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What is is a smart tool that helps bloggers and content creators save time and effort. It uses advanced technology like artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automatically create and publish content. The platform makes content curation, keyword optimization, and scheduling easy. It works well with popular Content Management Systems, making it convenient for users to use. By using, bloggers can concentrate on important parts of their content strategy while still having a steady flow of excellent, SEO-friendly articles on their websites.

Key Features of is an amazing platform that makes creating content super easy. It has lots of powerful tools that can help you write all kinds of articles, from short and simple ones to longer and more detailed ones. No matter what you need, has different ways to help you out. Let’s have a quick look at the below features.

  • Best AI Article Writer: offers a cutting-edge AI-driven article generation feature that completely revolutionizes content creation. With its advanced AI capabilities, the platform generates high-quality articles quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort for bloggers and content creators.
  • Multiple Generation Modes: provides three distinct generation modes: Quick, Pro, and Godlike. Each mode caters to different use cases and allows users to create articles with varying levels of depth and complexity. This versatility enables content creators to tailor their output according to their specific requirements.
  • Amazon Product Reviews: With the help of AI, allows users to effortlessly transform any Amazon Product URL into an optimized review article. This feature streamlines the process of product review creation, making it an invaluable tool for affiliate marketers and product reviewers.
  • Readable and Unique: ensures that all articles generated are 100% unique, avoiding any issues with duplicate content. Additionally, the platform prioritizes readability and engagement, producing articles that captivate readers and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Regular Updates: is committed to continuous improvement and keeps its users ahead in the content creation game by providing weekly feature updates. This commitment to staying up-to-date ensures that users have access to the latest tools and enhancements.
  • Multi-Language Support: Catering to a global audience, is equipped to generate AI outputs in 11 different languages. This international support allows content creators to expand their reach and connect with diverse readerships worldwide.

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  • Efficient Content Creation for Bloggers:'s Quick Mode is perfect for bloggers who need to produce articles quickly. By generating articles with just titles and adding custom prompts, bloggers can focus on creating engaging content without spending excessive time on writing.
  • SEO-Optimized Amazon Product Reviews: For Amazon affiliates and sellers,'s Amazon Product Reviews feature is a game-changer. By simply entering the product URL, the AI generates optimized review articles, helping to attract more visitors and increase sales.
  • Content Scaling for Content Agencies: Content agencies can take advantage of's Premium Mode to efficiently scale their content creation processes. With the ability to use their own outlines and keywords, agencies can produce high-quality articles on various topics and cater to diverse client needs.
  • Automated Multilingual Content Generation:'s Multi-Language support is ideal for businesses targeting a global audience. Whether you need content in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, or Swedish, AI can generate articles in multiple languages to expand your reach.
  • DFY (Done For You) Service for Hands-Free Content: Busy entrepreneurs and businesses can opt for's DFY Service using Godlike Mode. This hands-free solution offers SEO-optimized content at scale, making it perfect for those who need high-quality articles without investing time in the writing process.

Step-by-Step User Guide to

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up an account, navigating the interface, and making the most of its key features.

Step 1: Sign Up and Account Setup

Visit the official website at “ and click on the “Sign Up” button. homepage

Enter your email address, choose a secure password, and click ” Sign Up.” Check your email for a verification link and click on it to activate your account.

Step 2: Navigating the Dashboard

After signing in, you'll be directed to the dashboard. Familiarize yourself with the main menu and key sections. The dashboard provides an overview of your projects, recent articles, and available credits.

Use the left-side menu to access the main features: Article Generation, Amazon Reviews, and Settings.

Step 3: Article Generation

Click on “Article Generation” in the left-side menu to access the AI-driven content creation tool. Choose a generation mode from “Quick,” “Pro,” or “Godlike,” depending on your specific needs.

Enter the topic or keyword for your article and set other parameters like article length and language. Click “Generate Article” and let work its magic.

You can also generate a review article by entering the Amazon Product URL and will automatically generate an optimized review article.

Step 4: Unique Content and Exploring Features provides a diverse set of features, including the generation of 100% unique content, support for multiple languages, and regular weekly updates.

Take advantage of the features offered and make any necessary edits or additions to personalize the content as needed.

Step 5: Optimizing Content

Although excels in generating SEO-optimized content, you can enhance your blog posts further by taking a few additional steps.

Consider using relevant keywords, internal and external linking, and optimizing your images for improved SEO.

Step 6: Publishing Content

Publish your blog posts directly from the platform with's Bulk Generation Mode. Upon generation, you have the option to auto-draft, publish, or schedule them directly to your WordPress site.

Remember to experiment with different generation modes and always review the content before publication to add a personal touch. Pricing Plans pricing plans

The Pricing Plan by offers flexible options to suit various user needs. The platform provides a transparent and straightforward pricing structure, allowing users to choose from different subscription plans based on their content generation requirements.

