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Unleash AI Magic with Askrobi on WhatsApp! Your personal AI companion for essay writing, image creation, and more. No app needed – simply chat with Robi to experience instant creativity and problem-solving prowess.


Key Features of Askrobi

  • AI Companion on WhatsApp: Askrobi is your AI companion accessible through WhatsApp. It offers a powerful conversational experience, allowing you to interact with Robi just like you would with a human contact.
  • Original Image Generation: With Askrobi, you can request original images for various purposes. From concept art and wireframes to fully-fledged masterpieces, Robi can generate visuals based on your descriptions.
  • Instant Textual Content Creation: Whether it's writing essays, blog posts, or even crafting emails, Askrobi excels in creating textual content. Simply tell Robi what you need, and it will help you generate the content you're looking for.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Your data is treated with utmost care. Askrobi follows WhatsApp's data privacy standards and does not collect or redistribute your information, ensuring your privacy and security.
  • Versatile Assistance: Beyond language and content, Askrobi is capable of assisting with various tasks. It can handle translations, simplify complex concepts, assist with math problems, programming, and even help you work with spreadsheets.

Askrobi Use Cases

  • Academic Assistance: Emily, a student, contacts Robi on WhatsApp when she's struggling to write an essay. With Robi's help, she quickly outlines her ideas, and Robi generates coherent paragraphs, streamlining her essay writing process.
  • Content Creation: Mark, a content creator, needs fresh ideas for his next blog post. He engages with Robi on WhatsApp and describes his topic. Robi's creative input sparks Mark's inspiration, helping him craft engaging and original content.
  • Graphic Design Support: Sarah, a freelance designer, reaches out to Robi via WhatsApp to help her create a concept art for a client. Robi understands her vision and generates a concept sketch, saving Sarah valuable time in the design process.
  • Language Translation Simplification: Alex, a language enthusiast, wants to explain complex scientific terms to a younger audience. He uses Robi's translation feature to convert technical jargon into language a 5-year-old can understand, making educational content more accessible.
  • Technical Problem Solving: Mike, a programmer, encounters a complex coding challenge. He messages Robi on WhatsApp, describing the issue. Robi assists him in breaking down the problem and suggests possible solutions, aiding Mike in resolving the coding puzzle.

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Askrobi Alternatives

  • Hey There: is an AI chatbot platform that allows businesses to create human-like personas for users to interact with.
  • NoLimitAI: NoLimitAI is an AI research and development company that develops cutting-edge AI technologies for a variety of industries.
  • Converse AI: ConverseAI is an AI chatbot platform that helps businesses automate customer service, sales, and marketing tasks.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers variety of solutions
  • It produces irrelevant content sometimes

Askrobi Details

AI Technology
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  • Let AI solve most of your problems
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