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Caktus AI is your all-in-one AI-powered study tool designed to help you excel in academics. With personalized writing assistance, step-by-step solutions for coding, math, and science, and a user-friendly interface, Caktus AI is the ultimate companion for students seeking to boost their productivity and achieve better results. Join the future of education and unlock your full potential with Caktus AI today!

Caktus AI

Key Features of Caktus AI

  • Caktus AI is integrated with CORE, which means it only refers to published papers, ensuring 100% academic sources for its content.
  • Users can upload a sample of their real writing, and Caktus AI will learn how to write like them, providing a personalized writing experience.
  • Caktus AI includes a text editor that allows users to format their documents, making them ready for submission.
  • Caktus AI acts as a personal education buddy, always available to help users with their homework and academic tasks.
  • Caktus AI offers coding help in more than 10 programming languages, providing explainers and code converters to assist users in learning to code.

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Caktus AI Use Cases

  • Essay Writing: Improve your essay writing skills and get the A+ you deserve with Caktus AI's writing assistant.
  • Math & Science: Solve complex math, science, and physics problems with step-by-step solutions using only words.
  • Coding Support: Learn programming languages like Python and Java with Caktus AI's one-stop-shop for coding help.

Caktus AI Pricing Plans

Caktus AI pricing

Caktus AI Alternatives

  • Writecream: An AI writing tool that helps users create high-quality content in seconds, ideal for students and professionals alike.
  • EdgeWriter: A comprehensive AI writing assistant that offers a range of features, including essay writing, paragraph writing, and code writing.
  • An AI-powered platform that provides assistance with various academic tasks, including coding, math problem-solving, and essay writing.

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