The 90s AI Yearbook Trend: How to Join the Retro Photo Movement?

All the 90s kids have grown up watching romcoms like Notting Hill or Jerry Maguire. Wearing slip dresses and bomber jackets. And definitely listening to Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

These things may have subsided with time but the 90s retro look still remains a fashion preference of Millenials and GenZs to date. The soft grunge aesthetic with pastel background photographs is experiencing a resurgence as a new trend on TikTok and Instagram.

The 90s Yearbook Trend allows users to transform their photographs to resemble the high school era of the 90s. We'll go in-depth of what the trend is all about and how you can be a part of this nostalgic photo trend.

What is the 90s AI Yearbook Trend?

90s AI Yearbook Trend

The 90s AI Yearbook trend is a recent social media phenomenon that has taken platforms like TikTok and Instagram by storm. This trend involves using an AI-powered photo-editing app called EPIK to create retro high school yearbook photos of users, reminiscent of the 1990s.

The app allows users to upload a range of eight to twelve selfies, which are then utilized to generate a total of 60 distinct yearbook-style images. These images can be edited with filters and backgrounds on the EPIK app once they have been created.

EPIK is the top trending free app in the App Store and #aiyearbook has 466.5M views on TikTok.

The popularity of 90s yearbook photos can be attributed to factors such as nostalgia, advancements in AI technology, and the influence of social media trends.

This nostalgia is amplified by the unique aesthetics of the 90s, which are often characterized by distinct fashion styles, hairstyles, and cultural references.

The 90s yearbook photos trend allows users to recreate themselves in a nostalgic context, providing an interactive and imaginative way to connect with the past.

How to Use the EPIK app to Generate 90s-style photographs?

EPIK app
  1. Download the EPIK app: The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. While the download is free, users are required to pay for the AI Yearbook feature.
  2. Open the app and select “Try AI Yearbook”: This option should be visible upon opening the app.
  3. Upload the selfies: To achieve optimal results, upload a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 selfies. It is recommended to use high-quality images that vary in angles, expressions, and backgrounds.
  4. Choose a payment option: You can either pay $5.99 for the standard option, which takes 24 hours to generate your photos, or $9.99 for the express option, which takes only 2 hours. Note that there might be occasional discounts on these prices
  5. Wait for the app to generate the yearbook photos: The app will create 60 different AI-generated portraits with various 90s hairstyles, outfits, and poses.
  6. Pick your favourite photos and share them: After receiving your AI-generated yearbook photos, you have the option to select your preferred ones and share them with friends on social media.

Tips for Enhancing 90s Yearbook Photos Using AI Technology

Here are some tips to get the best results of 90s photos using AI:

1. Choose the Right Photos: Select well-lit and in-focus selfies. Avoid photos that have already had filters applied or been photoshopped. Avoid photos where your face is partially covered by shadows, sunglasses, your hands, etc. Make sure you're the only person in the photo and avoid black-and-white photos.

2. Use the Right App: The EPIK app is a popular choice for creating 90s AI yearbook photos. It allows you to upload a selection of selfies, and the AI will create a selection of impressive images that look like 90s yearbook snaps.

3. Improve Old Camera Photos: AI tools like can upscale, reduce noise, and improve lighting without losing quality. Features like Smart Enhance and Light AI allow effective restoration as well as light and colour correction.

4. Pay Attention to the Process: After uploading your photos to the EPIK app, you'll need to choose a gender and a payment option. The AI will then get to work creating your 90s yearbook photos. You can edit the images within the app by applying filters or different backgrounds.

5. Share Your Photos: Once your photos are ready, you can post them on social media platforms like TikTok with the trending #90syearbook hashtag.

FAQs on 90s AI Yearbook Trend

What kind of selfies should I upload for the '90s AI Yearbook Trend?

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to upload clear selfies with good lighting, showcasing various angles and expressions.

What are some potential issues with the '90s AI Yearbook Trend?

Some users have reported delays in the AI yearbook feature due to a rapid increase in users using the service.

How long does it take to get the results from the '90s AI Yearbook Trend?

The '90s AI Yearbook Trend typically delivers results within 24 hours for standard delivery, and in under two hours for express delivery.

Are there any privacy concerns associated with the '90s AI Yearbook Trend?

The '90s AI Yearbook trend, facilitated by the Epik app, has privacy concerns. Critics warn that the app could be used to exploit personal data for marketing or other malicious purposes. Despite assurances from SNOW Corporation, concerns persist about potential misuse or unauthorized access to user data.

How has the '90s AI Yearbook Trend impacted social media trends?

The '90s AI Yearbook Trend has boosted social media trends by encouraging users to recreate their high school photos with a '90s twist using AI and share them on TikTok and Instagram. This has led to increased user engagement and content creation.

Wrapping Up

The resurgence of the '90s Yearbook trend in recent years has brought nostalgia and a sense of community among individuals of different generations.

According to a survey conducted by the National Yearbook Association, there has been a significant increase of 65% among millennials and Gen Z in their interest in the '90s aesthetic. This trend is reflected in the growing number of individuals who are embracing the fashion, music, and pop culture of that era.

Additionally, the emphasis of the trend on individual expression and inclusivity has made it effective in promoting diversity and acceptance. It encourages people to celebrate their unique identities and differences. By following the spirit of the '90s Yearbook trend, we are reminded of the significance of embracing our authentic selves and creating an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

It is worth asking will the '90s Yearbook trend bring generations together or become something completely new that combines contemporary values with the past?

Nevertheless, The '90s Yearbook trend has influenced us all, reminding us to appreciate the past and embrace the future.

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