vast knowledge of the world, capable of turning a few keywords into full-length articles and marketing content in seconds.

It streamlines your writing and image generation process, from ideation to co-creating entire campaigns with AI.

This Reword alternative allows you to include any SEO keywords you want to rank for and customize your copy with tone and perspective options.

Hypotenuse AI also offers a powerful AI editing tool that enables you to edit or write more content, and then export it to wherever you need.

Key Features of Hypotenuse AI:
AI-powered content generation: Create unique, well-researched full-length articles, product descriptions, artwork, and more with just a few keywords.
Content Detective: Research up-to-date, factual content from the web.
Batch generation tool: Instantly generate product descriptions, SEO copy, and more.
Blog article wizard: Create a 1,500+ word article in 5 minutes.
Built-in plagiarism checker: Ensure the originality of your content.
Export in multiple formats: Export your content in formats like CSV and DOCX, or publish directly to Shopify and WordPress.

Hypotenuse AI Pricing

Individual$12/month billed annually– 25,000 words – Factual article writing wizard – 5 HypoDoc uploads – Templates – Highlight Commands – 25+ languages – 1 user – Basic chat and email support
Teams$49/month billed annually– 120,000 words – Everything in Individual, plus: – 30 HypoDoc uploads – Higher quality, unlimited images – Plagiarism checking – Up to 5 users – Priority chat and email support
EnterpriseCustom– Everything in Teams, plus: – Annual licence-based pricing, including overage buffers – Custom AI model and templates tailored to your brand voice – API Access – Organization management and user roles for teams – Personal account manager

3. Jasper.ai

Jasper AI

Jasper.ai is an exceptional Reword alternative tool that offers several key features and advantages for content creators and writers.

This platform is powered by advanced AI technology that has been trained on a significant portion of the internet, enabling it to understand and imitate human language effectively.

Jasper.ai is more than just a content generator; it's a tool that learns from your brand to help you stay consistent in delivering your message. It's ready to collaborate whenever and wherever you create, be it social media, emails, blogs, or needing some slightly friendlier recommendations for that email to your boss.

Moreover, The Jasper Everywhere extension keeps Jasper by your side anywhere you create online, from your CMS to email to social media.

Key Features of Jasper.ai:
Jasper Everywhere: This feature allows you to use Jasper on any platform you use, from email to social media to your website.
Brand Voice: Jasper learns from your brand to help you maintain a consistent voice across all your content.
Jasper API: Your team can build an AI engine directly into your platforms with Jasper API.
Plagiarism Checker: Jasper includes an integrated plagiarism checker that allows you to search your content for matching text.
Content Lookback: Jasper's lookback feature allows it to write new words with the previous paragraphs and sentences in mind.
SEO Keywords: Jasper has a keyword input tool to ensure your content incorporates relevant keywords to increase its SEO rankings.
Voice Commands: By enabling the feature on your computer, you can use voice commands to tell Jasper what you'd like it to do.

Jasper.ai Pricing

PlanPrice per MonthKey Features
Creator$39Includes 1 seat, 1 Brand Voice, 50 Knowledge Assets, 50+ Templates, Access SEO mode, Use AI everywhere with browser extension, 7-day risk-free cancellation, Award-winning customer support.
Teams$99Includes 3 seats, 3 Brand Voices, 150 Knowledge Assets, Create your own template, Instant Campaigns, Collaboration & user management, Save 20% when billed yearly.
BusinessContact SalesNo limits on all features, Custom templates & automations, API access, Advanced admin analytics, SSO plus additional security review, Team onboarding & ongoing tech support.

4. Copy.ai

Copy ai

Copy.ai is an AI-powered content generator that serves as a versatile and efficient alternative to Reword.

Copy.ai uses advanced language models to generate high-quality, engaging written content in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes.

The platform is trusted by over 10 million professionals and teams, making it a popular choice in the AI Writing tools industry. Copy.ai is not just about generating content; it's about creating content that truly resonates with your target audience.

It ensures consistent brand identity across every piece of content, every time, with its ‘Brand Voice' feature. This feature allows you to inject your brand's distinctive tone and style into the content you generate, ensuring it always aligns with your brand.

