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Cleanvoice AI

  • Get High-quality audio using AI!
  • Edit within hours or even minutes
  • Remove silences, pauses, and other noises using AI
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Cleanvoice AI is an AI tool that removes filler words, stuttering, and mouth sounds from audio recordings. It can be used to improve the clarity and professionalism of your audio recordings, whether you are creating a podcast, recording a presentation, or making a video.

  • Effortless Filler Words Removal
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Multilingual Filler Sound Remover
  • Mouth Sounds & Stuttering Removal
  • Easy-to-Use Episode Title Generator
  • Limited support for audio file formats
Cleanvoice AI

Key Features of Cleanvoice AI

  • Filler Words Remover: Cleanvoice AI detects and removes filler sounds such as “uhh,” “umm,” “ah,” and other similar sounds from your podcast or audio recording. This feature streamlines your content by eliminating unnecessary pauses and distractions.
  • Mouth Sound Remover: Cleanvoice AI addresses common artifacts like clicking, lip-smacking, and stuttering that can occur during audio recording. By detecting and removing these disturbances, your podcast's audio quality is enhanced, providing a smoother listening experience.
  • Dead Air Remover: Dead air or prolonged silences can decrease audience engagement. Cleanvoice AI identifies and shortens excessively long silences, ensuring that your podcast remains engaging and retains the audience's attention throughout.
  • Multilingual Filler Sound Remover: Cleanvoice AI's algorithms are designed to work across multiple languages, including German, French, and others. It effectively removes filler sounds while accommodating accents from various countries, such as Australian or Irish accents.
  • Timeline Export for Manual Editing: If you prefer manual editing but still want Cleanvoice's assistance, you can export the cleaned-up timeline to your preferred audio editing software. This feature gives you greater control over the editing process while benefiting from Cleanvoice's AI-powered enhancements.

Cleanvoice AI Use Cases

  • Podcast Quality Enhancement: Podcast creators can use Cleanvoice AI to improve the overall quality of their podcasts. By removing filler sounds, mouth noises, and stuttering, podcast episodes become smoother and more professional, leading to a better listening experience for the audience.
  • Multilingual Podcasting: Cleanvoice AI's ability to detect and remove filler sounds in multiple languages, including languages like German, French, and accents from various countries, opens up opportunities for podcasters to cater to diverse language-speaking audiences without worrying about distracting vocal artifacts.
  • Accent Adaptation: Podcasters who have accents can benefit from Cleanvoice AI's accent adaptation feature. The AI can work with various accents, such as Australian or Irish accents, to remove filler sounds and ensure that the podcast's content remains clear and engaging.
  • Engagement Optimization: The Dead Air Remover feature of Cleanvoice AI helps podcasters optimize engagement by identifying and shortening prolonged silences. This ensures that the podcast maintains a dynamic pace, keeping the audience engaged throughout the episode.
  • Customized Editing Assistance: Cleanvoice AI offers the flexibility of manual editing with the Timeline Export feature. Podcasters who prefer manual editing can export the AI-enhanced timeline to their editing software, allowing them to see the suggested edits. This provides a level of control while still benefiting from AI assistance, saving time in the editing process.

Cleanvoice AI Pricing Plans

Cleanvoice AI Pricing Plans

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Cleanvoice AI Alternatives

  • Descript: Descript is an AI-powered video and audio editor that makes editing as easy as writing in a doc.
  • Podcastle: Podcastle is a web-based platform that helps you create, edit, and enhance your podcasts with unmatched simplicity.
  • Auphonic: Auphonic is an automated audio post-production web service that helps you achieve a professional quality result.

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