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  • AI jingle generators can produce music quickly, saving time for marketers and creators.
  • Reduces the need for expensive studio time or professional composer fees.
  • Offers a wide range of styles and genres, catering to diverse marketing needs.
  • Allows for specific inputs, tailoring jingles to fit brand identity closely.
  • Enables users without musical training to create professional-sounding jingles.
  • Certain complex requirements or nuances might not be fully understood or executed by AI.
  • AI-generated jingles might not capture the emotional nuance a human composer would.

AI Jingle Generator Insights

Best Suitable Industry: Radio, podcast production, etc.
Pricing Model: Paid pricing model.
Free Trial: No.
Free Plan: No.
Starting: $25 for 25 credits.

What is AI Jingle Generator?

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The AI Jingle Generator, marketed as JINGLEMAKER, is an online service that streamlines the process of creating custom jingles and sweepers for audio content. It provides a user-friendly interface where individuals can select various audio elements to compile a complete jingle. The service integrates artificial intelligence to assist in crafting voiceovers, which can be combined with chosen intros, backgrounds, and outros to produce a finished audio product quickly and efficiently.

Endorsed by professionals in the broadcasting field, such as Paul from London, the AI Jingle Generator is recognized for its straightforward functionality and effectiveness in producing audio branding elements for radio shows, including sweepers and station IDs. Additionally, podcasters like Patricia from Miami have found value in the platform for enhancing their intros and promotional materials, noting the significant improvement it brings to their production quality.

The AI Jingle Generator also offers the capability to create longer promos, up to 30 seconds, with the assistance of generative AI. This feature extends the service's utility by helping users write scripts, record them, and even pair them with AI-generated images, all within a remarkably short time frame.

How does AI Jingle Generator Work?

AI Jingle Generators are sophisticated tools that leverage artificial intelligence to automate the creation of jingles, which are short, catchy tunes or melodies used primarily in advertising, radio, and other media to grab attention and create brand recall.

The process begins with the user inputting specific parameters such as genre, mood, tempo, and sometimes even lyrics or thematic elements they wish to include in their jingle. Based on these inputs, the AI analyzes a vast database of music and audio elements, learning from existing compositions to generate a unique piece that aligns with the user's requirements. This is made possible through machine learning algorithms and neural networks that have been trained on a wide array of musical data, allowing the AI to understand and replicate complex musical structures and styles.

Once the initial jingle is generated, users often have the option to further customize the piece. This can include adjusting the length, rearranging parts of the composition, or adding additional instruments and sound effects. The goal is to refine the AI-generated jingle until it perfectly matches the user's vision.

The final step involves the AI mixing and mastering the track, ensuring that the jingle is of a high quality and ready for use. Users can then download their custom jingle, often with various licensing options that allow for commercial use across different media platforms.

AI Jingle Generators represent a significant advancement in the field of music production, democratizing the creation of audio branding elements by making them more accessible and affordable. They offer a glimpse into the future of creative content generation, where AI assists in the creative process, enhancing productivity and enabling users to bring their ideas to life with greater ease and efficiency.

AI Jingle Generator Key Features

  • Battle Mode: The AI Jingle Generator includes a unique Battle Mode feature where users can engage in rap battles against an AI-generated opponent. This interactive mode allows users to take turns exchanging lyrics with the AI, providing a dynamic and entertaining way to create content. It's an innovative approach that not only generates jingles but also offers a platform for users to practice and improve their rap skills through direct interaction with an AI counterpart.
  • Lyrics Mode: This feature is designed for users to hone their rap skills by practicing with AI-generated lyrics. The Lyrics Mode presents a creative space where users can work on their lyrical flow and delivery. It's a valuable tool for aspiring rappers or content creators looking to sharpen their writing and performance abilities, offering a supportive environment for experimentation and skill development.
  • Customization Options: The AI Jingle Generator allows for a high degree of personalization, enabling users to create jingles that are tailored to their specific needs. This includes customizing voiceovers to add a personal touch to the jingles. The ability to generate multiple unique jingles makes it suitable for a diverse range of media projects, from radio stations to podcasts, ensuring that each output is distinct and aligns with the user's brand or creative vision.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: The tool is recognized for its quick turnaround time, making it a practical solution for users who need to produce jingles on a tight schedule. Additionally, its cost-effective pricing model makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from independent podcasters to larger media outlets, providing a budget-friendly option for high-quality audio branding.

How to Use AI Jingle Generator?