Key Features of Copy.ai:
Long-form articles: Generate high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts in a fraction of the time it currently takes.
Brand Voice: Ensure consistent brand identity across every piece of content, every time.
AI Chat: A feature that allows you to generate multiple content types simultaneously in 95+ languages.
Infobase functionality: Acts as a centralized repository for storing all pertinent company information that can be accessed and integrated into the generated content.
Open APIs: This makes it easy to integrate your output into the tech stack you’re currently working with.
AI Translations: Supports over 95 languages, which means you can automatically create product descriptions for your global audience.

Copy.ai Pricing

PlanPriceSeatsWords in ChatWorkflow Credits
FreeFree Forever1 Seat2,000 Words200 Bonus Credits
Pro$36/mo (billed $432/yr)5 SeatsUnlimited Words500 Workflow Credits
Team$186/mo (billed $2,232/yr)20 SeatsUnlimited Words3K Workflow Credits
Growth$1,000/mo (billed $12,000/yr)75 SeatsUnlimited Words20K Workflow Credits
Scale$3,000/mo (billed $36,000/yr)200 SeatsUnlimited Words75K Workflow Credits
Custom Enterprise PlanContact SalesUnlimited Seats

5. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is an all-in-one AI writing tool created to assist writers in confidently expressing their ideas, stories, and knowledge with confidence.

It is a comprehensive editing tool that goes beyond simple grammar checks, offering a wide range of features to improve your writing style and clarity.

ProWritingAid is not just providing automated suggestions; it also offers masterclasses, tips, and inspiration from top writing experts. This combination of AI-powered analysis and human expertise makes ProWritingAid a unique tool amongs other AI Writing Tools.

Key Features of ProWritingAid:
AI-powered analysis and human expertise.
Grammar and style improvements.
Customizable writing suggestions.
Collaboration features for real-time editing with others.
Personalized to your needs with custom rules and reminders.
Integration with various apps including MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Evernote, Notepad, LibreOffice Writer, Slack, Scrivener, Slite, and many more.
Team Analytics Dashboard for business users.

ProWritingAid Pricing

FreeFree500 word count limit, 10 rephrases per day, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Word explorer & Thesaurus, Document typesetting, and 100% Data security and privacy.
Premium$10 per monthEverything in Free, Unlimited word count, Unlimited rephrases, Advanced style improvements, Custom style guides, Snippets, 24+ Writing analysis reports, Customizable writing suggestions, Terminology management, Author comparison, Citations, Collaboration, and Unlimited document storage.

6. Quillbot


Quillbot stands out as one of the top reword alternatives in 2024. Powered by AI, it offers powerful paraphrasing capabilities that can help writers create unique, engaging, and original content.

Impressively, it offers unlimited custom modes and eight predefined modes, allowing you to rephrase text in countless ways. The tool improves your fluency while ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion.

The platform is user-friendly and integrates directly into Chrome and Microsoft Word, making it easy to rephrase a sentence, paragraph, or article without switching windows.

Key Features of Quillbot:
Paraphrasing Tool: Quillbot rephrases sentences, paragraphs, or complete texts while maintaining the original meaning.
Grammar Checker: Quillbot checks for typos, spelling mistakes, and other grammatical issues.
Plagiarism Checker: Quillbot checks your text for plagiarism to ensure originality.
Summarizer: Quillbot condenses long texts into shorter summaries without losing the main points.
Citation Generator: Quillbot supports APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles.
Translator: Quillbot translates text into over 30 languages instantly.
Word Counter: Quillbot helps maintain a specific word count for effective word management.
Co-Writer: Quillbot combines all other tools to assist in writing better.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot offers both a free version with limited features and a premium version with more features and perks.

PlanPriceBilling Cycle
Monthly$9.95 USDBilled monthly
Semi-Annual$6.66 USD per month$39.95 billed every 6 months
Annual$4.17 USD per month$49.95 billed every 12 months

7. TextCortex


TextCortex is an AI writing assistant that is meticulously crafted to tailor artificial intelligence to your unique style and needs, reshaping the way you create, communicate, and collaborate.