Paid Trial: offer a paid trial for just $1, giving you the opportunity to experience our platform's capabilities first-hand. Additionally, you can explore unedited samples in the blog section, allowing you to assess the quality and suitability of the content generated by before committing to a plan. Take advantage of these options to make an informed decision and discover how tool can benefit your content creation process.

Regular: The Regular Plan, priced at $49/mo or $399 annually (35% Off), is designed for regular users for consistent content creation. With this plan, you receive 720 credits (60/mo) and access to all the powerful features has to offer.

Standard: The Standard Plan is an excellent choice for freelancers and bloggers looking for a reliable content creation solution. You have the option to subscribe annually for $799 or pay $99 per month. With this plan, you receive 1800 credits, equivalent to 150 credits per month. These credits provide access to all the features offered by The Standard Plan is specifically designed to cater to individual content creators, providing a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to enhance your content strategy.

We highly recommend opting for the Standard Plan, specifically tailored for Freelancers & Bloggers, as it offers a generous allocation of 1800 Credits (150 credits per month). This plan ensures you have ample resources to meet your needs and excel in your projects.

Premium: The Premium Plan is the most popular offering, ideal for agencies and users with high content demands. You can choose between an annual subscription for $1999 or a monthly subscription for $249. With this plan, you receive a substantial 6000 credits, which translates to 500 credits per month. This ensures access to all the features has to offer.

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Note: It's important to note that credits expire after one year in yearly plans.

Try for $1! Alternatives

Let’s take a look at alternatives, each boasting unique standout points to revolutionize your blogging endeavors. Vs Jasper: emphasizes its user-friendly interface and smart content generation algorithms, enabling users to effortlessly create engaging posts. claims to offer access to a vast database of quality content sources for seamless integration into blogs.

On the other hand, Jasper boasts sophisticated AI capabilities and advanced natural language processing to craft high-quality articles. Their official website highlights Jasper's ability to analyze user data and preferences, generating personalized content that resonates with audiences.

Pricing: Jasper offers 3 yearly paid plans with a 20% discount. The Team plan costs $99/mo, Creator Plan at $39/mo, and Business Plan which is a custom plan and you have to contact the sales team for more details.

Additionally, Jasper offers a 7-day free trial to the Team and Creator Plan. Vs Rytr: is designed to streamline content creation for blogs and websites, providing an automated approach that saves time and effort. Its advanced AI engine generates high-quality, SEO-friendly articles on a wide range of topics.

On the other hand, Rytr is focused on versatile content creation, offering not just articles but also copywriting, social media posts, and more. Rytr boasts a user-friendly interface and customizable writing styles, making it an attractive choice for marketers and content creators. Both platforms leverage state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) technology to deliver accurate and coherent content.

Pricing: Rytr offers a free plan with 2 pricing plans. The Saver Plan costs $9/month and the Unlimited plan is for $29/month. Users can get 2 months of free usage upon selecting yearly plans of Rytr. Vs Writesonic: is designed to automate blog and website content creation with its advanced AI engine, producing high-quality articles on a wide array of topics. The platform prioritizes SEO-friendly content to improve search engine visibility.

On the other hand, Writesonic focuses on a more versatile content creation approach, offering not just articles but also ad copy, social media posts, and more. Its user-friendly interface allows users to generate compelling and engaging content effortlessly.

Pricing: Writesonic comes with a free trial with 3 pricing plans. The annual plans provide a discount of up to 33% and include Unlimited Plan at $16/mo and Business Plan at $12.67/mo. It also offers an Enterprise Plan which is a custom plan and it starts from $1000/month. Affiliate Program

By joining the Affiliate Program, marketers can take advantage of the platform's attractive commission structure and recurring income potential. Affiliates earn a generous 15% commission for each new customer they refer to's monthly plans, providing a reliable income stream. Additionally, for annual plans and DFY services, affiliates still receive a competitive 3% commission.

Payouts are processed every 30 days, ensuring timely rewards for successful referrals. To qualify for payouts, affiliates need to achieve a minimum of 30 unique referrals and reach a reasonable minimum payout threshold of $50. This program empowers marketers to leverage their promotional efforts and capitalize on the growing demand for automated content creation. Affiliate Program

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Customer Reviews on

Customer reviews on reflect a positive sentiment, with users praising the platform's efficiency and quality of generated content. Many customers appreciate the time-saving aspect of the automated content creation process, which allows them to focus on other aspects of their businesses. Users also highlight the platform's user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced content creators and beginners. Further, you can have a look at the below review. Reviews
  • Cost-effective
  • Capable of generating multiple articles at once
  • Content is optimized for search engines
  • Contentcreated is easy to read
  • Seamless integration with WordPress
  • Limited selection of templates Details

AI Technology
  • Create SEO-optimized blogs with a few clicks
  • $49/month
  • Scale your content with ease

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