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  • Productivity Enhancement: BoltAI is designed to make users' lives easier and more productive. It offers features like voice commands for setting reminders and advanced natural language processing for holding conversations on various topics.
  • Advanced AI Technology: BoltAI uses advanced AI technology, including generative pre-trained transformer models, which can generate human-like text and understand the context of a conversation.
  • Versatility: BoltAI can be used for a wide range of tasks, from crafting essays to composing emails, chat responses, and more. It can also generate product descriptions, and restaurant reviews, and even write and verify programming code.
  • Security: BoltAI has built-in fraud detection, promising 100% fraud coverage, which is particularly beneficial for eCommerce applications.
  • Accuracy Issues: BoltAI can sometimes provide demonstrably wrong answers, such as counter to known facts or using obsolete training data.
  • Dependence on Training Data: The capabilities of BoltAI evolve based on the data it is trained on. If the training data is not comprehensive or up-to-date, the AI's performance may be compromised.

BoltAI is a leading ChatGPT application designed for Mac users. It leverages the power of OpenAI to provide AI suggestions across various text fields, enhancing productivity and creativity. Whether you're drafting emails, writing reports, coding, or generating ideas, BoltAI is ready to assist. With features like a prompt library, custom AI assistants, and automatic sensitive data redaction, BoltAI offers a versatile tool that adapts to various professional and creative contexts.

What is BoltAI?


BoltAI refers to a variety of AI-powered platforms and tools developed by different companies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and user experience. For example, BoltAI is a native macOS ChatGPT client designed to boost productivity for entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers by allowing them to create custom AI assistants tailored to specific tasks and workflows. Bolt Factor leverages AI and natural language processing for market research analysis. Bolt PR uses OpenAI's ChatGPT API to generate high-quality, human-like text for content creation.

Bolt Chat utilizes advanced AI algorithms to swiftly identify patterns and insights from qualitative data. While the specifics vary, these BoltAI tools generally leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide personalized, context-aware assistance to users, often integrating with existing workflows and platforms. Their common goal is to save time, increase productivity, and unlock creativity.

How does BoltAI work?

BoltAI is a native macOS application that provides users with instant access to AI assistants powered by OpenAI's GPT technology. It is designed to integrate AI into your workflow, enhancing productivity and creativity across various tasks such as drafting emails, writing reports, coding, or brainstorming ideas.

BoltAI works by allowing users to adjust various parameters to modify the AI's behavior and responses according to their specific needs. This customization feature enables users to create their custom AI assistants tailored to specific tasks or roles, such as emulating a certain writing style, providing programming help, or brainstorming creative ideas.

The application offers three primary ways to use its features: the main Chat UI, AI Command, and the Inline feature. The Chat UI is similar to ChatGPT with advanced features such as Web Search, custom GPT parameters, and Chat History Search. The AI Command feature allows users to invoke AI from any highlighted text, supporting 32 AI Commands by default, including Text Summarization, Translation, and Explain Code. The Inline feature is a more advanced way to use BoltAI, where users write down what they want, invoke a shortcut key, and then let BoltAI do the work.

BoltAI also ensures privacy and security with automatic redaction of sensitive data. It is currently exclusive to macOS and is compatible with macOS 12.0.

BoltAI Features

  • Native macOS Experience: BoltAI is a native macOS application, that ensures optimal speed and efficiency. It integrates seamlessly with macOS apps, providing AI assistance directly within your favorite applications.
  • Custom AI Assistants: BoltAI allows users to create custom AI assistants tailored to specific tasks or roles. This feature enhances the utility and adaptability of BoltAI across various professional and creative contexts.
  • Prompt Library: BoltAI offers a library of prompts that users can leverage to get the most out of the AI assistance. This feature provides a starting point for various tasks, helping users to utilize the AI more effectively.
  • Security and Privacy: BoltAI stores keys securely in the Apple Keychain and features automatic redaction of sensitive data, ensuring user privacy and peace of mind.
  • AI Commands: BoltAI includes an AI Command feature that works similarly to Raycast AI, allowing users to invoke AI from any highlighted text. This feature supports 32 AI Commands by default, including Text Summarization, Translation, and Explain Code.
  • Inline Feature: The Inline feature is an advanced way to use BoltAI, where users write down what they want, invoke a shortcut key, and then let BoltAI do the work. This feature enhances productivity and allows for more efficient task completion.
  • Full Chat UI with Web Search: BoltAI provides a full Chat UI with Web Search, custom parameters, and more LLM models. This feature enhances the user experience and provides a more interactive way to use the AI.
  • Compatibility: BoltAI is currently exclusive to macOS and is compatible with macOS 12.0+. This ensures that the application runs smoothly and efficiently on all compatible devices.
  • OpenAI API Key: BoltAI operates by connecting to OpenAI's GPT technology. For this, users need their own OpenAI API key, which can be obtained by signing up on OpenAI's website.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use BoltAI?