This Reword alternative tool is capable of adapting to your specific needs, ensuring that you are always able to communicate effectively and efficiently.

TextCortex is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users, including creatives, SMEs & startups, corporate teams, freelancers, and neurodiverse individuals.

It can reduce your creative block and get you from 0 to 70% in less than 3 clicks, reducing your writing time by over 50% and allowing you to focus on brainstorming and executing ideas.

The platform is integrated with over 10,000+ platforms and is available for Desktop, Mobile, and as a browser extension.

It offers a customizable, cross-device platform that integrates seamlessly with your workflow, providing a toolkit of advanced writing and research capabilities.

Key Features of TextCortex:
Rewrite sentences in one click, eliminating overthinking and worrying about wording.
Fix grammar & spelling errors.
Build a 100% personalized AI based on your input, knowledge, and style.
Expand your ideas from a thought to a first draft, effectively combating writer's block.
Communicate effectively with diverse audiences in over 25+ supported languages.
Fully customizable AI assistant, tailor Zeno to your unique style and needs.
Paraphrasing tool to rewrite any content within seconds.
Supports more than 25 languages.
Fast and easy to use, highlight your content, and start creating instantly with AI.
Offers more than 60 templates catered for your needs.

TextCortex Pricing

PlanPrice per MonthFeatures
Free$020 creations per day, Up to 3 custom personas, Up to 3 knowledge bases, Maximum of 100MB storage, Access to GPT-4 and Web Search, Paraphrasing tools, Translation & creation in 25+ languages, and Access to 100+ AI writing templates.
Lite$23.99Up to 2800 creations/month, Up to 10 custom personas, Up to 10 knowledge bases, a Maximum of 2GB storage, Up to 36 messages per chat, and a Maximum of 64 chat histories.
Unlimited$83.99Unlimited creations, Unlimited custom personas, Unlimited knowledge bases, Unlimited storage, Unrestricted GPT-4 and Web Search usage, Rewrite 2000-word articles, and Unlimited chat histories.

Please note that 1 creation counts up to 125 words. Some features like GPT-4 and Web Search charge extra creations.

8. WordAI


WordAI is another best alternative to Reword. WordAI is an AI-powered content rewriting tool that is designed to transform your content strategy. It leverages advanced machine learning models to provide high-quality rewriting that is indistinguishable from human content.

WordAI helps you amplify your content, diversify your marketing copy, and supercharge your content strategy in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

The tool understands the meaning of each sentence and rewrites it from scratch while optimizing for uniqueness and readability. This allows WordAI to completely restructure your sentences while keeping the same overall meaning.

It is designed to assist you in extending your budget and creating a full SEO content pipeline that will have you ranking at the top of Google.

WordAI is extremely fast and it can make your entire content production process 10x more efficient. Just enter your content, click rewrite, and in a matter of seconds, WordAI will rewrite an entire piece of original content for you.

Key Features of WordAI:
AI-powered rewriting: WordAI uses advanced machine learning models to rewrite content, ensuring high quality and human-like readability.
One-click rewriting: With just a single click, WordAI can rewrite an entire piece of content.
Bulk article rewriting: WordAI allows you to upload all of your articles at once for rewriting, saving you even more time.
API access: WordAI provides API access, allowing you to add article rewriting directly to any workflow.
Avoid AI Content Detection: WordAI humanizes your content, improving its quality while allowing it to pass as human in AI detectors.
HTML Compatible: WordAI supports HTML content.
Article Forge Integration: If you don't have text to rewrite, you can import entire unique articles about any topic with the click of a button.

WordAI Pricing

Yearly$27/month (billed annually)Pass AI detection, AI-powered rewriter, Human quality content, One-click rewriting, Rewrites pass Copyscape, Sentence and phrase level rewriting, Bulk article rewriting, API access
EnterpriseCustomAll standard features plus: High volume usage, Increased throughput, Multiple user accounts, Customized rewrites, Heightened quality, and Account manager.

9. Anyword


Anyword is a trusted AI Performance Writing Platform that delivers marketing results by understanding your brand, audience, and what resonates with them.

