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Agnai Chat is an open-source, AI-agnostic platform that allows users to create and interact with customizable AI personas or “characters”. It works with multiple AI engines and supports multi-tenancy so multiple users and bots can use the platform simultaneously.


Key Features of Agnai Chat

  • Agnai Chat is completely open source, allowing full customization and transparency.
  • Works with multiple AI engines like GPT-3, Claude, Anthropic, etc.
  • Allows multiple users and bots to use the platform simultaneously.
  • Users can create and customize their own AI personas or characters.
  • Agnai Chat works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices.

Use Cases of Agnai Chat

  • Customer Support: Respond to customer queries with personalized AI agents.
  • Education: Create interactive lessons with AI tutors tailored to students' needs.
  • Social: Have natural conversations with friends through virtual AI avatars.

Agnai Chat Alternatives

  • Anthropic: Conversational AI with a focus on safety, honesty, and thoughtfulness.
  • Claude: Multi-user AI chat from Anthropic built for safety and honesty.
  • Kuki AI: Developer-friendly open-source conversational AI.

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Craft & chat with AI characters.
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