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AnthemScore is an innovative music transcription software that utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically convert audio files like MP3s and WAVs into sheet music or guitar tablature. Its machine-learning algorithms detect notes, rhythms, and arrangements to generate transcriptions with minimal manual effort.


Key Features of AnthemScore

  • Uses machine learning to detect notes and rhythms from audio files and arrange them into measures automatically.
  • Intelligently add or remove notes by adjusting a slider, select regions to fine-tune separately, and add/remove individual notes by right-clicking.
  • Choose an instrument for the correct key signature, range, and staff formatting. Select between sheet music or guitar tablature. 
  • Change time signature, key signature, tempo, triplets, insert/remove measures, etc. for any part of the transcription.
  • Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. No subscription is required, one-time purchase.

Use Case of AnthemScore

  • Transcribing Songs: Convert audio files like MP3s into sheet music.
  • Creating Guitar Tabs: Generate tablature for guitar by importing audio.
  • Writing Sheet Music: Compose scores by transcribing recorded melodies and harmonies.

AnthemScore Pricing Plans

  • AnthemScore 4 Lite: This version comes for approximately $15.67.
  • AnthemScore 4 Professional: This version comes for approximately $21.07.
  • AnthemScore 4 Studio: This version comes for approximately $53.48.

AnthemScore Alternatives

  • Capo: Audio player software that helps musicians learn to play songs by slowing down the tempo, looping sections, and displaying chords and tablature.
  • Audiveris: Open-source optical music recognition software that can convert images of sheet music into editable MusicXML files.
  • Transcribe!: Specialized music transcription software with tools for slowing down audio, looping sections, and assisting with manual transcription.

AnthemScore Details

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  • Compose Using Audio Files.
  • $15.67
  • Transcribe Music Super Fast.
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