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Convin is an AI-powered coaching platform that helps businesses improve their agent performance by automating coaching at scale. The Automate Coaching At Scale feature offered by uses AI to identify coaching opportunities, generate personalized coaching recommendations, and track the effectiveness of coaching.

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Convin Key Features

  • Auto-Analyze 100% Conversations: automatically monitors and analyzes all interactions across various customer engagement channels, such as calls, chats, and emails. This feature is based on a custom scorecard, helping businesses ensure consistent conversation quality and compliance.
  • Discover Insights Impacting Business Outcomes: The platform identifies and highlights agent actions and behaviors that have a direct impact on positive and negative business outcomes. By analyzing these insights, businesses can optimize their strategies for increased conversions and better customer experiences.
  • Understand Voice Of Customer:'s capability to access sentiments, objections, competition insights, and more allows businesses to capitalize on customers' feedback and preferences. This feature helps in tailoring products, services, and strategies to match customer expectations and stay competitive.
  • Automate Coaching At Scale: offers automated coaching instances that can be created and shared at scale. This coaching is personalized to address specific agent behaviors and actions, leading to improved performance and increased productivity within the frontline teams.
  • Omnichannel Conversation Analysis: specializes in analyzing conversations across multiple communication channels, including calls, chats, and emails. This allows businesses to ensure consistent conversation quality and compliance monitoring across all preferred support channels, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Use Cases

  • Enhanced Sales Performance: Sales leaders can utilize to monitor and analyze sales calls across all channels. By automatically analyzing conversations, identifying successful agent behaviors, and providing personalized coaching, sales teams can improve their conversion rates, increase average deal sizes, and enhance overall sales performance.
  • Optimized Customer Support: Support managers can leverage to improve customer support interactions. By understanding customer sentiments, objections, and preferences, support teams can tailor their responses effectively. Automated coaching instances can help agents handle complex conversations, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved support outcomes.
  • Effective Collections Management: Collections teams can benefit from by automating coaching and monitoring conversations related to debt collection. The platform can identify agent actions that lead to successful collection outcomes, helping teams optimize their approach and increase collection rates.
  • Comprehensive Market Intelligence: Business leaders can capitalize on's insights to gain a better understanding of the market and customer behavior. By accessing sentiments, objections, and competition insights voiced by customers, businesses can adjust their strategies and offerings to stay competitive and meet customer expectations.
  • Agent Performance Enhancement: For agent-level improvement, provides unbiased feedback and actionable insights on a daily basis. Agents can receive personalized coaching instances that address their strengths and areas for improvement, helping them handle conversations more effectively and boosting their overall performance. Pricing Plans

Convin Pricing Plans

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  • Gong: Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that helps sales teams improve their performance by recording, transcribing, and analyzing all sales calls.
  • Salesloft: SalesLoft is a leading sales engagement platform that empowers sales teams to connect with customers and drive revenue growth through personalized interactions
  • Invoca: Invoca is a conversation intelligence platform that helps businesses understand and act on the information consumers share via conversations. Details

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