• Uncover hidden Tinder profiles.
  • Accurate profile search results.
  • Image recognition for accuracy.
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Cheaterbuster is an online service that helps you uncover hidden dating app profiles. Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, it searches Tinder to find specific profiles with 97-99% accuracy. Cheaterbuster aims to provide clarity and closure to those dealing with suspicions of online infidelity.


Key Features of Cheaterbuster

  • Allows searching Tinder profiles by name to uncover potential cheating partners.
  • Uses advanced algorithms and image recognition for highly accurate search results.
  • Automatically checks a Tinder profile weekly and emails updates to catch repeat offenders.
  • Easy-to-use search function and intuitive results dashboard suitable for all users.
  • Featured widely in leading publications like Vice, Vanity Fair, and Good Morning America for capabilities.

Use Cases of Cheaterbuster

  • Verify Fidelity: Catch a cheating spouse using Tinder behind your back.
  • Online Recon: Investigate someone's online dating activities and profile info.
  • Relationship Insights: Gain insights into your partner's faithfulness through their Tinder presence and activity.

Cheaterbuster Alternatives

  • Social Catfish: Search social media profiles and dating sites to uncover hidden accounts and activity.
  • TruthFinder: Comprehensive background checks reveal online dating, social media, criminal records, and more.
  • Spokeo: Aggregates public data into detailed profiles showing family, jobs, addresses, and online presence.

Cheaterbuster Details

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  • Full Tinder profile access.
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  • Automated weekly monitoring.
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Tinder Profile Search for Free
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