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  • A virtual canvas where you can unleash your creativity or get inspired
  • Find information, guides and tutorials, analysis on particular topics and much more
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  • Large Database: CivitAI hosts a vast database of user-generated models, offering a broad range of AI-generated art examples.
  • Free and Open Source: CivitAI is free to use and open source, making it accessible to all users.
  • Continuous Improvement: The platform is continuously improving, learning from user interactions and feedback to refine its models and provide better support.
  • Potential Misuse: CivitAI has faced controversies around the potential misuse of its platform for creating inappropriate or nonconsensual content.
  • Monetization: Some users have expressed concerns about the platform's monetization strategies, which could potentially limit access to certain features or content.

CivitAI is an open-source platform dedicated to the AI art generation community, serving as a hub to create, share, and discuss AI-powered artworks. With over 1,700 models contributed by users, it provides a unique space for artists, developers, and enthusiasts to collaborate on projects at the intersection of technology and creativity. While supporting individual expression, CivitAI also facilitates important conversations around ethics and responsible innovation. 


As generative models continue rapidly evolving, CivitAI aims to nurture a community that directs these tools toward creative empowerment for the benefit of society.

How Does CivitAI Work?

CivitAI is a platform that focuses on Generative AI art, specifically using Stable Diffusion models. It allows users to share their models, textual inversions, hypernetworks, aesthetic gradients, and other customizations of their AI generations. The goal of generative AI, which CivitAI utilizes, is to allow machines to create something new and unique, rather than simply replicating existing data.

Users can browse thousands of free Stable Diffusion models on the platform, spanning unique anime art styles, immersive 3D renders, stunning photorealism, and more. The platform also encourages community engagement, with features that incentivize members of the community to leave reviews, make comments, respond to comments, and react to reviews and comments

Key Features of CivitAI

  • Open-Source Collaboration: Civitai is an open-source platform that encourages users to contribute to the codebase, enhancing the tool's capabilities and fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Generative AI Models: With over 1,700 AI art models, Civitai enables users to create diverse artistic creations and explore various styles and themes.
  • Community-Driven Model Sharing: Civitai provides a platform for users to upload, share, and download AI art models, promoting collaborative development and a continuous influx of fresh and unique art styles.
  • API Integration: Civitai offers a REST API, allowing developers to programmatically access the platform's capabilities and integrate them into other applications, enhancing the tool's versatility.
  • User Engagement Incentives: Civitai encourages user engagement through community features that incentivize users to review, comment, and interact with content creators, fostering a vibrant and active user community.
  • Custom Model Training: Civitai simplifies the initiation process for new users by allowing them to train their models on the platform, democratizing AI art creation.
  • Security Measures: Civitai implements security protocols, including pickle scanners, to ensure safe model downloads, protecting users from potentially malicious content.

How to Use CivitAI?

To use CivitAI, follow these steps:

  • Create an Account: Sign up on the CivitAI platform by providing your email or connecting with a Google/GitHub account.
Civit AI Sign in
  • Navigate the Platform: Explore the site's sections and features, such as posting images, and reviews, and engaging with creators.
  • Download Models: Find and download models from CivitAI. Place the model file in the models\stable-diffusion directory of your installation directory and reload the web page to update the model list.
  • Use Models: Select the downloaded model from the Model list in the Image Settings section and use the trained keyword in a prompt.
  • Create Art: Use the virtual canvas provided by CivitAI to create AI-generated art using the models.
Create AI Art with Civit AI
  • Community Engagement: Upload your custom models, share your AI-generated art, and collaborate with other creators.
  • API Access: Developers can use CivitAI's REST API to integrate its capabilities into other applications.

Use Cases of CivitAI

  • Art Generation: Artists and designers can use CivitAI to create, browse, or edit artwork using AI, with the ability to generate art in various styles and formats.
  • Educational Visuals: Tutors can utilize CivitAI to create creative visuals to help students understand concepts faster.
  • Artistic Exploration: CivitAI serves as a platform for artistic exploration, allowing artists to use AI as a tool or even as inspiration for traditional art mediums.
  • Learning Resource: It acts as a learning resource for those interested in the algorithms and concepts behind AI art generation.
  • Showcasing and Collaboration: Artists can showcase their AI-generated artworks and collaborate with others on the platform.
  • API Integration: Developers have access to CivitAI's API, enabling the integration of its capabilities into other applications.
  • Customizing AI Models: Users can customize AI models for specific tasks and share these models within the community.

CivitAI Pricing Plans

CivitAI is a free tool. It allows users to create art using AI and use it for personal and commercial use. Users can start using the tool after signing up for a new account. It also offers an API for developers. The charge for the API is calculated separately and disclosed when you use the API.

Who Should Use CivitAI?

Civitai is an ideal platform for a wide range of users interested in AI art generation, including artists, designers, developers, researchers, educators, AI enthusiasts, and students. Its open-source nature, free access, vast library of models, active community, and advanced capabilities make it highly appealing to both amateurs and experts seeking to create, discover, customize, or share innovative AI-powered art. 

Whether you want to leverage AI tools for creative workflows, conduct experiments, integrate capabilities via the API, or simply explore the future of generative media, Civitai provides a unique, collaborative environment to learn and push boundaries. Ultimately, it brings the transformative potential of AI art to all.

Top Three Alternatives of CivitAI

1. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion also known as Unstability.AI is an AI tool that leverages advanced deep learning techniques to transform text prompts into a wide array of uncensored, customizable images. This platform stands out by removing traditional constraints on AI art, enabling the generation of limitless photorealistic and artistic images that cater to users' unique concepts.

Pricing:  Stable Diffusion works on the Freemium subscription model with a paid plan starting at $14.99 per month to $59.99 per month

2. provides an enterprise-grade API for generating AI art, videos, and animations. It features over 10,000 models and quality assessments to filter outputs. A standout feature of is creating high-quality video clips from text prompts and it's used in various industries including e-commerce and entertainment.

Pricing: works on a Freemium Subscription model with a Paid Plan pricing starts at $0.0015 per image.

3. Stablecog

Stablecog is an AI-driven platform that empowers users to generate unique and high-quality images. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of models and settings, it allows for the creation of diverse and intricate visuals. The tool can generate art in a burst of creativity, producing highly perplexing outputs that are one-of-a-kind. Stablecog is accessible via a web interface and also as an open-source system on GitHub, providing flexibility for different user needs.

Pricing: Stablecog Pricing plans range from $ 7 per month to $35 per month.

Is CivitAI available for mobile users?

No, CivitAI is not available on mobile platforms. It is only compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

Is CivitAI safe to use?

Yes, CivitAI is a safe tool. It has established clear guidelines to safeguard users and prevent the generation of harmful or illegal content.

Can I share CivitAI art on online platforms?

Yes, users can share CivitAI art on various platforms, including their personal websites. Users retain full rights to the art they create with CivitAI.

Can I sell the AI art I create with CivitAI?

Yes, you retain full rights to the AI art you generate on CivitAI to use commercially or sell if you wish.

Can I collaborate with others on CivitAI?

Yes, CivitAI has community features for users to engage with each other through model sharing, reviews, feedback, etc.

Does CivitAI provide an API for developers?

Yes, developers can integrate CivitAI's capabilities by using its REST API.

Is CivitAI safe for minors to use?

No, CivitAI requires users to be over 18 years old to access the platform.

Does Civitai provide tutorials for beginners?

Yes, Civitai offers guides and tutorials to help new users understand the platform and AI art generation.

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