It is trusted by over a million marketers and leading companies worldwide, making it a reliable tool in the industry. Anyword's mission is to remove the guesswork from writing for marketing.

It aims to eliminate the practice of writing without using audience data by incorporating data and statistics into the creative process.

This helps marketers and copywriters understand what adjectives to use, what emotions to convey, and how to engage with each customer segment.

Key Offerings of Anyword:
Anyword's Copy Intelligence platform analyzes all your published content to identify the most effective messaging across various channels.
It provides a centralized platform for managing brand messaging, tone of voice, target audiences, and brand rules.
Anyword's Custom Scoring AI models are trained on your brand and performance data to enhance performance across all channels.
It generates, scores, and ranks content by predicted performance, serving only high-performing variations.
Anyword's Performance Boost Extension enables you to apply your brand, audience, and best messaging to any platform you write on.
It offers exclusive predictions and audience analysis & insights.
Anyword's Continuous Optimization feature runs high-performing copy variations on your landing page or product page.

Anyword Pricing

PlanPrice per Month
BusinessStarting from $249
EnterpriseCustom Pricing

10. Clearscope


Clearscope is a leading SEO content optimization platform that uses artificial intelligence to drive search traffic.

Clearscope's primary goal is to help content creators produce material that is highly relevant to what people are searching for, thereby driving organic traffic.

It achieves this by analyzing the top 30 content articles on Google SERP for a specific keyword and then providing content suggestions.

This process ensures that the content produced is not only shareable, clickable, and readable but also highly relevant to the search queries of users.

The platform integrates seamlessly with tools such as Google Docs and WordPress, thereby eliminating the need for messy back-and-forths.

This seamless integration allows for a smooth adoption process and better workflows. Notably, Clearscope is trusted by big brands like Adobe, Shopify, and YouTube, and it has proven to be a valuable tool for small businesses and website publishers as well.

Key Features of Clearscope:
Keyword Discovery: Clearscope helps you research target keywords and build a strong content plan.
Content Briefs: Managers can assign topics and share the details and expectations for content.
SEO Reports: Clearscope provides reports that streamline SERP research and show writers what's important to optimize content and achieve top rankings.
Content Inventory: Clearscope tracks real-time SEO scores for published web pages and plans updates.
Future-Proof Keywords: Clearscope is adept at detecting keywords that will be relevant not only in the present but also in the future.

Clearscope Pricing

Essentials$170/month1 user seat, 10 Content Reports, 20 Content Inventory Pages, Google Docs + WordPress integrations, and Support for 5 languages.
BusinessCustom pricingEverything in Essentials, plus: 5 user seats, Custom Content Reports and Content Inventory Pages, SAML single sign-on (SSO), and Customized account setup.
EnterpriseCustom pricingEverything in Business, plus: Unlimited Monitored Domains, Custom data pipeline, Crawler whitelisting, and Custom Geo-targeting.

How do we choose the right tool?

When it comes to choosing the right AI writing tool, the Aimojo team prioritizes:

  • Accuracy: The tool must paraphrase accurately and make sense in context.
  • Ease of use: It should have a user-friendly interface with clear instructions, especially for non-technical users.
  • Budget: Consider various pricing plans to find a balance between cost and features.
  • Requisite features: Ensure the tool aligns with specific needs, including a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and citation generation for improved content quality and originality.

Final Note on Top Reword Alternatives in 2024

The top 10 Reword alternatives we've covered in this article offer powerful capabilities to simplify and enhance content creation. While Reword has its strengths, the limitations we outlined show why considering alternatives can be beneficial.

Reword alternatives we reviewed demonstrate the range of options available to match diverse needs. Choosing the right tool depends on your specific requirements and budget. Factors like accuracy, ease of use, features, and pricing should guide your decision. Testing out free versions can help assess which tool best suits your writing style and needs.

The democratization of AI is placing powerful capabilities into creators' hands. As these technologies continue advancing, writers have an opportunity to elevate their craft.

With ethical usage, AI writing assistants can enhance – not replace – the irreplaceable human imagination.

The main question arises, how you are going to utilize these AI writing tools to maximize your potential as a writer?

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