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CoolAIid is an innovative AI-driven platform that transforms interior design, offering personalized design ideas and endless possibilities for both DIY enthusiasts and professional designers. With over 20 styles, inspiration for any room, and pro tools that allow you to control every detail of your render, CoolAIid brings the world of interior design to your fingertips.



  • Transform Your Interior Design with AI!
  • Discover endless possibilities in interior design with our innovative AI-driven platform.
  • Crafted for both DIY enthusiasts and professional designers, CoolAIid offers personalized design ideas at your fingertips.
  • Wide Range of Styles: Choose from over 20 styles, including modern, rustic, and more.
  • Get Inspiration for Every Room: Explore ideas for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more!
  • Decorate with Ease: Add rugs, gallery walls, moldings, and more to personalize your home.
  • Pro Tools Feature: Customize your design renders by simply drawing on your photos.
  • Gallery of Latest Renders: Get inspired by the stunning designs showcased in our gallery.
  • Revolutionize Your Interior Design: Join CoolAIid today and create the home of your dreams!

Ready to use CoolAlid? Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the CoolAlid Website

Open your web browser and go to the CoolAlid website.

CoolAIid homepage


Step 2: Register or Login

If you are a new user, click the “Sign Up” button to create a new account. Provide your email address, create a password, and complete the registration process. For those who already possess an account, please proceed to log in by using your credentials.

CoolAIid sign up

Step 3: Click on “Getting Started”

Once you're logged in, click on the “Getting Started” button. This will take you to the design board where you can begin your first interior design project.

Step 4: Choose a Room to Design

Decide which room you want to work on. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or any other space in your home, CoolAlid offers design ideas and inspirations for every room.

Design Room with CoolAIid

Step 5: Start Designing

After selecting a room, you can begin the design process. Use tools and features provided by CoolAlid to visualize and transform your space. You can add elements like rugs, gallery walls, moldings, and more to create your desired look.

Step 6: Try Pro Tools (Optional)

CoolAlid offers AI_Powered Tools that allow you to have even more control over your design renders. With all-in-one AI toolkits, you can draw directly on your photo to fine-tune every detail of your design.

Step 7: Save and Share Your Designs

Once you're satisfied with your interior design, save your project. CoolAlid allows you to store and access your designs for future reference. You can also share your designs with friends, family, or clients if you are a professional interior designer.

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CoolAIid Product Demo

CoolAIid Use Cases

  • Personal Home Redesign: DIY enthusiasts can utilize CoolAIid's AI-driven platform to explore various styles and find inspiration for redecorating their homes, whether it's adding a rug, creating a gallery wall, or incorporating moldings.
  • Professional Interior Design: Professional interior designers can leverage CoolAIid's innovative platform to access a wide range of design ideas and styles, helping them create personalized and visually stunning spaces for their clients.
  • Virtual Staging: CoolAIid's Pro Tools feature enables users to customize design renders by drawing on their photos. This functionality is particularly useful for virtual staging, allowing users to visualize and showcase potential furniture arrangements and decor choices in a realistic manner.
  • Style Exploration: Users can take advantage of CoolAIid's extensive collection of over 20 styles to discover and explore different design aesthetics, assisting them in identifying their preferred interior design styles and making informed choices for their home decor.
  • Inspiration and Trends: CoolAIid's gallery of the latest design renders and its blog section provides users with a continuous stream of design inspiration and insights into the latest interior design trends, helping them stay up-to-date and make informed decisions for their home design projects.

CoolAIid Pricing Plans

CoolAIid Pricing Plans

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What are CoolAlid's features?

CoolAlid is an AI-driven platform that transforms interior design, offering over 20 styles from modern to rustic. It serves both DIY enthusiasts and professional designers, providing personalized design ideas for all rooms, along with all-in-one toolkits to decorate using rugs, gallery walls, and moldings. This amazing feature of Pro Tools, allows users to customize designs with ease. CoolAlid is the ultimate solution for transforming interiors with AI-driven designs.

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Why use AI to change any place's interior?

CoolAlid AI is made for providing a great experience to the exciting potential of interior design transformation. This advanced AI-powered platform serves both DIY enthusiasts and professional interior designers, offering plenty of personalized design ideas at your fingertips. With CoolAlid, you can effortlessly visualize and create your dream spaces, whether it's your living room, transforming a workspace, or redesigning your entire home. The platform provides seamless innovative solutions, accommodating diverse design preferences and aspirations.

Does CoolAlid offer a no-cost plan option?

Absolutely, CoolAlid does offer a ”Free plan” that you can use by clicking on “Sign Up for Free” button. With this plan, users can avail of 30 AI Renders and publicly share their renders, but they have a watermark added. In order to remove the watermark, you will need to purchase their paid plans. Additionally, users get free access to select Pro Tools features. This free plan allows users to experience the platform's capabilities and explore its potential before committing to a paid subscription.

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Does CoolAid have an Affiliate Program?

The CoolAid Affiliate Program provides its users with extensive opportunities to earn up to 20% commission by promoting CoolAid's products and promotional codes and driving sales through its unique affiliate link. Affiliates can sign up through the official website using their email and a secure password, and once registered, they gain access to their dashboard, where they can track their earnings and performance. By leveraging this program, affiliates can tap into the popularity of CoolAid's innovative products and benefit from a competitive commission rate.

CoolAIid Affilate program

CoolAlid’s Affiliate Program

What are the Pricing Plans of CoolAid?

CoolAid offers three pricing plans rendered to different user preferences. The “Pro” plan is priced at $20/ mo, providing unlimited AI renders, private renders without watermarks, access to over 20 design styles, and 15 room types, along with a single-user commercial license. For a shorter commitment, the “Three Days” plan costs $5, granting access to similar features for a 3-day period. For those who want to test the waters, the “Get Started for Free” plan is available at no cost, offering users 30 AI renders, publicly shared renders watermarked with

CoolAIid Pricing

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CoolAIid Alternatives

  • DecorAI: DecorAI is an AI-powered interior design platform that generates personalized design recommendations for any budget.
  • InteriorAI: InteriorAI is an AI-powered interior design app that helps you visualize furniture in your space and find the perfect pieces to match your tastes.
  • Spacely: Spacely is an AI-powered interior design platform that helps you visualize furniture in your space and find the perfect pieces to match your tastes.
  • Uses AI technology to create unique and personalized interior design ideas.
  • Can generate ideas based on your style and budget
  • Ideas generated are personalized
  • Offers a wide range of ideas for any room in the house
  • The designs generated by this tool may not be as creative as Human made designs

CoolAIid Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Create different looks for your home
  • $20/month
  • Create unlimited renders


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