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Airgram is your ultimate meeting assistant, designed to record, transcribe, summarize, and share meeting conversations. With AI-powered meeting summaries and real-time transcription, you can focus on engaging in discussions while Airgram takes care of the rest. Trusted by over 2,000 ambitious teams, Airgram helps you maximize the value of your internal and client-facing meetings.


Key Features of Airgram

  • Airgram allows users to capture client meetings, customer feedback, coaching sessions, and other online calls in high-quality video and audio. Users can revisit the recording at any time and quickly scan through it with timestamps.
  • Airgram automatically transcribes speech into text in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. The transcriptions are searchable, editable, and exportable to platforms like Notion and Slack.
  • With one simple click, Airgram generates a comprehensive meeting summary that extracts key insights and action items, powered by GPT-4.
  • Users can create video snippets to share only the most important parts of their meetings in one click.
  • All meeting attendees can simultaneously take notes, share comments, and set to-dos before, during, and after the meeting without switching to other tools.

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Use Cases of Airgram

  • Sales Calls: Record and transcribe sales meetings to review customer requirements and enhance product offerings.
  • Customer Success: Capture customer feedback and share video snippets with the team for better customer support.
  • Team Meetings: Improve internal team meeting efficiency with shared meeting agendas, real-time transcription, and timestamped notes.

Airgram Pricing Plans

Airgram Pricing Plans

Alternatives of Airgram

  • Otter,ai: Otter is an AI-powered transcription tool that captures and transcribes meeting conversations, making it easy to search, edit, and share notes.
  • Tactiq: Tactiq is a meeting assistant that automatically captures and transcribes meeting highlights, allowing users to save and share important moments.
  • Reduct.Video: Reduct offers meeting transcription, note sharing, and a Live Capture feature for automated note-taking, making it a convenient alternative for managing meeting notes.

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Never miss a beat in your meets!

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