Creating a jingle with the AI Jingle Generator, JINGLEMAKER, is a process designed for ease and speed. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool, including the signup process:

  • Step 1: Sign Up for an Account: Start by going to the official AI Jingle Generator website at On the homepage, look for a sign-up option, which is typically prominent on the site. Click on the sign-up link to begin the registration process.
Sign up for AI Jingle Generator
  • Step 2: Fill up the details: You will be prompted to enter personal details such as your email address and to create a password. Some platforms may also offer social media or Google account integrations for quick registration. Complete the sign-up by agreeing to any terms of service and privacy policies, then verify your email if required by clicking on a confirmation link sent to your inbox.
Create your account on AI Jingle Generator
  • Step 3: Select Your Jingle Components: Once registered and logged in, you'll be directed to the main interface where you can start creating your jingle. Choose the elements you want in your jingle, including an intro, background, and outro. These selections help tailor the jingle to your preferences and the tone of your show or brand.
Select Your Jingle Components
  • Step 4: Create Your Voiceover with AI: Utilize the AI voiceover creation feature to add a personalized spoken element to your jingle. This can be done by typing in your script and letting the AI generate the voiceover for you.
  • Step 5: Generate Your Jingle: With all elements selected and your voiceover created, initiate the jingle generation process. The AI will work to combine your choices into a cohesive audio piece, typically in a very short time frame.
  • Step 6: Review and Download: After the jingle is generated, review it to ensure it meets your expectations. You can then download the final jingle as well as the raw voiceovers for use in your projects.
  • Step 7: Create Longer Promos if Needed: If your project requires longer promotional material, the AI Jingle Generator offers the ability to create promos up to 30 seconds. This includes assistance in scriptwriting and even the option to pair your audio with an AI-generated image.
  • Step 8: Logout or Start a New Project: Once you have downloaded your jingle or promo, you can either log out of your account or begin a new project if you need additional jingles.

AI Jingle Generator Pricing Plans

AI Jingle Generator provides a variety of pricing plans to accommodate the diverse requirements of its users, including three main pricing options:

For 25 Credits: Get 25 credits for $25.

For 200 Credits: You only pay for AI Generations. You can create an unlimited amount of jingle variations with each voice over. If you need more credits, consider the $100 pack for 200 credits (50% discount).

All Tools Add-on: The All Tools Add-on unlocks 3 tools for $30: Voice Recorder, File Uploader and Audiogram. You also get 10 free AI credits.

Who should Use AI Jingle Generator?

  • Radio Presenters and Broadcasters: Radio presenters and broadcasters are among the primary users who can significantly benefit from the AI Jingle Generator. The platform allows for the creation of custom sweepers, station IDs, and jingles, which are essential elements in radio broadcasting. These audio snippets help in branding and creating a unique identity for radio shows.
  • Podcast Creators: Podcast creators are another group that stands to gain from the AI Jingle Generator's capabilities. The platform's ability to create engaging intros and promos can elevate the production value of podcasts, making them more appealing to listeners.
  • Small Businesses and Marketers: Small businesses and marketers can also leverage the AI Jingle Generator to create promotional materials. The platform's capacity to generate longer promos (up to 30 seconds) using generative AI can be a game-changer for marketing campaigns. By assisting users in writing scripts, recording voiceovers, and even illustrating promos with AI-generated images, the tool provides a comprehensive solution for creating engaging audio content.

Top Alternatives of AI Jingle Generator

1. Soundraw


Soundraw is an AI music generator that allows customization by tempo, mood, genre, and theme. It's suitable for creating songs with specific influences, offering a user-friendly platform for generating music similar to favourite tracks.

Pricing: Soundraw offers a free plan and paid subscription plans starting from $19.99 per month to $99.99 per month.

2. Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V is a freemium software that combines AI voice-to-music generation, bringing vocals into the equation. It offers a wide collection of voices and allows users to place lyrics on musical notes to create songs.

Pricing: Synthesizer V offers a free plan.

3. is an innovative AI music generator designed to simplify the music creation process for content creators, game developers, and filmmakers.

Pricing: offers a free plan and paid subscription plans starting from $6 per month to $20 per month.

Can I customize the jingles created by the AI?

Yes, users can customize the jingles. Most AI Jingle Generators offer options to adjust various elements like tempo, key, and instrumentation after the initial generation.

Do I own the rights to the jingles created?

Ownership depends on the terms of service of the AI Jingle Generator. Most services grant full rights to the user, but it's important to review the specific terms.

How does the AI Jingle Generator ensure quality in the generated music?

AI Jingle Generators ensure quality through sophisticated algorithms and by learning from feedback. Continuous updates and training with diverse music datasets also contribute to the quality of the output.

Can I collaborate with others on a jingle project within the platform?

Some AI Jingle Generators might offer collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on a jingle project simultaneously, though this feature varies by platform.

What support is available if I encounter issues with the AI Jingle Generator?

Support options can include FAQs, email support, live chat, and user forums. The availability of these support channels varies by service.

Can the AI Jingle Generator produce vocals or only instrumental music?

Some AI Jingle Generators are capable of generating both vocals and instrumental music, depending on the technology and features offered by the platform.

How does the AI Jingle Generator handle different languages?

AI Jingle Generators primarily focused on instrumental music might not deal with languages. However, those capable of generating vocals may offer limited language options based on their training data.

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