Tech Mahindra & IBM Unleash Trustworthy GenAI with watsonx

Tech Mahindra & IBM Unleash Trustworthy GenAI with watsonx

May 17, 2024 – For the significant development of artificial intelligence (AI) industry, Tech Mahindra, a leading global provider of technology consulting and digital solutions, has announced a collaboration with IBM to help businesses worldwide responsibly accelerate the adoption of generative AI (GenAI). The partnership aims to integrate Tech Mahindra's suite of AI offerings, TechM amplifAI0->∞, with IBM's cutting-edge watsonx AI and data platform, which includes AI Assistants, to bring new GenAI and governance capabilities to enterprises.

The collaboration between Tech Mahindra and IBM comes at a crucial time when organizations are increasingly seeking to implement responsible AI practices while simultaneously revitalizing their operations by integrating GenAI technology. By combining the power of IBM watsonx and Tech Mahindra's strong AI consulting and engineering expertise, customers can now access a wide range of new GenAI services, frameworks, and solution architectures.

This partnership enables the delivery of AI applications that allow businesses to leverage their trusted data and automate processes, providing a solid foundation for building trustworthy AI models. It also promotes explainability to help mitigate risk and bias, while enabling scalable adoption of AI across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer at Tech Mahindra, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating,

Organizations are now seeking to implement responsible Artificial Intelligence practices while concurrently revitalizing enterprises by integrating GenAI technology. Our work with IBM can help advance digital transformation for organizations, adoption of GenAI, modernization, and ultimately foster business growth for our global customers.

To further enhance business capabilities in AI, Tech Mahindra has established a virtual watsonx Centre of Excellence (CoE), which is already operational. The CoE serves as a co-innovation center, with a dedicated team focused on optimizing the synergies between both organizations and developing unique offerings and solutions based on their combined strengths.

The collaborative offerings and solutions developed through this partnership have the potential to help enterprises achieve their goals of building machine learning models using open-source frameworks while also enabling them to scale and accelerate the impact of GenAI. These AI-driven solutions could assist organizations in responsibly improving efficiency and productivity.

Kate Woolley, General Manager of IBM Ecosystem, highlighted the transformative potential of this collaboration, stating, “GenAI can be a catalyst for innovation with the potential to unlock new market opportunities when built on a foundation of explainability, transparency, and trust. Our work with Tech Mahindra is expected to expand the reach of watsonx, allowing even more customers to build trustworthy AI as we seek to combine our technology and expertise to support enterprise use cases such as code modernization, digital labor, and customer service.

TechM amplifAI0-∞

This collaboration aligns with Tech Mahindra's ongoing efforts to transform enterprises with advanced AI-led offerings and solutions, including their recent additions such as Vision amplifAIer, Ops amplifAIer, Email amplifAIer, Enterprise Knowledge Search offering, Evangelize Pair Programming, and Generative AI Studio.

Prior to this partnership, Tech Mahindra and IBM have collaborated on various initiatives. Earlier this year, Tech Mahindra announced the opening of a Synergy Lounge in conjunction with IBM on the company's Singapore campus, aimed at accelerating digital adoption for APAC organizations. The lounge assists in operationalizing and leveraging next-generation technologies such as AI, intelligent automation, hybrid cloud, 5G, edge computing, and cybersecurity.

Moreover, IBM watsonx has been utilized in other collaborations to expedite the deployment of generative AI. The GSMA and IBM recently announced a partnership to support the use and capabilities of generative AI in the telecom industry by launching GSMA Advance's AI Training program and the GSMA Foundry Generative AI program.

As businesses worldwide continue to explore the vast potential of generative AI, the collaboration between Tech Mahindra and IBM represents a significant step forward in enabling enterprises to responsibly harness the power of this transformative technology. By combining their expertise and resources, the two companies are well-positioned to drive innovation, foster trust, and accelerate the adoption of generative AI across various industries.

With the integration of TechM amplifAI0->∞ and IBM watsonx, organizations can now access a comprehensive suite of AI solutions that prioritize explainability, transparency, and governance. This partnership not only empowers businesses to unlock new opportunities and drive digital transformation but also sets a strong foundation for the responsible and ethical deployment of generative AI in the enterprise landscape.

As the AI landscape continues to evolve rapidly, collaborations like the one between Tech Mahindra and IBM will play a crucial role in shaping the future of generative AI adoption. By combining their strengths and expertise, these industry leaders are paving the way for businesses to leverage the full potential of AI while ensuring trust, transparency, and responsible practices remain at the forefront of innovation.

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