• Create content for multiple products in minutes
  • Offers  Integrations with more than ten platforms
  • Generate content in bulk
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Copy Smith generates optimized content across formats, such as blogs, products, and social media. It personalizes content for diverse audiences and can match your brand’s voice with user input. Enhance engagement and search engine rankings with Copy Smith’s versatile AI.


What is Copysmith?

Copysmith offers AI-driven copywriting software that helps content generators and marketers generate high-quality content within minutes. This platform is capable of creating product descriptions, blog posts, and other marketing materials by adding a human touch ensuring that the originality remains intact. 

CopySmith Key Features at a Glance

Bulk Product Content Generation

Copysmith Describely helps users create numerous content pieces at once by making it ideal for large marketing teams and eCommerce store owners. It efficiently creates engaging and optimized product descriptions at scale. 

It creates high-quality product descriptions with few keywords and product titles. It helps users generate millions of product descriptions to create an entire product catalog efficiently. It does not require manual research and writing allowing businesses to launch product pages within seconds. 

Bulk Content Generation

CopySmith Review

This feature is designed for high-quality content creation in bulk by letting users create high-quality content in large numbers. Instead of creating new files one by one, users can simply upload a spreadsheet, and Copysmith generates all the copies.

This feature can be used with some of the popular content templates such as Facebook Ads, E-commerce Product Descriptions, Google Ads, SEO Metatags, Captions, Ad Headlines, Blog Outlines, Content Enhancer, and Content Rewriter. With access to these templates, users can create different types of content efficiently.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Copysmith allows teams to collaborate on content creation and management within a single platform by eliminating the need for separate spreadsheets and other tools. 

It offers a Workflow Queue to assign content generations, Shared Folders for smooth sharing and collaboration, and User Management for easily accessing resources. It saves a lot of time on revision and feedback, leading to faster content launches by improving the content quality.

Copysmith Use cases

  • Product Descriptions: Copysmith helps e-commerce business owners by crafting captivating product descriptions. It simplifies the process of generating captivating product descriptions.
  • Blog Title Generator: Copysmith helps bloggers by creating eye-catching titles that grab the audience’s attention. It analyzes the topic and creates a creative title that results in increased click-through rates.
  • Social Media Content: Copysmith helps social media managers by crafting compelling social media ads and captions for multiple platforms including Facebook and Instagram. It simplifies the process by creating multiple Facebook Ad variations. It also helps influencers, businesses, and others by generating captions that resonate well with the audiences.

Copysmith Product Demo


A tool for creating content that ranks on Google by analyzing and extracting information from top search results.


Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant tool that supports millions of marketers in producing high-quality copy for blogs, emails, and ads.


Describely offers a solution for generating high-quality, SEO-optimized product content at scale and is ideal for eCommerce content teams.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Uses in-built SEO tools to create content
  • Offers in built plagiarism checker
  • Keeps backups in case of emergency
  • Credit system could be better
  • Larger teams may be slightly more expensive

Copysmith Pricing Plans

PlansPrice per MonthPrice per YearFeatures
Starter$19$228Unlimited AI Copy Generation,1 User, Chrome Extension, Plagiarism Check, Limited 3rd Party Integrations, Level 1 Analytics, Secure External Content Sharing, Customer Support
Pro$49$490Unlimited AI Copy, Generation on all plans, 5 Users, Chrome Extension, Plagiarism Check, Product Catalog Content Manager (25 products), Robust 3rd Party Integrations, Level 2 Analytics, Secure External Content Sharing, Customer Support, Bulk Product Content Generation, Level 1 API Access, Voice and Tone
EnterpriseContact SalesUnlimited AI Copy, Generation on all plans, 20 Users, Chrome Extension, Plagiarism Check, Product Catalog Content Manager, Robust 3rd Party Integrations, Enterprise Analytics, Secure External Content Sharing, Full Support (Email and Phone), Bulk Product Content Generation, Full API Access, Custom Templates, Custom Brand Voice and Tone

Copysmith Alternatives is an AI-driven copywriting writing tool that helps you create high-quality marketing copy within minutes. Pricing:

Pro$49 per Month
EnterpriseCustom Sales


SmartWriter is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps to generate personalized emails, LinkedIn outreach, and marketing copy in minutes.

SmartWriter Pricing:

PlansPrice per Month


AI-Writer is an AI-powered personal writing assistant that helps you generate high-quality content in minutes, with a focus on improving SEO performance.

Ai-Writer Pricing:

PlansPrice per Month

Copysmith Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Access features like eCommerce copywriting and bulk content creation with Copysmith 
  •  $19/month.
  • Collaborate with your team using Copysmith Trusted by top brands like Target, Vigo, and many more.
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Try Copysmith for free. No CC Required

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