TimeAI Summit Dubai 2023: AI Experts and Tech Giants Gather

DUBAI, UAE: The next monumental shift in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us, with Dubai setting the stage for the anticipated TimeAI Summit. Set to take place from October 4-5, 2023, at the renowned Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center, the summit will feature a fusion of global AI bigwigs, seasoned industry experts, and innovative trailblazers.

TimeAI Summit Dubai

Anticipation is mounting for the TimeAI Summit in Dubai, where over 3,000 attendees from 85+ countries will converge. The event also promises the presence of representatives from global powerhouses like Microsoft Azure, Emirates, Warner Brothers, Twitter, and more.

AI: The Game-Changer of Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of the transformative technologies that are defining the 21st century. Its remarkable capabilities to sift through extensive datasets, discern patterns, and execute intelligent decisions have led to a revolution across industries and enriched lives worldwide. AI's influence is pervasive, spanning sectors such as healthcare, finance, transportation, and education. In today's rapid, data-centric world, integrating AI is not a mere choice but a vital imperative for organizations aspiring to excel and innovate.

Dubai's Pioneering Embrace of AI

Dubai, often hailed as the epitome of innovation and forward-thinking, has seamlessly woven Artificial Intelligence into the fabric of its technological aspirations. The city has not only embraced AI but has evolved into a global AI nerve center, serving as both an incubator for emerging AI ventures and a crucible for the most avant-garde technological experiments. The broader vision of the United Arab Emirates in championing AI speaks volumes about the nation's ambition, propelling it to the forefront of the AI renaissance on a global scale.

The decision to host the TimeAI Summit in Dubai further accentuates the city's unwavering commitment to being a beacon for AI collaboration, knowledge exchange, and industry advancements. Through initiatives like these, Dubai continues to foster an environment that catalyzes progress, innovation, and global leadership in the AI industry.

Distinguished Speakers to Grace the TimeAI Summit

TimeAI Summit Speakers

Speakers List – TimeAI Summit Dubai

  • Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem: A maestro in Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence, currently serving as the Director at the Government of Abu Dhabi.
  • Martin Hanzl: Head of New Technologies at EY Law
  • Dr. Salim Al-Shuaili: Senior Executive of AI & Digital Transformation at the Ministry of Transport, Communications and IT of Oman
  • Akshay Chopra: VP, Head of Innovation & Design at Visa CEMEA
  • Vladimir Nikolenko: CBDC & Digital Assets Associate Director at Accenture
  • Sam Blatteis: CEO of The MENA Catalysts
  • Levan Bodzashvili: Ex-Deputy Minister of MFA of Georgia and Rector at Neiron Academy for AI
  • Sallyann Della Casa: CEO & Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC
  • Amnah Ajmal: Executive Vice President – EEMEA at Mastercard UAE
  • Nima Banai: Engineer, Program Lead at Google
  • Yannick Even: Global Analytics Business Partner at Swiss Re

During the two-day TimeAI Summit, esteemed professionals will share unique insights on critical AI issues, with Ramia Farrage, a Forbes personality, serving as the Master of Ceremony.

The Summit will cover topics such as Data Privacy, Ethics in AI, AI in Autonomous Vehicles, Scaling AI for Enterprise, Machine Learning in Financial Services, and Global AI Regulations.

Emirates Airlines, as the Official Airline partner, is offering exclusive travel discounts for global attendees of the TimeAI Summit. To further enhance attendee convenience, the organizers are also providing specially discounted room rates at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center.

Beyond Sessions: The Network Effect

TimeAI isn't just about talks; it's about forging partnerships. Attendees will have the unique chance to network and possibly redefine AI's next steps.

Media giants including CNN, Bloomberg, Fortune, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Business Insider, and MarketWatch will cover the summit, ensuring global visibility.

Experience AI's Evolution First-Hand The TimeAI Summit isn't just an event – it's the pulse of AI's transformative journey. From enthusiasts to AI professionals, everyone will find a unique perspective here.

Limited-Time Offer: TimeAI Summit Tickets

Whether you're an AI enthusiast or an industry magnate, the TimeAI ticket tiers are curated to enrich your TimeAI Summit experience.

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  • Participate in real-time Q&A sessions with esteemed speakers.
  • Gain access to the lively conference arena, the dynamic expo zone, and the vibrant entertainment section.
  • Forge connections during 1-on-1 networking moments with premier AI organizations and an eclectic audience of 3,000+ attendees.
  • Recharge with our range of complimentary beverages.

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  • Savor an exquisite international buffet during the VIP lunch & networking event.
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  • Relish unique refreshments and offerings exclusive to the VIP zone.
  • All Standard Ticket Benefits are also included.

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Exceptional Networking Awaits You at TimeAI Summit

Seize the chance to mingle with peers, potential collaborators, astute investors, and potential clientele at the TimeAI Summit. These curated networking sessions are designed not just for introductions but to catalyze new partnerships, ignite innovative ideas, and elevate AI undertakings to unprecedented levels.

Be Part of the Global AI Vanguard: As AI relentlessly reshapes sectors and societies, the TimeAI Summit emerges as a premier gathering to remain at the cutting edge of these rapid advancements. The event boasts a diverse international demographic and expansive media visibility, marking it as a must-attend for AI aficionados, trailblazing industry figures, and enterprising pioneers. Register for the TimeAI Summit today and contribute to the evolving AI narrative.

More about the TimeAI Summit

TimeAI Summit is the ballfire for the global AI community, connecting AI-centric firms, tech visionaries, and entrepreneurial minds to explore and architect the AI of tomorrow. Encompassing compelling keynotes, enlightening panel dialogues, and fertile networking arenas, the TimeAI Summit is committed to enhancing collective collaboration and spurring innovation within the AI sphere.

For comprehensive details on the TimeAI Summit and to confirm your attendance, kindly explore the following links:

Event Essentials

  • Event: TimeAI Summit
  • When: October 04-05, 2023
  • Where: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center
  • Reach Out: [email protected]
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