To use Cohesive AI, follow these steps:

  • Download
    Visit the BoltAI website and Download BoltAI. Open the disk image BoltAI.dmg.
    Drag and drop the BoltAI app into /Application
Download BoltAI
  •  Grant Permissions​
    After Downloading open the BoltAI app. You should see a welcome screen.
    Click Continue then Click Grant Permissions.
Grant Permission for BoltAI
  • Enter OpenAI API Key
    Enter your OpenAI Key then click Validate API Key
  • Enter your License Key
    Enter your License Key and click Continue.
  • Done. You're now ready to use BoltAI
    After completing all the processes you are ready to use BoltAI.

Use Cases of BoltAI

  • Productivity Enhancement: BoltAI, a native macOS application, is designed to enhance productivity for entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers. It allows users to integrate AI into their daily tasks by creating custom AI assistants tailored to specific tasks or roles.
  • Market Research: Bolt Factor uses AI and Natural Language Processing technology to revolutionize market research. It provides AI-powered analysis and human-driven insights, helping marketers and researchers to maximize impact and efficiencies.
  • E-commerce: AI is a turning point for e-commerce, with applications and use cases in product discovery, personalization, cross-selling, improvements to the buying experience, and order fulfillment.
  • Manufacturing: AI can be used in manufacturing to track defective hardware, detect errors, and streamline replication methods. For example, an AI system can help track which vehicles were made with defective hardware, making it easier for manufacturers to recall them from the dealerships.
  • Customer Support: AI can revolutionize customer support by using Large Language Models. For instance, Bolt Energie used AI to enhance its customer support.
  • Workflow Enhancement: BoltAI is an excellent solution for individuals and teams looking for improved ways to enhance their workflow. It provides AI assistance directly inside macOS apps, helping users save time and increase productivity.

BoltAI Pricing Plans

BoltAI offers three Paid Pricing Plans:

BoltAI PlansPricing
Personal Plan$37
Standard Plan$57
Pro Plan$77

BoltAI offers a free trial and it offers three paid pricing Plans. Users have to pay the plan amount only once as all plans are pay-as-you-go plans and it offers one year of free updates in all plans. BoltAI accepts credit and debit cards for payments.

Who Should Use Bolt AI?

Bolt AI tools are designed for a wide range of users. Entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers can benefit from the BoltAI macOS productivity app, which enhances productivity by integrating custom AI assistants into workflows. Market researchers can use Bolt Factor for AI-powered analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. Higher education institutions can leverage Bolt AI innovations like Copilot and Bot to improve student engagement and communication.

E-commerce brands can use Bolt's AI solutions to offer personalized recommendations and enhanced shopping experiences. Recruiters can use Bolt AI's capabilities to streamline hiring processes. Customer support teams can implement AI chatbots like Bolt for 24/7 automated customer support.

In short, Bolt AI tools are beneficial for knowledge workers, market researchers, educators, retailers, and recruiters looking to integrate AI into their workflows.

Top Alternatives of Bolt AI

  1. SAP HANA Cloud: SAP HANA Cloud is a cloud-based data platform built for the Intelligent Enterprise, offering real-time analytics, application development/deployment, and multi-model data management across relational, graph, geospatial, and other data types.
  2. Vertex AI: Vertex AI by Google Cloud provides a managed machine learning platform to train, deploy, and scale ML models rapidly. It offers over 130 AI models like text, image, and video generation to accelerate the integration of AI capabilities.
  3. SAS Viya: SAS Viya is an AI and analytics platform providing rapid insights with beautifully designed interfaces, flexible coding options, robust accountability tools, and seamless model building/deployment.

Top FAQs on Bolt AI

Does Bolt AI use GPT-3?

Yes, Bolt AI leverages advanced AI models like GPT-3 for natural language capabilities.

Is Bolt AI secure?

Bolt AI prioritizes security with features like automatic data redaction.

What are the payment methods for Bolt AI?

Bolt AI accepts all types of debit cards and Credit cards.

Is Bolt AI available on Windows?

Bolt AI is a native macOS application, suggesting it may not be available on Windows.

Can Bolt AI be used for coding?

Yes, Bolt AI can assist developers with coding tasks.

Can Bolt AI generate content?

Yes, Bolt AI can generate content as you type using its Inline feature.

Can Bolt AI be integrated with other tools?

Yes, Bolt AI can integrate with existing tools and platforms like Slack and macOS apps.

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