• Save hours researching topics.
  • Translate documents globally.
  • Automate knowledge discovery.
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Afforai is an AI-powered research assistant that helps you quickly find accurate information. It searches through documents, websites, and other sources to provide comprehensive answers to your questions. Afforai summarizes key details, translates text into over 100 languages, and clearly cites information sources so you can validate facts. Whether researching a new topic or trying to solve a complex problem, Afforai saves you time by automating the knowledge discovery process.


Key Feature of Afforai

  • Allows you to view uploaded files directly within the chatbot interface for quick data citation.
  • Translates documents into over 100 languages, making information accessible globally.
  • Highlights the exact source of extracted information to validate the accuracy.
  • Create specialized chatbots trained on different topics and documents.
  • Provides rapid answers for simple questions in just seconds.

Use Cases of Afforai

  • Student Research: Simplifies analyzing literature and citing sources.
  • Team Knowledge: Centralizes documents for company-wide access.
  • Personal Assistant: Handles research and summarization automatically.

Afforai Pricing Plans

  • Pay as you go: This plan starts from $1.90.
  • Lite: This plan comes for $4.90/month.
  • Plus: This plan comes for $19/month.
  • Pro: This plan comes for $49/month.

Alternatives of Afforai

  • Laiye: AI-powered enterprise automation platform for document processing and data extraction
  • Rossum: Intelligent document processing solution with unified document gateway and end-to-end lifecycle
  • Canoe Intelligence: AI-powered alternative investment analytics platform for private capital markets

Afforai Details

AI Features
  • Instant accurate answers.
  • $4.90/month
  • Centralize team knowledge.
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Maximize productivity with Afforai!
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