AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro

  • AI Detector Pro is an AI detection tool trained on GPT-3, GPT-4, and BARD.
  • The tool can accurately detect AI content.
  • AI Detector Pro also offers features like 30+ research and development tools
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AI Detector Pro is one of the best AI detection tools that offers AI detection with an updated database from various AI models. AI Detector Pro offers sentence details detection for accurate results along with other content and research based tools.

  • Conduct research, development and content activities in one place
  • Figure out exactly which sentence is AI written
  • Money-back guaranteed if detection is inaccurate
  • Only supports English
  • limited free plan
AI Detector Pro Review


  • AI Detector Pro is a comprehensive platform that checks for AI-generated content from top AI content generation tools like ChatGPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, and BARD. It updates its recognition algorithm daily.
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee if a better-performing AI detector is found.
  • Detailed reports are provided, highlighting which parts of the content are AI-produced or suspicious. These reports also show the probability that content was generated using AI.
  • The platform allows users to manage their AI generation reports efficiently with projects.
  • Users can check documents or websites by either pasting the content or entering the URL.
  • AI Detector Pro offers over 30 additional tools and utilities, including website status checker, SSL checker, DNS lookup, WHOIS lookup, and more.
  • The service is beneficial for both employees and students to avoid penalties or accusations related to the use of AI-generated content.

Summary: AI Detector Pro is a comprehensive platform that detects AI-generated content, provides detailed reports, and offers additional tools. It's beneficial for individuals and organizations to ensure the authenticity of content.

What is AIDetector Pro

AI Detector Pro is a powerful tool for Ai detection designed to detect AI-generated content accurately. With the rapid proliferation of AI technology, it has become increasingly challenging to differentiate between human-generated and AI-generated text. AI Detector Pro aims to address this concern by providing detailed reports and comprehensive analysis to identify content that is likely generated by AI models.

Key Features of AI Detector Pro:

  • The Most Accurate AI Detector: AI Detector Pro sets itself apart by offering exceptional accuracy in detecting AI-generated content. Through continuous monitoring and daily updates, the platform stays up to date with the latest outputs from popular AI models such as ChatGPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, and BARD. The recognition algorithm is constantly refined to ensure accurate detection, giving users confidence in its results. In fact, AI Detector Pro is so confident in its performance that they offer a money-back guarantee if users find a better-performing AI detector.
  • Detailed Reporting: AI Detector Pro provides users with comprehensive reports that highlight AI-produced content and identify suspicious sections. These detailed reports enable users to gain insights into the text's origins and make informed decisions based on the findings. By clearly distinguishing between AI-generated and human-generated content, users can maintain the integrity of their work and avoid potential pitfalls associated with AI-generated text.
  • Complete Solution: AI Detector Pro serves as a comprehensive platform for detecting AI-generated content created by leading AI content generation tools. It offers a range of features, including detailed reports, project management capabilities, and additional tools and utilities. This all-in-one solution streamlines the process of checking for AI-generated content, providing users with a seamless experience.
  • Advanced Reports and Confidence Levels: AI Detector Pro's reports go beyond mere identification by providing advanced insights into the probability that specific text segments were generated using AI. The confidence levels assigned to each report help users gauge the likelihood of AI involvement, allowing them to make accurate assessments. By highlighting suspicious sentences or wording, the platform offers sentence-level details to pinpoint potential AI-generated content.
  • Document and Website Checking: AI Detector Pro supports checking content from various sources. Users can either paste the text directly into the platform or enter the URL of a website to fetch the content for analysis. This flexibility ensures that users can efficiently check their content regardless of its source, making it convenient and user-friendly.

AI Detector Pro equips individuals, educational institutions, and companies with the necessary tools to identify AI-generated content effectively. By leveraging detailed reports, advanced analysis, and high accuracy, users can maintain the integrity of their work and make informed decisions. Whether it's detecting AI-generated text in academic papers, articles, or website content, AI Detector Pro is a reliable solution for unveiling the truth behind AI-generated content.

How AI Detector Pro Works:

Step 1: Enter the text you want to check To begin the analysis, simply input the text you want to evaluate. You can either paste the text or provide the URL of a webpage for analysis.

Step 2: Their algorithms get to work AI Detector Pro employs specially trained AI neural networks running on dedicated custom hardware. These networks are designed to identify patterns commonly used by GPT-based AI text generation models, which are prevalent in online AI content writing and rewriting tools. The algorithms analyze the probability of certain words and phrases appearing in proximity to others to uncover these patterns.

Step 3: You get a report on whether the text was AI generated Based on the word and phrase relationships discovered in Step 2, the neural network calculates the probability of the content being AI generated. AI Detector Pro generates a detailed report containing this information. Additionally, the report includes a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis that highlights the sections, words, and phrases that exhibit the strongest indicators of AI generation.

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AI Detector Pro Pricing Plans

AI Detector Pro Pricing Plans

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AI Detector Pro Alternatives

  • is an AI-powered plagiarism checker that can detect AI-generated content.
  • Illuminarty: Illuminarty is an AI-powered tool that can detect AI-generated images and text.
  • GPTZero: GPTZero is an AI content detector that can identify AI-generated text with high accuracy.

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